tagNonConsent/ReluctanceArrogant Beauty

Arrogant Beauty


Donald felt the coolness on his body, and realized he was naked. He felt the cold metal handcuffs shackling his wrists together behind his back. He saw his ankles bound together with white rope. His arms felt stiff. He rolled over and saw he was on the floor of a small living room and dining room. He blinked and wondered how long he'd been unconscious.

"Ahh, you're finally awake."

Donald looked up and saw Jill standing in the doorway. She was wearing light pink sweats. Nothing like the red dress she was wearing when he first saw her in the Flamingo nightclub. When he came in, he noticed her right away. She was sitting at the bar. She looked stunning with her shoulder-length wavy red hair. He made his way to a table in the corner and watched every guy in the place try their line on her. She shot them all down. She finished her drink, got up, and sauntered over to Donald's table.

She looked right into his eyes. "Mind if I sit with you?"

He turned and gestured to the empty chair. "No. Please sit down."

She sat across from him. "Hello, I'm Jill.'

"Hi, I'm Donald."

Jill smiled. "Why didn't you try to pick me up Donald? Everyone else did."

Donald's face reddened. "I didn't think I had a shot with someone like you."

The barmaid came over. Jill turned to her and ordered, "Another wine cooler for me, and a shot of scotch whiskey, neat, for Donald."

Jill turned to Donald and grinned. "Now you'll have a shot with me."

Donald didn't know what to say. He just stared at Jill until the barmaid brought the drinks. He gave her a ten. "Keep the change." The barmaid smiled and left.

Jill took a sip of her drink, and asked, "What do you do, Donald?"

Donald answered, "I'm an accountant with the Department of Labor. How about you?"

"I'm a stewardess with Eastern airlines. I have a layover tonight. Tomorrow morning I'm flying back to LA."

Donald finished his drink. He excused himself and went to the bathroom while Jill ordered another round. They sat and had a few drinks and talked about everything and nothing.

Jill surprised Donald by asking, "Would you like to come back to my place?"

Donald regained his composure and grinned. "Sure." They left the Flamingo, and got in Jill's car. That was the last thing he remembered until he woke up on her floor.

Jill came into the room and sat down on the sofa. Donald rolled over to see her. She lit a cigarette and took a puff. She looked down at him and informed him, "We'll be starting in a few minutes."

Donald glared at Jill. "What do you mean, starting? Why did you tie me up? What are you going to do to me? Untie me now!"

Jill laughed. "You're in no position to make any demands, Donny. You're going to do exactly what we want you to do. Yelling won't help you; you wouldn't want the neighbors to see you all tied up and naked, now would you? Go ahead and struggle if you want; I enjoy watching that."

Donald lay still and seethed while Jill finished her cigarette. He heard a noise behind him and rolled over. Three other women came into the room and sat down on the sofa. He rolled back to see them.

"Donny, these are my friends, Violet, Maria, and Ming. Say hello, Donny."

"Hello Violet, Maria, and Ming." Donald looked them over. Violet is tall with a beautiful face and has shoulder-length straight blonde hair. Maria is thin and has straight black hair. Ming is petite with short straight brunette hair. They were wearing sweats.

Jill looked at me. "Donny, we're going to get you up and tie you to that column over there. You relax and be a good boy and you won't get hurt."

Violet got up and untied Donald's ankles. Violet and Jill helped him up. They walked over to the column. The entrance to the kitchen had a small round decorative column on each side. Ming unlocked one wrist from the handcuffs. She and Maria were pulling his arms around the column when he grabbed Ming's hair. She screamed and then he screamed when Violet grabbed his balls and squeezed. Violet kept squeezing until he let go of Ming's hair and Maria locked the handcuffs on his wrists. Violet let go, knelt down, and tied his ankles together and to the column.

Jill picked up a ball gag. "Open up."

Donald kept his moth shut. Jill looked down. "Violet, squeeze Donny's balls again. Apparently he's a slow learner."

Violet reached up and squeezed Donald's balls. He quickly opened his mouth and Jill put the ball gag in. She buckled it around the back of his head, then tied it to the column with leather laces so he couldn't move his head.

Violet stood up and slapped Donald hard across his face with the back of her hand. "That's for fighting against us."

Ming came over and slapped Donald's face twice. "That's for pulling my hair, you asshole."

Jill laughed and slapped Donald's face. "I told you to be a good boy Donny."

Donald's face stung with each slap. He screamed into the gag, but all that came out was a loud moan.

Maria came over and slapped Donald's cock. "This one is bigger than the usual weenies you bring home. Ming, why don't we measure him?"

"Ok." Ming gets a tape measure from the desk while Maria lightly fondles Donald's cock. Violet lights a cigarette and watches while Ming measures him. "Eight and three quarter inches long. Almost three and a half inches around."

Maria whistles. "That's the biggest one in three months." She looks at Donald. "You have a nice sized cock."

Violet steps right up against Donald and puts her arms around his shoulders. "Would you like to fuck me with that cock of yours, Donny? I can feel it pressing against me." She rubs her body against his for a while, teasing him. "Would you like to fuck me?"

Donald moans. He's aroused by Violet's caresses. She takes a puff of her cigarette and blows the smoke in his face. "Too bad you're a little short, Donny. I don't let anything less than ten inches fuck this blonde pussy." The women laugh at Donald and sit down at the dining room table.

Jill picks up a deck of cards and they play Bridge. Jill and Ming play against Violet and Maria. Except for the bidding, they don't say anything during the match. Violet and Maria win the first match by seven tricks. They get up and stand in front of Donald while Jill and Ming go into the kitchen.

Violet turns to Maria. "Since you picked up the winning trick, you can go first."

Maria grins and strokes Donald's cock a few times to get it hard. She picks up a hairbrush and smacks his cock seven times with the back of the brush. She turns the brush over and rubs the hard plastic bristles against his cock and balls until she hears his moans. Maria hands the brush to Violet. She smacks his cock seven times and rubs his cock and balls with the bristles. Donald moans until she stops. She puts the brush down, and they return to the game. Jill and Ming have brought out chips and wine coolers.

The women play several matches. They relax a bit more, talk, sip on their wine coolers, and snack while they play. They ignore Donald during the game. Donald watches them play, but dreads what happens after each match. The winners torment his cock, while the losers watch and laugh. One smack for each trick won, then rubbing the bristles against his cock and balls. His cock is raw and tender when the women finish playing.

Jill stands in front of Donald, smoking her cigarette. "We're going to go upstairs now, and you're coming with us. Be a good boy and don't fight us."

Violet kneels down and unties Donald's ankles. Maria unties the leather laces from the column. Ming unlocks one of his wrists, and locks the handcuffs back on after he's stepped away from the column. Violet, Maria, and Ming go upstairs.

Jill smiled. "That's a good boy. We're going upstairs now. Stop at the landing on top of the stairs. I'll be right behind you."

Donald goes up the stairs with Jill following him. He stops at the landing. She kneels down and ties his ankles together again. Violet, Maria, and Ming are at the other end of the hall.

Jill stands up and commands, "Hop to the end of the hall."

Donald glares at Jill.

She takes a puff of her cigarette, and presses the lit end against his butt. "I said hop, asshole!"

Donald hops down the hall, his cock bouncing up and down, the stinging pain in his cock and bottom bringing tears to his eyes. He struggles to keep his balance as he hops. Violet catches him and keeps him from falling when he gets to the end of the hall. Maria opens a door.

Violet looks at Donald and commands, "Hop over to the foot of the bed."

Donald hops to the bed, with Violet, Maria, Ming, and Jill following him. It's a four-poster king-size bed with a canopy. Sheer light pink drapes hang from the canopy all the way down around the bed. The posts are massive, thicker than the decorative columns downstairs. The posts at the foot of the bed have leather manacles hanging from the top of the canopy. Violet and Jill unlock the handcuffs, and buckle his wrists in the leather manacles. He is facing the bed, the drape inches in front of his face and body.

Jill and Violet kneel on the bed facing each other and take off each other's tops. They embrace and kiss. Donald can see them through the drape but not clearly. Jill fondles Violet's breasts and takes one into her mouth. Violet looks upward and moans. Donald is surprised when he feels the sting of a whip against his back. Maria slowly whips Donald's back and bottom while he watches Jill and Violet kiss and fondle each other.

Jill and Violet take off each other's pants. Jill gets a large, thick vibrator from the nightstand. They caress each other; their hands roaming over the other's body. Ming whips Donald's back and bottom, her tempo increasing. In spite of the whipping, Donald's cock gets hard as he watches Jill and Violet caress. Violet lies down on her back and Jill lies on her side next to her. Jill turns the vibrator on and presses it against Violet's pussy. Violet takes the vibrator and moves it in and out. Jill kisses Violet as she fucks herself to three orgasms. Jill takes the vibrator and presses it against her pussy while Violet sucks on Jill's nipples. Jill fucks herself to three orgasms.

Jill and Violet get a cigarette. They smoke and rest. Maria and Ming untie Donald's ankles. They spread his legs, and tie his ankles to the bedposts with leather straps. The smell from Jill and Violet's pussies fills the room. The sights and smells keep Donald's cock hard. When they finish their cigarette, Maria hands Violet a strap-on. Violet kneels on the bed and buckles it on. Jill gets up on her hands and knees and Violet gets behind her. Ming pulls back the drapes at the foot of the bed and ties them. Donald sees clearly how attractive Violet and Jill are. He watches Violet fuck Jill with the strap on. Violet is gentle at first, then gets rougher. Jill screams with each orgasm, and collapses on the bed after three more orgasms.

Violet looks up at Donald and grins. "You're next."

Violet gets out of bed and walks behind Donald. He can feel the tip of the dildo probing his ass hole. He can hear Violet behind him. "Ooh, you have a tight asshole. I'll bet you've never been butt fucked before."

Violet drives the dildo into Donald's ass. He screams into the gag. Jill rolls over and tickles his cock with her fingernail as Violet wraps her arms around his shoulders and butt fucks him. When Violet's satisfied he's had enough, she stops. Donald's ass throbs while Jill and Violet go and take a shower together.

Maria and Ming get on the bed. They take their sweats off and caress each other. Maria and Ming are attractive, and Donald's cock hardens watching them. Ming kneels in front of Donald, cups her breasts with her hands, and asks him, "Do you like my boobs?"

Donald definitely likes Ming's large round breasts. Before he can nod his head, Ming drives her fingernails into his cock. "I said, do you like my boobs?"

Donald yelps into the gag and nods his head yes.

Ming smiles. "You have good taste Donny. My boob job cost five grand."

Maria comes behind Ming and fondles her. "And worth every penny."

Ming and Maria lie down. They caress each other, and use the vibrator on each other. Jill and Violet finish their shower and come back into the bedroom. They take turns lightly whipping Donald while Ming and Maria pleasure each other. After Ming and Maria have several orgasms, they get a cigarette. Maria lies down while Ming kneels down in front of him.

"Donny, since you like my boobs so much, I thought you'd like a closer look at them." Ming grabs the back of Donald's had and pulls his face into her breasts. She rubs her breasts on his face while she smokes. He likes the way her soft breasts feel against his face, and is aroused. After Ming and Maria finish their cigarette they go and take a shower together.

Jill and Violet untie Donald's ankles from the bedposts. They unbuckle his wrists from the leather shackles and handcuff them behind his back. Violet picks up a piece of rope and ties one end around the base of Donald's cock behind his balls. She stands up and gives the rope a yank. He moans through the gag. Violet walks out of the room, rope in hand. Donald follows her and Jill follows them downstairs.

When Violet gets to the living room, she turns around and commands, "Kneel down, Donny."

Donald hesitates.

Violet yanks hard on the rope. "I said kneel, asshole."

Donald gets down on one knee, then on both. Jill gets a cigarette for herself and Violet.

Jill looks down at Donald. "Look at his cock. As much as we torment it, he's still hard for us."

Violet smiles. "Yes, the weenies you bring home seem to enjoy our abuse."

Donald wanted to tell them he didn't like the abuse at all. He couldn't help that he was aroused. He was kneeling in front of two naked attractive women. He could still smell the aroma from their pussies, even after they took a shower.

Maria and Ming came into the living room. They had cigarettes too. They stood in front of Donald and smoked.

Maria joked, "Maybe we ought to keep this one as a pet. What do you think, Donny? Moan once for yes and twice for no."

Donald moaned twice.

Ming laughed. "Is he housebroken? Do you think he'd be good while we're away?"

The women finished their cigarettes. Violet looked down at Donald. "Get up."

Donald has a little trouble getting up. Violet and Jill help him off his knees. Violet takes the end of the rope and walks down into the basement. Donald follows. She turns around at the back door. "I'm going to take off the gag and unlock the handcuffs. Listen carefully and do what I tell you to do if you want your clothes back."

Violet takes off the gag and opens the back door. She pulls the rope between Donald's legs, ties the end of the rope to the outside door handle, and turns the patio lights on. "Do you see that green circle painted on the patio deck?"

Donald's jaw hurts from wearing the gag for so long. He swallows a few times and answers, "Yes."

"Good. When I unlock the handcuffs, you step outside, and I'll close and lock the back door. Untie the rope around your cock, walk to the circle, turn around, and play with yourself. You have fifteen minutes to come before the lights go out. If you come, Maria will throw your clothes out of the bedroom window. If you don't, you go home naked."

"How do I know you won't keep my clothes anyway?"

Violet laughs. "You don't. The only chance you have to get your clothes back is to come."

"Will you be watching me?"

Violet shrugs. "Maybe, maybe not. Depends on how entertaining you are." She puts her hands on her hips. "You'd come quick watching me. Take one last look at this gorgeous body before I put you out."

Donald suppresses the urge to snicker. Violet steps behind him and unlocks the handcuffs. He steps outside and hears the door close and lock. He unties the rope around his cock, walks into the circle, turns around, and takes his cock in his hand. It's still sore from the hairbrush bristles. The lights are bright. He closes his eyes and imagines lying in bed with Jill. He strokes, lightly at first, then with more pressure. He imagines himself on top of Jill, pounding his cock into her wet, willing pussy, and ejaculates. He almost loses his balance.

Donald waits for his clothes to be dropped. He's just about to turn around and leave when Maria drops his clothes, tied up in a bundle, from the bedroom window. Just after the clothes hit the deck, the lights go out. He waits until his eyes adjust to the darkness before unbundling his clothes. He gets dressed, and leaves through the back gate. He catches a taxi back to the Flamingo to get his car. He never goes to the Flamingo again.

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