Art Ch. 02


This story could have gone in a variety of other categories, as it involves domination and submission, and aspects of heterosexual and lesbian sex between participants of different ages. If that offends you, then I suggest you don't read it. If it works for you, check out my other stories! The story is inspired by one I read years ago on a different site; so if it seems familiar, that may be why. If you know (or even wrote) the original, I hope you'll forgive my adaptation; and let me know what you think.

That night, I drew copies of all the pictures I had done in the art room; plus a beautiful close up of Miss Carter's gorgeous face, framed by the black hair I loved so much. She really was my perfect woman - and how lucky was I? I'd had this amazingly hot woman literally handed to me by an older woman who got off on watching the whole thing! I had never thought of myself as an exhibitionist, but I had to admit that being watched, and told what to do by Mrs Wood had made fucking Miss Carter even more amazing! The drawing practice was just a bonus, giving me - let's face it, not the hottest hunk at college - the opportunity to do nothing but stare at a beautiful, naked, curvaceous woman, and enjoy every slope and swell of her slender body.

I jerked off in the shower that morning thinking about her - and not for the first time, I should add! I dressed for college and went in. I had an English class that day, taught by you-know-who; and Art in the afternoon.

Miss Carter was dressed more conservatively than usual that day, but even a heavy sweater and floor-length skirt couldn't completely hide her curves. She avoided looking at me, and didn't speak to me for the whole class. Once she'd ignored my hand up to answer a couple of questions, I got the message. No mileage in upsetting or embarrassing her, after all.

In Art, Mrs Wood gave me a sly smile, and asked if I'd enjoyed earning my 'extra credit' the day before. I grinned nervously, and nodded.

"Good. Then I'll see you here tomorrow evening at the same time." she said briefly.

I nodded, although I couldn't help being a little disappointed that it wasn't going to be today!

That evening came and went, as did the next day. Despite the temptation, I didn't speak to anyone about what had happened, remembering the importance of promising my 'discretion'. Hell, I wasn't an idiot!

English was my last period the next day. As Miss Carter handed out assignments, she put an envelope on my desk casually, not looking me in the eye. I watched her legs as she walked past me a little way in her knee-length skirt. Hell, all the guys did - why wouldn't we? Then I turned my attention to the envelope.

Inside was what looked like a novelty key-chain; but there was no clasp. It was a tiny remote-control, with four square buttons and two up and down arrows on it. Confused, I looked in the envelope again, and pulled out a scrap of newspaper. On the other side was the advertisement, which I read quickly.

Remote-control love balls. Four 'pulse' programmes, and five power settings. A control range of thirty feet. My mouth opened in an 'o' of surprise, and I looked again at my sexy teacher. Was it my imagination, or was she walking a little awkwardly? I pressed the first button, bringing the controller to life. Two tiny digital LEDs came up with '1's. Miss Carter froze for a moment, and then continued till she was safely behind her desk.

I figured one LED showed a program number, and the other intensity. As she explained the lesson, I toyed with the control, using the 'up' arrow to bring a setting of 1:3. Finally, she looked at me sharply, as she was giving out reading parts.

"Tom! You can tell us about Puck - his motivation, perhaps?"

I took the hint, and dialled it down as I tried to talk about Shakespeare. Once the class got going, people started talking more freely; and as Miss Carter sat back, I switched over to programme two, and hit her back up to a three.

She jumped, sitting up straight with a momentary look of panic. I don't think anyone else noticed, as someone else was talking. She shot me a look, but I just smiled gently at her.

After that, she didn't look at me again. I steadily worked it up to 3:4; and by halfway through the class, her forehead was beaded with sweat, and her nipples were plainly visible through her sweater. She also asked one of the guys to open the windows, which was unusual - she'd usually just get them herself.

She had us writing our thoughts on our characters now, and I got up to approach her desk. I wanted to check how she felt about what was happening. I showed her my workbook as I spoke.

"Do you think I've done enough?" I asked, looking down at her as she stared at the papers on her desk. "I could stop now," I offered.

Finally, she met my gaze. I could see the hunger and desperation in her eyes, tinged with humiliation.

"No - no, I think you're doing well. Keep it up" she said, with a strange lilt to her voice.

I smiled at her, almost tenderly, and went back to my seat.

I don't know what the different settings were like, but number four seemed to be the most effective. Miss Carter's face was flushed; her nipples were like bullets, and I could see her breathing quickly. With a wicked thought, I dropped the power setting to 1, and she looked up at me with a pleading expression.

I arched an eyebrow, and she mouthed the word 'please' to me. Triumphant, I pushed it all the way up to five, and she melted back in her chair, trembling. I wasn't a hundred percent sure when she came, but it was definitely at least once before the end of the period. She dismissed us without getting up, and I lingered in the room.

When I wandered over to her, I could smell her arousal. She asked me quietly for the remote control, and I handed it to her. She stood, and walked into the supply closet. There was a huge wet patch on the back of her skirt, and I watched her legs scissoring into the closet eagerly.

A minute later, she reappeared; having simply rotated her skirt through 180 degrees. She held a large wicker handbag in front of her, hiding the wet patch.

"Follow me" she said coolly, leading me out of the room and down the corridor. I padded along behind her a few feet back, watching her walk. Damned if I knew how she managed to act so cool, walking through to the Art department, but she was completely normal, saying Hi or goodbye to the co-eds who called to her, without the faintest suggestion of stress.

Soon, we entered Mrs Wood's classroom. She was at her desk, clearing the top thoroughly.

"Ah Tom, Fernanda. How nice to see you both. Tom, close the door will you - and lock it. And Fernanda, close the blinds."

She sat calmly at her desk whilst we did what she said, and came to stand in front of her in a clear area of floor.

"So." she said firmly, but with a smile. "How are you both?"

"Fine thanks, Mrs Wood" I said clearly. Miss Carter was quieter, but said much the same thing.

"So, Fernanda. Did you enjoy being fucked on Monday?" asked Mrs Wood calmly.

The younger woman flushed, and mumbled quietly.

"I'm sorry Fernanda, I didn't catch that. Did you enjoy being fucked by Tom?"

"Yes. Yes, Mrs Wood" she said, crimson-faced. Miss Carter's calm demeanour had melted away almost instantly.

"Oh good. And how about you Tom, did you enjoy fucking Fernanda?"

"Oh yeah! Yeah, very much thanks, Mrs Wood." I replied with a grin.

"Good. I think we'll have you doing that again this evening. But a little more art practice first. I have high hopes for you when we move on to oils, Tom. But I thought a little more sketching practice, to get your proportions just so."

"Fernanda, do you have the control?" Mrs Wood asked, putting her hand out. Miss Carter reached into her bag, and stepped forward to give it to the older woman.

"Fernanda dear, what are you hiding behind that awful bag?" said Mrs Wood in mocking tones.

Shamefacedly, Miss Carter lowered the bag, revealing her damp skirt.

"Oh dear. We did get excited, didn't we? Well, you can't stand around in that. Take it off and give it to Tom."

Miss Carter did what she was told, stepping gingerly out of the thin skirt and giving it to me. Beneath she wore white panties, soaked through. They sat high on her hips, and I stepped back slightly as she turned back to Mrs Wood. I was right in my guess, admiring her pert ass bisected by the thin white thong.

"Take it all off, you silly girl!" said Mrs Wood impatiently.

Miss Carter's hands jumped obediently to her front, quickly unbuttoning her blouse. She gave it to me, before reaching behind to unfasten her bra. Her breasts looked utterly amazing in the simple underwear, lifted up as if presented on a platter. As the bra came off, they sank just the slightest amount, her nipples thickly erect and flushed pink.

I watched silently, enjoying the show as my teacher stripped off in front of me. Finally, she put her thumbs in her thong panties, and slid them down her long legs. Her breasts swung gently from side to side as her weight shifted from one foot to the other. She straightened up, naked; and placed the damp panties on the pile of clothes I held.

"Tom, put those down carefully, and put the skirt over the radiator" said Mrs Wood. "Then get your sketch pad."

I did what she said, whilst Mrs Wood positioned Miss Carter. When I got back, my teacher was posing naked; arms above her head, back arched to thrust out her magnificent breasts. All her weight was on one leg, the other gently bent and her hips at an angle.

She looked like a goddess.

I walked around her, admiring her from every angle.

"I think from behind first," came Mrs Wood's voice.

I sat down, holding my sketch pad. I began with a few simple lines, and Mrs Wood came around to supervise me, giving me feedback on my perspective and proportions. I noticed that she was holding the tiny remote control, and wondered what the little love-balls were doing to Miss Carter.

A covering of tiny beads of sweat covered her back and chest. Her nipples were harder than ever; raspberry-pink thimbles on the tip of her glorious breasts. She was breathing quickly through pouting, full lips; clearly very turned on.

My sketch quickly took form under Mrs Wood's guidance; Miss Carter's classically feminine form transferring seamlessly to the paper. Her ass looked just fantastic, almost as pert and firm as the real thing. God, I could do this all night. Although there might be other things we could do that would be even more fun...

Sketching my nude teacher took about forty minutes, during which the room got hotter and hotter. Mrs Wood seemed oblivious, as she wandered the room and occasionally disappeared into the store cupboard. Eventually, as she admired my completed drawing, she noticed me sweating and told me to undress.

I started unbuttoning my shirt, and noticed Miss Carter's eyes turning towards me, although she didn't move until Mrs Wood spoke again.

"Fernanda, why don't you relax for a minute and stretch? We'll start again in a moment."

Miss Carter relaxed visibly, turning slightly to watch me as I undressed: now unbuckling my belt to slide my trousers off. Her eyes ran down my chest and rested on my boxers. I hesitated, but moved on as Mrs Wood inclined her head towards me, knowing that she'd just tell me to take them off anyway. I slid them down, exposing my firm erection to them both.

Miss Carter licked her lips unconsciously as she stared at my stiff cock once again, the pale shaft curving gently upwards for eight inches from between my legs; my balls up tight against the base. I might look unimposing fully dressed; but my naked erection was all the more impressive for my slim build.

I saw her fingers twitch as she looked at me, both of us now naked and clearly aroused.

"Tom, I want you to focus on Fernanda's face. Try and capture the passion you see there."

Miss Carter seemed to shrink back slightly, an expression of slight disappointment on her face; although not for long.

"Fernanda, I want you to take out those little love balls for me" said Mrs Wood "and give them to me."

Miss Carter reached down, keeping her gaze fixed on me. I didn't look down as she reached between her legs, as she clearly wanted me to look her in the eye instead. She turned away, and handed the love-balls over to the older woman.

"Good girl. Now stand in front of Tom with your legs apart. That's right. And put your hand between those pretty legs of yours. Tom, you may start now..."

I swallowed nervously, starting to sketch Miss Carter's pretty face as she reached down and began stroking her pussy, her slim fingers sliding through the neatly-trimmed bush down to her shaved lips...

Focusing on Miss Carter's face wasn't easy, as her face was filled with lust; her cheeks flushed as she breathed through her open mouth.

Her breasts danced from side to side as she jiggled her hand back and forth, sliding glistening fingers in and out of her wet pussy. I was supposed to be drawing her face, but spent half my time just drinking in the sight of this beautiful woman pleasuring herself in front of me. Her heavy breasts, dancing with each slight movement of her arms. Her flat tummy flexing. Her fingers sliding in and out of her wet snatch. Back up to her face; flushed with excitement, and groaning with pleasure.

How I managed to draw at all, I simply do not know. But the portrait slowly took form, with a few directions from Mrs Wood. I was, naturally, as hard as a rock the whole time.

Finally, Mrs Wood was satisfied that I had finished. She told me to set up a new pad, and sharpen my charcoal pencil. Whilst I took a few seconds doing this, she turned to Miss Carter.

"So, Fernanda, that's a lovely portrait. Do you think we should do another? No? What, then?"

"Please, Mrs Wood..."

"Now then Fernanda, if you want something, you know how to ask." said Mrs Wood firmly.

Miss Carter stepped forward, and sank gracefully to her knees in front of Mrs Wood, curling up at her feet. The younger woman's hands slipped under Mrs Wood's sensible skirt to rest on the backs of her thighs; and she hung her head.

"Please, Mrs Wood?" said Miss Carter softly.

"Yes Fernanda? You may look up"

She looked up, with a pleading expression. "Please Mrs Wood - I want to be fucked. Please let him fuck me."

"Look at the boy Fernanda. And tell me what you want him to do."

Miss Carter turned towards me; not meeting my gaze, but looking down at my cock.

"I want him to push his fat cock into my pussy, Mrs Wood. I'm so horny, I just want his cock thrusting in and out of me 'till I come." said my teacher, with incredible passion. Her Spanish accent was thick with desire.

"Very well, girl. I shall allow you this pleasure, as your obedience pleases me. Go to my desk, and lay face down across it." Mrs Wood ordered.

I was amazed at how horny and submissive she sounded, even now. Still, I guess she'd been getting pretty heavily stimulated for an hour and a half now, in the class and everything. She got up quickly and almost ran across the room to Mrs Wood's large (and thoroughly cleared) desk. She bent over at the waist, her breasts swaying heavily for a moment before they pressed into the hard wood.

"Move your legs apart dear, but keep them straight." ordered Mrs Wood.

I watched, open-mouthed, as Miss Carter did what she was told, her slender legs parting wide to reveal her swollen, wet pussy lips. Her bottom opened wide, revealing her womanly charms completely as she lay against the desk.

"Go and take a closer look," Mrs Wood told me.

I didn't need telling twice! In a trice, I was over there, close behind my naked and exposed English Lit teacher, who was panting softly against the wooden desk. I knelt down behind her, where I could see her pussy literally dripping; juices rolling down her taut legs.

The scent of her arousal was intoxicating, and I couldn't stop myself leaning forward, catching a droplet of pussy juice halfway down her thigh with my tongue. I moved upwards, and in a moment, my tongue licked long and slowly across the engorged lips of her honeypot. My face pressed between the firm cheeks of her bottom as I feasted greedily on her sweet nectar.

There was no finesse in my movements, as I brought my hands up to pull at her buttock cheeks, squeezing them roughly. I licked up and down her thighs, and back across her dripping cunny, eager for every drop of her sweet arousal.

But however hungry my tongue was, another part of my body was hungrier still. Almost unaware of it, I stood, and positioned myself behind her. As I took hold of my furiously erect cock, I heard Mrs Wood clear her throat meaningfully.

I looked over at her, freezing. Had I done the wrong thing? She had told Fernanda that I could fuck her, hadn't she?

After several tense seconds where Mrs Wood looked the two of us up and down, she nodded at me. I looked back down to where I held my cock mere inches from moist Nirvana. I moved forward; one hand guiding my throbbing cock to Miss Carter's wet lips. I pressed on, my swollen cock-head pushing inside her moistness. I tried to hold back, using just the tip of my penis to tease her, sliding in and out just an inch at a time.

Miss Carter was clearly in no mood to be teased by me though, and she pressed back against me, moaning for more. What man could resist a goddess like her begging for his cock? Not me, that's for sure. I slid my stiff shaft deep inside her, and she moaned loudly; a long low cry of pure pleasure as I filled her hungry pussy completely.

I pressed all the way in, till my thighs rubbed against her perfect, pert arse. I stroked it with my hands, caressing her perfect flesh as I pulled out almost all the way before sliding in again. I was almost painfully erect as I slowly fucked her, using every inch of my thick rod to stretch the walls of her cunt. She moaned deliriously.

"Oh! Oh God, faster! Do it faster! Fuck me... harder!" she begged.

I ignored her, holding myself back as I moved in and out slowly, my hands still squeezing her firm buttocks. Was any guy in the world having better sex than me right now? I didn't think so.

Mrs Wood came up beside me, and watched me closely, absorbing the sight of my wet cock sliding in and out between Miss Carter's bum-cheeks.

"Very good, Tom. It's good to hold back a little... Let things build up."

She watched for a few more seconds; her eyes travelling up my chest, then back down and across Miss Carter's naked back, streaked with sweat as she lay prone on the desk, hands pressed against the wood.

"Do you like Fernanda's bottom Tom?" She asked.

"Um, yes Mrs Wood" I said, gasping for breath slightly. "It's gorgeous"

"Have you thought about fucking her in her arse?" said the older woman crudely. She watched my face carefully, smiling at my surprise and shock.

"Ah, no Mrs Wood. Not really."

Miss Carter had gone quiet; still moving her hips rhythmically, but not speaking a word. Her face had turned so that she could look behind her, a look of concern on her beautiful features.

"Oh! I thought all boys did. Well, maybe we'll just let the two of you think about it for now. But just to give you both a taster for next time, get one of your fingers wet and slip it into her bottom whilst you fuck her. We'll see if you like the idea."

I gulped, mouth dry as my hips slowed. Obediently though, I lifted a finger and put it into my mouth. I had to suck for a minute, to get it wet enough, then took it out and moved it to her bottom.

My index finger pressed against the tight star of her anus, as I prepared to slip my finger inside. She turned away, not wanting to see, and I couldn't tell if she was excited, ashamed, or turned on. All three, more likely.

I pushed, sliding my index finger into her tight bottom, my thin finger sliding with some difficulty between the strong muscles of her sphincter. God, how tight would she be to fuck in here? What would that feel like?

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