tagNovels and NovellasAs Time Goes By

As Time Goes By

byRonnie Wachuka©

My this breeze feels good in the afternoon heat, she thought while slowly swinging on the porch swing.

She being Rose Snow, a 58 year old widow and high school history teacher.

Above the drone of her thoughts she heard a car come up the street, slow down, and pull into her driveway.

Turning her head slightly she verified that a car was indeed sitting in her driveway but she didn't recognize the car and the tint on the car windows prevented her from seeing the occupant.

Rising rather reluctantly, she moved over to the porch steps as the car door opened and a man's legs suddenly appeared.

When the man emerged, and stretched himself a smile appeared on her face as she recognized the young driver, greeted him with a wave of her hand, and said;

"Tony, your mother and father said not to expect you until sometime this evening when I spoke to them on the phone Friday."

He grinned and replied, "The traffic was light so I made better time then I expected, Aunt Rose," as he moved towards the porch, mounted the steps, and greeted this lovely and now gray haired friend of the family, whom he'd always called Aunt Rose, with a hug.

With her hands still on his waist she leaned back to look at him. My, she thought with warmth, he's almost a clone of his father with his 6 foot height, broad shoulders, and red hair. yet he has his mother's deep blue eyes and his smile is surely hers.

Reluctantly letting him go she moved towards the screen door and urged him to come inside, have a seat, and she would see to getting some iced tea for them.

He followed her into the living room all the while watching the graceful body of this friend and now landlady as she walked ahead of him.

The years had been kind to her. About 5'10" tall, he judged, and still as beautiful and graceful as ever. She seemed to glide across the room and yet her sun dress swayed with each step taken by her long slender legs. The only apparent sign of age was the graying hair bound in a loose ponytail gently laying against her back.

As she walked into the kitchen he moved about the room looking at the familiar photographs he'd seen many times before when he, his parents, brother and sister, came to visit during one holiday or another over the years,

Several of the photos were hanging on the wall next to the fireplace grouped to show her personal history: she and her parents, Sam and Harriet Swanson, when she was a young girl, her graduation from high school in 1958, Her graduation from Western University in 1962, and her marriage photograph at the church altar on the day she married Professor George Snow one month after graduation.

On the mantle another set of photographs were lined up: His mother and father, Frank and Maria St. Clair, on their wedding day at the same alter in 1982, the St Clair family over the years as each new St. Clair child was brought into the world, and finally all of the St Clairs' and Aunt Rose in front of the Snow home with its huge wrap around porch, taken by a friendly neighbor several years ago

Before he could move over to the mahogany end table to look at the photos there he heard Aunt Rose softly call his name as she entered from the kitchen and reached out to place a glass of cold iced tea in his hand.

Her movements across the red and blue afghan rug on the living room floor were just as graceful from the front as her back had been during her exit earlier. What had not been as apparent earlier was the gentle wobble of her breasts under her yellow sun dress.

This thought totally jarred young Tony and brought a slight blush to his cheeks as he lowered his head slightly to hide the redness from Aunt Roses' smiling glance. In all of his eighteen years he'd not ever thought of her in a sexual way. For God's sake; she was after all AUNT ROSE, family friend and a school teacher to boot.

Tony was amazed at the warmth of her hand as she touched his own hand while delivering up the glass of tea, and then taking him by the arm she escorted him to the sofa and with a nod indicated that he should join her.

Both placed their glasses atop coasters on the coffee table, a mahogany mate to the end table, and seated themselves on the sofa; he seated upright, and she with her legs drawn under her and a pillow in her lap in a position that only the female of the species can adopt with comfort.

"Whenever you want to, we'll get your things out of the car and get you moved into the back bedroom that you and you brother used on your visits. Its quiet so that you can study in peace and it's close to the back bathroom." Having said this, Rose took a small sip of her tea placed the glass on the coaster, dug her elbows into the pillow, and gently lowered her chin into her joined palms.

Said actions caused her dress to ride up on her thigh slightly and again cause a fluster in Tony as he tried not to stare at the exposed skin.

She pretended not to notice, just as she had pretended not to notice him staring at her breasts swaying as she entered from the kitchen, but she felt an inner smile, none the less.

"Your mother said that you made plans to attend Western University because of the electronic engineering courses and computer sciences. I'm glad that you were accepted., but are those the only reasons? Part of it wouldn't have to do with your parents having attended, Western would it?" Rose teased.

Having somewhat regained his composure and gotten his thoughts under control, he was able to affirm in a calm voice that perhaps all of what she said was true.

this brought a thought to mind and he reached to his back pocket withdrew his wallet and handed her a check.

"What's this then?" she snapped. "You don't have to give me any money. After George suffered his heart attack and died, his tenure at Western, his insurance, and investments, while not making me rich, left me comfortable, the house is paid for, and I certainly don't intend to take this check."

Tony broke into a grin, placed the check on the pillow and rebutted with, "Dad and mom said that would be your reply." They also ordered me to inform you that #1 I'll probably eat you out of house and home, #2 I'd be paying the money if I was staying on campus, and #3 if nothing else, use it to buy items your students need in class at school.

The last seemed to sway her thinking, to the end that she allowed herself to pick the check up and place it on the coffee table.

Tony's smile grew wider when he informed Rose that dad also had ordered him, under penalty of great pain, to give Rose any assistance she needed, such as mowing the grass, shoveling the snow, or whatever else she wanted done while he stayed with her.

Now it was Rose's turn to grin. She knew that was a harmless threat as Frank was the most kind and gentle man on earth, who had never administered corporal punishment to his children, but he did have a very devious mind and when the penalty was paid for an infraction, a beating sometimes would have been preferred.

Rising, she remarked that before he started bringing his things in it would be well to call home and let his mother and father know that he'd arrived safely. Putting words to action she walked over to the phone and dialed the St. Clairs. He knew that his mom was the one who answered as Aunt Rose immediately spoke, "Hello Maria, yes he just pulled in and he's safe and sound." They spoke for a few more minutes when she handed the phone to Tony with a "your mother and father want to speak to you," and went to the kitchen to refill the iced tea glasses so that Tony could have a little privacy in his conversations with his parents.

After giving him a few moments she brought the tea back into the living room and sat down. Tony handed her the phone saying that his dad wanted to say a few words. Rose spoke to Frank St. Clair for a few moments, told him goodbye, and turning around, put the phone back in its holder. They spent a little more time chatting, when Rose stood and asked Tony if he needed help in bringing his gear into the house, an offer he declined. Rose turned towards the kitchen saying she'd get dinner ready and glided out of the room with that same sway that again turned Tony's brain to mush

Tony spent the next several hours lugging boxes and suitcases to his bedroom and putting things away where he thought they would be most accessible when needed. Knowing that Aunt Rose kept a neat house, he had no desire to tick her off by being a typical slob teen age boy.

Speaking of Aunt Rose, he let his mind dwell on this afternoon and the vision of her bodily movements as she moved about the house with the gentle swaying of her hips, the ever so gentle wobble of her breasts, and the heat of her hands on his skin. He couldn't get the sexual thoughts of her out of his mind.

This was most confusing to this poor soul as he had never thought of her in these terms before and he was feeling flustered to say the least, as he couldn't reconcile the feelings his mind and body were generating now with what had always been. Even his penis had tried to embarrass him by starting to harden when he watched her moving about and the way her body parts swayed, wobbled, and bounced. He thought when she touched him that it was all but over and that he was about to lose all control of himself.

He didn't realize it yet, because his problem was unrecognized by himself, but it was simple; he was an eighteen year old virgin whose prior dealings had been with girls, not women. Yes he'd dated, kissed, and groped a couple of times, but that's as far as it had ever gone. his sexual experience was limited, very limited.

As Tony tried to sort his clothes and thoughts Rose puttered around the kitchen preparing the evening meal. The roast beef and potatoes were in the oven, the salad made up and in fridge, the wine cooling, and the bread placed in the small toaster oven to keep warm.

She delved into her own thoughts about the events of the afternoon. She had certainly enjoyed the hug on the porch. She was delighted to observe Tony's reaction of her exit to the kitchen and subsequent entrance with the tea. Touching his hand and then his arm had been truly enjoyable, and the reaction he'd displayed when her dress was "accidentally" pulled up while she and Tony were on the couch was memorable. The vision of his penis trying to snake its way out of his trousers brought a catlike smile to her face. She was truly enjoying herself.

The noise of Tony bounding down the stairs broke her thoughts. She waited a few seconds and bent over the oven to check on the roast.

Tony strode into the kitchen and came to an abrupt halt. The sight presented to his gaze made what had gone before pale and disappear into never never land.

Rose was leaning over, staring at the roast, her dress hiked up showing calf's, knees and a goodly portion of her thighs. Being bent over as she was her breasts were hanging down away from her body, apparently being held only by her dress, and swaying with each movement of her arms. Covering the roast and closing the oven door Rose stood up, greeted Tony, and asked if he would like to give her a hand setting the table.

By now Tony was almost totally destroyed by this last vision of his own dear Aunt Rose. He could only croak out an ok, turn and flee to the dining room, poor boy.

Rose watched his exit and smiled to herself. It was time to turn it down a notch, for a while anyway.

She went to the CD player and inserted one of her favorite CD's, which included Beethoven's' Moonlight Sonata, Fur Elise, and Franz Lizt's' Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2. One of her passions had been, was now, and would ever be classical music.

The table was set, and the meal brought in, at which point they both sat down to enjoy one of Rose's exquisite treats. Tony being underage, Rose made sure that his wine glass was a small one and that he was only allowed one glass of wine.

During the meal much of the conversation concerned the St. Clair family and their events and achievements. In particular, Rose wanted to know everything his younger brother and sister had been up to, which Tony was only too happy to talk about, as he was still shaken by the recent sight of Aunt Rose bending over the oven

The St. Clair family having been disposed of, Rose asked Tony about his plans.

Tony responded that he didn't start classes for another couple of days but he needed to go in tomorrow, and start registering and buying his books and supplies.

Following the end of a most delicious meal Rose stood and asked Tony to give her a hand cleaning up which he was only to happy to do.

During the cleanup Rose said that she would serve dessert in the living room after everything had been put away,

She also revealed that she'd recently had all of her photo albums and home movies put on DVDs by a friend at Western and asked Tony if he was interested in seeing them. Tony's reply was enthusiastic as he wanted to see how this conversion process had turned out.

When everything had been put away Rose suggested they take their showers, dress for comfort and meet in the living room to enjoy dessert and view the DVDs.

Tony immediately headed for his room while Rose climbed the stairs to hers just off the head of the stairs.

If Tony had been confused before he was in total turmoil by now. As he stripped and stepped into the shower. He found his penis rising to a hardness he'd rarely felt before. Yes he'd masturbated when he was sexually aroused, but he'd never in his wildest dreams (nightmares?) had a sexual thought about Aunt Rose and his mind was by now a total quagmire. Part of him was so sexually aroused he wanted to relieve himself as best he could, but part of him was repulsed by the thought of using the thoughts of Aunt Rose as a means of sexual gratification.

His mind tried to bring up other visions and memories, without success, so he finally left it, showered, and donned his pajamas and a robe.

For her part, Rose stepped into the shower and again thought about the days events. Her thoughts drifted into the erotic and she found herself getting horny.

She had an almost irresistible urge to stroke her breasts, play with her pussy and get herself off.

She finally scolded herself and admonished herself to hold it old girl, now is not the time, so just relax and enjoy the events as they unfold.

After Rose finished her shower and toweled herself off, she stood in front of her mirror to take a good look at herself. Here she stood, a 58 year old woman, widowed, and never remarried. A widow since 1971, 29 years ago and only one lover. No children because her husband had the mumps at the wrong time of his life and was consequently infertile, although that had not prevented them from enjoying a wonderful sex life.

Yes her hair was now graying, her breasts sagged heavily and the cheeks of her ass had a noticeable sag, but she didn't have any love handles, cottage cheese thighs, only a very slight pooch to her stomach, and a few laugh wrinkles around her eyes.

Not too bad for an old broad she thought.

Having completed her inspection she donned a nighty, her old grandmother robe, and headed towards the stairs.

They met at the head of the stairs and descended towards the living room with her preceding him.

Now Tony was confused even further. Here was his favorite lady (other then his mother) and no swaying, no wobbling, no nothing. Was it all in his mind, or was he going crazy?

Rose told Tony to get comfortable on the sofa while she brought the dessert in and loaded the DVD player.

In a few moments all preparations having been made, and with Rose beside Tony, they sat down to enjoy the newly recorded family memories and enjoy a cup, of coffee and home made strudel.

Having put their empty plates and cups on the coffee table, Rose leaned back and laid he head against Tony's shoulder while they looked at the contents of the DVDs.

At the conclusion of the viewing of years of memories, Rose turned the DVD player and TV off with the remote and they both rose from the sofa,.

Rose told Tony to leave the dishes as she would take care of them in the morning.

Turning towards him, she placed her arms around his back, whispered welcome, kissed him softly on the cheek, and moved towards the stairs humming a song under her breath. The first night had ended.

All of this left Tony murmuring those famous final lines from Steve McQueen in one of his favorite movies, The Sand Pebbles, "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED."
As Time Goes By by A Horny Ol' Sailor Ch. 02

The morning sun woke Rose gently the next morning. She lay gathering her thoughts for a few moments, smiled, threw aside the sheet, and rose to begin her day. First a cleanup, then a rummage through her dresser looking for something sexy in the way of underwear. Finding nothing that appealed to her she promised herself a shopping trip in the next day or so.

She finally settled for her cotton panties, stepped into them, and pulled them up. reaching for her bra, a thought struck her. Reaching to the back of the drawer she pulled out an old worn bra that was no longer able to lift and confine her breasts but rather allowed them to lay lower on her chest, flop around a bit. Moving up and down on the balls of her feet while she watched the results in the mirror brought a smile of satisfaction as she watched her breasts wobble and sway. She completed her ablutions with a spray of her favorite scent, wiggled into a cornflower blue sun dress, making sure the top button was undone, and slid her feet into a pair of work loafers.

Time to put the coffee on and think about the day and the projects she wanted to accomplish.

Sitting at the kitchen table watching the steam rising from her cup of coffee, she mentally made up her work list. The first was to water the flowers in the back yard. Next, clean out the garage so that Tony had a place to park his car. Wouldn't due to leave his car in the driveway and have to bother him when she wanted to drive her own SUV. Finally, to find out if Tony had any things he needed to do other then head over to Western, register, and start buying his school materials.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Tony coming down the stairs. Waiting until he was at the bottom step she rose, lazily poured a coffee for Tony, turned toward the table as he entered the kitchen, and bid him good morning as she placed the coffee on the table. All the while making sure that he was able to watch her walk to the table from the coffee pot and that he got a great view as she bent over slightly to place his coffee cup on the table.

Her efforts produced the desired reaction. Tony stopped dead in his tracks as he watched her hips sway and breasts wobble as she brought his coffee to the table. When she bent over he noticed a deep crease between her breasts as she placed his cup on the table. Smiling she moved back to her chair and sat with a bump which caused an even heavier bounce of her breasts.

Tony was as bewildered today as he was yesterday. The poor boy didn't have a clue.

"Sit down honey, drink your coffee, and then we'll have some breakfast," Rose said with a good morning smile.

Tony plopped into his chair before the thought flashed into his mind; honey? What's that all about?

"Besides registering and hitting the book store for your school materials, do you have any other plans for today?" Rose queried.

He admitted that he hadn't thought that far ahead since he would essentially be free until Friday for the required Freshman orientation class in the auditorium.

Rose asked him to give her a hand in the garage when he was through with his registration run as she needed to make the two car garage a real two car garage and not a one car garage with lots of things stored in the second parking bay.

Rose then commented that as next Monday was Labor Day and school started the following day for both of them she needed to do some shopping and assumed that he did also, to which Tony nodded in the affirmative.

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