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Art School Legacies


The door. Most people rang the bell. He was sure some one had knocked. It was difficult to hear with the hail falling He ran to open it. Waiting was a woman. She was young, well, youngish, about his age. He saw her blue, red lips and the teeth behind them locked in a chatter. So cold, he wondered if it was dangerous out there and he looked, saw hail stones, almost as big as marbles and opened the door wider to encourage her in. The wind almost wrenched the door from his hand.

"Is Irene home," she asked. He saw her speak but the hail on the roof was so loud he heard nothing.

"Come in," he responded, and led the way to the lounge, the hail on the roof so loud they had to shout. "I'm sure it's too cold to be standing out there."

"Thank you," she shouted, as she rubbed her hands together and sat on the lounge chair he offered. "Tea, coffee?" he asked. She sat and then stood again.

"Tea, white, no sugar please." She shouted but he understood more through reading her lips, those cold, blue lips. He busied himself in the kitchen, made the tea and found biscuits as she went to the window and watched the hail stones jump on the pavement to accumulate on the ground. The forecast had been for them to be as big as hen's eggs The hail stopped and rain pelted down. Water flowed from the gutters in sheets around the house because the down pipes were blocked with hail. He joined her, pressing the mug of tea into her hand which she took gratefully.

"Thank you," she shouted to him. He smiled and they continued to watch, the sheets of water indicating the gutters didn't have sufficient fall. A light switch on the patio was throwing blue sparks, they could see water running over it. He went to the meter box and turned off the lights to the house. She nodded her approval. He did a tour of the house with her following, looked out of all the windows and saw her car with hail stones around it.

He ran to the linen press, pulled out blankets and raced to her car with them. She was behind him and helped cover her car, two blankets thick. The blankets were quickly soaked and with the weight of the water they stayed in place. Done, they raced back inside the house and laughed at their saturated state.

"Did you see any dents?" she shouted.

"No. Hoping your lucky."

"Me too." Her teeth were chattering, her skin goosebumped and blue with the cold. He went to his bedroom and found a tee shirt, a pair of jeans and a dressing gown that were all far too big and offered them to her. He took her to the bathroom, pointed to the shower and suggested she use it, said he'd get a towel and closed the door. Moments later he had the towel for her, knocked at the door and opened it enough to pass the towel in. She took it from him, showing a quick, accidental flash of her left breast as she did. He gathered clothes for him self. He could see steam rising from the wet clothes he had on. As well, he found a belt and pair of socks for her.

The light was gloomy. He found some candles and lit them, then went to the fire place and lit the fire. It was quickly raging and throwing out warmth. The rain continued to fall, he could hear the water cascading from the gutters and the gusting wind. He realised she'd need to hang her clothes and went to get a clothes horse, then knelt in front of the fire to watch the licks of flame demolish the wood.

A hand on his shoulder woke him from his reverie. He looked up and she shouted,"Thank you." She knelt next to him, wondering what to do. She had her wet clothes in one hand and he took them from her.

"Shall we wash them? Then they'll spin and it could be quicker to get them dry." She nodded and followed him to the laundry. "Twenty minutes," he shouted as he loaded the machine, added the detergent and turned it on. She stood back from him, opened the dressing gown and showed him how loose the jeans were.

They went back to the fire place where he had the belt and thick socks waiting. She was pleased to accept them. He watched her put them on. She was cute as she threaded the belt and cinched it tight. She was agile as she sat on the carpet and pulled the socks on. She grinned and thanked him again.

He reached over and rolled the bottoms of the jeans up. They exchanged smiles. He stood.

"Shower," he told her and threw a length on wood into the fire before he went. He left the bathroom door open a crack in case she needed any thing. The shower was quick and he towelled himself briskly as he realised he'd forgotten to bring his clothes in. With a towel wrapped around his waist he went to the bedroom and dressed with the clothes he'd got out earlier.

There was a lull to the rain. They exhaled with some relief.

"Is Irene here? she asked.

"No. She left me two months ago."

"I'm sorry." She touched his knee.

"She found a richer model. A doctor."

"I was hoping she'd let me stay for a few days. My boyfriend has been a shit and I've decided to leave him. I need to find some where to live."

He realised the awkwardness of the situation.

"I'm sorry. You're welcome here." A candle sputtered and went out.

"I couldn't. It wouldn't be fair. You don't even know me."

"You can. We can introduce ourselves. I'm Philip. Phil."

"Karen,. I met Irene at art school. We lost contact because my boy friend was a control freak."

"Hi, Karen."

"Hello Phil... It seems funny saying that. I mean, I'm in your clothes. My clothes are there," she pointed to them, "It's like an exhibition. You can even see my bra and panties. You know I don't have them on."

He was immediately apologetic.

"I'm sorry. I thought you'd like to get them dry."

"I know. I'm very grateful but some times I like a little mystery, some thing about me left to be discovered. I also like my independence." She smiled, hoping to get his understanding, not wanting to declare more than she had.

"Yes. I guess it is difficult."

"It makes me feel like a child, every thing I'm wearing has been provided for me. I'd like to feel like an adult with you. I think it's the jeans. I feel so small in them."

He was embarrassed and didn't know where to look. He looked at her, saw her face looking back at him and looked to the fire again.

"Would you mind if I took them off? I don't want to be ungrateful but I'd feel more comfortable. I'm much too small for them."

He looked back at her .

"I want you to be comfortable."

"Thank you." She stood, undid the belt and slipped them down and off.

"More comfortable?" he asked, as she folded and placed them on the chair.

"Yes, I'm sorry. I didn't want it to be a problem. It's warm in here now." They went to the window and saw the rain had stopped. The hail was still there, smaller with lines of erosion where the rain had washed ice away. She pulled the dressing gown tighter around her with a small shiver as she remembered how cold it had been outside.

"Another tea?" he asked.


"Are you vegetarian?"


"Good." He got some lamb from the freezer and started to dice the vegetables. By the time the kettle boiled it was ready.

She accepted the tea graciously.

"Lamb okay?"

"Thank you." She was looking around the room and saw a painting on the wall.

"Is that you?" she asked, as she looked at it.

He blushed and admitted it was.

"Oo la la," she grinned at him and went to look more closely. She saw the signature. "Irene. She hasn't stopped doing nudes."

"When she left she took all but the nudes, they're difficult to sell. I think she regrets not having taken them. She's already asked me to model for her."

"Did you?"


"Will you?"


"Mm. Good." They went back to the fire. He stoked it and put another log on. Then he excused him self and started to cook the evening meal. When the kettle boiled he made tea again and brought it to her. Twenty minutes later he excused himself again, dished up and brought the loaded plates out. They sat on the old lounge and ate. She pronounced the meal as excellent. He disappeared again and returned with plates of apple strudel and cream. She was so grateful and embarrassed.

"You're trying to make me fat," she accused, "all that delicious food. Thank you."

He dismissed it as nothing and they laughed. She knew it was a show case meal because of the mint sauce.

"My clothes are still wet," she told him.

"Yes. Perhaps we shouldn't have washed them. I'm sorry. I thought the spin would make it quicker."

"I thought the same thing."There was silence for a while. "Would you mind if I stayed the night?"

"You're welcome to stay for as long as you need. No point in this Queen's Birthday Holiday being miserable."

"Thank you. Where will I sleep?" He led her to his bedroom and showed her his bed.

"That's your bed. I can't have that! Where will you sleep?"

He indicated the carpet in front of the fire.

"I have a sleeping bag. It's very good."

"I can't steal your bed."

"I'm sure it'll be there when you've gone. There's another bed but no blankets for it, they're on your car. It's okay. Don't worry. It's predicted there will be more hail over night. While it's not raining I'd like to put pillows under the blankets on your car. The hail will be bigger than what we've had."

"I'm coming too." He found four pillows and six cushions. They stood at the front door and looked out with his torch. She took off the dressing gown. They ran. One on each side of the car they pulled the blankets back and placed the pillows strategically. Then they pulled the blankets back over them and rushed back inside.

She grabbed the dressing gown, put it on and joined him by the fire. He looked at her. She moved, thinking he was looking down the dressing gown. She was surprised when he said there was blood on her foot. She looked and saw it was true. He went to the kitchen and brought back a bowl of water and tea tree oil. He washed her foot and found a small cut. She watched him put tea tree oil on it and while waiting for it to dry he found a plaster. She was surprised he didn't try to look up her dressing gown. She knew she was on display had he wanted to. He quickly put the plaster on for her.

"Should keep it clean," he told her.

"Thank you." There was a pause. "Is there any thing you can't do? I'm feeling inadequate."

He laughed.

"Don't worry. You'll find my deficiencies soon enough."

"I can't imagine." They both laughed."Would you mind if I went to bed? I've had a big day."

"Go," he told her, "get plenty of sleep while it's free!" She leaned to him and kissed his lips.

"Thank you."

She'd gone for ten minutes. He'd found his sleeping bag and stretched it out on the carpet. He stripped down to his jocks and was about to get into the sleeping bag when she came out and stood beside him. She took his hand and led him into the bedroom.

"Which is your side?" she asked.

"That one. Why?"

She led him to it and lifted the covers.

"Get in." She went round to the other side and got in to bed with him. He watched as she stripped her tee shirt off. Then she moved over him.

"Since I've been here, I've been welcomed with amazing hospitality. I want to say thank you. I've been amazed and I'm so grateful. I knew Irene would allow me to stay but she wouldn't have been nearly as generous. Thank you." She kissed him. Some thing banged on the roof and quickly more, the forecast hail had arrived and the noise was massive. She pulled the blankets over and hugged him to her. He put his hands behind her head and kissed her lips. Then he pulled back.

"You know," he shouted, "if you want to say thank you words are enough. If you want love I accept. I want to know you so much more." The hail was loud on the roof and quickly became a barrage of noise. They hugged each other tight and kissed. She reached and tried to slide his jocks down. He slid them down and off. They hugged again, the noise on the roof was deafening. She took his penis in her hand. He touched her breasts.

She was impatient and turned under the blankets to take his erection in her mouth. He spread her legs and kissed her pussy, sucked her labia. A stubble of hair pricked at his lips. He used his fingers to open her more and slid a finger in.

They couldn't hear each other, the noise of the hail was extreme, he sucked her, she was so wet. She stretched her legs out wider, an invitation for him to do more. He took her clitoris into his mouth, and licked it, feeling the different texture. As his finger went in and out, touching her g spot each time he sucked her clitoris into his mouth with its surrounding tissue and bobbed his head gently. Soon she trembled, shuddered and over the noise of the hail he heard her scream as she jumped.

Her hand was pushing him away, the sensitivity too exquisite to be played with. He placed his hand protectively over her vulva and kept it still as he felt the the secretions continue to seep.

She resumed sucking him and fondled his balls. She felt the throb and bobbed her head in time with it. She removed her mouth and worked him with her hand, so fast and his body tensed. Suddenly he started to come and her mouth went to catch it. He lay back, exhausted by the process as she kissed him. The hail stopped.

He returned her kisses and sucked her nipples. He moved his head to between her legs and she pulled him up to her. With a last kiss she suggested they sleep and rolled to her side facing away from him.

She woke before him and watched as he continued to sleep for half an hour. His breath gently touched her nipple. It gave her time to think. She reflected on his helpfulness but more, she loved his happy, confident disposition.

He opened his eyes. "Good morning," she greeted him and ruffled his messed up hair.

"Good morning," he replied as he stretched. He quickly leapt out of bed on a bladder mission. She heard the stream hit the toilet bowl, the flush, the flow of water from the tap as he washed his hands and his feet running back to bed. As he got in she got out with the same mission. She returned and jumped back into bed with him..

"I want to explain, if I can," she started. "When I came here I wasn't happy. While driving from home to here I decided to never have any thing to do with men again. I thought I'd had enough."

"So, you came here hoping to have a lesbian experience with Irene?"

"Yes. We rented a flat together while at art school. I thought she was a committed lesbian."

"I think she may have recommitted. Her doctor friend will be working long hours, he'll deliver the Jaguar E Type she wants and the free time she can use to satisfy her lesbian needs."

"How do you know?"

"I found a lot of paintings she'd done. Pussy paintings. There were names on the back of them . Beside her signature was the date. It was easy to see that every month or two she had a new one to paint. One month she did five. She took all the paintings with her. They were in a big art portfolio. Being unframed made them easier to hide. "

"You saw some of me?"

"Yes. I think so. They were from her art school time and had "Karen" written on the back."

"I remember. I'm sorry."

"No need. We all explored when we were young. It's healthy. I wouldn't have minded if she'd been up front and honest." She kissed him. "Were there other women you could identify?"

"Almost all the ones done in my time with her I could. Four I couldn't, but there was only one of each of them."

"How many?

"Paintings? Two hundred and forty one, Women? Fifty seven, including you. There were a lot from before I met her but most were done here while I was at work. "

"Wow." She thought for a while. "Any men?"

"Two, other than me. I've seen the doctor's ejaculate. I don't know the other one.. There were seven paintings of him including two where he was fucking her."

"She honed her skills on me."

"There were a lot of you. They were beautiful."

She kissed him again.

"How did you find out?"

"A woman at work told me Irene was a wonderful woman and I must be a wonderful man to let her do what she did. I had no idea and let her talk.

"The woman was lesbian, out of the closet. I'd never known her to lie. She told me of how Irene had painted her pussy, of a lesbian orgy they had here, which was apparently one of many and that she was an excellent fuck.

"Irene was always at the doctor's. I could never work out exactly what was wrong with her that she'd need so many lengthy appointments. She said it was woman's business. I went to the clinic and in the window were the hours he worked. It seemed he was off duty when she had her appointments with him.

"When she went to the doctor's one day I hunted for the paintings. It didn't take long. I photographed all of them. When she got home hours later I told her I thought she had some thing to tell me about. I wasn't going to tell her what. She slept in the spare room that night with the door closed. I found it locked when I brought her a cup of coffee It confirmed she really did have some thing to tell me about. I think there may be more than I know about too. Now it's her business. If it's so bad she can't talk about it I'm not sure I want to know.

"Next day she was gone. I went through the portfolio more carefully and found the names on the back. I took pictures again, one with the names on the paintings, one without. Next day she arrived with a removalist's truck. I was out numbered and didn't care any way. I went for a long walk and when I got back she was gone. She took a lot of my things". Karen kissed him again and repeated she was sorry. They hugged.

"Let's have breakfast."

They got up and threw on tee shirts. He started cooking bacon and eggs. She restarted the fire from the embers left from the previous night. The air was crisp and clean, looking outside the colours were vibrant in the thin rays of the sun. He turned on the radio and in the next weather bulletin the hail was described as large hen's eggs.

She asked if he had Irene's phone number. He gave it as she dialled.

"Hello Irene. Remember me? Karen... I'm with Phil at the moment... I called to see you... Yes. I think you have his paintings... I think you should do an exchange... Yes. If he promises not to put things on the internet you could promise to return his undamaged work... Yes, he has pictures of every thing. All of them. Your friends probably won't like it if they find them selves on the internet. If his work isn't returned tomorrow he'll start putting them up... He knows all but four... You'll return them tomorrow? Wonderful. I knew you'd understand. It's been lovely to talk to you, Irene... I'm looking forward to seeing you. Bye."

They looked at each other and he laughed. He explained he didn't want a war but with her intervention it had been easy. He kissed her and they laughed together.

He remembered her car and went out to look. She followed. One on each side of the car they lifted the sodden blankets off, folding them on the car as they did. There was one dent. They were disappointed. He promised to repair it for her commenting that it could have been much worse and it was lucky the car was white, the paint would be easier to match. He picked up two of the blankets, she picked up one and they took them inside to throw into the washing machine. It could take one more and she went to get it.

She was reaching to get the blanket off the car when she was distracted and looked to see a man walking his dog looking back at her. The house had been a haven for her offering security and suddenly it evaporated. She realised when she reached for the blanket on the car's roof her borrowed tee shirt rose and exposed her. She quickly gathered the blanket and rushed back inside laughing with embarrassment. Phil asked what was wrong and when she told him he laughed.

"You probably made his day." She was surprised he wasn't angry. She went to the clothes horse and felt her clothes. They were still damp.

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