'As if' Gerald



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Not a

truth or

a dare,

just an



Neither Andre - nor Jerry - understood how, or why, Sarah's husband was OK with her being out so late - in company like this, in general, nor allowing her participation in a game of 'spin the bottle', in particular! They also both noticed, separately, that Sarah's husband hadn't objected or 'bitten' on the blatant challenges they'd put to this guy.

Andre wondered if receiving an MMS of his married wife in mixed company, clad - from the waist up - in only a bra would draw protests? On the other hand, maybe Sarah's husband was just fine with the situation? Andre found that difficult to comprehend, but his competitive streak somehow drove him to find out, while his better judgment, told him not to broadcast - to the group - the fact that he'd sent the provocative MMS to their 'virtual participant'.

Most importantly, both Andre and Jerry had the distinct sense that while - in some ways - Sarah hadn't minded flirting, in front of her husband, during the beginning of the game - even though it was via SMS - the gorgeous woman wouldn't mind if Gerald now totally evaporated from the picture altogether, so that she could get on with letting the game take it's natural course, free from distractions - like her husband...

Jerry, busy refilling Sarah, Mandy and Stephanie's shot glasses, had arrived at very similar conclusions to his new-found-friend, Andre. Gerald's participation - in the first part of the game - was interesting, but the sight of Sarah's slender torso, and barely constrained tits covered by the tight-fitting sexy bra she'd chosen to wear tonight, was making him think twice about any unnecessary reminders to her - or Mandy, for that matter - that they were married. His main desire now, was to get Sarah alone - somehow - and undress her IRL! He'd had enough of undressing her in his head!

Stephanie, unlike her MILF colleagues, was vacillating between states of reckless abandonment and sheer panic, which were mutually exclusive - and impossible to reconcile. On the one hand, the buzz she was enjoying and relaxed fun she was having with her colleagues and new friends, indicated she should just 'let things go' for the evening. Everyone needed to do that, didn't they? After all, Sarah and Mandy seemed to be having no problems whatsoever with letting the game they'd all begun follow the very naughty course that seemed to be evolving in the small, but neat bachelor pad.

On the other hand, Sarah and Jerry were colleagues. If something happened between them - which seemed very possible - judging by how comfortable Sarah seemed to be - despite the fact that her husband knew - more or less - that his wife was in a bit of a compromising situation, to say the least... Well, it all seemed a bit complicated up till now and didn't show any signs of becoming less so!

However, just then, Stephanie felt a tap on her shoulder and, turning around, accepted a shot glass of vodka from their smiling host. She was by no means any big-drinker and was amazed at how smoothly the chilled Vodka had gone down that evening - it was as if it had no effect at all! Everyone accepted a shot glass from Jerry and settled back into their places around the low coffee table in his living room.

'One more drink. If things get too weird, I can just leave,' Stephanie decided, feeling her attitude swing in the direction of 'letting nature take its' course.'

Gerald - as he opened the MMS photo from Andre - could scarcely believe his eyes! The quality of the cell-phone photo wasn't all that great, but there was no doubt, whatsoever, that both Sarah and their mutual friend, Mandy, were sitting together, on a stylish, black couch - without their shirts on! The photo was a candid, and the girls appeared to be talking with someone else, outside the viewfinder's image. There was a guy that Gerald didn't recognize, in the background, walking toward the couch, with what looked like a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka.

The natural, 'un-posed' quality of the photo made Gerald wonder if Sarah, Mandy and the guy with the bottle were even aware the photo had been taken. Gerald concluded - correctly - that Sarah would probably never agree to be photographed in such circumstances, especially if she knew her husband was going to be sent a copy! On the other hand, there was no denying that it looked as though the small group was enjoying themselves! Gerald wondered if the guy carrying the Vodka was 'Jerry', as the MMS had come from Andre's phone. If it was, Gerald wondered if Jerry knew that Vodka - in some situations - was Sarah's 'Achilles Heel'! More than anything else, the MMS Andre sent to Gerald underlined the fact that the game of 'spin the bottle' was indeed very real. For sure no kind of fabrication on his wife's part!

And with the information he now had, Gerald knew that if he didn't do anything, the game could get out of hand - very quickly! He guessed Sarah had no way of knowing about the humiliating MMS Andre had sent him, rubbing his face in the fact that the guys in the apartment were enjoying a view of his wife that normally he alone should've been privileged to see. In that sense, this evening was a lot like the 'Temptation Island' TV show, which Andre had referred to a couple of times during the evening.

And neither did Sarah know of Stephanie's attempts to warn Gerald that the game was taking a potentially dangerous turn. The presence of Mandy complicated things even further. Both Sarah and Gerald were friends with Mandy. And the fact that Sarah was walking dangerously close to the boundary that separated fidelity and infidelity would not escape her notice. But equally obvious was the fact that Mandy was having 'her own fun' tonight. The two attractive women had obviously suspended the norms of 'real life' for the evening; escaping the 'real world' that made up their respective -- and respectable -- demanding, multifaceted lives...

Gerald's situation was complicated. Everyone in the game knew that Sarah was in a very compromising position - almost certainly the target of a thinly disguised seduction. On top of that, there was Gerald's knowledge that several mutual acquaintances, even a friend - Mandy - were not only fully aware of the situation's impropriety, but equally aware that he knew what was going on - and was thus stepping aside - for another man to potentially make a play for his wife! These circumstances paralyzed Gerald with erotic arousal akin to a slow motion train wreck. There was no way he was going to interfere with his wife's true desires, nor interfere with anyone that tried to tempt her beyond their wedding vows. The fact that others knew - and probably wouldn't understand any better than he did - was not only something he could live with, the humiliation only further aroused him - although he couldn't explain why...

In the apartment, the group paused to raise their glasses in a toast. Each of the participants had a different take on the situation immediately in front of them, but it was one of those magically warm summer nights ... Anything seemed possible, and as the smooth Vodka went down, the participants had high expectations!

On her turn, now, Sarah spun the bottle, and sighed as it pointed squarely at Stephanie. She'd been hoping for the bottle to point at Jerry, so that she might think of a dare that would accelerate events - in private...

"Truth," Stephanie stated, as she had every time the bottle ended up pointing at her during the evening.

Sarah couldn't really think of a question - she liked answering questions - and getting dares - a lot better than thinking them up. An idea flashed in her mind.

"Can you keep a secret? Like 'What's said and done in our game - stays in our game?' " Sarah asked mysteriously.

"Yes!" Stephanie answered quickly, meaning it and wondering what dark secret her colleague was going to try and illicit from her!

"And you're sure that's the truth?" Sarah smiled.

"Yes," Stephanie answered impatiently.

"OK, then, your turn - spin the bottle." Sarah smirked, very pleased with herself for moving through her turn so quickly, while at the same time communicating - in an oblique manner - the expectations she hoped the young woman would respect - whatever happened tonight...

Stephanie spun the bottle and it pointed at Andre, who answered 'Truth' and ended up telling the group - at Stephanie's request - that he 'Most probably would not act like a gentleman if the game continued.' His answer - and the smile he flashed - as he looked around the small living room - made Mandy and Sarah smile. It made Stephanie gulp.

Andre spun and laughed, self-confidently, as the bottle settled on Mandy, who - equally confident - requested a 'dare.'

Andre paused to weigh his words, Sarah and Stephanie wondered if this might be the tipping point in the game - where the stakes were raised a bit...

"I dare you to give me a lap dance," Andre said, letting the explicitly erotic dare hang in the air like a helium balloon...

Stephanie's eyes blinked with alarm. Jerry cleared his throat, admiring their new friend's boldness, but hoping such a potentially blatant request wouldn't scare the girls and kill off the potential the game had - right up to the moment Andre made his play...

"Well OK," Mandy smiled, rising to her feet and confidently tossing her shot of Vodka in the same motion, "But in private."

Mandy held out her hand to Andre and led him across the living room, entered Jerry's bedroom and closed the door!

"So whose turn is it?" Stephanie asked nervously, not quite believing that Andre had asked Mandy to do a lap dance - or that Mandy had agreed!

As the sound of music began thumping behind Jerry's closed bedroom door, Jerry grabbed the bottle and said "My turn," at the same time pointing the bottle directly at Sarah, rather than bothering to spin it!

Jerry sensed that this was a 'use it or lose it' situation. Since Andre took Mandy out of play - for no telling how long - the game's potential, especially since Stephanie was still around, for something really interesting to happen between him and Sarah had just diminished significantly - except if he took decisive action. He guessed that his 'play' would either scare Sarah off, in which case things just weren't meant to be, or - on the other hand - he was finally going to get to fulfill his fantasies and fuck his hot colleague!

"Truth or dare?"

Jerry tried to sound much more confident than he was. Sarah was gorgeous, and forced a moment of pause on most men who were interested in her when even contemplating making a move. Her one weakness may've been her unfailing inability to come to terms with, much less detect, guys who were interested in her, most of whom suffered in silence, lusting from an emotionally safe and highly anonymous distance. That had never been the case with Jerry, though, who had never done anything to disguise his admiration and frankly - lust - for Sarah.

"Dare," Sarah answered excitedly, wishing she had 'super powers' and could make Stephanie vanish.

Stephanie wasn't totally clueless though and realized she was clearly a third-wheel now.

"I gotta early morning guys," Stephanie lied, quickly getting up and moving toward the door.

"You don't have to go," Sarah said rhetorically, her mind screaming 'This's no time to be polite!'

The truth was that Sarah was elated that Stephanie was excusing herself!

Sarah walked to the door with Stephanie, wanting to say something that would rationalize the fact that the reason she was leaving was to give her married colleague some privacy, with a man who wanted to seduce her.

Realizing there was really no way to gloss over what was going on, Sarah simply said, "See you Monday."

The door clicked shut. The thought quickly flashed through Sarah's mind - She should simply grab her coat, purse and blurt out she needed to go as well! Before something happened that shouldn't...

But Stephanie was gone now. And the music - coming from behind Jerry's closed bedroom door - was louder than it had been a few minutes ago...

Sarah took a deep breath and turned around....

As she turned to face Jerry, Sarah's eyes widened with surprise, Jerry was standing in the middle of the living room, wearing a mischievous smile. In his right hand was a scarf from Sarah's sauna bag. One that she'd brought along, in case the evening got chilly.

"Time for your dare," Jerry began. "I need to use the restroom. While I'm in there, please go out on the terrace and wait for me, OK?"

"Not much of a dare," quipped Sarah.

"Your dare is to leave your shorts in here. Once you're on the terrace, blindfold yourself with this," Jerry requested, giving Sarah the lightweight, black and green scarf. "I'll be out in a few minutes."

Sarah walked over to the sliding door that opened to Jerry's terrace. As Jerry lived on the top floor apartment of his building - and because his building was the highest one in his neighborhood, there was no one with a direct view to the terrace. It was late summer and the sun was down. Outside, a warm, balmy, velvet darkness awaited Sarah - if she chose to follow-through with Jerry's dare.

If Sarah slipped her fashionable tan shorts over her full, rounded hips and stepped across the threshold into the warm night air - and waited for her young colleague wearing nothing but her bra and matching thong - and a blindfold - there was no mistaking what would happen next...

Jerry guessed that his dare would be carried out by his adventurous, curvaceous, colleague and walked out of the living room, into the short corridor that led to his bathroom. He walked back into the living room a few moments later. To his satisfaction, he confirmed the living room was indeed empty, that the sliding door to his large terrace was fully opened and that Sarah's tan shorts had been conspicuously left on the stylish hardwood birch floor, immediately in front of the entrance to his oversize, private terrace!

Jerry didn't fully know exactly what to expect as he slowly, but very confidently, sauntered toward the terrace, savoring the anticipation of consummating the evening. But he had correctly deduced that the gorgeous MILF, waiting for him on his terrace, was dying to be fucked - and fucked hard. Jerry didn't understand why Sarah's husband hadn't interfered with the events of the evening that'd led to this moment - why a guy would let his wife get in a situation where this could happen. But he had no problem with helping himself to Gerald's gorgeous wife...


The night of the truth or dare game had been an 'elephant in Gerald and Sarah's living room' all week. Sarah hadn't come home that night. She'd instead opted to freshen up in Mandy's hotel room, after the pair of svelte beauties left Jerry's apartment around 06:00. Neither of them had stayed out all night in circumstances quite like this before and the two friends shared a lot of laughs, along with several embarrassing silences, as they tried to 'talk about their evening without talking about certain parts of it'. Mandy and Sarah shared a quick breakfast and Mandy checked out, catching a cab to the airport for her flight home. Sarah caught a cab home.

Much to Sarah's relief, she heard Gerald snoring, in his den, as she tried to enter the house as quietly as possible. She guessed he'd fallen asleep in his Barcalounger. Sarah tip-toed past the closed door to the den. The last thing she wanted to do was risk waking Gerald, as he'd undoubtedly be full of anxious questions that she just couldn't deal with right now...

Sarah collapsed, alone into her bed and awakened to the nastiest hangover she'd ever had. She grimaced, knowing she needed to head back into the office ASAP - despite the fact it was the weekend - to prepare an important presentation for early Monday morning.

Her professional schedule - along with Gerald's - had been brutal during the following week. Combined with getting their kids to their hobbies, eating in quick shifts and trying to keep on top of day-to-day household chores, the couple had '0% free time' to discuss 'what happened'.

Sarah knew that Gerald was dying to know what - if anything - had happened after he'd dropped out, or - more precisely - 'had been dropped out' of the steamy game of 'spin the bottle'.

She wasn't at all sure how to broach the topic. If she was honest with herself she would've been perfectly content if she and Gerald never spoke of the game - ever!

Sarah had been against the idea of including Gerald in the game from the beginning. Once Sarah was in 'social mode', especially in mixed company, the truth was that her husband was the furthest thing from her mind. However, Stephanie had been so adamant about including Gerald, even though it'd all started out as a joke... And once the others, especially Mandy and - curiously Jerry - had jumped on the bandwagon, Sarah, against her better judgment, had caved in to her colleague's bizarre request.

Ironically, Sarah knew Gerald would be absolutely thrilled to get a running account of such a potentially steamy situation. In fact, Sarah often wondered why she didn't tease him via phone with erotic tidbits once in awhile - maybe even fabricate them. She'd sometimes thought - usually at times it wasn't possible, that this would potentially be such a low-cost form of foreplay that'd give her husband a quick thrill and glimpse into her highly active erotic imagination... Perhaps better - and even less expensive - than a DVD rental...

Of course, the problem with Jerry's party and the game of 'spin the bottle/truth of dare' was that the game had actually taken an erotic turn that didn't lend itself to 'sharing' with Gerald (or anyone for that matter), at least in Sarah's mind.

Friday evening arrived and, as Gerald unloaded a load of groceries he'd picked up on the way home from work, Sarah noticed that the first thing he did was slip a bottle of her favorite Chilean Chardonnay into the refrigerator. Gerald was obviously in a relaxed mood and had made a point - a couple times during the past few weeks - that he had nothing planned over the weekend and was looking forward to some well-deserved quality time! Sarah knew - in 'Gerald-speak' - that this translated into 'We're going to discuss what happened last Saturday night...'

Gerald, for his part, knew that Sarah dreaded discussing last Saturday night/Sunday morning as intensely as he desired it. He was well aware that this erotic tension - if approached correctly - could lead the couple into a highly aroused state - as long as he kept in mind the fundamental fact that the reasons they both were aroused by what happened were completely different.

This was a delicate balancing act, akin to two persons on a metaphorical tightrope, a tightrope that was unstable because it was anchored to moving points of departure...

Gerald guessed - and hoped - that even though Sarah would gladly pretend last weekend 'didn't exist', her knowledge and 100% certainty that the things which 'did happen' would drive him over the edge with arousal, combined with a nice bottle of wine (to lower her inhibitions, a bit) would allow her to open up.

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