tagIncest/TabooAs Susie Slept

As Susie Slept


This is a work of fiction dealing with incest. If you do not enjoy Daddy/Daughter sex, you may want to avoid this one.

Many thanks to Rache141 for the editorial assistance, and to Susie for the encouragement!


It was late on a Friday evening, and my family and I had just finished watching a movie on television. My wife Sandy and I were on the couch with our daughter Susan (or Susie as I most often referred to her) planted safely between us. At 18, Susie was certainly no longer a little girl, but still loved to snuggle every bit as much as she did as a child. I was more than willing to give into her desires as I loved my daughter dearly, and always wanted to make her happy.

My Wife said aloud as the credits rolled, "Okay Susan, time for bed."

"But Mom, I'm not tired yet," Susie whined, her head cocked to the side with a sad look on her pretty face.

"It's late young lady, and you've got work in the morning, now off you go," my bride said firmly, ignoring the puppy dog eyes staring back at her. Susie looked at me for support, but I knew better than to argue with Sandy when she was in one of her moods.

Sue sulked a bit, but leaned into my wife and gave her a goodnight kiss on the cheek, then prepared to do the same with me. When she leaned across my body, her small hand landed squarely on my cock as she steadied herself for the kiss. Feeling her weight on my most sensitive spot, my body lurched forward a bit, pressing my lips firmly onto hers. Susie was surely surprised by the force of our faces colliding, but still gave me a soft kiss on the lips, then bounded off towards her room. She was wearing a short lavender nighty which went to no more than mid-thigh, and I wasn't able to take my eyes off of her swaying hips until she disappeared from view.

I felt a huge pang in my groin when my daughter touched me, and blood flowed to my cock like a shot, yet I'm ashamed to admit it was not the first time I'd experienced that type of reaction around her. Sue had a sweet, outgoing personality that seemed to draw people in, which was quite different from my all too stoic wife. She also had an amazing mane of strawberry blonde hair, which contrasted perfectly with her lovely fair skin, and enchanting hazel eyes. At times I'd often found myself wanting to get closer to her and actually looked for opportunities to hold and kiss her whenever possible, always trying to appear purely fatherly and innocent.

Movie nights most often played out the same. Sue was afraid of horror movies and would cling to me throughout the scary scenes, yet for some reason she often chose them, the creepier the better. Those evenings on the couch together offered me long periods of touching which I loved, yet I was left feeling empty when I had to kiss my baby goodnight and watch her walk to her room all alone while I retired to my room with a frigid wife. I missed the days when I would carry Susie to bed after she fell asleep, and tuck her safely into bed.

I snapped out of my day dream when I heard the television click off, and my wife turned and asked, "Are you coming to bed now dear?"

"In a minute sweetheart," I told her, not wanting to get up with the lump living in my pants. She nodded and headed off towards our room, while I took a few deep breaths to calm my nerves. My erection slowly deflated as I tried to think of anything other than my baby girl; work, the stock market, anything. When my hard on was somewhat under control, I headed for the bathroom to get ready for bed. As I brushed my teeth in my still semi-aroused state, my thoughts turned to my wife, and I hoped she'd be open for a quickie before bed. I finished my business and headed towards our room, praying for the best.

Once in the bedroom, I pulled off my shirt, slipped off my pants and slid into bed alongside Sandy in only my boxers. I snuggled up to her and kissed her with passion, displaying my obvious interest. "Not tonight Tom, I'm too tired," she said and pushed me away. Frustrated with my spouse and the events from earlier on the couch, I rolled over and fell into a restless sleep.

In my dream state, my mind rapidly wandered around many random images. After a while, visions of my daughter Susan appeared, and soon she became the star of my fantasy world. Suddenly I was seeing just the two of us alone, she and I sitting next to one another on the sofa much like earlier in the evening. Yet when she leaned over to kiss me goodnight, I was not wearing pants and her small hand landed squarely upon my naked prick. She seemed very surprised and said, "You're naked Daddy," yet her hand never left my groin. She then closed her small palm around the shaft and stated, "It's so hard and warm Dad." Without my saying a word, she slowly began stroking my erection in her tiny hand, all the while staring directly at me with her penetrating hazel eyes.

I awoke with a jolt and bolted upright in bed, my cock pulsating in my shorts. Sweat formed on my brow as I replayed the sexy images in my brain, before shaking my head back into reality. My eyes scanned the room and found the sleeping form of my wife, which ensured the previous amazing visions had only been a dream. Part of me was relieved to discover that it had all been an illusion, yet truthfully the darker part of myself was left feeling a deep sense of disappointment.

My mouth had become parched, so I pulled back the covers and headed off towards the kitchen to get a cold drink. I took a slow pull off a bottle of water, and stood at the fridge for a long moment to let the cold air wash over me and cool my overheated skin. My mind tried desperately to come to grips with my feelings, and I attempted to rationalize recent events as best as I could. It was all about Susie's contact with my crotch I tried to tell myself, but deep down I knew that was a lie. My dark desires for her had become too hard to ignore, and were invading my thoughts more often day by day.

After a long while, I closed the refrigerator door and headed back to bed, every bit as uneasy as when I awoke. As I passed Susie's room I saw the door was open a crack, so I stopped and put my ear to it, listening for signs of life. All I could hear was the soft, rhythmic sounds of her breathing, and it made my skin tingle as all my hairs stood on end. I stood pressed to her door, body quivering, and those all too familiar feelings raced back to me. My cock swelled in my shorts, and I inexplicably pushed the door open a bit further to gaze upon the sleeping form of my daughter. The only light was cast from her alarm clock and a full moon through her windows, barely illuminating her lovely face, framed sweetly by her soft fair hair.

My mind and body were being tormented, and I was wracked with both passion and self-loathing at the same time. My crazed sexual side won out, and I quietly pushed the door wide open, and softly crept into the room. I quietly tiptoed over to the side of Susie's bed and peered down at her, soaking up her captivating beauty. My heart skipped a beat as I understood how immensely lucky I was to have her, yet I was burning with desire to see more. I knelt down next to the bed and softly whispered, "Susan."

Nothing, so I whispered again, just a touch louder, "Susie." Only the sound of her soft breathing filled my ears and my lust driven mind moved me forward. I slowly reached my hands to the covers bunched up around her waist, took them in my shaking palms, and gently pulled them down her torso. I only stopped when her body was revealed to her knees, and she stirred slightly and mumbled, yet thankfully remained asleep, or so I hoped. I lustfully ran my eyes over her wonderful little figure, soaking up every curve. Her mouth was open slightly, breathing slow steady breaths, her head was turned to one side, resting on an arm, while her other arm spread out at her side. I saw that in her slumber, her little lavender nighty had ridden up her body, exposing matching panties and tight lower tummy to my laser-like gaze.

I sat on my knees for what seemed like hours and admired Susie's sleeping form. The little panties revealed a budding mound between her slightly outstretched legs, my little girl had clearly become a woman. Tiny hairs grew across her belly, only visible from the angle of the moonlight on her prone figure. My mind convinced me that the hair on her tummy was as soft as silk, and I just had to touch it.

As hard as I tried to stop myself, I slowly reached a hand out and gently ran it across Susie's taught belly. Her skin was as warm and soft as a baby's bottom, and my fingers ever so slightly danced over every inch of her exposed flesh. I lightly traced my digits up and down her torso, soaking up the feeling but desperately hoping not to wake her.

"Holy shit!" I though, what if I did wake her? My lust driven mind answered instantly that I heard her having a bad dream and came to help her...that would work I was sure. She always trusted me, why wouldn't she then?

Once again, my hands drifted over my only child's exposed skin. I softly caressed Susie's tummy and ribs, until I was struck with the deep desire to kiss the cutest little belly button before me. I had not seen her open to my eyes like this since she was a child, and the vision drove me forward before my mind could say stop. I leaned over her sleeping form, and tenderly kissed her little button. The sensations it gave me were absolutely intoxicating, so I closed my eyes, turned my head, and rested one cheek against her warm belly to soak in the moment, her soft hairs tickling my sensitive skin.

Sue's belly rose and fell against my face with her steady breathing, so I raised my head and began showering her abdomen with small butterfly kisses. Glancing down I noticed her legs spread before me, framed by lavender undies, and filled me so much with lust I needed more. I slowly moved my hand down her belly, until it reached the waistband of her pretty little panties. A weak voice deep inside begged me to stop, but I was too far gone into my deviant fantasy world to quit. My trembling fingers moved over the silken barrier, and through the supple fabric, tentatively cupped Susie's young mound in the palm of my hand. I was afraid to place too much pressure as not to wake her, yet from the core of my being I knew I was not going to stop there.

Her panties were soft and warm, and in the weak light I could just make out a hint of lace trimming the edges of her sexy garment. I very gently traced one single finger up and down her tiny cleft, slowly gliding across the silky material. I almost jumped out of my skin when I heard a soft moan escape Susie's lips, and she shifted her legs open a bit further, but made no other action. I knew what I was doing was deeply wrong, yet I remained rooted in place and once I was convinced she was still asleep, began gently caressing her once more.

My mind went back to the kisses I had just planted on her belly, and I was struck by the thought of kissing my daughter's special place for the first time. I scooted over until my face was directly above her pussy, and I stared at the wonderful covered crotch before me. I then moved my nose directly to the lavender fabric, and took a long pull of her feminine aroma. Susie's scent was amazing and it was all I could do not to moan out loud with passion. I stole a few more quiet sniffs before I lowered my lips until they came to rest on her hidden treasure. My lips pursed as I softly kissed her cunny over and over, moving up and down her young slit, wishing her panties were not in the way.

By then my cock was harder than it had ever been in my life, so I reached down and wiggled a hand through the opening of my boxers, and pulled it free. I wrapped one palm firmly around my dick and started stroking it as I continued to kiss Susie's snatch through her undies. Copious amounts of pre-cum had dribbled out, so my shaft was slick with my juices as my fist moved rapidly up and down my length. Kissing my baby's body and rubbing my sticky shaft gave me another vision, one of my daughter kissing and sucking my aching cock.

With that I slowly staggered to my feet and stood once more above my daughter on shaky legs. I continued to pump my hardness as my eyes wandered all over her young form, her legs still spread wide and her pale belly glowing in the moonlight. Her mouth was still slightly open as she took deep breaths, and immediately I wondered what it would be like to have my cock inside her parted lips.

Without thinking of the consequences, I leaned over my daughter's bed and grabbed her headboard. I pressed my hips forward until only the very tip of my dick made contact with her soft lips. I lightly ran the head over her mouth for a few seconds, then I pulled back when I realized just what the hell I was doing. I'm sure I left a trail of salty pre-cum on her lips, which excited me immensely, yet I was deeply troubled at how reckless I'd become.

Yet even as I stood there I could not stop stroking myself. My eyes roamed from Sue's angelic face, to twin mounds and small nipples hidden under her nighty, to her exposed belly, and finally to the lovely lavender panties between her outstretched legs. Had there ever been a more beautiful creature on the planet I wondered?

Overwhelmed with the vision, I reached the point of no return and could not stop myself as rope after rope of hot sticky cum shot out of my cock and landed across Susie's exposed belly before I moved my hand to catch the final spurts. My knees buckled, yet somehow I was able to keep upright.

When I came down from the high, the magnitude of what I'd just done hit me like a ton of bricks and I was completely disgusted with myself. I quickly but quietly moved to the bathroom to clean myself up and wash my hands. I was too ashamed to look in the mirror as troubling thoughts raced through my head. Was I ever going to be able to look in my daughter's eyes again? I wet a washcloth and moved silently back towards Susie's room to clean her up and destroy all evidence of my crime.

Once again I crept down the hall and peered around the door frame, but was shocked by what I saw. Susie was awake and had one hand inside her panties moving about, while the fingers of her other hand ran through the puddles of cum I left on her tummy. I watched silently as she lifted the cum-covered fingers to her lips and tucked them into her mouth. She seemed to be savoring the taste, then she moved them back down her belly and I watched as she repeated her actions once more.

I was simply flabbergasted! Had she been awake the whole time, part of the time, or did she just wake up? In my lust-clouded mind, I overlooked the fact that her breathing had become deeper, and that her nipples had hardened under her nighty. The realization rocked me to the core, she must have woken at some point, yet she made no attempt to stop me. In fact, she must have gotten off on it as she was laying on her bed rubbing herself off and tasting her father's cum. "Holy shit!" I screamed inside my mind as sweat poured down my body.

I backed down the hall for a moment to calm my frazzled nerves, took a few deep breaths, and realized I had to approached her to see what would happen. I made a coughing sound to alert her that I was coming, then slowly moved towards Susie's room to meet my fate.

She must have heard my cough, because when I reached her room, Sue's arms where back at her sides like before, and her eyes were shut as though she'd been asleep the entire time. I crept to her bed and knelt down beside her once more, gently place the damp cloth on her belly and wiped up my mess, then softly dried her off. She did not stir, so I knew she wasn't going to confront me at that time, but wondered what would happen in the morning. Was she going to hate me? Worse, was she going to tell her mother or even the police?

With that, I retreated to the bathroom and rinsed the cloth off, then went back to my bed where my wife lay sleeping as soundly as ever. I climbed back in but found if difficult to fall asleep as too may visions passed through my head. Some images of Susie made me horny, but most troubled me as I replayed what I had done to my only child. Finally, after what seemed like hours I fell back into a restless slumber.

I awoke in the morning to the smell of bacon cooking, and knew that my wife must be in the kitchen preparing breakfast for Sue before she went off to work. My daughter was a barista at a local coffee shop, and with tips made pretty decent money for an 18 year old. I was dead tired and wanted to stay in bed longer, but figured it was best to face the music sooner rather than later, so I pulled myself out of bead and headed out to meet my fate.

When I entered the kitchen, Sandy was busily working at the stove with her back to me, and Susie was seated at the table in her cute little work uniform. When my daughter saw me her face turned a light shade of red, but she smiled weakly and said, "Morning Daddy."

I tried to look as casual as possible to hide my inner turmoil and replied, "Mornin' sweetie."

My wife turned and looked at me over her shoulder, "Breakfast is almost ready honey. Have a seat and I'll bring you some coffee."

"Thanks, smells great baby," I answered with an uneasy smile, and plopped myself down uncomfortably in my usual spot across from my daughter. We made brief eye contact but sat in silence as we both waited for my wife to deliver our morning meal. Along with my eggs and bacon, Sandy handed me the morning paper, which I eagerly grabbed and pretended to read to shield my face in shame from my daughter's innocent eyes.

As we ate, my wife and daughter made small talk, which I pretended not to care about, but actually hung on every word. Would Sue drop any hints about the previous evening's activities, or even worse, tell her everything outright? Or would she keep things to herself given the fact that in retrospect she seemed to possibly enjoy the attention, unwanted as it may have been? Fortunately, nothing came up to my great relief.

After she finished eating, Susie rose from the table and stated she had to be off to work. She said a quick good-bye to her mother, gave her a peck on the cheek, then moved in my direction. I was curios what she would do next, and was rather surprised when she gave me a brief hug, kissed me on the lips and said through what looked like a forced smile, "Bye Daddy."

Now Susan and I had always been a bit more affectionate than most fathers and daughters I knew, but we had not kissed on the lips in ages. Her actions threw me for a moment, but I quickly recovered and answered, "Bye sweetie, have a good day at work." With that she grabbed her keys off the counter and headed out the door like normal.

I spent the entire day that Saturday doing projects I'd neglected for ages, anything to occupy my mind and keep away from my wife. I had the sinking feeling that if Sandy looked at me for too long, she'd somehow pick up the vibe that something was wrong, and grill me until I caved and spilled the beans. Outside of a quick lunch, I managed to avoid her until almost dinner time.

Unfortunately, I was not able to get the sexy images of my daughter out of my head as easily. I kept going over every detail of the previous evening again and again. The more I ran over things, the more turned on I became and the more I realized Sue must have been awake for most, if not all of my assault. But I kept going back to one thing...why hadn't she stopped me?

Her actions made me consider so many other things I'd never contemplated before. Why did Susan always insist on horror movies when she knew how they troubled her, was it so she could cling so tightly to me like she often did on movie nights? Looking back, I remembered that she often found an excuse to be outside my bathroom when I exited the shower, was she hoping to catch me in my birthday suit? She always asked me to put sunblock on her body when we went to the beach, never her mother as most kids did. We were more affectionate than any of her friends were with their Dads, was that intentional on her part? Was she trying to entice me?

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