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Art Lovers Ch. 02


Art Lovers II -- Charlotte's Diary

25th March 1867

Dear Diary,

There is something odd about Cousin Constance's demeanour of late. When she believes no one is watching her, she sometimes wears a most mysterious smile, and it is driving me quite to distraction. Much as I love her dearly, Connie can be such a tease, and I am sure she is greatly amused by my perplexity. She knows how I hate her keeping secrets from me, but when I try to pry it from her she laughs with glee, and makes that most vexing gesture of turning a key upon her lips.

Mark my words, I shall uncover the truth.

20th April

Damn that girl! At times like this I could happily scratch out her eyes! I know there is something occurring, and she knows that I know, but try as I might, all I am able to extract from her is that maddening smile. But fear not dear diary, I shall find out.

One thing I love most about keeping a journal is that I am not constantly obliged to be a lady, and can if I wish say the wickedest things without fear of any person thinking ill of me.

23rd April

Success! At least in part, for Connie has confided that she has a secret admirer, but the minx will disclose no more.

But I shall find out her secret!

29th April

I have managed to elicit that she has not yet met her admirer, but thinks she may have glimpsed him. She says that if the fellow she saw is indeed the one she has corresponded with, then he is of rather pleasing appearance.

13th May

My curiosity is sending me quite insane. I have searched her bedchamber for any trace of the correspondence Connie hinted at but have found nothing. I thought I had triumphed when I discovered a folded paper under her pillow, but upon opening it I found only a drawing of a tongue poking out at me. Perhaps the whole thing is an invention with the aim of infuriating me, for she knows how inquisitive I can be.

4th June

I am starting to wish this girl had never been born! (Well not really, but you know what I mean, dear diary). For the past half of a month she has worn a constant smile, but remained tight lipped, although lately she has coloured at any mention of her admirer. What is in her mind, I wonder?

10th June

Something has happened but I cannot imagine what. I know only that she walks around as though in a dream. If she continues like this I do declare I shall do her some harm!

12th June

My claws have been sharpened! The little minx is about to lose her eyes! Her expression is of a cat that has stolen the cream, and she will tell me nothing other than that she has met with him briefly, and that he is an artist with a studio close to the music Academy.

Mayhap I shall learn something on Thursday, for soon she goes with my Aunt to the country for the summer, and wishes to give him her farewells and has invited me to accompany her to meet him.

19th June

Well diary, I have met Mr Mystery, and can now clearly understand the reason for her demeanour of late. His name is Augustus, and he has a ready smile and easy charm. I was also swift to note that clearly outlined beneath his breeches he possesses what promises to be a most pleasing slit splitter. Mayhap this is the real reason my dear cousin has been looking so smug, for even in repose it looks of finer dimensions than my dastardly husband can offer when ready for action. I have permitted no man other than my husband to take even the tiniest liberty, since I take my vows most seriously in spite of his hideous rejection, but I confess that this young man has a most unsettling effect upon me. His very presence serves to invoke certain feelings and yearnings I had long believed forgotten. Even though he be not less than five or six years my junior, thinking of him sets my blood to racing. Methinks that should I invent some pretext to visit his studio, and he showed the merest interest, I fear I would be incapable of resisting the temptation to present him with the opportunity to take me to his bed. For this reason alone I must be strong and avoid his company.

25th June

For the past several days have I fought a most fearsome battle with my conscience. I have reminded myself constantly that I am bound by my vows to my husband, however beastly he may be towards me. I have told myself that I am a much older woman, whereas this young man is scarcely more than a child, and that he appears to be my cousin's beau. Alas notwithstanding these most valid arguments, my treacherous loins have persisted in betraying me, and I found myself irresistibly drawn, until I gave up the fight and resigned myself to following my urges. Ere my husband discovered that I was not the wealthy heiress he had supposed, I had been poked on but four occasions, and none of any note, for each time he had selfishly spent his seed and abandoned me without a care for my needs. Since I had first espied that most promising organ outlined beneath Augustus' tight breeches however, that tender spot twixt my thighs had clamoured most insistently for attention.

Having reached my decision, I prepared most carefully, by closely trimming my bush and selecting an undergarment which I had long outgrown and had laid aside with the intention of offering it to my less well developed cousin. Although I purchased it long after that occasion, it amuses me to think of it as my 'honeymoon corset', for it is cunningly designed to provide a platform upon which the bosom can rest without concealing those two points of great interest to a man. My ensemble was completed with a gown cut so low at the bodice that it scarcely covered those same two points. I do not believe I am being immodest by declaring that the image I studied in my mirror was most attractive and alluring, and that it would take a strong man indeed to resist what I offered.

Thus garbed for sport, I presented to Augustus' studio and proceeded to regale him with my sorry but true tale, of a scoundrel who had made the acquaintance of a very wealthy man, (Connie's dear Papa) and pursued his young niece, taking her for a wife in the belief that she was from an equally wealthy family. Upon discovering his error, he had spurned his young bride, and turned to the company of loose women and the demon drink.

Towards the end of my narrative my host placed a comforting arm around my shoulders, and as my tale concluded he succumbed to temptation by laying his hand against my breast.

This of course was the very signal I had been awaiting, and I swiftly divested myself of my gown and stood before him clad only in my pantaloons and tiny corset. Not for an instant did he delay in feasting upon my teats, suckling eagerly at the puckered buds as he relieved me of first my corset, and then my pantaloons. His eyes opened wide as he spied my sparsely forested slit, which he treated most tenderly until I parted my legs that he may deal as he wished with my 'man in a boat', (What a silly sounding term that is! I think I shall revert to its proper name, for 'clitoris' sounds much more appetising). For many minutes he chose to tease that sensitive bud, stroking and nipping, causing me to tremble with desire, and my quim to begin surrendering its sensuous fluids. Detecting my increasing condition of excitement, he laid me upon his narrow cot before he hastily disrobed, casting his garments hither and yon, then taking position twixt my widespread thighs.

Oh, Diary, after so long without, how sweet it was to now feel my starved cunny stretch to accommodate that superb weapon, and to receive such a delightful poking, the like of which has been the stuff of my dreams. Augustus is an artist not only with the brushes, but also with his mighty poker. He may be barely out of his teenage years, but he is more a man than my sorry cur of a husband could ever become.

In and out he drove, plundering my dripping crack and sucking fiercely at my titties, whilst all the while his rampaging shaft sent the most delicious sensations through my clitoris. Clamping my legs around his hips, I pressed my heels against his derriere, thrusting with my own hips in a desperate bid to force him deeper into my most eager cunny. Suddenly my whole being was seized by the most marvellous of climaxes, and my juices flowed like a torrent as his magnificent tool throbbed and jerked, pumping his most welcome spend deep into my happy quim. Even then he was not done, continuing to ram my hole with his still rigid organ, and teasing my clitoris with his fingers until my climax finally burned out of its own accord.

If only Augustus were here now, for recalling and recording these events has caused me to become most excited. Alas this is not possible, so if I am to sleep I fear Mistress Cunny will require an urgent visit from Mistress Finger and her friends.

26th June

As I fell into an exhausted sleep last night after doing you know what, a thought came to me. What would he do, and what would I do, if my husband were to read my last entry? I have given this possibility much thought, and have reached certain conclusions. Would he beat me? Would he denounce me? Would he divorce me? My answer to each of these questions is "No", for his obsession with how his acquaintances see him precludes such actions.

He would be publicly ostracised were he to be known to be a violent wife beater, for like it or no, women are the fairer sex, and as such society demands that they be protected at all costs. As a consequence he would then have great difficulty bedding even the lowest of harlots, let alone women of his own social standing.

Denouncement? Decidedly not, since the image he attempts to project as a ladies' man would be irrevocably destroyed were it to be revealed that he had been cuckolded.

Divorce is also out of the question for the same reasons. He would prefer to be miserably wed than publicly humiliated, and divorce requires that grounds be put forward. He knows that my distaste for him is so intense, that he would think it more than possible that I would take it upon myself to publicly declare the truth.

After the inevitable scandal had died down, the reputation I would gain might even make me much sought after by certain very wealthy men, who have on occasion hinted to me that they could be exceedingly generous towards a mistress as young and attractive as I. If there are such men in this city, undoubtedly there are others in places where I am unknown. I could never be mistress to several, however generous, but I could well bring myself to be kept by one, provided he were of appealing aspect, both financially and physically, and could keep me satisfied with a good poking when required. Of course, being no longer married also suggests the possibility of marriage.

For my part, should my husband confront me, I would merely point out that his reputation is more important to him than mine is to me. When all is said and done, he could scarcely treat me with greater indifference than he does at present.

Another possibility presents itself. Reading what I have written could inflame him to the point where he might wish to sample once more that which he has neglected for so long.

The beast has indiscriminately bedded so many women that it would not surprise me one whit if he has the pox. Be that the case or not, if he ever again approaches me with his miserable little worm, I vow that I shall remove it with the dullest blade I can find.

However, all of this is no more than speculation, but forewarned is forearmed, so in order to avoid such an occurrence, I shall take greater pains to ensure that he never discovers my journal.

1st July

My last entry was somewhat depressing, but the purpose of keeping a journal is not to record only pleasant events and thoughts.

I went to see Augustus again today in no mood to be either a gentlewoman or a gentle woman. To this end I had prepared a surprise for him.

Directly I entered the studio I removed my gown, revealing to his astonished eyes that the gown was all I had been wearing. During the journey from my home, the knowledge that underneath my gown I was as naked as a newborn, with my teats quivering and swaying with every movement, had increased my anticipation so that by the time I disrobed my slot was already quite wet.

Going immediately to him I took his hands and placed them on my titties, then kissed him fully and deeply, my tongue seeking his as I fiercely pressed his fingertips into my resilient flesh. Lowering his head, he took one of my nubs into his mouth, sucking hard as he twisted the other with his strong fingers. My breathing quickened under his ministrations, and I placed my palm against the front of his breeches, pleased to discover that his splendid weapon was in a most satisfactory state.

Breaking free of our embrace I threw myself on to his cot, pulling apart the lips of my cunny to reveal that place which I urgently desired him to fill. Raising my hips, I begged him to waste no time, but to poke me immediately, as hard and as fiercely as he was able. To my delight, he moved between my thighs, and as I enfolded him in legs and arms he drove his mighty sword into my scabbard with a single vigorous thrust.

Once his weapon was buried to the hilt, he began to pull and twist my teats, at the same time pounding in and out of my hole with a savagery of which I had not thought him capable. My excitement and anticipation were so intense that a loud wail of ecstasy escaped me, and my body shook uncontrollably as my climax caused spears of passion to pierce my very soul. With my hero's curly bush caressing my clitoris with each thrust of his hips, my love liquid gushed out of my well filled channel, and I implored him to pour his seed within me. His final charge commenced with frantic lunges and plunges, and his exquisite member began to twitch as his hot spend flooded my plundered passage.

It was indeed a most energetic and pleasing poke, and for long minutes I lay panting and satisfied as his precious fluid drained from my now tender slit.

Oh, Diary, I know I am being selfish, but how I pray that Connie's return will be delayed so that I may enjoy many more pokes such as this.

14th July

Today I arrived at the studio in a most aroused state once more, for I was clad only in a long cloak. On a whim I had stepped from my carriage some distance away, and as I walked the remainder I became extremely excited at the thought that a stray breeze might easily reveal my charms to any who chanced to glance my way.

As I entered Augustus was reading a letter which he hastily laid aside when I discarded my cloak, but not before I recognised Connie's neat hand. I quickly removed his shirt and breeches, and could not help but wonder as to the contents of the note when I perceived that his magnificent weapon was already standing hard and proud. Ever the practical woman, I seized it in my hand, concerned only with the fact that it was primed, and not with the cause of it being so. As I stood stroking this divine tool he asked me, a little too casually I thought, if I had ever considered taking up such a position that enabled me to be taken from behind in the manner as of a dog mounting a bitch. Although I had frequently witnessed all manner of creatures rutting, and so immediately grasped his meaning, it amused me to feign ignorance and allow him to position me as he desired. Kneeling behind me he slowly stroked my wet slit, then parting the delicate petals he placed the tip of his rod at my entrance, and swiftly and smoothly he slid it fully home.

What a wonderful position this is! It may be called 'dog fashion', but this felt more like the rampant organ of a stallion as it reached and probed places that had never before been explored! My climax carried me to the heavens, and was perpetuated by the constant assault of his eggs upon my clitoris. What a most excellent pumping he was giving me! Reaching forward this splendid young man seized my teats, squeezing the soft flesh, tugging and twisting their ruby nubs in quite the perfect manner. His three pronged attack on my clitoris, my hole and my titties, caused my body to bounce and shake, as though I were being transported upon the backs of an hundred galloping steeds. Helplessly I wailed aloud as his organ appeared to grow until I feared my cunny must surely burst asunder. With one last powerful lunge he flooded my passage with his sticky juices, and together we tumbled forward in satisfied exhaustion.

For some little while we lay spoon like with his tool still buried, and slowly it began to stir once more. His hand squeezed my teats and I sighed with pleasure as we began once more.

The rest of the day passed most delightfully, with poke after poke separated by periods of rest, which became more extended each time. Towards evening as we lay entwined, his member again showed indications of awakening in my hand. Mirthfully I suggested to him that there appeared to be no end to this lustful muscle's appetite, and asked were there not some way in which it could be made to lie quietly. After much thought he laughed quietly, quipping that I had two lips which his rod had not yet visited.

I knew not if he spoke in jest or otherwise, but the act he was alluding to did not hold any appeal for me, so in an attempt to divert his thoughts elsewhere, I urged him astride my chest and enclosed his weapon between my titties. As his shaft slid back and forth, regaining its stiffness with each thrust, I raised my head to observe, and without thinking I held my teats up close to my chin, permitting his tip to pass between my lips at the end of each thrust. The feel of his pulsing knob upon my tongue was quite pleasing, and I soon abandoned all pretence and commenced to suck and lave his member with great gusto. I took his eggs gently between my fingers, and he gave a great moan of passion as his throbbing weapon deposited his seed into my mouth. As the thick cream slid down my throat I reflected that whilst it was not the best taste ever, I could most assuredly grow to enjoy it. I continued my ministrations, until his tool grew limp in my mouth, and as it slipped out I knew that at last I had 'slain' his 'dragon'.

15th July

As I prepared to leave his studio yesterday, Augustus presented me with something of a dilemma. He informs me that Connie will be returning in a week, so I have determined that I shall use what time is left to get as much poking as I am able before then. It also occurs to me that as I have pleased him with my mouth, he might do likewise for me. I have observed the manner in which Connie and Augustus look at each other, and since I am enamoured of his splendid weapon but not of him, I shall not attempt to come between them, for my love for my dear cousin is far greater than my love of a lusty poking.

Ah dear diary, a thought comes to me. Upon Connie's return I shall consult with her. As an unattached maiden, her time is more strictly controlled than mine, since my husband cares not for my comings and goings, provided I do not interfere with his pursuits. If I mention this to her, and assure her that I have no designs on her paramour other than fornication, perhaps she will grant permission for Augustus to poke me on those days she is not at liberty to visit him. I might even suggest that we visit together and persuade him to poke us both.

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