tagBDSMAs the Master Wishes Day 03

As the Master Wishes Day 03


(Slave and I thank you for reading our series thus far. Thanks to all who support us.)


Stephanie woke up at seven as was the usual custom when her husband was home. Yet, she quickly realized that he wasn't home and remembered he was still on his business trip. As she felt that sudden realization lying there, she almost automatically reached down and began to caress her pussy lips under the sheet. Her fingers began to strum out an erotic melody with her eyes closed and her mouth open softly moaning before she also remembered that she had to recheck her email. After her role playing adventure with her suitor from the previous day, she sent the pictures of her cum soaked breasts to her master as was the instructions. Yet even throughout the rest of the afternoon and evening, she didn't receive one response. There was a desire to call him to seek out his instructions, but the first rule on his first email was to not call him. Even though taking certain sexual liberties did not seem as much disobedience in her mind, the thought of hearing his voice after she disobeyed him was certainly not a good idea.

After she fingered herself to a quick climax in her bed, she simply walked into the study where the computer was, passing a few open windows on the way. As she passed by one, she noticed a very tall man working on the corner of her yard. He wore nothing else but a pair of ragged cut off blue jean shorts. Stephanie marveled at the man's very well defined chest and how tan he was from the summer sun. His hair was brown, but had blond high lights as it rose into a high and tight military cut. She could feel herself getting wetter just by watching him and thought about just pressing her tits against the window to tease him. In her mind, she wished he was going to be her suitor for the day.

She reached the study and sat down in his leather chair, covering the bottom with a towel that was nearby in case she felt another bout of wetness arrive. The leather felt nice against the exposed skin of her back as she began to log on and attempted to find her email from him. The search was fruitless and she rose up from the chair in disappointment as she headed back down the hall towards the living room. As she passed the window where she saw the landscaper before, she looked out in hope that he was still there. Alas, again her disappointment was fueled as her new fantasy guy to play her pussy was not in view. It was as she walked to her living room that she saw him again checking out the plants that were near that window.

As quickly as she could, she grabbed the nearest vibrator and slid onto the couch and spread her legs wide so that if he happened to look in the window he would catch a glimpse. She then proceeded to slowly lick the purple vibrator up and down as if suggesting that she could do that to him. She kept her eyes closed as she slowly slid the length of it down her throat and pretended it was his cock she was fellating. It was three slow sucks before she was about to slide the length of it into her pussy when she opened her eyes and saw him not there. She quickly rose from her space on the couch and walked to the window with vibrator in hand. As she looked around, there again was no sign of him.

A part of her was afraid that maybe her master planned a day to have her recover from the previous two suitors. After role playing with the one from the day before and sucking off the one from two days hence, she didn't feel much like taking a break. She loved the latitude her master was giving her to fuck these men while he was away albeit with restrictions she was ignoring. Perhaps what the master didn't know wouldn't hurt him she thought as she walked to the kitchen to check out that window. With no sign of the landscaper, she thought about just walking outside as if she was going to sun bathe in the nude as she and her master often did.

It was then a knock sounded from the door. She walked up to the door and looked out the peep hole to find her Adonis waiting there on the other side. She decided to just open the door and have that guy catch an eyeful. She opened the door attempting to think of something suggestive to get him in when he showed a very familiar piece of letterhead. It was a note from her master as was the previous two suitors. The note told her that she was to playfully flirt with the landscaper in an effort to get out of paying him, but to just suck him off and have him cum on her face for payment. Her mind started reeling about the playfulness of that request before she bent down and started to unzip his jeans.

The suitor tried to stop her, asking what she was doing before she looked up and told him that she wanted to get the master's assignment out of the way first. She unsheathed his flesh sword and began to stroke it when she looked up at him and asked if he had the camera. He answered that according to his instructions, she was to provide the camera. She stopped stroking him long enough to tell him to hurry up and follow. She started half running back to the study as the suitor walked in and closed the door behind him. She returned quickly with the digital camera and told him to hold it while she went to work. She went back on her knees and began to slowly take his hardness into her mouth before she went all the way down on it. She could hear the suitor moaning as her throat muscles began to massage his shaft ad she brought it back out partially.

Her hands pulled him back into her mouth again as the suitor began to make known that he was really close already. Stephanie then pulled his cock out of her mouth and told him to stroke it towards her face as she closed her eyes and her mouth. She could hear his hands stroking his tool as she waited for the impending barrage of seed on her face. It was a good thirty seconds before she felt the first salvo on her cheek. She turned so that she could feel the next one on her other cheek before she placed her mouth right where the third one could land on her lips. She paused for a moment before she opened her lips and allowed the white gooey seed to slip into her mouth. She opened her eyes and winked at the suitor as he was looking at the camera to check out the shot.

Stephanie then rose from her knees and took the suitor by the hand towards the bed room. As he stood at the door, Stephanie crawled onto her bed and showed the suitor as she took a finger and began to wipe his cum from her face before sucking on it. She then made a show by rubbing her nipples right in front of his gaze before she laid back and spread her legs pointing at her swollen pussy. It took a moment before the suitor figured out her subtle command as he bowed before her and began to lick slowly up and down her pussy lips while she goaded him on. His tongue felt relieving on her aching pussy as it started slowly penetrating her. She could feel a second mini climax coming as he kept licking before his tongue slid all the way inside her. Her climax was loud as she yelled.

The suitor then went to where her head was and slid his tool back into her mouth. It was almost fully hard when she started sucking on it again, this time while she laid back and had her suitor's hand sliding three fingers into her pussy to drive her crazy. As she squirmed away from him, she told him how she needed a good fuck from behind and how he wasn't to stop until he filled her pussy. He obliged as his dick went straight inside her while she was on her knees. She loved the feeling of these strange cocks taking her from behind and as the suitor plowed into her; she imagined how nice it would be to be sucking on her husband's cock at the same time. Her head fell to the bed as she reached between and began to rub her clit while he fucked her.

Her pussy felt good and moist while her fingers rubbed it and another climax arrived. Her knees gave out with his cock still inside her before he pulled out and shoved it into her ass. His hands found her long hair and pulled on it gently as he called her a dirty slut and a hot married piece of ass. Stephanie was so into the way he was fucking her that she didn't even protest the dirty talk while her ass felt his tool digging into her. She struggled back to her knees as she pressed against his crotch with her ass while his hands found her breasts and started pulling at her nipples. He then started toying with her by talking about how he watched her play with her pussy that morning and how he loved watching her walk all over the house without her clothes on. He talked about how much he wanted to fuck her when he saw her try to put on that show for him and how he was going to fill her ass with his cum.

There was no warning when his cock began to fill her loins. She felt her bowels fill with his seed as he withdrew his cock and let a few stray shots land on her ass. As she collapsed on the bed, she whispered to him how everything after the initial picture was their secret. She quickly fell asleep as her suitor grabbed his shorts and left the room. As he headed towards the door, his cell phone began to ring. He answered and responded by saying that everything went according to plan and that he'll have the pictures later that day.

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