tagMind ControlArthur's Hypnotic Transition

Arthur's Hypnotic Transition


Author's Note: I am not quitting on my Two Good Neighbors story series, but I have run into some writer's block regarding the last 2-3 chapters.

I definitely plan on finishing it though. I figured I would go ahead and finish and upload another of my stories in the meantime that was close to being done already.

I have written many other stories and plan to over time upload as many as I am happy with given some proof-reading and editing for each of them.


My name is Arthur, and I was your standard college guy. 19, 157 pounds, 5'10, and a cute face. I took classes I had to and studied some but never too hard. I had some great friends and we all went to the same college in California! We loved watching football together and liked to play games when we were all together and watch stupid videos. It was altogether a nice but rather uneventful college experience.

My TRUE college story began on a Friday a few weeks into my second spring semester. That was when my roommates helped me experience a great awakening...


"How are you liking your new underwear Arthur?" asked Julie.

"New... underwear?" I asked, treading slowly through each syllable and racking my brains thinking what she could mean.

"Yes, don't you Remember?"

Suddenly a bunch of memories sprung up in my mind. I had been... putting on panties for a week? I had been putting them on without thinking, actually feeling satisfied when they slid up my legs in fact. My heart rate was suddenly quick and I pulled my shorts down, remembering putting on a red pair of panties this morning. Feminine and red undergarments greeted my sight and gasping, I quickly pulled my shorts back up.

"Oh my god! I don't know how I put these on today without realizing it," I spluttered, feeling myself turn red. "I'm so sorry, are these yours or something?"

Julie cocked her head at me and shined a sly smile at me.

"So forgetful Arthur, I got them for you as a gift, don't you Remember?"

"What? What are you-" Wait no, she was right. Last week she handed me a bag and told me blatantly that the panties were a gift and that she hoped I liked wearing them. "Oh yeah they were... But how did I forget all of that... And I forgot putting them on..."

"Well," she said, fluttering her eyelashes like she was enjoying a good joke, "that would be because of the hypnosis, don't you Remember?"

The three of us were drunk, really drunk, or at least I was really drunk. Rita was hugging me tightly and giggling and holding me in place and Julie started waving a medallion in front of my face and it had been so beautiful and I couldn't help but watch it as the girls both told me to watch it and relax and talked about how much fun we would have...

Then I snapped back to the present.

"You made me do this? How could you, make it stop!" I cried, feeling terrified. I pulled down my shorts to take off my panties but as I was messing with the button Julie put a hand on my shoulder.

"It's okay Arthur, calm down, just Forget it all. It's time to sink deep down," she said quietly, smiling at me with a kind look on her face.

"W-what, no... no-" I said, my lips suddenly feeling sluggish and suddenly I was tired, so tired. My vision started to go black and then I was out.


"Your lips look really nice today," said Rita as I walked into the apartment kitchen for breakfast Sunday morning. I stopped dead in my tracks, totally confused by the compliment.

"Ummm... Thanks.. I guess," I mumbled. Was she coming onto me or something? Did she want to kiss me or something?"

"Mhm, red is definitely your color Arthur. Did you match it with your panties today on purpose?"

I frowned. Yes I was wearing red panties today, she must have seen them lying out in my room earlier and assumed I had them there to be ready to put them on today, and she was right, I had done so. But... the meaning of her words still confused the shit out of me.

"I'm not sure what you're talking about Rita, and no, I just randomly decided to wear red panties today, not trying to match them with anything."

Julie walked in from the tv room and smiled at both of us.

"Wow your lips are especially nice-looking today Arthur," she said, winking at Rita. Now I was getting annoyed because it seemed like they were in on the teasing together.

"Ugh, I get it, inside joke, whatever," I said with a roll of my eyes. I went to go get some cereal from the cupboard.

"We're talking about your lipstick dummie," said Rita in exasperation.

"Seriously, it's not subtle," said Julie and then she lapsed into quiet giggles.

"Lipstick?" I said, now totally confused. I touched a finger to my lips and rubbed a bit and looked at it. It definitely looked like something red had come off. So it was a little prank they pulled together. "Oh I see, hilarious you two. You shouldn't do weird things to me while I'm sleeping though, or I'll start drawing penises on your faces while you two sleep."

"Huh? I didn't put it on you," said Julie. She looked at Rita as if asking the obvious question.

"Don't look at me, I didn't do it either. It's not like it's new; Arthur put his cherry lipstick on yesterday too."

"Oh of course, how silly of me. You must Remember, don't you Arthur? You shouldn't blame us," said Julie, not sounding sincere. Something weird was going on.

I realized she was right of course. My mouth dropped open as I stood in total confusion. In fact, I suddenly remembered carefully applying the lipstick while looking at myself in the mirror only a few minutes ago. I remembered doing it yesterday too.

I grabbed a napkin and rubbed it around my lips like I was trying to sand something, feeling frustrated at my confusion. The napkin was quite red by the time I was done.

"Aw, now you don't look as pretty," said Rita with a pout.

"I don't want to look pretty," I said with a sigh. "I don't know why I put it on this morning."

"And yesterday," said Rita helpfully. I grunted and waved her away.

"Don't remind me."

"You should go put more on again Arthur," said Julie.

"Red is his color, don't you agree Julie?" said Rita.

"Oh yes, I think you're onto something."

"Guys, stop, it's too early in the day for you two to drive me crazy, I'm not putting it on anymore," I said, rubbing the sides of my nose with my fingers. Julie looked upset.

"Yes you are, go back and re-apply it mister," she said, suddenly sounding bossy.

"I don't know what's wrong with you, but drop it Julie, leave me alone," I said, starting to get pissed off.

"It's okay Julie. Calm down Arthur, it's time to sink deep down," said Rita with a little smile playing on her lips.

"I'm not upset, I'm just sayi-" I started, before I suddenly felt dizzy. I started to sink to the ground and I felt one of the girls catch me.

"I got you," said Rita, sounding worried. Was I passing out? I wasn't conscious long enough afterwards to try and answer that.


I blinked a couple times. I was sitting at the table with a bowl of cereal. Rita was eating some toast across from me and I heard Julie watching tv in the other room.

"Huh, how'd I get here?" I muttered out loud, looking at my cereal in confusion. Rita glanced up from her toast.

"You walked in here you doof," she said, eying me as if I was dumb.

"Man I remember waking up and getting dressed and putting my lipstick on, but I can't remember walking down here and getting cereal."

"Well I saw you walk right in through the doorway, so just Trust me Arthur," she said with a humoring smile. She was right, it wasn't as if I just appeared there. It was still early and I probably just zoned out and went on autopilot.

"Yeah, guess I zoned out for a few moments," I said. I began eating my cereal.

"It happens to all of us. I love your lipstick by the way, red is totally your color, I hope you continue putting it on each day."

I smiled at the compliment and puckered my lips to show them off.

"Thanks, I really like the shade."

"Did you try to match your panties and bra to your lipstick today?"

I looked down at myself in my red panties and bra.

"Hah, no, just a happy little coincidence."


"Come on Arthur, you were supposed to wash all the dishes yesterday," said Julie. I sighed, annoyed by the whining in her voice.

"Look, I'm sorry Julie, I just forgot, I'll do them soon, okay?" I said, not wanting an argument.

"It's not a big deal, but you forgot to do them last time it was your turn too," she said, not willing to let it drop."

Rita walked into the tv room.

"She's right Arthur, you need to clean up after yourself. If you can't keep up with your share of the chores, we'll just start ignoring our dish days too and make you do all of them," she said.

"Oh come on, you two are always ganging up on me, I'll get them done alright?"

"You should be going to them now, I think you need a spanking to help set your priorities straight again," said Julie.

I broke into snorts.

"Yeah maybe if you were my mom and I was ten years younger," I said, still laughing. I stopped when neither of them joined in the laughter. I rolled my eyes. "Come on, I thought you were joking, sorry."

"Go on and lie across her legs Arthur, you earned a spanking," said Rita.

I stared at her blankly.

"Uh, what?" I said with a dumb smile on my face.

"Come on, you just had a spanking last week, don't play dumb, you just earned yourself one," said Rita, sounding more annoyed now.

"Jesus you guys had some marijuana and didn't tell me," I said with a laugh.

"You've always gotten spankings when you were bad Arthur, just Trust us," said Julie. "Bad boys need to be spanked.

I frowned. I didn't know what she was talking about. They were my roommates though, and we were friends and I had forgotten my chores again. I had been a Bad boy. I guessed I should take their word for it.

"Okay, you're right I guess," I said. I stood up and went to lie across her legs on my stomach. Bad boy, Bad boy, Bad boy, the words bounced around in my head. Julie's hand rubbed my butt for a second.

"Thank you for trusting me Arthur. It's time give this Big, fat, naughty butt the spanking it deserves."

Bad boy. Big, fat, naughty butt. Big, fat, naughty, butt, that's what I had. Bad boy with a Big, fat, naughty butt. Julie started spanking my butt hard, my Big, fat, naughty butt. She counted each number. By the time she reached thirty, my Big, fat, naughty butt felt warm, sore, and red. She massaged my butt gently which felt nice.

"You know Arthur, these black panties are really cute, but you should consider wearing a thong sometime. A thong would make your Big, fat naughty butt look great."

"A thong? No way!" I said with a laugh. Big, fat, naughty butts with thongs. I imagined my Big, fat, naughty butt with a black thong instead of the black panties I was wearing. It would probably look great.

"You'd look great in a thong, just Trust me," she insisted. "Really show off that Big, fat, naughty butt of yours.

Big, fat, naughty butt... It would look so great in a thong. A thong would really show off my Big, fat, naughty butt. I could at least try it.

"Okay, if you really think so, maybe I'll try and see how it looks sometime soon," I said.

"I think you'll like it. Now, time for you to do the dishes. Come on," she said as she picked me off her lap and dragged me to kitchen sink. She went to a cupboard and pulled out an incredibly feminine-looking pink apron and tied it around me. "Wear this, Trust me. You'll Love wearing this while doing the dishes."

I smiled at her and thanked her for the apron. It was sickeningly feminine and pink, but I already Loved wearing it.


"Let's go shopping for clothes today!" said Rita randomly while we were watching tv.

"I'm game. It will be fun, we can get you some things Arthur," said Julie, jumping up.

"Uhh, I don't know..."

"Oh come on, Trust me Arthur, you should tag along," Rita said with a pout.

"Okay, okay, maybe you're right," I said. Both girls cheered and pulled me up.

"You better get dressed Arthur, come on," said Julie, looking up and down at my black thong and bra.

They led me to my bedroom and a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt was thrown onto the bed. I reached for the jeans but then Julie cried "wait!" and I stopped.

"Oh, you're right Julie, lets get this on him first," said Rita quickly, holding something small up.


"Don't Worry Arthur, just be really Calm," Julie said, smiling sweetly at me. "It's really Important that we put this on your penis, just in case you get Excited by any Boys at the mall, just Stand Still."

I felt every tension fade away and a happy smile pop up on my face. I stood in the middle of the room as the girls pulled my thong down and slid my penis into the cock cage and looped my balls through the ring. A key was inserted to lock it on.

My cock was in a cage, but it was really Important and there was no reason to Worry. I didn't want to get Excited by any Boys at the mall, so this was Important. My thong was then pulled back up. Now I wouldn't get Excited.

"I'm glad you remembered it Julie," said Rita. "Arthur almost Certainly will get Excited by some Cute Boys at the mall. Even if he Doesn't Realize it. In fact, we Should keep Arthur Wearing it Most of the Time from now on I think. I'm sure it Won't even Bother you Arthur. After all, your roommates Should be the ones to Decide when you get to have orgasms, especially roommates you Trust."

I just kept nodding stupidly, still relaxed and not worried at all. I did trust my roommates.


A half an hour later, I had gotten dressed and we were inside the mall. I was following the girls since they seemed to know where to go. As we walked, I looked around. There were a surprising number of Cute Boys here. For some reason, I felt myself getting a bit Excited from seeing them around.

We ended up going to a clothing store for young adult women. Julie and Rita began looking around and stumbled upon the skirt sector of the store. They began looking through them and discussing which ones they liked and debating their choices. I thought they'd look good in any of them to be honest, but I knew not to interject.

After arguing for a while, they grabbed a couple and we went to the changing room. I was going to wait outside it, but Julie grabbed my wrist and pulled me in.

"Come on Arthur, it's fine, we've seen you in your underwear before," she said. We all entered a changing stall and luckily it was a fair bit roomier than most stalls I had been in before, so we all fit somewhat comfortably.

"Okay Arthur, off with the jeans," said Rita, snapping her fingers.


"You need to try these skirts on so we can see if they fit and how they look on you," she said, rolling her eyes."

"Haha good one, I'd look terrible in a skirt."

"Come on Arthur, just try them on, Trust us," said Julie in a pleading tone.

"Okay, okay, I'll try them on at least," I said in exasperation. Girls sometimes. The girls giggled and grinned and gave me room.

Soon my jeans were off and Julie helped me step into the first skirt. As it slid into place around my hips, I suddenly felt a huge surge of pleasure and felt my legs get a little wobbly. I moaned a bit.

"Are you okay Arthur, you look flushed," said Rita, looking concerned.

I grinned and regained my footing. That was weird.

"Uh, yeah, I'm fine I think, it just felt weird putting it on is all." Rita nodded with a knowing look on her face.

"It fits him great!" said Julie and she clapped her hands together excitedly. "And it looks really good, don't you think Rita?"

"Yeah, you were right."

"Yeah yeah, I'm going to take it off now and put my jeans back on," I said.

"No, not yet," said Julie, shooing my hands away from my hips. "Doesn't it Feel Great?"

Another surge of pleasure hit me. Did it really Feel that Great? Why did it Feel so good?

"Yeah... I mean yeah I guess it does... Feel pretty good for some reason," I gasped

"And it really matches your thong and I bet it will look good with all of your panties, isn't that Great?"

I didn't know if she was right about it matching my thongs and panties, but if it did match, that was pretty Great.

"Yeah that is pretty cool, but still, I'm a guy," I said.

"Don't Worry, there's Nothing Wrong with guys Wearing Skirts," said Rita. Julie nodded at that.

My anxiety relaxed.

"I guess you're right, I shouldn't worry about Wearing Skirts just because I'm a guy."

"That's right! And it makes you look kind of sexy. Cute Boys would give you a lot of attention, that would be Exciting. Imagine if they saw under your skirt and saw that thong and that Big, fat, naughty butt. I bet Boys would love that Big, fat, naughty butt of yours," said Rita.

The idea was pretty thrilling for whatever reason. The idea of wearing skirts that only slightly hid my Big, fat, naughty butt from Boys...

"Yeah, in fact, I actually think you should consider Only Wearing Skirts from now on Arthur. Pants are pretty Uncomfortable and Gross."

I looked at my jeans, so uncomfortable and gross... Should I really not wear them again?

"Well... Maybe," I said slowly.

"You should wear them out, but you can change once we're home," said Rita. "Now, go ahead and Try On the other Skirts."

"Right... Good idea," I said.

I Tried them On and then we did more shopping after I put my jeans back on. The girls went through some shirts and then found some dresses they seemed to love and then we went back to the changing room to try on the dresses.

"There's no way I can try on a dress," I said, putting my hands up in defense as Julia tried to hand a black one to me.

"Come on Arthur, Trust us. You will Love Dresses. They're also a lot like skirts, not Uncomfortable and Gross like pants. There's Nothing Wrong with boys Wearing Dresses either. I bet it will Feel Good and you'll Feel Sexy wearing a dress," said Julie.

I finally gave in. They were right about the skirts, maybe they were right about dresses too. Once I had it on, I did Feel Good, not only Good, I Felt Sexy. I tried on the other dresses and then changed back into my normal clothes and the we left the changing room and the girls bought the clothes and then we went home.

Once we were home, the girls talked me into putting on one of the more feminine t-shirts and changing into the first skirt I had tried on. The change of the clothes Felt really Good. The two of them then went to my drawers and replaced my pants with skirts and hung up my new t-shirts and dresses. Then I felt myself slipping from consciousness again.


I blew on my finger nails and smiled. I had just painted them red again along with my toenails and they seemed to be dry finally. I had painted them on Wednesday, but I wanted to re-apply the paint to make sure it kept looking good.

I went to the kitchen and grabbed an apple and ate it. I hadn't cum in a few days so after I finished the apple, I went to find Rita and Julie and ask if they would take the cock cage off.

"Hey Julie or Rita, can one of you unlock my cock cage, I want to cum," I asked politely once I found them.

"Yeah, I guess you deserve it," said Julie. She stood up and stretched and then walked away, returned with a key, and pulled my skirt and thong to the side and carefully unlocked the cage.

"Do you want a dildo?" asked Rita casually, holding up a purple one that looked about 6 inches long. I blushed as I looked at it.

"Come on, don't ask that kind of thing, and put that away, I didn't need to know you had that!" I said, feeling totally shocked she had so little shame about it. She kept holding it out to me anyway.

"What? You've never used one?" she asked, turned to me and looking surprised.

"Of course not!" I said with a nervous laugh. What a weird discussion...

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