tagExhibitionist & VoyeurArt Model Ch. 02

Art Model Ch. 02

byTravel Girl©

This is a true story which happened a few years ago. I tend to be conservative, but with a wild streak which once in a while reveals itself. Sometimes a very small choice to indulge my exhibitionist interests leads to additional small choices linked together to form one of my adventures. Just a warning, my stories are detailed and slow to buildup for some readers. In Chapter 1, I had taken the plunge and agreed to pose for the class. While having some second thoughts, I decided to go back for another session.


My first experience posing nude in front of the art class had been exhilarating and I was already looking forward to the next session.

Dr. Reynolds gave me a photo of the next session pose. The students would be painting, so there would only be one pose. He explained painting went much slower than the pencil drawings. It was a similar pose to my first one on the sofa, but I would be more on my side and more reclined. The photo was very attractive and I was already thinking about me in the pose.

He talked about a check for the evenings' work. I told him candidly I did not care about the money; it was not why I was modeling. Maybe the same reason people try skydiving, the feeling of excitement. Since I would be coming back, we both agreed he would accumulate the hours and we would take care of it later. I thanked him and went on my way, looking forward to Thursday.

When I got back to my hotel room, I surprised myself by falling asleep almost immediately. I was really tired from getting up early, but I thought the 'high' from the session would keep me up.

I had a busy day at work on Wednesday and I ended up going to dinner with the company people that evening. I had a couple of glasses of wine at the hotel bar and ended up calling it another early night. Thursday during the day was much the same, very busy, but I did find my thoughts wandering to the evening modeling session. My work days usually fly by fast due to the hectic schedule and today I was very grateful as the anticipation was not too easy to handle.

I went back to my hotel and took a quick shower as before. I took the time to put my hair up as Dr. Reynolds had requested -- "hair up but casual" was the suggestion. I put my underwear in my small duffel back along with a hair brush and a few other items and tried to figure out what to wear. A pair of khaki shorts and a pair of slip on sandals was easy; it was an appropriate top that took a little time. My breasts are large enough that typical golf shirts without a bra are quite a show. I did have a navy polo shirt which was a little heavier than others. I did not tuck it in to give it a looser feeling, but when my nipples were hard I had no doubt they would show up. For future trips, I would have to select some better tops.

My arrival was more casual this time. I had learned the student's names and they were more comfortable around me, with greetings all around. At the previous session, I was more conscious of the age difference than they were. It was almost as if they thought I was younger than I really was, or they simply didn't care. Eric still seemed to be giving me the look as if flirting a little, but nothing overt. It was clear James was a shy person, but he also was beginning to open up more.

Dr. Reynolds came in closing the studio door behind him so no one could look in. He seemed to take a quick inventory to see if everyone was present.

"OK everyone, as you know we are moving on to canvas and paint this evening. So start getting prepared."

He then walked over, "Hi Beth. Welcome back."

We shook hands and I said, "Thanks for having me back."

I headed back to the dressing room to get ready, which is really not a lengthy process when all you have to do is kick off shoes and slip off shorts and a pullover top. I took a few seconds to check myself out in the mirror. I was not trying to be egotistical, but I thought to myself 'not bad'. I put on my robe and went out to the studio.

Dr. Reynolds was reviewing the basics with the class, "Take your time; paint is less forgiving. Frame out your overall concept in your mind and put some reference points on canvas. If you intend to emphasize the background or setting, you will still have to begin with the model. Many you would like to do a quick pencil sketch on canvas to get started, but each of you must find your own style, your own technique. Above all, don't worry about what the other students are doing, either how fast or how they begin."

He noticed me standing listening and nodded at me, which I understood meant to take my place. I turned my back as I dropped the robe, wondering how many were watching that part. I turned around and noticed Eric had appeared to be watching somewhat closely. While that was not surprising, I thought James might also have been paying close attention.

The intended pose was reclined as the first one last time, but in this case I was to place some pillows out of sight and lay somewhat on my side from the waist down. However, my shoulders and back were turned about 45 degrees. Essentially I was reclining against the back of the sofa but my hips and legs were turned toward the students. Dr. Reynolds came over and made some small adjustments to my arms first and then my legs. He wanted my upper leg slightly over the other and he lifted my leg until he had it the way he wanted. From the photo I knew it looked good and appeared casual, but I also knew from my practice back at the hotel it was not actually too casual.

He walked around the entire sofa subtly shifting arms and some of the pillows. As he adjusted some of them his hand was touching my back and butt although I had the feeling it was nothing deliberate. But this small touching certainly added to my sensitivities.

Unless I closed my eyes, in this pose I could not avoid looking at the students. Clearly he wanted them to have my face and eyes a part of the photo. Dr. Reynolds did not want me to smile broadly, but to have a serene, subtle look as if comfortable and confident.

With all of the setup out of the way, and the students starting their work, I had a moment to reflect on my attitude this session. I knew everyone was looking at my body. My breasts were completely open to view, but from this position, most of my pussy was obscured to them, maybe only a little bit of hair visible due to the way he had my legs arranged.

My eyes moved to each student. All were mostly focused on their canvas's, glancing a lot in my direction but not staring except when they appeared to be looking at some particular feature, not necessarily looking at 'me'. Maybe some proportions or geometry rather than my body as the girls had similar expressions and focus as the guys. James' eyes and mine came together a couple of times with a little smile on his part as he saw me look at him. I could not read it exactly, maybe he was a little embarrassed I had noticed him looking, or he was just being polite.

Dr. Reynolds was going from student to student, but he was whispering advice to each low enough to not distract the other students but also low enough I could not hear. Once when he was standing toward the back, looking at all of the student's progress collectively, I saw him look over at me with a big smile. I took it that he was pleased with the overall progress being made and was acknowledging my part.

This was a perfect time to do my own self analysis of the situation. What made me want to pose nude like this? Would I have really preferred the photography if anonymity was still assured? Would it be more fun to change poses every few minutes or even seconds? What part of this modeling was appealing?

They say to thine own self be true; and I first had to admit this was not at all like going to nude beaches. There, part of the allure is simply practical. It is much more comfortable to not wear a bathing suit. I knew the other part was also that I enjoyed watching the nude bodies at the beach, both male and female. I liked admiring attractive people, sometimes comparing myself mentally to the women, sometimes imagining what the men and women were like. For myself, I also knew there was a sexual aspect to nude beaches. It did not mean I went to be picked up or meet someone, but I did like the temptations and stimulation even if I did not act on it.

So what then made the nude modeling attractive? Would it have still been attractive if it had been in clothing, or in lingerie? I did not have all the answers yet, but I knew that indeed I did enjoy this type of modeling and it made me wonder if I was really an exhibitionist. Clearly part of it was uncomfortable to admit; but was egotistical in nature. I was proud of my appearance and body, and I was glad that others found me attractive. I enjoyed the thought my body might be having a reaction from those who were looking at me. Maybe a group this age was not my ideal audience, but I had not crafted the situation myself.

I wondered whether the guys got horny looking at me or if this type of art was routine for them or if they had to concentrate on the job at hand. I wondered whether the female students imagined trading places or if they also just looked at the model as an object to draw or paint. I also wondered whether other people thought the way I did, or whether it was a small fraction of people in general. Clearly I had an exhibitionist streak, but I did not find it something to be killed off, but it did have to be controlled. Then I congratulated myself for taking the risk, as I was absolutely glad I had done it, but also I was happy I had found the right situation.

Because I was reclining, I was not really in dire need of a break, but when I saw Dr. Reynolds point at the clock and then hold up two hands with fingers extended, he was asking silently if I could wait 10 more minutes. I nodded my head and he smiled. With my little self-psychology session, the time really went by fast.

When break came around, I got up and stretched and I saw a few of the students watching that. I headed back to the changing area to get a drink and to walk around a little.

Dr. Reynolds came in, "How are you doing Beth?"

"Good, thanks. How are the budding artists coming? Can I take a look?"

He said, "Not yet. A few are doing well, but I am deliberately letting some go off in poor directions so they can learn from it."

I did not really know anything about painting, so I really could not have an opinion, but I took his teaching technique on faith.

I had not put my robe on as I stood there nude talking to Dr. Reynolds. It was a little interesting to be having this conversation in this way. However, it felt totally comfortable to be standing there fully nude. Maybe the Playboy photographers who see naked girls all day do not really get too caught up in the nudity after a while. I did wonder whether he was totally immune or deadened to nudity or not. Neither of us made an issue of it.

He continued, "In a little while, I will let some of them go home once I point the starting errors. Some of the more advanced students will want to go farther."

We made it back into the studio where I resumed my pose. He was talking softly to the individual students. I could make out bits and pieces. It was clear he was very positive, very encouraging. I could hear him say to several he had noticed the problem, but wanted them to keep going so they could realize it themselves. I could see the good reception as the various students picked up on the advice and took it constructively. After about 20 minutes, there were only James, Eric and Amanda still painting. The others had packed up their things and left.

Dr. Reynolds left them alone but observed their progress. After a time he sat down with a sketch book and looked to be doing his own pencil drawing. I wondered as a teacher if he was talented himself or was better suited to mentor the up and coming.

We got to 9 pm with Eric and Amanda packing up. I got up and stretched a little. Dr. Reynolds asked me if I was tired or would I be willing to go a little longer. I didn't mind and they both kept at their work.

We went another 15 minutes when Dr. Reynolds said he had to be going but didn't care if we wanted to continue. James looked over at me without saying anything, but it was clear he was not ready to stop yet. I said I could go a little while longer, maybe another 20 minutes. In truth I was hungry, but the aura of the modeling experience was still keeping me motivated.

Dr. Reynolds said, "OK, but I need Beth for a minute James."

He motioned for me to come back to the changing area and said, "Can we do the check when you come back?"

I said, "Sure, no problem. I told you before I didn't care about that."

He smiled, "Good. Thanks. Do you want me to give you the poses for next time? We are going to go back to pencil drawing."

I thanked him for mentioning it and he said he would be back with the photocopies.

He said, "I will lay them on the bench. By the way, you did great tonight. I am really pleased."

It felt weird, but I really enjoyed the compliment and had an ear-to-ear grin as I thanked him.

I walked back out and took my place as Dr. Reynolds left to get the pose photos. James was still painting; I suppose he had been painting the background.

Dr. Reynolds came back quickly so I surmised he had selected the poses well in advance.

He said as he parted, "James, it is 9:25. I want you to stop at 9:45 latest or we are going to scare Beth away. You don't want that, do you?"

It was clearly rhetorical as he was smiling as he said it to James and me. After he left, I said, "James, the only rule if you want me to stay later is you have to talk to me. Will that be a distraction?"

He smiled again, "Not if it will keep you here longer."

It was very interesting. He was a polite kid, but very shy. Talented for sure, but not very experienced was my guess.

I said, "So tell me about yourself."

He was not going to make it easy, as he said, "Sure, what would you like to know?"

I said, "I don't know, tell me the statistics first, where are you from, etc."

He sort of paused and thought about it, I sensed he could not easily carry on the conversation without being distracted, but maybe that was part of the experience too.

So I asked, "So how long have you been interested in art? How do your parents feel about it?"

That question seemed to trigger a response, "Well, good question. I have loved art all my life, but my Dad and I have a deal that he will pay for art school if I also take business classes."

I said, "That is very interesting. How do you feel about that deal?"

He responded, "Oh, I don't mind. He could be right about needing to have a real job someday to pay the bills. The other classes are interesting too."

"Good for you. That is a great attitude."

He came back with questions of his own. I described being a scientist and what I was doing in Florida. He seemed really surprised to find out my age, which did not surprise me as many people routinely have me pegged several years younger. And he seemed impressed by my 'credentials'

"Wow. It is really cool you are a scientist. I never would have guessed that. What made you decide to model?"

I answered truthfully it was a bit of a whim, a bit of a fantasy, but also that I had been enjoying it. We continued the dialog on small matters while we went past our 9:45 pm curfew.

I said, "James, I don't mind staying late with you. I was really impressed with your work and I never expected that reaction, but we really need to go. I have to get up early and I am starving."

I had been friendly as I said it and I got up to stretch. He was looking at me smiling as he said, "Sorry, I forgot. I could go for hours more. This is really great."

I replied, "OK, then, next time."

He smiled and started putting away his things. I asked if I could take a look yet and he said, "Not yet, but you can look next time."

I took it in two ways. First, he really was not ready. Second, he was beginning to lose some of the shyness and was starting to open up."

I replied, "OK, but if I find out you are doing tic-tac-toe so you can look at a nude model, I am going to kick your butt!"

He understood I was joking, and he laughed as he replied, "Well, it might be worth it."

I smiled as I walked back to get dressed. I was looking at the new poses Dr. Reynolds had left for me as James knocked on the door. I had not closed the door as house rules, so he had poked his head in.

He replied, "Oops, sorry. I thought you would be dressed by now. I'll come back."

I cut him off, "That's all right. You can come in. I suppose it does not make sense to be too modest. It is not like you haven't seen me already."

He said, "I just wanted to thank you for staying late. This is kind of a new experience for me and ......."

He didn't finish the thought, but I appreciated his courtesy.

"It is a little new for me too James."

I was still nude, but I reached down and put on my bra as we talked. He was standing in the doorway, but he was looking down at the floor. Clearly he felt this was awkward.

I tried to put him at ease, "If you want to wait outside it is up to you, but you standing there does not bother me."

He lifted his head slowly to look at me. It struck me as odd in a way, but not unusual, about his attitude. I have been told by men at nude beaches that it is a big thrill to watch a woman who is dress come on to the beach and strip. They still enjoy looking at a nice looking nude body, but it is compelling to watch the same woman dress and undress. I wondered if that was what was making James fumble.

He smiled but it was not the casual banter we had previously. I slipped on my thong while he watched. He was still quiet, but I was fairly confident I had got it right about what he was thinking.

In all my self-awareness from the session, I had not predicted this sort of a situation. If I was right about it, he would have a lot going through his mind, all awkward. I was not really sure how to deal with it. I wanted him to be at ease, but it was not really clear how to do that.

I also realized this was touchy on several levels. We had bonded a little already and I did not want to wreck that. The truth of the matter was I had not anticipated the exhilaration from the results of the drawing-painting. I had correctly assessed I would get a high from the modeling itself, but I was also drawn to the lasting results. And out of the class, this young kid was the best and had done the work I found most interesting. But even though I looked young and he was a college student, it was also a fact I was 12 years older. There was one of those awkward silences in the air as I stood there in my underwear.

I tried to break the tension, saying, "So James, you were totally fine when I was nude, but now you are clamming up as I get dressed. What's the deal?"

I suppose he was more perceptive than I had guessed, as he smiled finally and said, "Well, if you want to get nude again, I certainly won't complain."

Well good, at least we had overcome that phase.

I said, "You rat. You are going to have to work for that privilege. I expect to see some art first."

I reached down and pulled on my shorts and fastened the belt. We both laughed.

I said, "Did you see next time's poses yet?"

He said no, and I pointed to the photocopies, "Take a look if you want."

He came in to view them as I put on my shoes. He seemed to be grateful for an excuse to come in the room without having to be blatant. I could tell he was half-heartedly looking at the poses as he was trying to be nonchalant about watching me.

I stood up next to him while he inspected the poses and I looked on.

I said, "Nothing special, I think Dr. Reynolds wants to keep you all focused on the classic poses and art progression."

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