tagRomanceArranged Bride to Be Ch. 02

Arranged Bride to Be Ch. 02


Lunch in the gardens was not as torturous as I assumed it would be, in fact it was even slightly pleasant. David introduced me to his wonderful family. The father is a little rough around the edges, however he seemed nice enough. Right now, I am sitting in the carriage waiting for David whilst he talks to the horsemen. I never realised that people could become so fortunate with their arranged marriages. I completely understand that I could be a lot worse off. I mean, I could be a slave girl who will never have the complete love and care of a husband, arranged or not, because she must sell her body to survive. No, I may not have wanted this in the first place, but I am grateful not to be like those girls.

David is, well, there is only one way to describe him. He is perfection on a platter. And the so said platter is to be served to me! I don't really know him very much, but I would love to get to know him. I hear voices from outside the carriage and the nerves start again. What happens if we start to open up to each other and he decides he doesn't like who I really am? Or if he has some illegitimate child, or another mistress, how would I handle that? The carriage slightly dips towards one side as someone stands on the small ladder leading towards the entrance. I feel my hair flying around in the breeze as the small door is opened and David steps inside. "Sorry to keep you waiting my lady."

I feel a crimson blush creep upon my face, starting from my neck at his words and presence. 'No need for the apologies, Sir.' I manage to keep my voice stable despite my embarrassment of being called a lady.

I know that I have grown amongst the noblemen and ladies that are in my mother and father's social circles, however I was always referred to as the child or Alison, never have I been called a lady. David must sense my discomfort and he reaches for my hand and squeezes it gently with his own. The carriage lurches forward with a start and then we start to roll away. I realise now that this may be the last time I will see my family, and I didn't properly say farewell. "Alison, you can see them again you know? I am not going to keep you locked up in a tower like a fragile flower and forbid you to see your family and friends. However, I would love for you to think of my family as your own as well, and to make new friends. The ladies in my village are very lovely ladies.'' I feel another blush creeping up my neck at his words. No one, not even my mother has spoken to me with such a comforting tone.

Tears sting my eyes, threatening to spill over the edge and wet my face. 'T-thank you S-sir.' I see him flinch slightly at my words and I immediately tense, awaiting his verbal reprimand for speaking out of line. My father is a nice man, however he can become violent when angered, and I was accustomed to that type of punishment from men. However, I was not used to what came next.

"Alison, I am your husband now, and due to this, I would prefer you to call me by my name." I take a deep breath before replying.

'As you wish, Mr Wonderland.' He once again tenses, how could I have gotten it wrong? That is his name after all.

"No Alison. Not Sir, Master or Mr Wonderland. David, and just David."

The carriage goes silent after his words. He expects me to refer to him by David? That just seems so taboo. The women always refer to their husband formally. David seems to read my mind. "Alison, if that discomforts you then you mustn't worry about calling me David. However there shall be no 'Sirs' or 'Masters', unless you are playing around with me." I slowly shake my head. I can't call him another name that he doesn't wish to be called.

'I am sorry to say no. Alas, I must as I will call you what you wish to be referred to as. David.' A smile breaks out across his handsome features, making his blue eyes sparkly, despite the darkness of the colour.

At the sight of his smile I feel myself relax. Perhaps this long journey will be easier than I thought. I feel David's eyes on me, and I slowly look up to meet his blue eyes with my own green ones. He has a small smile playing across the handsome features of his face. He slowly leans towards me and small strands of his blonde hair fall from their place in the braid. Reaching out tentatively I push the stray strands behind his ears. When our skin makes contact I feel a small shock pulse up my arm. Did he feel it too? I have no time to ponder this question as David's face is getting closer and closer to my own. His face gets so close that I can feel his breath being exhaled on my lips, slowly drying them. My small tongue flicks out to moisten them, and then darts back into the darkness of my own mouth. Suddenly I feel a new sensation on my lips. David has his lips against my own, and his eyes are shut. I feel myself tense, and then relax and I close my own eyes.

I feel his lips start to slant across my own and his tongue darts out to run gently along my own lips. A small gasp escapes between my lips. The offending tongue quickly dashes though the opening in between my lips and skims my own tongue. The feeling is unlike any other. It is better than the sun on your skin, or the warmth of a fire on a cold snowy winter's night. His tongue starts a dance with my own, passing back and forth between my mouth and his own. I feel my breathing getting heavier; my heart starts to beat faster, until I think it will burst through my corset. Suddenly David breaks the kiss. He seems to be breathing just as heavily as myself. His lips look slightly swollen and are a darker red colour. I can only imagine what my own look like. He sits back in his seat and tries to even his breathing pattern.

After what seems like an eternity of silence he finally breaks the spell. "That...was...magical. That is the only way to describe it." I feel myself release a breath I didn't know I was holding when I hear his words. The air rushes back into my lungs, burning slightly on the way back down my throat. Our eyes connect briefly before I feel myself leaping from my own seat towards him. He meets me halfway, and our lips connect again, our tongues rushing to continue their dance. David leans back into his seat, placing one arm around my waist, pulling me tight against his body. His other hand sits on my neck, just below my hairline, his fingers entwined in my hair. My own arms are wrapped tightly around his neck, pulling his face closer to my own. He moves his hand to pull me into his lap, so I am straddling his legs. I feel myself blush at the contact between the two of us. I feel ashamed for throwing myself at him like a harlot, but relieved at the same time that I did so.

Kissing may have just become my new favourite past time. I feel a weird tingling feeling between my thighs. It almost tickles, sort of like and itch that needs to be scratched, deep inside my body. I feel my undergarments slowly becoming moist, as though I have urinated, however I am certain I have not. Eventually I pull away from the kiss to catch my breath. David is still rubbing my back absentmindedly and staring into my eyes. 'Thank you.' I manage to squeeze the words out in between breaths. A puzzled look befalls David's face.

"Whatever for Alison?" I feel my face become hot once again. What is the count at for today, must be getting close to 11 blushing's.

'For being you. For planning such an incredible Wedding. For kissing me so lovingly. Every little girl dreams of this day, and you have made all my dreams look like dust compared to the reality.' A look crosses his face that I can only describe as embarrassment.

"Well, I presume the right words would be you're welcome in this situation. However this day has been equally as special for me as it has been for you."

I am confused as to what he means by this until I suddenly notice something firm, but soft poking me from underneath my skirts. A small gasp escapes my lips as the sudden realisation of what it is hits me. My brother's wife tried to explain the fundamentals of 'sexual actions' to me, but I never quite understood what she meant until now. David's manhood was poking me, meaning it was.... What did she say? Oh yes, meaning he is aroused! David must be able to read my thoughts on my face because he shifts slightly removing the pressure from his manhood from my thighs. He mumbles an apology to me and looks away. His hands have stopped rubbing my back and I make a small noise in protest. I grasp his face in between my hands and turn it to look at me again. 'Why be sorry? My brother's wife said that a woman should be honoured to be able to make a man feel like this. Don't be ashamed, please.' He smiles slightly and then chuckles. I don't understand what is so funny, and I start to frown.

"S-sorry. You just look so adorable trying to reassure me. You're right, I should not be ashamed. You are my wife now, and this is the natural course of generations of men and women before us."

Suddenly the carriage lurches forward and I almost tumble off David's lap. Quickly I gather myself up and settle back down into my own seat. As I am fixing my skirts the door opens and in pops a horseman's head. "Excuse me Mr and Mrs Wonderland, we are just stopping here for a moment to water the horses. Travel shall resume as soon as possible." David nods at the man and tells him to take all the time he needs. I look at David in awe. My own father was never so nice to his own servants, let alone other people's. David must feel my eyes on him as he looks up and our eyes meet. A large grin spreads across his face and I feel myself smile back in response.

"David, how long till we reach your village? I am tired and want to rest in something that is not moving." A look of sympathy and pity crosses his face.

'Sorry Alison, we probably will not reach our home until after the passing of the full moon. So perhaps another 13 hours. You are more than welcome to use me as a pillow for the mean time however.' I realise he is trying to make me feel better and appreciate the effort he is putting in. I move to sit beside him and rest my head on his shoulders and feel myself slowly drifting off.

To be continued....


Apologies to all those I have keep waiting. My studies caught up to me and I have been busy with my part time job also. Here is my promised second piece though. Love forever and always, Jezz xx

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