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12th March 1867

Dear Miss Abercrombie,

I beg your forgiveness for my being so bold as to contact you without our being formally introduced, but I feel driven to express my profound admiration for you. For some time I have observed you each Thursday alighting from your carriage at the address of Mistress Cranham's Music Academy, but fear it is above my station to address you directly.

Please do not feel alarmed, since I assure you I offer no threat to your wellbeing, my only motive being to extend my deepest respect.

Your devoted admirer,

Augustus James.


19th March 1867

Dear Mr. James,

I must confess to having been somewhat taken aback at receiving a communication from a total stranger, but for now I accept your assurance that you mean me no harm. Your expressions of admiration, however, I must allow are somewhat flattering, for in truth it is every maiden's secret dream to have an unknown admirer.

Alas I feel that this must remain so since I have no knowledge of your identity, and find myself at a loss to determine how you discovered my name.

With Respect,

Constance Abercrombie.


26th March 1867

Dear Miss Abercrombie,

It was with great lifting of my spirits that I received your gracious reply, which I confess was far beyond anything I had hoped for.

With regard to my means of discovering your name, the method was quite simple. I merely offered a modest bribe to a servant in Mistress Cranham's employ. You will I am sure, understand that I feel obliged to withhold the identity of my informant.

Having determined your name, I simply paid a penny to an urchin to place my earlier missive on the seat of your carriage where I was sure you would find it.

As to myself, I am a poor, although not totally penniless artist, existing on a modest stipend from an indulgent grandfather, who is waiting patiently for me to recover from that which he perceives as my fleeting obsession with my art. I have a small studio overlooking the Academy, and first espied you from my window some months past. Since that day I have made it my weekly duty to breathlessly await your arrival, but until recently I have lacked the courage to make my existence known to the most wondrous vision I have beheld in all of my twenty years.

Your even more devoted admirer,

Augustus James.


2nd April 1867

Mr. James,

I do declare that such flattery must surely be designed to turn the head of even the most stern of ladies. It must be acknowledged that since we are after all living in the nineteenth century, such forwardness is becoming more commonplace in our modern society. However, I must warn you sir, that these wiles have very little effect upon me.

Now that you have disclosed who you are, I must say that I have a recollection of a young man loitering outside a building which, I am given to believe, houses a number of artists' studios and apartments, and will allow that if you are indeed he, I find your countenance not altogether displeasing.

Constance Abercrombie.


9th April 1867

Miss Abercrombie,

It is with great contrition that I accept your rebuke, and humbly beg your forgiveness for any offence caused, however unintended.

I will not presume to trouble you further.

Augustus James.


16th April 1867

Augustus Dear,

Please be assured that my remarks were merely an observation, and were by no means intended as a rebuke. I have come to quite look forward to our weekly exchanges, and feel it would be a pity should they cease over something so trivial as a misunderstanding.

I will look for you on my next visit to the Academy.

In friendship,



23rd April 1867

Sweet Constance,

Your wave to me as you alighted from your carriage has set the beating of my heart to music, and the radiance of your smile provided the words. I feared that I had lost you, but now my life is a song.

Splendid news. I have been commissioned by a man of great wealth to depict his good wife on canvas. Should he be pleased with my work, then it may lead to greater things for my vocation, and demonstrate to my grandfather that I am not without ability. Now that you have reaffirmed your friendship, my life could not be more rosy.




30th April 1867

My Dear friend,

What wonderful news indeed. I applaud you.

Your chosen calling, has me quite intrigued, since it has not until now been my fate to cross paths with one who espouses the Bohemian lifestyle. Mayhap you will permit me to visit your studio one day when my lesson at the Academy is concluded?

Your friend,



7th May 1867

Dear, Dear Constance,

My heart bursts with pride at the prospect of you honouring my humble workplace with your presence. Dare I hope that some day you will grant me the further honour of permitting me to commit your portrait to canvas?

Be your answer aye or nay, I will be pleased to receive you following your next lesson.

Excitedly yours,



14th May 1867


Thank you for allowing me to see inside your studio. It was an interesting visit, and judging by those works on view I feel you are not without talent. However I can only assume that your passions were inflamed by the many portraits of females in varying states of deshabille. Why else would you presume, after such brief acquaintance, to press your lips to mine on parting as though I were some common harlot?

As to the matter of my sitting for you, I do not believe that I could disport myself in the manner to which your works suggest you are predisposed, especially if by my doing so your senses should become inflamed beyond your control.



21st May 1867

Oh, Constance,

Once again I appear to have inadvertently incurred your wrath. I can only assure you that my act was purely one of deep affection. Whilst confessing ignorance of the customs of the gentry, I hasten to assure you that amongst those of my own class, actions such as mine are considered perfectly normal when greeting or farewelling ones friends.

Since this practice clearly offends you, perhaps it will be better that we never meet again, although it pains my heart to say so.

Smitten as I am I can give no promise that I would not again attempt to taste the sweetness of your divine lips.

I am also aghast that you should suggest that I might regard such a sweet and perfect lady as yourself as a harlot. Only the basest and most vulgar of men would kiss the lips of creatures of that calling, since those very lips are commonly applied in such a manner that I will not offend your sensibilities by describing.

With regard to my art, never have I painted a subject in a manner of which I have not been certain they would ultimately approve on viewing the completed work.

Since I deduce it to be in accordance with your wishes, I shall have to content myself with once again admiring you from a distance.

Thank you for our too brief friendship.

Still devotedly yours,



28th May 1867

Dear Augustus,

Perhaps in my surprise I have judged you too hastily and too harshly. I too must confess to being somewhat unworldly and therefore ignorant of the accepted practices of those in less fortunate circumstances than myself. Please let us not end our budding friendship upon such a note.

In hindsight the explanations offered in your last communication do of course make perfect sense, and if I am honest with myself I am compelled to admit that the touch of your lips upon mine was not unpleasant.

Next Thursday being the occasion of my eighteenth birthday, I shall not be attending the Academy for my customary music lesson. However, if you still so desire that I sit for you, I shall be pleased to present myself at your studio at ten o'clock in the forenoon of this coming Tuesday, being the second day of June.

Please do not embarrass me by assuming that my offer is an invitation to repeat your previous behaviour.

Still your friend,



3rd June 1867


You really are an incorrigible rascal! Today I had occasion to visit the Academy in order to retrieve a manuscript that I had forgotten. Eager to ascertain what progress if any you have made on my portrait, I visited your studio. Alas, you were not in attendance, and so I prevailed upon the caretaker of the building to grant me access, that I may await your arrival.

Imagine then my astonishment to discover that, in one of your preliminary sketches, you depict me as having revealed far more of my bosom than was truly the case. My astonishment was, I confess, mingled with amusement when I realised that you had credited me with greater endowment than I possess.

Such mischief cannot be allowed to pass unremarked, so I shall return on Tuesday next in order to ensure that you correct these inaccuracies.

Whatever am I to do with you?



9th June 1867

Augustus Dear,

My oh my, you really are a most persuasive scamp. I cannot credit that you contrived to convince me that, in the interests of strict accuracy, I should not only remove my outer garments that you may see me in only my pantaloons and corset, but that I should also untie my bodice to permit you to ascertain the true size and form of my bosom. Yet both of these things I did, and did willingly, such is my trust in you to conduct yourself in an appropriate manner.

It is plain to see how, although I refuse to do likewise, you were able to persuade others to allow you to portray them on canvas in the most intimate detail.

Nor can I be angry that you once again pressed your lips to mine, since in truth I not only desired, but in no small part provoked such action.

You really are becoming most dear to me, and I hope to visit briefly after my lesson on Thursday.

With affection,

Your Constance


11th June 1867

Goodness me Augustus,

How swiftly events have progressed. From the moment you greeted me with a tender kiss I knew that I was yours. I stood as if mesmerised, permitting you to unveil my bosom, not for your palette, but for your eyes, hands and yes, for your lips. The fires your caresses and kisses ignited made me not only powerless but also unwilling to resist as you removed first my gown, and then my pantaloons, exposing me completely to your will.

The fires blazed higher when you softly touched me in that most secret of places, which I recall from my boarding school being referred to as 'quim' or more vulgarly 'cunny'. I confess that I find both of these terms wickedly exciting, more so than 'teats' or 'tits', which I am sure you are aware are common expressions when referring to what are more delicately called bosoms or breasts. How terribly vampish you must think me! But I digress. As your exploring fingers discovered that which is named in educational tomes as the clitoris, (in boarding school we girls knew it as the 'tiny man in a boat', although I was not certain of the reason for such a nomenclature) great trembling shook my burning loins, heralding pleasures yet to come. Eagerly I beheld for the first time a man's finest possession, and burning with desire I avidly took it in my hand, and guided it to my moistening slit, wanting so desperately for this wonderful organ to be the urgent instrument of my defloration.

Oh what bliss! What joy! What ecstasy! The sheer thrilling power of your driving loins as I so wantonly surrendered my virtue to the thrusting of your formidable member. What delicious tremors of passion were transmitted to my quivering loins by that superb stick! With what gleeful satisfaction did I board my carriage for my journey home, knowing that my darling Augustus had deposited his precious seed deep within me.

Already I grow impatient for our next meeting, although it is my suspicion that there will be more lying than sitting, and you will dip your brush repeatedly into my willing palette.

Adoringly Yours



16th June 1867

My dearest, sweetest Love

What a most excellent day this has been. The previously unknown freedom of movement afforded a body unencumbered by heavy skirts and tightly restricting bodices! The delight in frolicking unadorned and readily available for the lustiest of poking by one's paramour. The sweet ecstasy as your lips seek my teats (or tits, whichever expression pleases you most). The heavenly pleasures of having your glorious pole thrust in and out of my burning quim time after time throughout the day until my fires are finally quelled.

All of these things are firmly etched into my memory, and alas we must be content with memories, since today must be our last intimate encounter for some time.

This evening Papa informed me that I am to travel with Mama to our country estate until summer is ended, and that we depart on Friday morn. Our customary meeting after my weekly music lesson will take place, so we will be able to say our farewells, but I fear we must be very proper since I will be accompanied by my cousin Charlotte.

Oh, my dear, dear Augustus, how am I to endure without you? I am sure my heart will break. I promise I will write often so you will not miss me too much.

Your Adoring Constance.


20th June 1867

Well my Love,

As you may gather, I have arrived safe and well, after an arduous and lonely journey. I know it must sound terrible of me to speak of being lonely in the company of Dear Mama, but since all of my thoughts were of you, and the excitement we could be sharing, it was difficult to find comfort in her presence. How painful it was to be with you for our farewells, yet be unable to share even the briefest of kisses or caresses without Charlotte making assumptions.

Oh my Dear, how will I ever endure this separation when already my heart and my loins ache for you?

I am so sad, Constance.


24th June 1867

Sweet Constance,

How fortunate I am to have my work to distract me from the desolation of being apart from my precious jewel. Without my art I am sure my life would be meaningless now that we are no longer together.

Today I received a most unexpected visitor in the person of non other than your cousin Charlotte. Oh my Dear, what a sorry figure this poor woman cut. It seems, or so she confided, her dastardly husband has been disgracefully neglectful, particularly within the confines of the marital chamber. According to her narrative, at her times of greatest need, the scoundrel was rendered incapable of even the simplest of deeds, either by reason of being in his cups, or by having come directly from the bedchamber of one of his many mistresses.

I placed a comforting arm around this miserable creature, and as her tale drew to a conclusion, her increasing despair made it clear where my duty lay.

As I laid my palm gently against the swell of her breast, my estimation of her need for solace was proven correct. Rising to her feet, she unhesitatingly removed her gown and stood before me garbed only in her pantaloons and the tiniest of corsets which did nothing to conceal her trembling globes. In an attempt to calm her distress I nuzzled her hard little buds as my fingers worked to unlace her corset, which I dropped to the floor before turning my attention to the waist tie of her pantaloons. This garment quickly joined her corset, and she stood before me dressed as Mother Nature had made her.

Here I must declare that for an older woman of at least twenty five years, your cousin has retained a most comely figure, which leaves me at a loss to understand the reason for her being so cruelly neglected. Her large creamy teats with their erect ruby tips stood out firm and proud, contrasting in my mind with your delicate rosebud tipped orbs which entrance me so. Below a rounded belly her neatly trimmed bush and easily discernable slit nestled between nicely formed thighs. These plump lower lips were as a magnet to my fingers, and after some gentle caresses her thighs parted permitting greater freedom of access to that delicate flower which you have named "Man in a boat".

Her need by this time was even more pronounced, for her bosom rose and fell rapidly with her deep uneven breathing. Not wishing to prolong this poor woman's suffering any more than necessary, I laid her down and quickly disrobing I positioned myself between her widespread thighs.

Her legs encircled my hips, and her sigh of gratitude as my hard rod spiked her moist quim, told me that my kindness was not unappreciated. Marital deprivation has clearly made of her a most enthusiastic poke, for she repeatedly raised her hips to meet me, tightening certain muscles around my thrusting shaft. Her trembling commenced anew, becoming increasingly vigorous as she pulled my head to her quivering teats. My lips upon her nubs elicited from her great moans of relief, entreating me to drive my pole deeper and harder in and out of her tight aperture, until finally her arms tightened around me as my juices flowed into the dark wet recesses of her tunnel.

For long moments after I withdrew Charlotte lay panting, and as I watched my spend seeping from her now contented slit, I experienced that warm inner feeling that comes from having eased the suffering of a fellow human being.

This unfortunate woman's plight, Dear Constance, has served to show me what you, my sweet Darling must be enduring.

How I long for summer's end, so that once again we can be joined.

Your very own Augustus.


29th June 1867

My Dear wonderful Augustus,

Your last letter shows me what a compassionate man you are, and how well you comprehend the needs of a woman.

I know now that you will understand when I tell you that, reading your intimate description of your dealings with dear cousin Charlotte, I became excited to the point where I was driven to seek out our coachman, and direct him to extinguish the fires that you unwittingly ignited within me. Although he is inclined to be somewhat uncouth at times, and being at least thirty years old, irritatingly referred to me as "a bit of young stuff", I overlooked these faults provided he provided the service I required, since it is not part of his normal duties.

I have to say that he proved more than adequate in that respect, and afterwards I was able to sleep without tossing and turning with unsatisfied need.

Oh, Augustus, how I wish you were here.



1st July 1867

Constance my Dear,

How relieved I was to hear that you have discovered a way of having your needs attended to.

I am pleased to report that your cousin Charlotte appears to have recovered somewhat from her melancholy. She visited today in almost a gay mood, and the door had scarcely closed behind her before she divested herself of her gown. To my great astonishment she was wearing neither corset nor pantaloons, and she placed both of my hands upon her exposed tits as she kissed me fully and passionately, her tongue seeking mine in what has been termed the French style.

I made free with these generous mounds, employing both lips and hands, and in good time she investigated with her palm, ascertaining that I was indeed in a state of preparedness, before laying herself down to offer her quim for my attention. Her ardour has, if anything, increased since that first time we shared our bodies, for she was most demanding, begging me first to squeeze her teats and suck her ruby nubs, and then to poke her with as much force as I could muster. As you may have observed, it is not usually my way to manhandle a lady in such a rough manner, but I confess that on this occasion the thought excited me, and I drove my tool into her hole without first ensuring that it was indeed suitably prepared to receive my thrusts.

I need not have been concerned however, for directly ingress was achieved, she raised her hips, and enfolding me in her arms and legs, demanded that I poke her harder and faster. In what seemed no time at she all emitted a loud wail of passion, and her body shook as her intense climax deprived her of all conscious control.

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