tagExhibitionist & VoyeurArt Model Ch. 03

Art Model Ch. 03

byTravel Girl©

This is a true story which happened a few years ago. I tend to be conservative, but with a wild streak which once in a while reveals itself. Sometimes a very small choice to indulge my exhibitionist interests leads to additional small choices linked together to form one of my adventures. Just a warning, my stories are detailed and slow to buildup for some readers. In Chapter 1, I had taken the plunge and agreed to pose for the class. While having some second thoughts, I decided to go back for another session. In Chapter 2, my session went a little late while one student kept going and things became less than professional.

* * * * *

The two weeks passed by quickly and I flew back down for another scheduled work training. This kind of work is not easy. You can try and anticipate the questions, but there are always surprises. Tuesday afternoon came and I was anticipating tonight's modeling session. However, work was not cooperating and I was running late. I had intended to go back to my hotel for a shower and a change of clothes, but I ended up being late to the school still in my 'work clothes'.

Training had been at a high level that day as I had been making presentations to the senior management team on project status. Consequently, I had been dressed fairly sophisticated with a black skirt and matching jacket over a white silken blouse. I had gotten enough tan to never wear nylons in the hot climate, but I looked the prim and proper business woman as I entered class late.

Dr. Reynolds and the class were talking as I came in.

"Oh good, we wondered if you were going to make it tonight."

I directed my comments to Dr. Reynolds, but I was essentially speaking to the entire class, "I am so sorry everyone. I had an unexpected hectic day. Sorry to make you wait."

Dr. Reynolds said, "Hey, no problem. We were talking about contingencies of still life; we can go back to the regular program now."

He was smiling, so I got the message he was relieved and nobody was really put out by my lateness. I went back to the changing room to get ready. I was removing my jacket and stepping out of my shoes when Dr. Reynolds stood by the doorway.

"Beth, I am glad you made it. No problem being late. I was just going to ask if next time you could give me a call if for any reason you have to cancel."

I said, "Yeah, I am sorry about that. I did not realize until the end I was running behind. But I did leave a message for you."

I started to unbutton my blouse as we were talking.

He replied a little embarrassed, "Oh sorry, when did you call?"

"I called late, you were probably already in class by the time I called your office. Sorry I waited so long."

I had taken off my blouse and was now standing in my bra. He was engaged in the discussion, but he did not miss a thing as he watched me undress too. He probably was glad for the excuse. I found it interesting he was not totally immune to working with nude models.

He replied, "Well, I probably should have known someone like you would call."

I smiled and slipped off my skirt. These were my good clothes, so I tried to lay them out carefully to avoid wrinkling. I was wearing very nice lingerie that day, all white but of the fancier variety. The blouse was a little sheer, so if I had to remove my jacket, I had some lacy look. I had been leaning over with my back to him while laying out my clothes and he probably enjoyed that look.

I said, "Sorry I did not have time to get rid of the lingerie before coming. Hopefully the marks will not last too long."

He said, "Actually we might consider having you wear the lingerie, they are nice."

Then he changed his mind as I paused, "Let me think about that. Go ahead and finish getting undressed Beth."

I slipped off my bra and panty and as usual, my nipples were prominent because he was watching. He gave the good act of simply trying to decide whether it was best for me to be nude as planned or keep on my undies as he watched.

"Do you remember the poses Beth?"

I replied I had left the photocopies at the hotel, but I remembered them. He told me we would plan to do two poses tonight as the students would be drawing. There were three poses I remembered; one standing, one reclining and one sitting. I showed him the standing one and he thought it would be a good one with which to start.

I came out and the students were all set up and ready to go. I smiled at everyone and I saw James in particular had a big grin. I gave him a subtle smile in return and went to my position. This pose called for leaning back against a column. My shoulder was to be pressed back against the column and my hips would be away. My right arm closest to them was hanging down and relaxed and my left hand reached up as if touching my own left shoulder. My right leg was extended straight and my left knee was bent with my foot behind for some balance.

I was fully nude for this pose; there was really no place to hide. Dr. Reynolds made a couple of slight adjustments to the pose, but he was soon satisfied and the students were already at work. As they drew, they would look up at me, then back at their drawing pads. Every once in a while my eyes would connect with James and he would always give a little smirk.

I wondered whether he could concentrate on his work or was recalling our little rendezvous from before. I thought about how just a few short feet away from where I was standing now we had enjoyed the spontaneous moment. I recalled his hard dick and I could feel my pussy tingle.

As before, there was an exhilaration to be nude in front of people. Also as before, I liked the sensation. I still had no idea what went through the mind of the students or Dr. Reynolds minds. I could either talk to James about that if I wanted to know more, or I could just use my imagination.

Dr. Reynolds went from student to student offering advice. They seemed to respond well to his style. I was in engineering where frequently the instructors were demanding, but perhaps art is a different situation.

We had been going for about 25 minutes when we took a break. I sat down in the change room and came out wearing my robe after a couple of minutes. I walked around to the various students; they were happy to show their work so far. There was some polite conversation. Amanda was again doing very nice work as well as Eric, so it was first of all interesting how the talent levels were consistent. She was friendly as before.

She turned bright red when I said, "Very nice, how about we switch places for a while?"

I quickly continued, "Just kidding. I was at a restaurant where the sign said 'the bank does not make tacos, we don't cash checks!'"

She laughed and said, "I don't think anybody wants to draw me."

I said, "Well, that is absolutely not true, but I cannot draw at all, so maybe we should just keep it this way. Maybe next time."

I had placed my hand on her shoulder during this and gave her a little squeeze. We smiled at each other. I was confident she knew I was just teasing. I had not made it all the way around before the break ended, so I resumed my place and pose as before.

The pose was not too tough to hold and I went without another break all the way through to the pose change at the hour. I went around again at the break with my robe and this time went behind James. Again the superior quality compared to the others was evident. I wondered how much of it was inherent talent and how much had been previous training.

I leaned over to look and he whispered, "I missed you"

I mouthed silently, "Later."

We moved into a sitting pose where I was facing everyone. I had my legs spread very wide but with a white silk drape over my pussy. My arms were also spread wide with my hands on each end of the sofa. A very serene but inviting pose. He wanted me to give a bit more of a smile than usual. Once again it was a little awkward when he was positioning the drape and his hands were close to my pussy.

I relaxed and let my mind wander during this session. We finished up for the evening. I think James had the idea to pull out his prior canvas and paints and ask for another extended session, but Dr. Reynolds was moving everyone along. I went around and took a quick look at the drawings as before.

When I was looking at James' sketch, I whispered, "Wait outside."

I walked away without waiting for a response, but when I was at the doorway I looked back and he gave me a subtle nod. I went back into the changing room and started to get dressed. I had my bra and thong on when Dr. Reynolds came in.

He said, "I am rushing to get out tonight, would you mind much if we did the check next session."

I told him that was fine and he continued, "I was planning to invite another model for Thursday. It would be another woman for some duo posing if you are OK with that."

I paused to consider it, and told him I thought it would be alright, but I asked if he had some idea of the poses.

He said, "I don't have the poses with me, but it would mainly be side by side, maybe some subtle touching, nothing sexual looking. I can show you the poses if you want to come early and approve; I just want to know if I can go ahead and invite the other model?"

I told him to go ahead, but thanked him for asking first. I think he wanted to continue the conversation and watch me get dressed, but I think he did have to be somewhere, maybe pick up kids, and he left. I put on my clothes and walked out to the studio. James was already gone, but several students were still putting their supplies away. I spoke to several of the class and they were all very polite and friendly. There were a few questions regarding my attire and I think people were very surprised when they learned about my real job. Maybe some degree of being impressed.

I walked out and saw James waiting. I did not want anyone to see us together.

I walked a little away from him but I said so only he could hear, "Wait at the tennis courts."

I walked over to my car and drove out of the parking lot. I drove right past James and kept going for a couple of minutes. I then turned around and came back where he was standing. He figured out what I was doing and walked over and got in. I turned once he got in, instead of driving past the art school.

"Hi James, how are you?"

He reached over and touched my hand and gave it a squeeze, "I have been going crazy waiting to talk to you."

We chatted about how each of us had been, basically small talk. I asked him if he wanted to get something to eat as I had very little to eat all day and was hungry. He was not starving, but he could grab something small with me. I told him I wanted to change clothes first.

He said, "Sure, I am flexible."

I drove to my hotel while we continued talking. We pulled into the parking lot when I suddenly realized it was going to get awkward. I had not at all decided if I was going to let anything happen. I was glad we had already gotten over the awkward first phase. I had thought we would talk more over some food and see how things went. In hindsight, I should have thought about whether he had any expectations. Now what do I do; invite him up to the room while I change or ask him to wait?

I was still thinking about what, if any, kind of repeat performance I might entertain. But for sure I would have cut it off if anything had been taken for granted.

My concerns were immediately alleviated when James said, "Take your time Beth, I'll wait out here."

I looked over at him again, but fresh this time. He was still very shy, very innocent. He had clearly not known how seeing me again would go. But something about the unassuming attitude appealed to me.

He had obviously been nervous about seeing me again, happy but anxious. I turned off the car and looked at him and looked at him, "OK, but can I have a hug first?"

That must have been a good tension reliever as he suddenly got back the big grin, "I was hoping for that too."

We each embraced each other and held it.

I said, "You are very sweet James. It's OK if you want to come up. I'll just be a minute and then we can go. But it's up to you."

He was happy to have been invited, but clearly he was relieved to have not had to choose. The hotel had a main lobby entrance but also side entrances near the parking lot. I had to use my room key to enter this way, but it avoided having to walk through the lobby.

We got to the room and I turned on the lights. The maid had straightened the room but the room was hot. I hit the air conditioner. The room was small, but the bathroom and closet were in a little hall off the main bedroom.

He sat on the chair in the corner facing the bed. We were talking about what kind of restaurants would be open and what we wanted while I started getting undressed. I took off my jacket in front of him and walked away to hang it up.

We were debating about pizza or burgers as I started to unbutton my blouse. He was trying to be nonchalant while trying not to stare. I had undone enough that my bra could now be seen. Even though he had seen me fully nude and we had our previous encounter, it was clear I needed to decide whether to change in the hallway or just be completely open about it.

I said, "James, would it be better if I changed in the bathroom?"

I did not want to tease him and my question had seemed to sink in to him as though what had happened previously was not going to be repeated.

He smiled, "I guess you know I would like to watch, but if you would be more comfortable……"

I did not reply, but I thought to myself his response was very polite and sophisticated, but also very honest.

In response, I finished unbuttoning my blouse and walked over to hang it up. I was on the other side of the room from James, but in his view I then unzipped my skirt and put it away.

I picked out my jean skirt and my black tank top and tossed them onto the bed. Earlier had not been intended to tease, but I now intended to provide a tease, although now a deliberate and intentional one.

I said, "I need black undies for this."

He had a subtle smile as I unhooked my bra and let it fall off. He got a slightly larger smile as I started to slip off my white thong. Just like the movies, I picked it with my toes and kicked it over to him, landing on his lap.

Even though he had viewed me nude now on several occasions, there is just something about stripping in front of someone which is just plain naughty. I stood there looking at him and then walked away, turning back with a smile as I went to the hallway to get the black lingerie. I came back into the room and he was coming toward me. He took me in his arms and we kissed. Our tongues quickly found each other and soon I felt his hands move down to squeeze my butt.

We backed away from each other and I reached down to pull up his shirt, "Let's get rid of these."

He did not help much but he certainly did not object as I stripped him down quickly. When I unbuckled his pants, I could see he was already hard although I avoided touching him directly.

When he was nude, I pulled him back toward me and I went back to the bed. He willingly followed, with his dick sticking straight out. I lay down and he started to lie down on top of me. I smiled and flipped him over on his back while I rolled on top of him. His dick was rubbing against my leg but I shifted position to kiss him first.

He kissed me tenderly as before while I found his dick with my hand and stroked it.

"I missed you James."

"I missed you too," he grinned.

He reached up to squeeze my breasts. It felt so good, but I shifted down to kiss his chest, then his stomach and then my lips found the tip of his cock. He was fully hard, and he smelled and tasted clean as I slid my mouth over him. He moaned but it did not stop him from reaching his hand to first my lower thigh and then higher. When his fingers found my pussy I almost gasped. I was absolutely dripping wet when I felt his fingers explore the outside and then as he slid a finger inside me.

I could not wait any longer. I lifted my head up and climbed up on top of him. I slid the end of his cock around the entrance to my pussy and then lowered just a little as he was positioned correctly. I then lifted my head up to look at James as I began to lower myself onto his cock.

He had this look of ecstasy as I mounted him. I felt my pussy expand to take his cock, but I was fully wet and I lowered down without any pain, only pure pleasure. I went down little by little until he was totally inside me. The feeling as he slid inside me is just magic. It is almost as if I can feel every ridge and vein during the initial slow penetration.

When he was fully inside me, I ground myself against him and felt him against the walls of my pussy. He opened his eyes and we both smiled at each other. Neither of us said anything as I lifted up and then down again.

I was so horny and he had been so sweet, but now that I was riding him, it seemed as though he was losing his innocence. Sometimes there is a fine line between making love and fucking, and I think we went back and forth over that line several times as my pussy plunged up and down on his hard cock.

At one point, I became surprised as I realized it was strange he had not cum quickly as before. I was not sure of the reason, but I was glad. We looked at each other again and smiled. I rolled off and lay on my back as he quickly shifted position and climbed on top of me.

He wasted no time finding my pussy with his hard cock. He started to pump me, but at first he was a little tentative.

I reached down to grab his ass and then wrapped my legs around his back when he was in all the way.

"Yeah, like that."

He lost the inhibitions then and started to plunge in harder and faster. It was only about 10 or 20 seconds when I could feel an orgasm building.

My orgasm came on hard and lasted long. He paused when it was first coming, but I gasped, "No, don't stop."

He got the message and kept pumping me. My orgasm came in waves and was beautiful. I began to relax and he started going a little slower, more tender.

He said, "Was that what I think it was?"

I smiled at him, "Yes, you made me cum."

He seemed to be pleased with himself and started to fuck me harder again. It was only a short time later when he pulled out of my pussy and shot a big stream of his cum onto my stomach. Another smaller spurt came out and then he lifted up to kneel and grabbed his cock in hand to stroke it. A bit more came out and dribbled onto my pubic area.

I lifted my hands and pulled him to me. He lay on top of me and we kissed. Then we rolled over onto his back and we embraced.

"Beth, you are unbelievable."

"Thank you James, I think you are very special too."

I realized the blowjob at the school and now this had made me feel 18 again. The lovemaking was very special and I felt as though I was glowing. We cuddled for a few minutes.

I said, "C'mon, let's get dressed. I really am starving and we need to get you back. I need to work in the morning."

He came back, "Could I stay tonight?"

It felt good to cuddle with him and the idea was appealing. But I really did need to work early and it was going to be another high profile day.

"Maybe. Let's talk about it as we go."

I was smiling at him though and returned it. I gave him a short kiss and got up to go to the bathroom. I cleaned myself off and came back out to the bedroom where James was already getting dressed. I caressed his back gently and then gave him a hug from behind and started to get dressed myself.

I slipped on my thong and jean skirt.

He walked over and caressed my breasts and then leaned down to lick my nipples.

He said, "I think you should leave the bra here."

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