tagLoving WivesArrogance the Aphrodisiac

Arrogance the Aphrodisiac


It was coming up to our tenth wedding anniversary and my husband and I had discussed various ways of celebrating. Restaurant with friends, House party with friends, and the list was endless.

As we were in the middle of a glorious summer, we both decided that we would have a Barbeque party and we could give it a theme to make it a little more fun.

The idea would be to hold the event late afternoon right through to late evening as the temperatures dropped and would provide a relaxing ambience to the event.

We both enjoyed fancy dress and a lot of our friends were quite extroverted, so we opted for the fancy dress party and decided to go with the Hookers and Pimps theme so the temperature wouldn't drop too much.

We earmarked the calendar and I would send out invites to all the people we wanted to help us celebrate our anniversary.

A little background information about the two of us, we met at college, fell in love and have been together ever since.

I was a Cheerleader at college and my husband was a track and field athlete.

Until I met him I'd fooled around with most of the guys in the football team and a few other jocks at various parties or gatherings, even sleeping with a couple of the guys and on one particular drink addled evening taking two of the football team to my bed which turned out to be quite an eventful occasion where I lost my anal cherry and enjoyed my one and only double penetration.

My husband was athletic but not brawny and bullish like the football team or the other jocks. He was extremely intelligent and grounded, so different to the other guys and that is why I fell in love with him.

For instance there was one guy who was a wide receiver and had the pick of the girls at our college.

He was about 6'2" and packed with muscle filling out his colossal frame and I lusted after him terribly.

His body aroused me but his attitude repelled me.

He was extremely good looking but arrogant beyond belief.

I fooled around with him at a homecoming party, the week before I met my husband, and he was quite brash and abrasive with no finesse whatsoever, the exact opposite to my husband.

He possessed the most enormous erection which he delighted in pushing against my stomach as we had the last dance. I was so in lust with this guy that I enjoyed his ridiculous shenanigans.

He felt me up plenty that night, playing with my pussy and tits and I gave him a slow hand job.

He was fingering my tight little pussy while I stroked his huge weapon

His cock was monstrous and when he orgasmed a torrent of thick white liquid burst from his bulbous end. I was so excited to see so much cum that I orgasmed on his fumbling fingers.

He so wanted to fuck me or at least get me to give him a blowjob, and if it wasn't for his attitude, I may have succumbed and fucked that cock and blown the living daylights out of it, as regardless of his arrogance he was a rampant specimen of manhood and I would have loved to feel that cock in my pussy.

We never met up again as about a week after that incident I met my husband and we've been together ever since.

Now here is the strange bit, my husband and the Mr. Arrogant work at the same company and the jock is my husband's immediate supervisor.

He still is the most arrogant, obnoxious human being and visits our home quite often. He comes over to watch sports with my husband and a few other guys from their college days. Whenever we are alone he will always come on to me, or grab my ass and squeeze it. There was one time when I was wearing only a bikini, he followed me into the kitchen and stood behind me as he slid his fingers underneath my bikini bottoms and rubbed my shaved pussy. I moved his hand away, but he was too strong and forceful as he slid one finger inside my slit and began to finger fuck me only yards away from my husband. I'm ashamed to admit that I responded to his probing digits as he brought me to orgasm in my kitchen, whilst all of the party guests were gathered just outside. He licked my neck as he pulled his huge fingers from underneath my bikini bottoms and he whispered.

"I will fuck you and you will love it!"

I scurried away from him and avoided him for the rest of that party, but every time he came to our house and managed to get me on my own he would always say that it was high time he fucked that sweet shaved pussy of mine.

The guy was good looking there was no doubt about it, but he had the manners of an ox. I was attracted to his animal prowess but his arrogance disturbed me.

With our themed Wedding anniversary party, I thought it would be safe, so I didn't object when my husband added his name to our guest list.

He was single so I assumed he would arrive with his latest conquest.

For the next two weeks I went into overdrive with my party planning, ensuring that every angle was covered for our guest's enjoyment and pleasure.

I slaved over what outfit to wear for the event, it had to be slutty, sexy with an element of classiness. My husband and I decided on a tight leather mini skirt, Garters and Stockings with a tight low cut black top to show off my ample cleavage topped off with outrageously sexy spiked heel shoes. My Husband looked like a white version of Huggy Bear from Starsky and Hutch and I looked like his top hooker.

The day of the party arrived and the caterers arrived on schedule and set up the bar area and fired up the barbeque.

Everything was going to plan so we decided to get ready for the party as guests would be arriving within the next thirty minutes.

I dressed in my sexy slut attire and my husband donned his pimp apparel. In my haste to get ready I omitted to put any panties on. As the mini skirt was so tight I didn't think there was any chance of it riding up and showing my pussy and ass to our guests.

We made our way to the backyard just as the catering team was putting the finishing touches to the grill. The two Mexican guys couldn't take their eyes off me as I thanked them handing over an envelope with their payment inside.

The catering truck drove off as my husband whistled

"Those poor guys couldn't take their eyes away from you!"

"Are you Jealous?" I enquired

"Not in the least bit, in fact I'm very proud, but I'll have to keep an eye on a few of the guys when they see you dressed like that!" he giggled.

Not too close an eye I thought.

Butterflies were forming in my stomach as my nerve began to weaken. If Mr. Arrogant sees my outfit, which he surely will, then it's a dead cert that he will make a pass at me. Would it be protocol to let my guard down on my anniversary?

Guests began arriving and drink began to flow. Everyone had made a splendid effort in their choice of costumes. It was a warm balmy evening so the lack of apparel was quite soothing to our lady guests but it did make our gentlemen guests a little hot under the collar.

The music was pulsating and people were either dancing or mingling.

Our door bell rang and I went through the house to answer the door.

To my surprise Mr. Arrogant was standing there alone in his pimp outfit which consisted of a bright garish jacket, a huge fedora, a tight leather look vest and the tightest leather trousers I've ever witnessed.

I could feel my pussylips opening and getting wet as my eyes stared at the leather straining to conceal his semi erect cock. His Body aroused me, his sexiness astounded me but his arrogance repulsed me. He handed me the bottle of wine he was holding and put his hands around my narrow waist, pulling me close to him as he give me a soft kiss on my lips.

My lips parted involuntarily as his tongue slid inside my mouth.

I instinctively placed my hand on his leather bound crotchet and began to massage his huge cock through the soft black leather. His hands went up to my tits as he began to knead my breasts.

The two of us began moaning so I pulled away and thanked him for the wine and offered him a drink. We walked through the hallway and lounge making our way to the kitchen and backyard with our other guests. All the way there he kept rubbing his hand over my leather clad ass and as we turned a corner he managed to slip his hand under my tight leather mini and stroke my shaved slit. This was the farthest we had gone since our college days and on my anniversary of all days, but it felt so good. Incredibly naughty, incredibly hot but tinged with guilt as we entered the kitchen his hand left my ass. He shook my husband's hand as I placed a bottle of Bud in his free hand.

He asked was there anywhere he could leave his jacket as he began to remove it. Every woman and most of the men stared as he removed his jacket to reveal his rock hard physique sheathed in skin-tight soft black leather. I swear I almost orgasmed just looking at him. He handed me his jacket as he picked his beer up, his arms tensed revealing huge biceps and taut forearms. There was no hair on his arms or chest so he must either shave or wax. I wondered how far the depilation went. I imagined his huge cock and balls were shaved and I began to fantasise about licking his hairless balls and sucking his shaved cock.

The party rocked for the next five hours as everyone got progressively drunk. My husband is a bit lightweight when it comes to alcohol but tonight he surpassed his usual capacity and ended up passing out on the sun lounger.

At every opportunity Mr Arrogant would help himself to a sneaky feel of my bald pussy or a gentle stroke of my full 34C breasts. I was buzzing to be fucked and any notion of guilt was not in my domain. As the party began to fizzle out all of our guests began to drift away till all that was left was my unconscious husband, Mr. Arrogant and me dressed like a slut. As the last guests left I turned to Mr Arrogant.

"Could you help me get him upstairs to bed?" I asked

"Sure. I'll carry him up if you open the doors ahead and I'll get a good view of your ass in that tight leather mini!"

I smiled as he bent over to lift my Husband. As he stretched over my husband the tight leather look vest stretched across his back muscle enhancing his broad back. With one scoop he lifted my Husband out of the lounger chair.

Lifting my husband over his shoulders like a slab of meat, he began to carry him up to our bedroom.

I walked about four steps ahead ensuring my ass looked awesome and my stocking tops and garter belt would be on display. As we began to climb the stairs I could feel the cool air wafting over my hairless pussy. Suddenly I felt a finger gliding along my shave slit. My pussy went into overdrive opening voluntarily as his finger slid inside my hot wet fuckhole.

We manoeuvred ourselves into the bedroom as the lust increased inside me.

Placing my husband on the bed I thanked him and offered him a nightcap.

"I would like that and anything else that's on offer!" he grinned

I smiled seductively at him and led him out of the bedroom. His hand began to softly rub the soft tight leather of my mini skirt as we walked down the stairs.

We walked toward the kitchen to the sound of husband gently snoring and Mr Arrogant skilfully rubbing my ass cheeks..

When we arrived in the kitchen he pulled me toward him and kissed me passionately as his tongue explored my mouth. I responded to his kiss by again grabbing his hard leather clad cock. My pussy was burning with desire for his cock as I felt his index finger stroke my wet shaved slit. My pussylips opened as finger penetrated me. I came instantly as I bucked against his hand. He sat on one of our kitchen stools and unzipped his huge cock. Instinctively I placed my hand at the base of the shaft and knelt before as my soft lips began to worship this erect monster. Swirling my tongue around his blood engorged glans I sucked his beautiful cock.

His moans were increasing and I needed to feel this beast inside me. I stood up and climbed onto his lap, hitching my little leather mini skirt, exposing my bald pussy framed in the garter belt and sexy black stockings to Mr. Arrogant.

Holding my pussy open, I began to slide down onto his enormous cock slowly as inch by glorious inch invaded my hot cunt.

His cock began to stretch me and fill me as it pulsed and throbbed inside me. Our lips were locked as our bodies joined. I began to ride his cock as I placed my arms around his neck, looking him in the eye I said

"Fuck me hard and make me come, then come on my face!"

He thrust away at my pussy giving me orgasm after orgasm. My tight top was discarded as he chewed my sensitive nipples. His hands clasping my butt cheeks began to pull them apart exposing my puckered ring. The sweat was pouring down my cleavage as my orgasms continued. I'd never been fucked so wonderfully as this. I almost passed out with sexual excitement at the number of orgasms I was experiencing. I was thriving on this fucking without a hint of guilt for my husband. I felt a finger invade my asshole as I orgasmed on the delightful cock.

Mr arrogant got up off the stool with me still impaled on his cock. He walked over to the worktop and bent me over and fucked me from behind. He was fucking me much deeper now as my pussy swallowed his entire length. He slid a finger in my asshole as he fucked the living daylights out of my pussy. I could feel his balls tensing as they slapped against my bald slit. He told me he was about to shoot.

I removed his cock and knelt before his throbbing manhood as five strong spurts sprayed across my face. Taking his diminishing but still impressive cock into my mouth, I began to lick his cock clean. Scooping the cum from my face, I licked every last drop off my fingers and swallowed the seed of the alpha male. His cock was back to full hardness as he placed me on the sofa. Opening my legs wide for him, he slipped his rampant pole straight in my willing hole. Fucking me slowly he smiled at me as he removed his cock. Spat on the end of it plunged it inside my ass. I bit my lip to stifle the squeal as his huge cock slid in and out of my tight hole. This was the first time I'd ever orgasmed while being fucked up the ass. He just kept on grinning as he grinded his cock in and out my ass.

"Are you going to suck and swallow my load again?" He enquired

"Try and fucking stop me!" I replied playing the part of the wanton slut effectively.

He groaned and rolled his eyes as I thrashed beneath him, taking his cock deep in my ass.

I opened my legs wide, so he could see his cock sliding in and out of my ass.

My exposed pussy glistening with my wetness as his cock powerfully fucked me.

He placed his index finger inside my pussy, pushed it upward toward the front wall of my cunt and began to finger blast my dripping cock slot.

His cock deliciously spearing my ass, whilst his finger blasting pushed me over the edge and for the first time in my life I experienced a gushing orgasm.

Floods of fluid ejaculated from my pussy as I fucked him with unbridled passion.

As the outrageous orgasm began to subside, he panted that he was about to come.

He pulled his cock out of my ass and knelt on my chest as a torrent of cum hailed down on my tits and stomach. I stroked his cock as it began to soften. He leant across me and kissed me tenderly.

"I have to see you again!" He pleaded

"I have to be fucked like that again! I exclaimed

"When?" He quizzed

"On Sunday afternoon, just after lunch if you want. I'll come over to yours!"

"Great stuff and bring some sexy lingerie!" He demanded

"Fuck you, you go and buy me some and I'll wear it for you. As kinky as you want, saying as you've already fucked my ass!" I informed him.

We got up from the sofa and dressed into what little clothing we had, and then I guided him to the front door. Enjoying a nice tender kiss we said our goodbyes till Sunday and he gave my bald pussy one last finger.

Closing the door I began to turn all of the lights out in the house.

I still didn't have an ounce of guilt. I was still horny as I looked at my Husband recovering from his alcohol excess. I ensured that when my husband decides to show signs of life he will be getting a very nice anniversary present..

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If her husband found out

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something is wrong when you feed off of crap like this.

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