tagBDSMAs the Master Wishes Day 05

As the Master Wishes Day 05


(Another role play scenario for Stephanie.)

It was always an inside joke between Stephanie and her Master/husband that she was so good at servicing him that she should get paid for it. So when Stephanie received the next assignment from her Master, she was laughing a bit. The thought of wearing a business suit sans panties seemed to fit her type of role playing scenario. The only catch her Master pointed out was that she was required to wear her egg inside her pussy the whole time and was to push the button at certain points throughout the "interview".

She took some extra time to shower that morning as she spent her time ensuring she smelled as delicious as she wanted to look. She spent her time working on her hair to really give it that administrative professional look. She put on a pair of black framed glasses as she put in very small diamond studded earrings. A quick application of rouge to make her cheeks rosier and her face was ready except for the deep red lipstick.

She chose to wear a white blouse underneath a smart looking tweed business coat. She knew that it was perhaps a bit too warm to wear tweed, but that it would give her a good excuse to remove it quickly after the "interview" started to show off her nipples through the blouse. A snug black skirt finished the ensemble as well as a pair of very high heels. Before she went downstairs to wait for her interview, she sprayed on some really good perfume prior to inserting the egg inside her already moist pussy. After ensuring it was seated and rubbing her sodden lips a little, she carefully maneuvered in her heels down the stairs to the living room.

It was about ten minutes before the bell rang and there stood a very tall man in a smart looking blue pin stripe suit. He held in his hand a very expensive looking briefcase and his wrists were adorned with sparkly gold cuff links. He had a big toothy smile on his face as he began to speak. It only took three words for Stephanie to remember the voice from the park the day before. Her mind wandered to the day before when she heard his voice scolding one of the other guys about cumming down her throat.

Her attention was brought back when he asked politely if he could enter her wonderful house. She responded graciously as he walked in. It took a moment to lead him towards the dining room where the supposed "interview" was to take place. As she sat down, he took a small camcorder out of his briefcase along with a tripod so that he could "record the interview". The thought of her being on camera struck Stephanie as odd since her Master normally avoided exposing himself on camera as well as her actions. The interviewer showed her the letter from her Master on his letterhead letting her know that he wanted to see the whole interview from start to finish.

As he sat down, she slowly reached into the pocket of her jacket and pressed the button for her egg as was her Master's instructions. She felt the tiny egg vibrate inside her as the interviewer looked at her puzzled. She responded by smiling and explaining how excited she was to be getting an interview. The interview started as he began by asking basic questions and she responded. Whenever he used certain words or terms that were predetermined by her Master, she pushed the button to buzz her clit just as he instructed her too. Stephanie wasn't sure if the interviewer was in on that part of his instructions or if it was a surprise to him as well.

Soon, she felt herself getting too warm under the jacket as she asked for permission to shed it to be more comfortable. The interviewer told her to be his guest and smiled at her. She stood up and started undoing one button at a time until the jacket was open before she turned away from him and allowed the jacket to fall off her shoulders. She turned to see the interviewer looking straight at her nipples through the sheer blouse before sitting back down. Unfortunately, she forgot about the remote and the weight of the jacket pushed the button sending a rough shock through her pussy all the way down to her toes making her moan more audibly while she struggled to grab the jacket.

He was faster.

In mere moments, the interviewer had the remote in his hands and was looking at it while it continued to buzz inside her pussy. He looked at her almost in an evil demeanor before he shut the switch off. He then threw the control onto the table and stood before her as she looked up at him. She then asked him what she could do for him to show that she really really wanted to work for him.

He stood there stoically for a few moments as she felt her knees give a bit. He then slowly reached down and began to unzip his pants. She looked expectantly as he began to pull his pants down slowly revealing the white boxers he wore underneath. Stephanie looked at the bulge that was revealed by the boxers as he stepped out of the pants and folded them right in front of her. She held back from what she desired to do before he slowly allowed the boxers to fall revealing eight inches of beauty awaiting her mouth. It rose slowly towards her mouth as she slowly touched it with her hands and slowly stroked it towards her mouth.

A hand found the back of her head and pushed it towards his meat sword as it impaled her mouth before she had a chance to react. She pushed forcibly back to allow her spittle to fall out from her gag reflex before she took it back into her mouth a little slower. She took her time taking it in and out of her mouth as her eyes focused on the deep blue eyes of her interviewer. She was moving slowly, almost caressing every portion of his member with her tongue as he slowly removed his suit jacket and began to remove his tie.

By the time his shirt and undershirt were removed, she had his cock hardened as rebar before he told her to stand before him and strip. Stephanie regrettably removed her mouth before standing and beginning to unbutton her blouse. Her partner then admonished her to move slower and enjoy it as he took the camcorder in hand to record the tease. She pulled both sides of her blouse together before popping it open to reveal her breasts and nipples to her impromptu camera man.

She slowly put her leg up on her chair to reveal her naked bush from under the skirt to the camera before she turned and unzipped the skirt to allow it fall to the ground. She stood before him with her nipples in her hands before she attempted to bend back down to resume her flesh sword polishing. He stopped her before hand and had her sit in the chair before lowering his mouth towards her pussy. She sat there as calmly as she could while he inserted two fingers into her pussy towards where her egg was seated. He slowly pulled out the toy while she moaned before replacing his fingers with his mouth. She reached over and grabbed the camera to record as her suitor allowed his tongue to caress her pussy before he inserted it deep inside her pussy.

She was surprised at how quickly her orgasm occurred by his tongue as he spent a good amount of time flicking his tongue around her pussy as well as inserting it at fucking her pussy with it. She felt her hands finding his hair and pulling it gently as he drove her to a second climax. As he rose from his position, she begged him to slide his dick inside her. He stood there for a moment before he reached over and turned off the camcorder. As she sat there fearing that she had messed up, he smiled at her.

He explained to her how his instructions were to pleasure her a few times and leave her alone afterwards. She responded by bending down and taking his dick into her mouth before he had a chance to respond. As she began to stroke it in her hands, she sarcastically asked if he was told that he couldn't cum at all. When he heard that, he sat back and allowed her to swallow his length as much as possible while her hands worked with the base of it as they cradled his balls. It didn't take long for him to tell her he was about to cum before she got off of him and slid her pussy onto his dick to finish him off. He was too much in shock over her extremely tight pussy to prevent himself from exploding deep inside her as she pressed his face against her breasts.

She sat there calmly for a few moments before she slid back off and took his dick back in her mouth. As she started cleaning her juices and his seed off of him, she looked up at him to ask when her Master was expecting his recording.

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