tagFirst TimeAsher, Lilith and the Tigress Ch. 01

Asher, Lilith and the Tigress Ch. 01


This is not just a sex story. It's a love story, with discoveries, first times and lots of sex. It more or less wrote itself, so both characters get their say; I hope it works. I didn't want any gross exaggerations of giant breasts and genitals, movie star looks, etc. but I did want it interesting - and fun. Of course any constructive comments and compliments are welcome. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing! I've always felt I could write, and Literotica has given me the push to put it out there, so thanks for that, and thanks for reading.

This is part of a four-part series. It should stand by itself, but will make more sense if read in the series.

"I've had it, Lilith."

Asher pushed himself back. The computer chair rolled easily from his desk. In front of him, on one screen a gust of wind transformed itself into a sleek car, over and over again. The other screen was a jumble of YouTube clips, half-read emails, Google and the control panels for his animation software.

"It's a beautiful evening. I've actually made some progress, for once. The client actually likes the storyboard. I'm quitting while I'm ahead."

Lilith looked up from her desk, and took in the rough brick walls and polished floorboards of their studio office. The Mondrian poster. The clean lines of the modern furniture. The odd shaped windows letting in the colours of the evening sky. She still couldn't believe it.

Two months ago, nothing. Nothing, but a need to leave the country town she had grown up in, and two phone numbers from the big city. One call led to another, and somehow, here she was, temping for an animation agency. Well, "agency" was a bit strong. The agency was just Asher. Brilliant, witty, creative, and hopelessly disorganised Asher. His main work was animations for TV advertising. Mops that did the work for you, signs that were happy to see you coming into the shop, delivery vans racing with your parcel. He had just won a big contract with a car manufacturer, and now it was critical he get properly organised.

Lilith had arrived at just the right moment. A range of casual jobs had given her the skills and initiative to rescue Asher's office system. She set up a calendar that reminded him to be ready for meetings, instead of remembering them half an hour after they had started. Emails got replies. And on the phone, her cheerful, self-deprecating style won over many an angry caller.

Asher was more than grateful. And there was something about Lilith. She walked so lightly. She moved easily, and had a way of putting her head to one side as she smiled, that lingered in his mind. He loved beautiful things. He used a Mac, mainly for its clean design. His work always had that extra touch of beauty, and Lilith, Lilith had that extra touch as well. Asher found himself admiring the curve of her shoulder or breast, the grace of her walk, her womanly fragrance. And sometimes he saw something else in her eyes. A smouldering fire, untapped energy.

He was always the gentleman. He viewed her as an attractive desirable young woman (early 20s?), but unhappy relationships had left him nearly 30, single, weary and wary.

Lilith gazed at Asher, noting yet again his unruly hair, fine features and beautiful hands. Although technically her boss, he was so courteous and appreciative of her work they had quickly become good friends. He was even introducing her to friends as "my rescue party", and was starting to give her some of the animation work as well as the office jobs. He was good-looking, fun and he respected her brains. She still couldn't believe it.

He was also a terrible flirt. When he smiled his beautiful smile, and raised one eyebrow, Lilith knew his suggestive comments were all good fun. And she could give it as well as take it. they enjoyed each other's company a lot. "A good laugh every day, or your money back." Asher would say. Sometimes it was "A good laugh every day, or your clothes returned." And there was something about Asher. Sometimes she saw something in his eyes, a passion, a need.

"I'm walking out of here, I'm going down to the beach, and I'm going to enjoy the sunset and a good coffee. I've a strong suspicion the work will still be here when I come back, so I'm not going to think about it, or even your tender gaze. Any plans involving the boyfriend?"

Lilith was slightly taken aback he had caught her staring, but returned the service. "Oh, I've told him to have dinner ready for me. I think butter chicken on a bed of rice. I said if there was some nice cold champagne, he might get lucky on another bed."

"Lilith! I hope the poor boy has been taking his vitamin pills! You are full of surprises."

"I like surprises. In fact he gave me quite a surprise just the other day. I was bending over getting the lettuce out of the fridge, when he came up behind me."

Asher was startled now. His eyebrows shot up.

"I didn't realise how ready I was for him. Luckily I had on just a short skirt and no panties. It was fantastic. I think we made quite a bit of noise."

"Lilith! I can't believe I'm hearing this."

"It was wonderful. The only problem is, we're not allowed in that supermarket ever again."

A moment of charged silence. Then Asher threw back his head and roared with laughter. It was an old joke, and he had been absolutely taken in.

"Oh, oh Lilith! You had me completely!" there were tears in the creases around his eyes. "I was yours to take! Owned! Lilith, My life is richer for knowing you." Asher shook his head and chuckled.

Lilith for her part, was in a swirl of emotions. Her racy story was further than she had gone before with Asher, and perhaps further than was wise. What had come over her? Even now, she was feeling a stirring inside her, after putting herself bent over in the supermarket fresh fruit department. And the words he used...

She recalled earlier that week. The big contract's first payment had come in, and life looked good. Asher had got out his Yamaha keyboard, put it into computer's sound system and played a soaring Keith Jarrett improv. Lilith was transfixed as the music washed around her. She found herself staring at his face as he stretched his fingers over the keys. Then he had looked up, their eyes had locked, and the music had seemed to almost melt away. She felt a warm urging below her waist, a tingling. When Asher stopped playing she tore herself away and ran to the toilets. Sitting by herself with her panties down she ran her hands over her thighs and up into her pussy, imagining his fingers going there, feeling the soft damp folds and their moisture. What had come over her then?

"Er, Lilith? You seem to be stuck somewhere. Computer off. Go home. Boyfriend. Champagne. He's a lucky man." The last sentence Asher said under his breath. "I'll lock up. You need to get home, I think."

Lilith started, shut down her computer and found her bag and her shopping. Her treat for herself was some new clothes, her first venture into the inner city boutiques, and the oversize paper bag beckoned invitingly.

* * *

On the train she watched the sunset splash extravagant colours across the sky. Even the houses that backed onto the railway line looked good. She stretched out her long lean legs and wondered at her luck. Lucky to find a flat. Lucky to find this job, and maybe a direction. Asher to look at across the office - the Yamaha incident was special, but often she stole looks at his eyes fixed on the screen, or his fingers cradling the stylus like an artist with a brush. Even her computer and desk looked nice.

Her desk. With the oversize paper bag still on the end. Forgotten in her flustered state as she'd hurried out. The new clothes would be there all week-end now, and she would not enjoy them nearly as much on Monday. She could feel the evening crumble.

She walked from the station angry with herself, stomped up the stairs and let herself into her flat. It was cold and dark. Tearing off her work blouse she forced the gas heater into action, then went into the kitchen looking for anything that might pass for dinner. In the fridge there was half a lasagne, and a third of a bottle of cheap red. She dumped the lasagne onto a plate and shoved it into the microwave. She poured some wine into a tumbler and nursed the cold glass in both hands.

There was no butter chicken, no boyfriend, and no champagne. It was an invention. Why, she wondered. To tease and titillate Asher? She'd always been able to invent stories. School in her country town had been happy enough but no challenge; she sometimes created past lives just for effect. Better than the rounds of gossip, underage drinking and cheap lays. She'd had no part in them, in fact she was still a virgin (if you didn't count lots of self-exploration).

The doorbell rang.

* * *

Asher stared at the empty desk opposite him. Lilith had long since left, but he could still feel her presence. He could almost see her, sitting lightly, her small breasts resting easily on her chest, rising slightly with each breath. He recalled how she would sit with her head to one side, and hum one or two notes to herself. She would swing her legs unconsciously, open and closed, under the desk. Occasionally he would get a glimpse of white panties, and the barest hint of a cleft in there. His cock stirred. He shook his head.

"Get a grip, mate," he told himself. "How many times do you want to get burnt? And how about some respect, eh? She's not a sex toy, she's a person." A person, a woman, a damned sexy woman, although she seemed not to know it; and clever as well.

Asher stared into the gathering dark, recalling the smell of her hair when she worked near him. Then he saw the oversize paper bag. He went over and reached in. Shimmering black garments met his hand, long dresses with intricate stitching. Almost against his will, he imagined Lilith trying them on, raising her slender arms as the fabric slid over her breasts, down her front, over her hips and thighs. He saw her turn and look over her shoulder, hand brushing her bottom. His cock stirred more strongly.

He'd noticed that she wore very few outfits - not that he cared, one was enough for him. Or no clothes at all, an impish voice in his head piped up. He knew these were important to her. He could drop them off easily, he knew the address. Or leave her week-end undisturbed. Wasn't she expecting a good time with the boyfriend anyway?

The thought of her disappointment at not having them to show the boyfriend disturbed him in an odd way. He pushed the thought away, grabbed the bag and his keys and left. He only just remembered the alarm.

On the screen at his desk the gust of wind transformed itself into a sleek car, over and over again.

* * *

Parking near her flat, Asher walked up the stairs, almost confident he'd got the right one. Yes, the door number matched the one in his phone, though it struck him as odd there were no lights on. No, there was one light on, out the back.

He rang the doorbell.

* * *

At the sound, Lilith froze. No one had ever rung the doorbell. No one. She stayed close to her parents by phone (dad understood her need; he said to do what she needed to do, but always keep in touch). No one came to the door.

The bell rang again. "Lilith?" It was Asher, uncertain. She felt her life, her good luck disintegrating.

In the silence the microwave dinged shockingly loudly. With a cry Lilith dropped her wine. The tumbler shattered across the tiled floor.

"Lilith! I'm here - let me in!" Asher was urgent this time.

It's come to this, she thought. It's over now. She opened the rattling door.

* * *

It wasn't adding up. The darkness of the flat, not enough sound, no cooking smells; Asher's senses spoke danger. When he heard Lilith's cry and the broken glass, he was frantic, hammering the door.

It opened to reveal Lilith, her face a harrowing mix of shame, confusion, distress. Her breasts were heaving as she breathed in short gasps. So vulnerable. Asher couldn't help noticing she was wearing only a skirt & cotton bra. God, she was sexy.

He stepped into the flat, still holding the oversize paper bag.

"My God Lilith, you look terr... What's up?"

Lilith saw the scene as if it was in a play. Her shopping. Asher. The silent flat. Glass. Her life in pieces. She put her head on his shoulder and burst into tears.

Asher recovered from his surprise and held her firmly. "Easy, easy now," he said softly, over and over. He put his head into the scent of her hair, felt her shudders through her slim shoulders. He absently kissed her head. His cock stirred against his will.

Lilith felt the strong arms surrounding her. She felt Asher's cheek resting lightly on her head. Her nose filled with his man-smell, aftershave and slight sweat. As her sobbing eased, she felt her insides responding, warming. She felt his cock growing, pressing against her.

Her world slid back from the edge. She let the reins go. She knew just what was going to happen, and she welcomed it. Fiercely grabbing his head, she kissed him deeply, madly. Her tongue entered him, tasted him. Her lips grazed his stubble, pulled and sucked. She pushed him off slightly and frantically pulled at his buttons. She heard herself growling.

Still locked together, she walked the two of them into her bedroom. Luckily she had made a weak effort at tidying that morning. Kissing, biting, pulling his shirt down, Lilith gloried in his lean but strong frame. Her hands ran over his shoulders, his arms, his torso.

She had backed against the bed, and now toppled the two of them down onto it. She fumbled for his belt just as he pulled her short skirt down. She lay back, panting, seeing everything so clearly. His shoes and clothes gone. His heaving chest. his nipples, his rampant swaying cock. Her own nipples point-hardened

He eased down her panties, warm and damp now. The sweet smell of her arousal filled the room, charging the air. Asher brought the panties to his face and breathed the heavy scent. Lilith watched and squirmed with lust on the bed. She squeezed her nipples, she ran her hands down her legs and through her curly pubic hair. Unable to focus, she opened her legs, then pulled open her pussy lips, then rubbed her clitoris furiously. An animal howl came out of her.

It was too fast for Asher. He tried to slow things down by gently pushing her up the bed. Lilith grabbed his neck and shoulders and forced him onto her. She wrapped her legs around him and pinned him with surprising strength. She worked her hand in, grabbed his cock and pulled it into her. Wet as she was, it found no resistance. Her legs locked across his buttocks and trapped him in place. The cock in her body was hard and alive, sending dizzying shocks through her. She clutched his neck and hair, and stared intently into his eyes.

Asher's body took over for him as he thrusted urgently into her. The heat of her, the smell of her, the ferocity of her sex had triggered a similar response in his own body. Vivid colours flashed across his eyes as he pounded into her willing cunt. He felt each one of her fingernails score his back. He watched her bust shake in time to their actions. A tremor started somewhere in his legs, lines of energy coursed through him and into his cock, and out as he shot his sperm deep into her, spurt after spurt. They cried out together.

They lay on the bed, still locked together. After a time, Lilith felt as if she were waking up after a wonderful doze. Sensations, colours, scents drifted past. She could recall only fragments of their lovemaking. Had she come, or not?

She still had her bra on.

"God Lilith. I was... you were... amazing." Lilith gently put a finger to his lips. She smiled. He smiled. She gently pushed him up and to the side. Understanding, Asher rolled off her and fell heavily onto the bed beside her. It bounced briefly.

Lilith rolled towards him. She took his closer arm and tucked it under her neck. This let her head rest on his chest. The man-smell was different now, stronger and fresher. She put her thigh over his, and felt the wetness seeping everywhere. Some was slippery, some already sticking their skins together. Asher fumbled for the bra clip against her back, then noticed it was front-opening. He freed her small breasts and stroked the nipples. They were the colour of milk chocolate. He laughed. She laughed. They dozed.

Lilith was at peace. This was right, for sure.

I fucked a man, she mused. He fucked me. I'm no longer a...

She suddenly felt between her legs and brought up the sight and metallic smell of blood. Asher noticed her movement.

"Oh Lilith you're a... you were a, a virgin."

"Yes. Yes, I was."

"So. I'm guessing the boyfriend is... nonexistent?" Asher quite liked the idea.

"Yes. Oh Asher, I've been lying all this time. Do you mind?"

"To tell you the truth I wasn't thinking about it at all just then. I think it makes you more interesting. But, your first time. Oh love, have I hurt you?"

"Well, no. No pain. Heat, maybe. It just, all sort of happened, at once. I saw it coming, and I wanted it. So much. I wanted you. I wanted you inside me. I wanted to eat you."

"I'm not sure if I took advantage of you, or if you took advantage of me."

"Take advantage of me again, Asher"

"A gentleman never refuses a lady."

* * *

to be continued

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