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Art Project


The ad in the paper was buried in the back of the classifieds of the campus alternative paper, almost as an afterthought: "Needed. Female subject to model for different senior art project. Please contact Steve in the art department."

Sara first saw the ad just after she returned back to school after winter break. As a junior commercial art major with a half decent body, she had done her share of modeling both with and without clothing for dozens of senior art projects. While she enjoyed the attention of all the artists as they struggled to capture the perfect "essence," Sara soon got tired of the grind. Every session was the same. Undress, hold some silly pose for hours while the "artist" did their thing. She wasn't necessarily interested in doing yet another senior project, but that little word "different" in the ad caught her eye.

So Sara wrote a short note expressing her interest and left it for Steve in the art department.

Weeks passed and when Sara didn't hear from Steve, she completely forgot about him and his "different" senior art project.

It was the Friday just before the beginning of spring break, and Sara had just stepped out of the shower when the phone rang. Grabbing a towel, she ran, naked, for the phone.


"Uh, hi. Is this Sara?"


"This is Steve. You left me a note a few weeks ago about possibly modeling for my art project. Well, are you still interested?"

Sara was surprised. She thought he had found another model. "Depends. Your ad said this was a different art project."

"It is. Can we meet over coffee to discuss this?"

"Sure. You name the time and place."

"I know this is short notice, but I'm kinda on a deadline. Can we meet tonight sometime in the student union?"

Sara frowned. She was anticipating a hot night at one of the college clubs around town, maybe running into one of her friends with "benefits." She was planning on going all out in celebration of the upcoming break from classes. She had picked out a very sexy micro skirt to wear, and on a whim had decided she would go commando. So when she showered, she made sure to shave herself, making sure she was completely smooth. She couldn't wait to turn the heads of the guys at the clubs!

"Are you still there?" Steve's voice interrupted her thoughts.

"Oh, sorry. I'd love to meet with you, but I have plans for the rest of the day."

As soon as she said that, Sara could almost hear the disappointment over the phone.

"Oh. Ok. I understand," Steve replied.

Sara thought for a moment before replying. "So, what makes your art project different anyway?"

"So you're still interested?"

"Maybe," Sara smiled. "Depends on what it is."

"Well, let's just say that it's like nothing you've ever seen before on this campus."

Sara's interest was piqued. "Tell you what. I think I can change my plans for tonight."

"Great! I'll see you in fifteen minutes?"

"Let's make it thirty," smiled Sara. "I just got out of the shower."

"It's a deal!"

Sara hung up the phone and quickly started to dress. Since she already had everything ready to go, she decided to wear her clubbing outfit to meet Steve. In her haste to be on time, she pulled her form fitting top over her head, forgetting to put on a bra. Then she quickly stepped into her pleated micro skirt, zipped it up, and stepped into her knee high black leather boots. She pulled her hair into a pony tail, and then grabbed her knee length coat and headed for the student union.

Sara stepped outside her apartment into a cool early spring day. The sun was shining but the temperature was still trying to make everyone think winter could be back any day. Sara shivered as a gust of wind blew past her, caressing her bare pussy lips hidden under her coat and skirt. She felt her nipples harden in the cool air, and suddenly realized that she had forgotten her bra.

"Oh well," she thought. "Too late now!"

With that, Sara rounded the corner and headed into the student union. When she got inside, she searched the tables scattered around the large gathering room. She saw the usual assortment of students chatting or grabbing a bite to eat from the deli counter. But in the corner, in a secluded booth, sat a slightly nerdy but nice enough looking student, intently studying everyone who entered the student union. He caught Sara's eye, and she knew this must be Steve.

As she approached, he slid out of the booth, and nervously thrust his hand towards her.

"Hi. I'm Steve. Are you Sara?"

"The one and only!" Sara smiled as his eyes made contact with hers.

"Well, why don't you take off your jacket, and we'll talk about this project."

Sara slid off her coat, exposing her still hardened nipples to Steve. She nervously crossed her arms to try and hide her firm breasts.

"Ok. So I suppose you want to know about my art project."

"Sure." Sara was more concerned about covering herself. She couldn't believe that she had worn this outfit to meet someone on campus!

"So, I need a model to help me with my art project."

Sara groaned inwardly. So far this sounded exactly like every other art project.

"But, the thing is, my model is not my art project. What she'll be modeling is my project."

Now that got Sara's attention. "Go on," she said.

"Before I continue, I need to know a few things about you."

"Ok." Sara really wanted to know about the project.

"Are you ok with nudity?"

Sara had to smile at that one. If Steve only knew how many times she had posed nude for someone! "Yes, that's fine!"

"Good. I have to tell you, my project does involve my model being sans clothing for periods of time. Now how are you with holding poses for extended lengths of time?"

Again, Sara had to chuckle. It seemed every artist she posed for took longer and longer to capture her image. "I think I can hold my own."

"As I'm sure you've guessed already, you'd have to stay in one position for considerable lengths of time for my project. Now some harder questions."


"How do I put this in a discreet way?" Steve tried to formulate his question as Sara interrupted him.

"Steve, don't worry about being discreet. I've done tons of modeling work for art projects and I've seen almost everything. Hell, I've done everything from sitting in a bathtub of chocolate pudding to having my body painted to match a wall. You won't offend me if you say it like it is."

Steve chuckled. "I should have known! Alright, I'll make a deal with you. I won't beat around the bush, if you promise to give me and my project a chance."

"You got it! Now let's hear about this project."

Steve looked at Sara and her slim figure with small but pert breasts and nipples standing at attention. She would be perfect for his project. He took a deep breath and began. "So, my art project is the juxtaposition of the nude female form with cold, hard, steel bondage."

Sara let out a soft whistle. "You're right. That is different. But I'm still interested."

Steve smiled as he continued. "To that end, I've spent the past three months creating different bondage pieces. Some are very tame, and some are pretty severe. I need a model to wear these things while I photograph you, uh, I mean the model. As part of the project I want the model to wear certain devices for extended lengths of time, so when I photograph them the idea that they are trapped is real, not a third rate acting job. Are you still interested?"

Sara thought for a moment. "When would you want to start?"

Steve smiled. "Well, since you've already changed your plans for tonight, can we start now?"

With thoughts of clubbing quickly vanishing, Sara nodded her head.

"Of course, once we start, we'll have to finish the whole project."

"How long will that take?" Sara asked.

"Starting now, we should be done by the time spring break is over. After all, I wouldn't want you distracted from your classes while wearing some of my creations!" Steve winked at her.

"Ok," Sara smiled. "You got it. What do we do now?"

"Well, since we're starting now, I need you to close your eyes."

"What?" Sara thought that was a bit silly.

"No really, it's important. Please?"

Sara wrinkled her brow, but slowly closed one eye then the other. She heard a rustling coming from Steve's side of the table, and then gasped as she felt Steve deftly lift her pony tail with one hand and slip a cool metal band around her neck. As she opened her eyes she could see him snapping the lock closed with a very loud click. Then before she could say anything, he pulled out a digital camera and took a few shots.

"What is that?" Sara cried!

"It's one of my art projects. It's made of polished stainless steel. Do you like it?"

Sara was a bit shocked. She didn't expect to be wearing a steel collar in the student union on a Friday afternoon. "I'm just a little surprised, that's all," she stammered.

"I'm sorry. But we did just agree to start now, didn't we?"

Sara smiled. He was right.

"So, how long do I have to wear this thing?"

"This stays on until I'm finished with my project!"

Sara wondered how long that might be. "Wow. This is a different art project!"

"I hope you enjoy it as much as I will."

Sara just smiled. Already she could feel a warmness start to flood through her pussy. The thought of wearing a collar that she couldn't remove on her own was awakening desires within her body that even she didn't know existed.

"Shall we continue with the project?" smiled Steve.

Sara nodded as they slid out of the booth. "Where to?"

"My studio. You ready?"

Sara replied by leading Steve's eyes down to the damp spot left on the seat she was just occupying as her hands reached up to feel the hard steel band circling her neck.

With that, Steve led Sara to the art building. She knew from previous experience that each senior working on their project was given their own private room to work, so that they could create without external disturbances from roommates or other annoyances. They walked up the stairs and down the hall to the far end of the building. Steve produced a key and opened his studio for Sara to see.

"You want anything to drink before we continue?"

Sara was suddenly very thirsty. "Sure. What do you have?"

"The usual stuff," Steve said, "but the professors don't mind if we sneak some good stuff in every once in a while." With that Steve pulled out a bottle of wine from behind a stack of art books.

Steve poured two glasses and handed one to Sara.

"Oh, I almost forgot. Do you want to call anyone to let them know where you are? We might be working tonight for a few hours."

Sara smiled. "Thanks. Let me make a call, so no one sends out a missing person report!"

Sara quietly spoke on the phone as Steve started to work on his project. He had just finished laying out his final piece when she hung up the phone.

"Wow! Look at all of this stuff! Do I get to wear all of it?"

"Probably. I'm not happy with everything, so some of it may get scrapped."

"It all looks good to me. But I have to admit. I've never done this before. But, it is very intriguing!"

Steve smiled. Thank God she was willing to try new things.

"Ok then. Let's get started then. I'll need you to strip for me please. If you like there is a bathroom through that door, and you'll find a robe hanging behind the door."

Sara just laughed. She was already locked in a collar, wearing just a skin tight shirt and micro dress. With a wicked grin, she quickly pulled off her top and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the ground around her legs.

Steve just looked on in awe. Sara was beautiful. With her long legs and pert breasts she was perfect for his project. His eyes slowly took in her body, slowly lowering his gaze to her completely bare pussy.

Sara could feel his eyes drink her in. "You like what you see? Hope you don't mind my personal grooming habits. I normally don't shave like that! I thought I would be going out dancing, maybe giving some hot guy a glimpse of my little secret, not standing here naked in front of you!"

"You're perfect for my project. Now are you ready?"

"You bet!"

Steve and Sara spent the next few hours working on his project. She, posing in various handcuffs, leg irons, arm cuffs and the like, and he happily snapping away with his camera. Soon it was almost dark, and they both realized that dinner time had long past. Steve unlocked a pair of handcuffs that had Sara's hands pinned behind her back.

"You want to grab a bite to eat before we continue?"

Sara was starving. "Sure. Where are we going?"

"We can just grab a quick bite at the deli."

"Sounds good to me," Sara said as she started to reach for her coat.

"Whoa. Not so fast."


"I have something for you to wear during dinner."

Sara was looking forward to being unrestrained for at least an hour, but it was his project and she did agree to participate. On the other hand, being locked up for the past few hours was making Sara a very horny girl, a fact not unnoticed by Steve.

Steve was fiddling with another one of his contraptions. He handed her what looked like a steel waist belt with a strap that went between Sara's legs.

"What is it?"

"It's a chastity belt."

Sara gasped.

"Don't worry. I won't make you wear it forever, just during dinner. Anyway, it's not designed to let you do some necessary things for long term wear like visit the restroom."

Sara slowly slipped the belt around her slender waist. But before she could pull the band between her legs, Steve approached her with two solid metal cylinders, one slightly bigger than the other.

"Whoops! I almost forgot this part of the belt."

Sara had a sneaky suspicion where those cylinders went, and truthfully she was looking forward to the stimulation in one of those places, but the other was virgin territory for her.

"Are you serious?" she asked.

"I am. Are you backing out?"

Sara gulped and then thought for a minute. "I'm here for the duration. Let's get this over with!"

Steve carefully fitted the two cylinders on the crotch band of the belt. As Sara eased the band up between her legs, she could first feel the longer of the two cylinders slide easily into her already wet pussy. But when the shorter one reached the entrance to her ass, things ground to a halt.

"Uh, Steve, do you have any lube here? I'm not sure this is going in otherwise."

Steve looked crestfallen. "Shit. I knew I forgot something. It won't go in?"

Sara gave one more experimental tug at the crotch band. "I'm not sure. Let me work on it though."

Slowly, Sara pulled the crotch band up, while trying to bear down on the steel phallus aimed at her ass. She wasn't making much headway, when suddenly the tip slid inside her.

"Oohh!!!" she cried as the intruder slid in further inch by inch. Soon, she had all four inches impaled in her virgin ass, and her pussy was stuffed full of six inches of stainless steel. Steve quickly pulled a padlock from his pocket and snapped the lock home.

"How does it feel?"

"Hmm. Very different." Sara tried to take an experimental step. "Wow. This is an amazing feeling. But I'm not sure I like the part up my ass."

"Sorry. That's part of my design. Hope it doesn't bother you too much."

"We'll see how it goes," Sara smiled.

"Well then, you ready to grab a bite to eat?"

Sara resigned herself to an hour of pleasure in her pussy combined with discomfort in her ass. "Let's do it!" Sara then gracefully tried to master walking as she headed towards the door.

"You should probably get dressed before we leave. It's a bit cold out there," grinned Steve.

"True enough," she laughed.

Steve watched as Sara put on her shirt. He helped her step into the micro skirt as she gingerly bent over to pull it up.

"Damn, Steve. This thing feels so weird."

"I know! That's the idea!"

As Sara adjusted her skirt, she realized there was a problem. With the belt locked on, there was no way she could close the skirt.

"Uh, Steve. We have a problem!"

Steve closed his eyes for a minute. "No we don't! Just wear your coat! No one will know you're not wearing anything underneath!"

"I can't do that!"

Steve smiled. "Oh yeah? I bet you can!"

Sara was already feeling very hot and bothered by the two plugs filling her. Every step she made translated into movement that she felt in both her pussy and her ass. She was quickly becoming overcome with the need for an orgasm. As thoughts of orgasmic bliss crowded her mind, rational thoughts of what to wear in public were discarded. With a sly smile and a wink at Steve, Sara dropped the skirt to the floor and then pulled her shirt off, exposing her breasts to Steve. With that, she grabbed her coat and headed for the studio door.

Steve quickly caught up to her after he locked the door behind him. He watched her cloaked form, swaying down the hallway as she adjusted to her intruders filling her completely.

By the time Sara got to the end of the hall, she was panting from the intruders that were assaulting her pussy and ass. She stopped and waited for Steve.

"Sara, if you keep running like that, I'm gonna have to carry you back here!"

"Maybe that's what I have in mind. Steve, your project is driving me crazy. I am so turned on right now, it's incredible!"

"Maybe that was the idea. Now let's get something to eat!"

With that Steve helped Sara navigate the stairs as they headed to deli for a quick dinner.

By the time they got to the deli, Sara was a mess. She could feel her pussy leaking its juices down her legs under her coat, and her ass felt like it was on fire. The combination was electric for her. And eating at the deli didn't help matters either. Since it was a self serve restaurant, not only did she have to stand in line to order a sandwich, she also had to navigate her way to pick out a bag of chips, and then to the soda fountain for an extra large drink. By the time she was ready to eat, she had already made three different trips to different areas in the deli. The plugs were having a very strong effect on Sara and she was ready to collapse.

"Damn, I'm glad that's over with. Let's eat!"

Sara plopped down in a chair in the deli, completely forgetting about the effect that sitting would have on her plugged holes. As her full weight hit the chair, both plugs were forced completely inside of her.

"Oh, shit!" she cried, as other diners looked at her in surprise. She quickly recovered her composure as her body adjusted to accommodate the plugs.

"Did you get a little surprise?" asked Steve.

"Yeah! Remind me to take it easy sitting down from now on."

Steve just chuckled.

As dinner progressed Sara was able to pull her head back in focus. Even though the pressure in her pussy and ass was almost unbearable, because she wasn't moving, she was able to think straight. But all too soon, dinner was done, and it was time to head back to the studio for more of Steve's project.

"You gonna be ok to walk back now?" asked Steve. He knew that the belt would affect his model, but not as strongly as it did Sara.

Sara wobbled to her feet and sighed as both plugs relaxed from her body. "I think I'll make it. Not that I'm complaining about the feelings, I just wish it wasn't here in the middle of the deli!"

Steve just smiled as they slowly left the deli.

Once outside, the cool night air caught Sara by surprise. Wearing nothing but her boots, her collar, her chastity belt and her coat, a sudden gust of wind slammed into her exposed pussy, sending a gasp through her body. Instinctively she began walking faster to escape the cold.

With Steve matching her pace by pace, Sara was practically running by the time they got to the art building. Steve pulled out his keycard and swiped them into the building. Just as he opened the door, a particularly cold gust of wind hit Sara. She took off running for the stairs.

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