tagToys & MasturbationAs I Woke Up This Morning

As I Woke Up This Morning


Let me tell you about this morning...... not sure if it was a dream.... or the good nights sleep.... or just my wandering mind.... but I woke up this morning, with a very clear picture of you sitting naked on the futon.... I was kneeling down with your cock in my mouth.... tears rolling down the side of my cheeks because I was thrusting it deep into my throat....looking up and seeing the look of pleasure on your face... feeling your hands in my hair.... pulling through it as you pushed my face down while simultaneously pushing your hips up....

Got up and into the shower..... tried to stay focused.... washed my hair.... shaved my legs.... and then I pulled the shower head down and changed the water stream... to allow it to dance across my very swollen clit....the pressure of the water.... applying pressure to different places.... moving it around on my clit as you do with your fingers.... imagined you watching me.... which made me even more turned on... putting on a show as you watch me... you taking in every detail.... held that toy against my clit until I honestly couldn't take it another second... and realized I had forgotten to put conditioner on my hair....so I did so..... and waited while it made my hair soft and tangle free.... but again, I had time... and still had this image of you naked...

So I took down the shower head again... and held it against my clit..this time... you were sleeping in my bed... but heard the shower go on.... realized I had been in there for a while and came into the bathroom....quietly... you peeked into the shower and I was leaning against the wall.... head thrown back... eyes shut tightly....water held out in front of me.... as my hips moved by instinct to the pressure that the stream of water was delivering.... had my shoulders against the wall... and literally on my tip toes as my hips were pushed toward the shower door... where you were standing, in my mind, watching every single second of this show....

I finally decided that light headed was a thing to be corrected and changed the water stream to rinse the conditioner out of my hair....dried off.... into a silky nightie.... and started to get ready for work.... my mind was still wandering this morning, though.... not sure what it was.....the thought of you fucking me from behind as I kneel on the computer room floor... and you are on the futon....I actually saw the full moon and just looking at it out my bathroom window did put me on the pool deck... standing on the second step.... and your nice hard cock in between my lips....

After I got my hair brushed out, I went into my closet... and looked at the huge bag of toys I have....then an evil thought crossed my mind.... the strap on... the one that I was so eager to use on Lynda as you watched.... I had never tried it... maybe it was not any good.... it is a different material than most of my toys... you made a comment about how it felt....then my mind wandered to the last time we were with Lynda.... and how much I enjoyed that.... how the look of pleasure across your face makes me wet as hell.... how seeing your head move between her legs and listening to her moan can make my pussy throb...So, I got the strap on out of the bag... and got the bullet that vibrates...

The combination that I used on Lynda, the bullet and my toy with ridges, feels good, so I decided to try this combination with the strap on as the toy.... honestly, after thinking about you naked all morning... I had this urge for something inside my pussy... not just teasing my clit.....I laid back... and spread my legs... first putting the bullet, turned on... onto my nice wet clit..... the thoughts so far had me wet..... I rubbed that across my pussy for just a few minutes before I began to slide the strap on into my pussy.....Oh baby..... the strap on is very nice.....I slid it in and out of my pussy... moving the bullet to see how it felt.... it is nice and thick... and feels very good...

I closed my eyes as I did this... and saw me fucking Lynda as you watched for a little bit.... holding her hips.... driving this fake cock of mine deep into her.... knowing she will moan so nicely... and I will be able to see how turned on you get from this scene.... she is on her hands and knees in this image in my head.... I am standing on the side of the bed.... and you are right next to us, stroking your cock with your nice strong hand.....I continue to slide this cock into my pussy here.... and the feel of it is tremendous....but again, I am so horny this morning that I can barely stand it....

In my head... you move so you can slide your cock into me.... since Lynda thinks this would be 'neat'..... she can turn her head to the right, and see this entire scene in the mirror on my dresser.... my hands on her hips... your hands on mine..... as I picture this occurring, I put the vibrating bullet back onto my clit... while continuing to slide the strap on in and out.....my legs were so wide and my pussy was absolutely soaked.....the combination of this thick toy cock... and the attention at my clit and I came so hard and deep... nothing like the day you gave me that g spot orgasm (he he ) but a nice deep cum.... of course, since that thought popped into my head at that moment... I kept going and came a second time with the strap on.....

When I slid it out of my pussy..... it was covered with cum..... I looked at it and saw my cum in all the cracks and crevices that it had....I got up to wash it off... and admired this toy... next time... straight out of the bathroom and into her pussy with it... she is going to enjoy this toy, I am sure of it... and the best part is.... so are you!!

C K & L

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