tagErotic CouplingsArti Bhabi My Teacher

Arti Bhabi My Teacher


I had lost my virginity to Arti Bhabi. I could not sleep properly that night & must have masturbated twice thinking about Arti Bhabi. Next day I bunked college & as soon my parents left for office I headed for Arti Bhabi house. I pressed the bell & Arti Bhabi opened the door wearing a gown. The gown was very low cut in front and revealed much of Bhabi’s cleavage. She was surprised to see me so early but smiled. I was to eager & just there kissed her. "Not here!". She whispered

she moved back & closing door asked me to be patient.

She led me to her bedroom and all the while walking behind I was trying to pinch her all over feeling her from over her gown. Once in bedroom she smiled with a gleam in her eyes and said, “You dirty little boy!” & gave me a light kiss on the cheek.

I wrapped my arms around & began to kiss. Our tongues swirled in each other’s mouth, dancing, darting, tasting each other with passion. I gently moved Bhabi around until our positions were reversed, with Bhabi pinned against the wall. My tongue entered her mouth and my hand slid to touch her breast. Bhabi pushed it away.

"I want to teach you …" Bhabi whispered into my ear.

"Teach, what??? What is it need to learn?" I asked confused, & kissed passionately again, pulling Bhabi into his embrace completely.

Bhabi returned my kisses, taking the more aggressive role.

I pushed Bhabi onto the bed and slowly pulled her gown. She helped me and I pulled it off of her and let it fall to the floor.

She was soon naked and took my hand and placed it on her tit. I squeezed it marveling in its softness and the contrasting hardness of her nipple.

I like these big boobs .” I rubbed them up and down while I said.

“They’re yours. She pulled my head towards her boobs, I looked at her dark nipples standing out. I put my lips on one lightly sucking it, feeling it getting hard as I did. Sticking my hand on her pussy I squeezed my palm on it, my finger instinctively digging into her slit.

“Oh Yes, rub it right there.” She moaned.

I started moving my finger faster & began to pinch and bite on her nipples.

“Bite me Harder!” she said

I was mad at that time & had wanted to bite harder but was going slow as I was afraid to hurt her but it seemed that’s what she wanted. So I clamped down on her nipple with my teeth & all my force & started to squeeze like mad and she immediately began to moan. Her breasts were way too big for me to grab, but I tried my best to squeeze them.

Not understanding her moans I said “Did I hurt you Bhabi?”

“No. "Pull them, pull my nipples hard and pinch me. I love that, pinch them for me!"

I pinched them hard and it only served to get her hotter, her eyes closed and mouth open she then reached down & grabbed my cock and started to rub it thru my trousers

How do you like my Boobs Naveen?” she said as I squeezed her breasts together and rubbed at her nipples.

“They’re incredible.”

“Mmmm,” she smiled. “I love you playing with them.” “Feels so good.”

She pulled me toward her mouth & I shoved my tongue in her mouth. I could feel her hands pulling my t-shirt up my back. I wrapped her up in my arms and pressed against her. She smiled as she kissed me. I kissed her neck and felt her start to undo my belt and pants. She pushed me back and turned me so that I was sitting on the bed. She slid off and knelt in front of me grabbing at my trousers and my undies with both hands. I lifted my ass so she could pull them down. Her hand came around to grab my cock. I couldn’t believe how fucking hard I was as she gripped my cock hard and squeezed, pumping it up and down. I moaned. She moved down and put her face to my cock. I felt her warm breath blowing on me as she kissed the slit and licked my pre-cum off it. I put my hand in her hair and let her suck me.

She kept taking more and more of my cock into her mouth, her fingernails ran along the underside of my balls, then she cupped them in her warm hand and gave them a light squeeze.

Oh Yes, I'm going to cum. Suck it harder, Ohhhhhhhhhhhh."

And she stopped sucking, Looking at me. "No, Naveen Nooooooooooo “

I was in shock; she stopped for a little while & then licked all over it again. She teased me; licking then sucking then back to licking my cock and balls.

Moving back & coming to my side she said "Now, its my turn," she held my hand & pulled it to her pussy. She pressed my finger into the slit and juices squished out onto my finger. She pulled it back and forth over, each stroke made her gasp and her hips jerk.

"Rub," she whispered, guiding my finger.

I rubbed back and forth over, her legs spread wide and hips were lifting and shifting with my finger movements.

"Oh Go Inside!" she cried, Yes, Yessssssss she almost shouted.

My uneducated fingers seemed to hit the right spot. She closed her thighs trapping my hand in between them. This made me more eager to please and I moved my finger furiously inside her.

I inserted a second and then a third finger, She pulled my other hand & moved it to area just over her pussy. As I finger fucked her & gently massaged her pussy Arti Bhabi begun rocking her hips more and more and was taking a more active role in the finger fucking. Suddenly she whispered, "Oh, Yessssssss do it here only, keep your hand right there." Hearing the sexuality of her voice at this moment completely turned me on. Arti Bhabi again spoke, this time with more urgency in her voice, "Fuck me faster." I did as commanded and greatly increased the speed of my finger fucking. At this point my whole hand was covered with her pussy juice. She almost cried, "Ohhhh yessssssssss," & slumped. I continued to finger fuck her as her cries died down.

The room was silent for a few moments except for the sound of Arti Bhabi’s heavy breathing. As my hand was full of her juices I decided to wash them & pulled up, Bhabi pulled me back & took hold of my hand around wrist and slowly brought them to my mouth and said softly, "Taste it. Taste me." I was shocked, but did as instructed, slowly and uncertainly. It tasted like salty gum at first, but I really don’t know it was the excitement or what I enjoyed the taste. Bhabi smiled as she watched me lick my fingers. She released my hand and stood up and walked over to bathroom. I joined her. She cleaned her pussy with water & I washed my hand.

Bhabi led me back to the bed and guided me so that I was lying on my back.

She leaned over and began to suck my cock. She began sucking and licking urgently. In addition to her mouth she also brought both hands to my cock to bring it back to life. This was a much different blowjob than she gave me yesterday. My Cock was back to life in no time & then Bhabi held my cock with one hand as she lowered herself onto me. Soon I was securely inside her & she dropped all the way down so that my cock was fully imbedded in her. Bhabi then started moving her hips back and forth. I held her tightly between my thighs.

“Suck my Boobs Naveen.” and stuck those incredible boobs in my face. I sucked at them hungrily, not even thinking about what I was trying to do. I bit them. She started to grind up and down on me, too fast for me to keep sucking on her tits. They rubbed all over my face.

“Good, move your hips, you need to fuck me now.”

I started pounding into her, not worrying about hurting her, not worrying if it felt good for her, just slamming into her cunt.

I tried to keep rhythm with her movements. Each move sent intense sensations through my body. My breathing became more heavy with each thrust.

"Yessss!" she hissed. "Do it! Harderrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

Suddenly, sensations exploded in my body & I filled her pussy with my cum.

"Sooooo gooood!" she whispered as she moved her hips slowly back and forth, her eyes closed. I watched her, as my limp cock slipped out of the wet pussy.

Bhabi moved & slipped by my side. We stayed like that for quite a while.

Biting me on my ear lobes she whispered, this is your second lesson & more are to come. Your wife is going to remember me for making you a prefect lover.

After a while Bhabi pulled the towel lying nearby & cleaned my thighs & cock. I looked up into her eyes.

"I hope we can do this again, soon," “ I am eager to learn more from you” I whispered.

She kissed me on the cheek. & said I am eager to teach you , you are a good student for me” “My only advise “NO HOMEWORK"

"Thank you," I should probably be going," I said.

She stood up & said “You’ve learned enough for now I will take your test tomorrow same time," & started to gather my clothing which is strewn all about the room.

I stood and quickly got dressed, with one last look back at Bhabi, I left her house.

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