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Artist's Surprise


Working as an artist gave me plenty of access to beautiful naked women. What many people wouldn't believe was my dedication to my profession and my personal ethics prevented me from using this to my advantage. So many people thought that I was using a pickup line when I asked to draw or paint them. My involvement was not only in doing the work, but I also modeled for others. Standing in at 6'2 and 210 pounds, my athletic physique was ideal for use. I wasn't shy about my body either. I guess having 8 inches of prowess gives a guy some confidence when put on display.

When someone enjoyed the idea, they fantasized about experiencing the spontaneous passion that was born in the creative process. I have to admit that I did fantasize about those women myself. I just couldn't act on those urges. That was until one incredible experience opened my world to a new dimension.

I had taken an amazing woman as my partner, both in business and life. Jenny could be any man's fantasy. She was 5'7" and lean. Her wavy strawberry blonde hair framed her blue/grey eyes perfectly and her light complexion made those eyes glow. Her breasts were full and supple, but her legs and ass looked as if Rodin had carved them himself. She was statuesque.

She and I were an ideal pair. She understood and encouraged my love of the human figure. She often posed for me, but wasn't upset or judgmental if I wanted to use another model. As I said, she was my partner. She could trust me and she was a tremendous help when I worked.

Having a woman in my studio usually put my models at ease if they were there for the first time. Jenny could also help in posing them, by either demonstrating what I was looking for or by adjusting them to my desire. As a model herself, she knew to provide comforts such as water and heaters or fans as needed.

One day, I had a new model in. She was a young woman Jenny had recruited while at the park. A little shorter than Jenny, Rachel had a body that was built for man's pleasure. Her chest was not as prominent, but her backside filled out her spandex jogging pants with mastery. She knew her assets and flaunted them well.

I heard a knock at the door. I was getting the last of my props in place as Jenny went to answer the door and invited Rachel in.

"I'm so glad you didn't change your mind. Paul had just about got everything ready for you. Did you have any problems finding the place?"

"Nah, your directions are just like I like them. Simple and direct with plenty of markers along the way. This is a pretty nice place. I didn't know what to expect."

Jenny led Rachel in to the studio where I was. I was very impressed with our new friend. I don't think I was quite what she expected to see either.

"Hi, I'm Paul" I said as I took her hand into mine. My smile was warm and flirtatious. "Did Jenny show you any of my work or tell you about what I do?"

"Yeah, she talked about it with me. She said you were really amazing with your hands."

"I guess you'll find out. She does tell me that I'm blessed all the time" I said with a wink. I pointed her to a small changing area behind a dressing screen. As she walked away, my gaze followed her long black hair down her back to that full, firm derriere that was described to me. As I scooped my tongue back into my mouth, I saw that Jenny had noticed my stare and smiled coyly.

Rachel emerged from behind the screen wearing the silk robe that I had bought Jenny for Valentine's Day. It was white with red trim. My cock stirred in my pants.

I described my pose to her and told her that I would take a few photos of her first and then get to the drawing. This way I'd have some reference to work with after she had left. She removed the robe and sat on the couch. Jenny came over with some skin oils to rub on her.

"The oils help to reflect the light." she told Rachel in a soft, reassuring tone.

The scene unfolding before me was the most erotic sight my eyes had known. Jenny eased up to her and started massaging the oil on to her shoulders. She lightly rubbed down Rachel's arms and over to her waist. Working her way up her torso, Jenny took expert care in her delicate nature to caress the breasts of our model. As I watched, I sensed a degree of desire in my love's finger tips while they tickled erect nipples and danced upon the dark areola, arousing our model unexpectedly.

Jenny went back to Rachel's hips, pouring a line of the lavender oil down the length of her bare thigh. Her soft hands moved without hesitation right behind it, kneading the sultry curves. Rachel's mouth let out a slight moan when Jenny had found her way to the meeting of her cleanly shaven pussy and her inner thigh. I don't think either woman wanted to work any further. I know I was having a hard time concentrating on my original goal with the raging hard-on I had, barely contained behind my zipper. As Jenny had now left the hot spot and was finishing the knees and calfs of Rachel, our model glanced to me from the corner of her eye and saw me rubbing the manhood that ached to thrust out to her. Jenny kissed Rachel's toes when she had finished and excused herself for a moment.

Rachel smiled coyly when she reached her left hand to the back of her thigh and up towards her hidden treasure. From the expression on her face, I could she she had run her finger along her wet slit. Then Rachel tasted her fingers, teasing me before she took one of the strawberries from the bowl of fruit I had next to her.

"Right there! Hold it!" I exclaimed.

As difficult as it was, the pose had revealed itself. I snapped a couple of shots and began to adjust the lighting. After a few minutes had passed, I was happy with the layout and took a few more pictures. I gathered up my sketchpad and soft pastels and began laying in my masses of color.

Jenny came back into the room with another bowl of strawberries and some bottled water.

"Would ya like a bite, baby?" she asked me. "Yeah, I feel like nibbling on something!" I teased back to her. My hands were already covered in the pastels, so she generously fed me one of the larger berries. When I bit down into it, I could detect the unmistakable scent of her sex. I guess that the preparation just a few minutes earlier had been a touch too erotic for my lovely girlfriend and she had to let her fingers loose upon her own velvety lips.

A slight drop of juice trickled from the corner of my mouth, but Jenny quickly caught it with a kiss, which I gladly returned. There are many arousing things in this world, but to me, none better than a great kiss. And this woman was a great kisser. The hungered sound of the desiring model broke our kiss.

"Would you like a berry too?"

"Only if you can feed it to me the same way you did to him."

Jenny walked to the couch. She took another berry from the bowl as she knelt beside Rachel. She slowly placed the tip of the red fruit on her lips, inviting Rachel towards her. Rachel's mouth took it in with subtle care. Her full lips wrapped around the fruit as she lightly bit into it. Just as with me, a little droplet of juice escaped and Jenny quickly seized it with her own mouth. She suckled on the corner of Rachel's opened mouth like she had tasted the sweetest place on earth.

Rachel turned to kiss Jenny fully. Jenny's hand slid up Rachel's now parted thigh, up towards her dripping wet treasure box. As Jenny began massaging our model's vulva, she leaned her head back allowing Rachel to kiss along the pulse of her neck. While Rachel was lightly rocking her hips to match the push of my girlfriend's hand, she unbuttoned the white cotton blouse Jenny was wearing to expose her large DD tits. Jenny had probably removed her bra when she excused herself earlier.

After Rachel had lustily had her way with those huge breasts that I knew so well, Jenny leaned over and licked up the inner thigh to where her fingers were. They had found the tasty, sweet and deliciously wet fruit of Rachel's peach. Jenny darted her tongue along the lips and clit. The combination of her tongue matched with her fingers on Rachel's g-spot sent Rachel into a screaming orgasm. Jenny never relented and drank of the nectar flowing from our friend.

Rachel leaned over the couch and pulled up my girlfriend's flowing black skirt, exposing her sculpted bare ass to me. No need for panties. She knew what she would be doing when she came back into this room. Rachel motioned for Jenny to bring her leg astride her own body and get into 69.

Jenny loved to have her pussy eaten and Rachel was obviously no stranger to it. I always thought of myself skilled in cunnilingous, but who better to know a woman than another woman? When Jenny neared her own orgasm, she leaned back, allowing Rachel to put more pressure on her clit. She squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples while climaxing atop our beautiful friend's face.

The sight had long proved too much for me to take and I had shed my clothes before my girlfriend had straddled her new lover. Now, I had to remind the two of them that I was still in the room.

I walked over to the side of the couch where Jenny was, truly enjoying the sight of Rachel laying beneath her. With Jenny's back arched, I guided my strong hands down her neck to her full, round tits. Although they were large, they fit well into my trained hands. Her head dropped back and her soft locks of hair felt like satin ribbons as they draped around my fully erect cock.

She turned her head and motioned me around to the front of the couch. Still grinding her wet pussy on Rachel, she tasted the precum at the tip. Jenny took my dick into her mouth lovingly. Her oral talent was far extended beyond her ability to kiss. She rhythmically bobbed along my shaft and massaged my balls simultaneously.

Rachel had emerged from beneath our lover to kneel behind her. Peering her head around, Rachel kissed the nape of Jenny's neck while Jenny continued to swallow my length. Jenny turned her head with my cock still in her mouth. She opened her lips and the two visions shared a kiss along the head of my manhood. Rachel then took me into her mouth while Jenny licked down my shaft and sucked my scrotum.

"Oh God, I'm gonna cum!"

Rachel seemed to suck even harder for the next couple of strokes until I exploded into her mouth. She wantingly took all of my cum into her. Jenny quickly met her with a deep kiss and they shared my taste together.

I sat on the couch with them. I pulled Jenny to me. She straddled my lap and pushed my still erect cock into her soaked cunt. I thrust deep inside her, filling her with pleasure. Rachel sat on the arm of the couch rubbing the nub of her ecstasy as she watched me piston in and out of my lover. I held Jenny's ass and eased my fingers towards her brown rosebud.

Using the juice from our sex, I lubed my finger and gently pushed it into her ass. The added sensation quickly pushed her into an intense orgasm and her pussy clamped hard down on my dick. She collapsed on to me. Taking Rachel's free hand, Jenny rolled off of me and pulled our model to take her place.

Rachel wasted no time in shoving all eight inches of my hard sex deep into her small frame. She fucked me wildly. It seemed like her sexual life had been waiting for this moment and she was absolutely not going to miss out on the experience. She felt tighter than Jenny. I'm sure she hadn't been fucked as recently as Jenny had though, since love making was a large part of our morning wake up routine.

With an untamed energy, Rachel was grinding her pelvis against me. Jenny regained herself a little and reached over, fondling my scrotum again. She knew the added feeling drove me over the edge every time.

"I'm gonna cum again!"

With that, Rachel pulled off of my and leaned into me, kissing me passionately. Jenny jacked me off, blasting another full load all over Rachel's firm ass cheeks. Panting heavily, I rubbed my love juice on her sweating flesh. I looked into Jenny's adoring eyes and kissed her.

"I guess this changes our protocol." I said as our lips parted. "And you, you can definitely model for me again."

"Oh I intend to, Paul. You will see much more of me. Jenny and I had already discussed that in the park."

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