tagExhibitionist & VoyeurArt Class Model Extra Ordinaire

Art Class Model Extra Ordinaire


After losing my job, I had enough saved up to not panic immediately. Instead I took a little time to have some fun and started taking odd jobs to help pay for extras. I was able to get one at the local junior college art department: good pay and work in only one class for just a couple hours of time. I couldn't believe no one else wanted such a position; who really cared if it was as an art figure model. I'd done something like it before, I could certainly do it again.

It had a limited class size designed to keep the model comfortable and ensure each student got to have a turn at having the model help visualize the human form and figure in various poses. The student got to direct the positioning and I'd only have to hold it for about five minutes or so as it was more a conceptual art course instead of the detailed, 'hold that pose' for twelve hours type deal. It helped them learn how the human body contours changed, adding depth and realism to their work. At least that was the part of the class synopsis I remembered reading.

The room was comfortably warm, the group small and very polite, and for some reason I wasn't even partially self-conscious about all the posing being done sans clothing. I guess I figured ahead of time since it was a 'figure model,' that would be the case; but the pay was certainly nice, and I'm still in good shape. Not to mention, without having to work at my last injury prone job, I had many fewer nicks, scrapes, and bruises: why not finally get to show it off, especially still having a trim body.

They had me go through many simple poses, obviously getting a good baseline. Often when I'd hit a pose right off which they were trying to described I'd get a 'Fantastic!' which was nice.

Many of the early poses were extremely modest, considering I'd been in there almost from the start with nothing on; only an occasional more open pose, sometimes with me doing more open than they'd intended, which also got a 'Fantastic' or two.

They quickly warmed up to me, especially with my eager-to-please attention to their requests. Even if occasionally I might have mentally hesitated, physically I popped into the position they were describing. The verbal confirmations, smiles, and encouragement helped.

"All right, my turn again. Sit flat initially, pulling your legs up, but, uh, open your knees, like you're riding a horse. Maintain that and roll back lying prone, but leaving your legs in the horse riding position. Fantastic!"

"Hey, van Gogh, this isn't porn posing 101! Give the poor gal a break!"

"It's a serious pose, dude! I mean, look at the position of everything. You ever consider it? Is that why girls like to ride horses?"

"Actually, that and having 750 pounds of meat between our legs," I said smiling while holding the pose with only a slight giggle.

It really seemed to put everyone at ease. "I have no problems posing however you need me. I'm here to help you."

"Any help? Well, if you'd slip a finger in there from the side, it'd certainly help me!"

Obviously shocking them, I wrapped one hand around my hip, "How about two?" as I gently slid a couple fingers into my growing wetness. It would seem being out here in the open in front of everyone with all this talk had started me feeling a little naughty.

"Fan-fucking-tastic," seemed to be the consensus I heard from a couple of them. Quite a cute compliment.

"Whoa! And pull a little to the side to open everything up a little."

I slid my fingers out slightly, pulled myself open, and spread my fingers to my appreciative students.

Again, a "Fan-fuck-ing-tastic!" and the posing was off and running again...

"Ok, your times up, dude! I'm next! Roll over onto your belly, but lift your bottom up into the air with your legs in a kneeling position. Spread them out a little more. Awesome. Fucking awesome."

"Here's an idea; wait, I have something in my pack."

I held my pose as I heard hard plastic popping and cracking as a package was opened or broken.

"I've been trying to find a time to give this to my girlfriend, but I keep getting into trouble. So I can probably get better use out of it here and now! Hold out your hand."

My fingers curled around a good sized dildo.

"Could you put..."

His sentence was cut off as I'd already slid it halfway into my hungry wetness, easily slipping it three-quarters the total length quickly into me. I left the last quarter out and returned my hand to below my head where it had been previously, leaving my spread ass and filled pussy high in the air as previously posed.

"Is that the right position? If not, you can fix it how you want it," I said a little more breathy than intended.

He timidly reached out and slid the dong out slightly, then back in a bit, and when my only response was, "Mmm, uh-hmm," he started working it a little more activity as I continued to cum around it, my throbbing clitoris sliding along its thick shaft as it worked its magic.

About then I tightened up around it's thick base, practically holding it in place as my pussy spasmed; orgasm pulsing through, my ass clenched tightly closed. Until finally easing up when he left it hanging more than halfway in me.

"Times, uh, up, uh, and I have to agree, fan-fucking-tastic."

"Next. So hold on, I'm going to reposition things a little. I felt it slide out, and the interesting chill of my open entrance laying out for everyone to see and the naughtiness of it all was nearly too much for me. I was enjoying every second of it.

I felt it entering me again from a somewhat lower angle, making it feel smaller than previous, but still good. It kept sliding up into me. Then I started realizing, it'd gotten much smoother, still hard, but softer - better all around. That's when I felt his slightly furry balls push up against my shaved smoothness. Without thinking, I was already responding verbally, "Mmm hmm," as my body took over rocking my hips down and up to take him all the way in.

Every five minutes or so, a change in position and partner. On my back, standing, bent over, being held up & suspended, cowgirl on top... I lost track of them all.

I was finally coming down off my long flood of wetness when a disappointed voice said, "Whoa, class was over like thirty minutes ago, dudes."

"Wait, we have to get one final pose!"

Together they helped pose me: laying on my back, arms and legs splayed around in a thoroughly used position; my completely fulfilled pussy spread wide, the open entrance easy visible with the lips laid tenderly to either side.

"We're calling this pose, 'Victory!'" and they quickly sketched. Each one of them signing their picture and giving it to me.

"That was amazing. Any chance we'll be able to convince you to come back again?"

I smiled, getting up, "I don't know, I'll have to... absofuckinglutely!"

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