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Art, The Story Ch. 10


Author's Note: An accident shrinks a thirty five year old man to just over three feet tall.


When I woke up both women were still sleeping it off. There's no way I wanted to be anywhere near two women with serious hangovers. I gave each of them a hard enough slap on their bare backside to wake them. When they stirred I gave each of them a big kiss on that same backside and said, "Rise and shine, ladies", and then I grabbed some clothes and got the hell out of there.

Downstairs Maria welcomed me warmly; she picked me up and said, "Good morning, little one. I hear all sorts of things about you. It's hard to believe. Let me hear your voice."

I put my arms around her neck and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Maria, thank you for everything. I was so confused after the accident I didn't know what happened to me. You were a big help. Maybe I'll remember it all someday, it's coming back slowly."

"Arilla tells me you save her from Jorge when he beat her. I don understand how. Jorge's how you say, a monster." Then she used Spanish to add some more adjectives including the much used descriptive 'asshole'. "You must tell Maria all about it, but first you must eat."

"I've been calling the bedroom Arilla's using, but she's not answer."

"Call Suzanne's bedroom, I think I heard her and Arilla talking."

The two female grouches arrived just as I was finished eating. I asked Maria if had something I could put coffee in to take upstairs. She poured some in a thermos and put it in the dumbwaiter along with a couple of sweet rolls. She grinned at me, "Go on upstairs. I take care of these two party girls." I took her advice.

I was in our 'office' trying to answer Berger's latest questions when Suzanne came in. She put her arms around me from behind and gave me kiss on the cheek. "Arty, Arilla and I have things to do and then I have to get to work. Tonight you and I have to have a talk."

She left me with that loaded thought. Fortunately, Berger's questions had to do with the equipment I'd built and I was able to give him specific detail. That occupied much of my day. There was time to break for lunch with Maria and even play a little with Juan. He's a pleasant little fellow. I hope Arilla manages to limit Jorge's influence in his life.

Arilla arrived in late afternoon and took charge of Juan. I had dinner with her and Maria and then went back to Berger's list. Suzanne arrived late in the evening. She was quiet and reserved and announced she'd eaten downtown with friends. She said, "I need to get into something comfortable. Come join me." She undressed and put on her robe and I followed suit.

She walked to the wet bar and I sat on the couch sideways like I always did, with my back against the arm rest. My feet were on the seat cushion and my knees were in the air. I spread them and carefully covered my bare genitals with the robe. Suzanne handed me the usual brandy over cracked ice and said, "After last night I'm not sure I want this, but it's been one of those days."

She sat down on the other end of the couch and turned sideways, putting a foot on either side of me. It's only a two person couch, so she had to put her knees up the same as me and her feet were touching the arm of the couch on either side of me. She used her robe to cover herself the same as I did, but my mind's eye was not fooled, I could still visualize what was behind that flap of her robe.

She said, "Every time you sit sideways like that I get a stiff neck keeping my head turned, so I'll try it your way."

I thought, "Hey, it's much more intimate this way." I didn't say a word. Suzanne was concentrating so hard I was afraid to interrupt her thoughts, even though I feared the worst.

"Arty, I don't really know what happened yesterday. Remember I'm the 'ice lady', always in charge, but this is new for me. When the accident happened I meant what I said about seeing it through to the end with you. It's the way I take on everything, that's me 'Miss Responsibility'. You're special to me because of your relationship with Uncle Ben and I find myself very comfortable around you. Maybe it's because you're the least threatening person I know, who knows? But last night something happened and for the first time, I'm faced with a problem that takes an emotional investment and I don't know if I'm up to it. I could be, I just don't know."

"I'm physically a big gal with big appetites so when I look ahead for me that's always in the back of my mind. At forty, I'm not planning on having any kids of my own, so it's not that. If Berger can return you to your normal size, is that the end for you and I? If he can't, I meant my commitment to you in your life, but I still don't know what part of me I'm willing to personally share. Then you go and act like a white knight in shining armor and bring my family together in a way I'd never have believed possible." She grinned and said, "Who was it that used to say, 'I'm so confused'?"

I thought, "OK, she lied about her age, so maybe it is the age difference. Does she care or is that just something she always does?"

I said, "Come on Suzanne, lighten up. Despite my size, I'm really a big boy now. I knew your commitment to me after the accident was just an honest response on your part to help me, and not a lifetime thing. With the Professor's money I'll be able to hire support when I need it. I still have my skills and my work with Berger shows me I can communicate with others electronically, so maybe I can set up a consulting business of some sorts."

"You're a beautiful desirable woman and frankly you turn me on in the blink of an eye, but then a lot of women can turn me on. This thing with Berger is a chancy thing. Maybe I don't want to risk it, who knows? For now can't we just let it ride and see what happens and not sweat the future?"

"Damn it to hell, Jones, why do you have to be so fucking self sacrificing. What about you, your needs? You send a goon five time your size to the hospital, but when something happens to put your future in the toilet, you roll with it and look out for me, Arilla and even Maria." She sounded angry, but her eyes looked like there might be some tears in them.

She seemed so vulnerable and I wanted to reach out to her, but for some reason I just sat there. I was fully aware she was naked under her robe, but what did I want from this woman; a romp in her crotch or something more? What was she thinking?

She reached out her hand and said, "Come sit in my lap, Arty." When I did she put her arms around me and held me close. "I'd love to try and see what you and I could do sexually and we may just do that someday soon. But you're coming up on decision time and I don't want to make it more difficult. You and I need to go and talk to Berger. He's asking for direction and if you want him to restore you to normal size, then we should tell him. It's possible he'll refuse and then we'll have to face that. If he agrees, then it's entirely up to you. All I can promise you is that I'll be at your side whenever you make that decision.

"I've told father you and I need to go see Berger and I'll be gone for awhile. He said to tell you that whatever decision you make, he'll back you all the way. Are you up to a trip across the pond, Arty?"

"Yeah, I'm up to it. I've given it a lot of thought and I can't say I've made any decision. A lot depends on experiments that Berger can run and I'd feel better if I was there during his investigation. So when do we go?"

"It seems like the sooner the better. I'll start making arrangements tomorrow. There is a favor I'd like to ask of you in our travel arrangements. I think it would be best if we went as mother and daughter for a couple of reasons. I don't think it's wise to let anyone even think of you as a 'little man', so we'd have to dress you in young boys clothes anyway. Your voice doesn't sound like a youngster's, but if I can keep you with me all the time, you can keep quiet. Then we wouldn't have the hassle of rest rooms and so on, but it's up to you."

"What the heck, you'd just have to spring for a whole new wardrobe. Whatever I'm dressed as, it's the least of my problems. It's a good time to go anyway. Maria and Arilla will have enough trouble deciding who's going to do what for Juan. Let me know when the travel plans are set."

We got ready for bed together and I was treated to Suzanne's beautiful naked body in the shower. Back scrubs were exchanged, but that's all. In bed Suzanne gave me a tender kiss, which I guess was sort of motherly. I returned the kiss as I imagined a child would kiss his mother. Later when her arm was around me I thought about what she said about seeing what we could do sexually sometime soon.

So many thoughts tonight are going around in my head. Could I make a life as Suzanne's boy toy? Probably. Would Suzanne be satisfied? Probably not. If I don't take a chance getting back to normal size, Suzanne will live up to her promise and keep me with her. Will either of us be happy? If I do get back to normal, I'm not in her social league or anything else and we'll most likely part ways. I could still find a life to live, it just wouldn't be with Suzanne.

What if the machine leaves me some kind of a physical freak? It could even kill me, but then I wouldn't have a future to worry about, would I?

Decisions, decisions . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Dear Reader,

I hope you've enjoyed the adventures of Arthur Jones so far. There are a number of ways his life could go from here and I'd appreciate your thoughts. Some of the story lines I've considered so far are:

1. Who are the English women he will meet with Berger. What are they like? Yeah I know they talk sort of funny, but they're just as beautiful as American women. We know Arthur is obsessed with the female form and finds most women desirable, so that won't change.

2. What if the machine backfires and Arthur ends up the size of a human dildo? Think of the places he could explore.

3. What if the part of him that he thinks with ends up much larger? Then he could become a munchkin stud.

4. What if he ended up normal size with an oversized tool?

5. What if that part of him ends up with the ability to expand or contract on its own and completely fill whatever passage it's in?

6. What if he meets somebody near his own size? Then what about Suzanne?

7. What if???

Thanks for reading my story,


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by Anonymous03/13/18


If you can try sci-fi I think your option 5 will be good and that could make him a hero for the world (lsomething ike Spiderman)

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