tagSci-Fi & FantasyAsherah Poles Ch. 03

Asherah Poles Ch. 03


"Holy Shit..."

The words, though simple, said a lot. Shane and Asherah both lay on the floor in all of their altered, naked glory; their skin still glistening with the sweat from furious fucking. Their breathing was still labored as they tried to come down from the erotic high of only a few seconds prior. But the holiest shit was the thirteen inches of cock in plain view of Roma. In the few seconds of silence that followed, Shane thought he even saw Roma lick her lips, even if for a brief second.

"Um... I'll let you two be. I clearly interrupted something." And with that, Roma spun around, closed the door, and ran into her room across the living area, slamming her own door shut for effect.

"She looked a little freaked out, maybe I should go home." Shane started to stand up and look around for his pants.

"No, she should become for your first convert."

"My first what?" replied Shane.

"Your first convert. All gods need converts and followers; you should be no different. Do you not wish to have a throng of beautiful women who would follow your every naughty wish and depraved desire?"

The thought of countless women begging to be near him was something Shane could not even comprehend. He thought back to the fucking he had just given to Asherah, to the command and confidence he showed; that wasn't normally him. He wasn't a shy guy, but he wasn't the suave leader of a horde of jawdroppingly gorgeous women... But the sex was good, really good. Amazingly good. Good enough to give this a try. "OK, what do I have to do?"

"You have to fuck her. You must make her see the light and the reasons to follow you. As with all conversions, it is entirely up to her to choose; although, if you do the true work of a god, then it should be as plain as day to her what the proper decision should be. If she chooses not to follow, it will simply be a fuck with an unusually large cock that she'll probably remember until she passes to the afterlife."

Shane looked down. This was a lot of information to take in, especially for one day. Becoming a god, being worshiped, having converts and followers- these were not things he had contemplated when he got up this morning, and it seemed to be moving along very fast for him. "Will she still be herself if she converts? I mean, you and I both changed. Will she be a totally different person? Will she be possessed by a former follower or something?"

"She will still be the same person, just as we are. We may have changed physically, my lord, but we still possess the same individuality that we did prior to our transformations. I am still Shannon, still possess her memories and emotional sentiments; as you are still the same Shane you were before, only slightly changed on the outside."

Shane was still trying to reconcile all this in his mind when a faint knocking was heard on the door. "Oi, guys," stated Roma from the other side of the door. "Listen, I wanted to apologize for before. I didn't mean to walk in on you and interrupt your good time. I was thinkin' I might be able to make up for it a bit with a couple of pints? My treat?"

Shane had only met Roma maybe twice before, but it was in passing. He didn't really know her at all, and he supposed that if he was going to try to convert her, he was going to make sure he knew who she was as a person first. After all, he didn't need a crazy axe murderer for a groupie. "We're game!" Shane shouted. "Give us a few to get ready, and we'll meet you in the living area." He glanced over and the still naked Asherah on the floor. She gave him a knowing, agreeing look. He took comfort from it; that and knowing that if tonight didn't go too well, he would still get laid by this gorgeous woman.

The three of them met in the living area a few minutes later, each looking a little more dressed up then they should for "a few pints." Roma was dressed in a knee-length red linen skirt and a black top that wrapped her smallish breasts comfortably. Shane couldn't help but notice how great her bare legs looked wearing a skirt; he wondered how they would look wearing nothing at all... Shane put back on the same collared shirt and nice jeans that he had worn when he first went on the date with Shannon earlier that evening. Asherah put on a white skirt that also showed off her glorious legs along with a yellow top; the top may not have been too much before, but with Asherah's new body, the neckline plunged and the fabric held tight to her toned stomach and large breasts. Roma couldn't help but stare at her roommate's physique.

"Wow roommie! I can't believe how the Middle East changed you; maybe I should go visit the Holy Land!"

"I don't know about that. I just made some changes to myself; things I had wanted to do for a little while. Besides, I don't think you'll be needing to go the Israel for a religious experience; Paul was on the road to Damascus, who knows where yours could take place," replied Asherah with a telling smirk aimed at Shane.

As the three of them left the flat, Shane couldn't help but think how lucky he was, and when they stepped through the pub door, every guy there thought the exact same thing. Having a girl on either side of him, Shane was a good looking man with good looking women. They moved over to a corner near the darts and the ladies took a seat in a booth while Shane went back to pick up some beers.

"Shane looks pretty good doesn't he?" asked Asherah.

"He looks great; you look great! What got you two together over there anyway? You two knew each other for a while but nothing ever happened; what changed?"

"Well, I always thought he was cute. But one morning, I accidentally walked into him in the camp shower. It was an innocent mistake, but then I saw it. I didn't even know what to think at first. It was enormous! And I'm not a size queen, but I had to try it, and once I did, I was hooked. He's incredible! He can go forever, and with a cock like that, we do."

Asherah could see her words were having the desired effect. Roma's breathing was getting labored and her skin flushed; she would steal the occasional glance over to Shane, trying to see if his jeans would betray what she had seen before. She couldn't get the image, the very thought of his cock out of her head. She wasn't a size queen either, but the mere existence of it being so close tantalized her.

As Shane walked back with the beers, he noticed the way Roma looked at him had changed. The look was wanton. Lusty. As he sat down next to Asherah, Roma's look changed to disappointment but still locked onto him nonetheless. When the dart board opened up a few beers later, Asherah suggested that the three of them go play.

Roma picked up the darts to play first, and as she readied herself for her throws, Asherah leaned over to Shane, started running her hand up and down his cock through his pants, and said, "I do believe she is ready; all she needs is a little push from you."

When Roma finished her throws, she turned to rejoin Asherah as Shane moved to take his throws. "You know, roommie, Shane and I aren't exclusive. I mean, we're aren't seeing anyone else, but I don't mind him being with other women; I would never deny another woman the pleasure that cock gives, especially not someone I was close to, like you."

Asherah could tell that Roma was moving closer to the mental edge, but she would need a push from Shane. As he finished his throws and started walking back, Asherah moved up towards him, and as they passed, she whispered to him, "It's time." When Shane replaced Asherah next to Roma, he placed his hand on the small of her back; his touch was electric to her.

"I wanted to apologize to for before," he said to Roma. "I mean, I feel like if we weren't making so much noise, you wouldn't have felt the need to come and check on Shannon and then catch us in that awkward situation. You know, you're a good friend to Shannon, and since I'm going to be around a lot more, I'd like if we could become very good friends too."

Roma put her hand on his chest and after feeling his built torso, she got bold. "Meet me in the loo, and I'll show you how good a friend I can be." And with that, she turned and walked towards the sign reading "WC" making sure to sway her hips alluringly along the way. Asherah turned to see Roma walk off to the loo and gave a knowing look at Shane. He returned it and started walking in the direction as well. He knocked on the loo door, it opened, and a hand grabbed and pulled him inside.

Roma wrapped him up with her arms, drawing his lips in for a deep, passionate kiss. She broke it a few seconds later and pushed Shane around, "Lock the door," and while he was doing this, Roma undid his belt and jeans and yanked them down in one motion thus unsheathing the prize she was seeking. Shane turned back around as Roma dropped to her knees and started sucking on the largest shaft she could have even imagined. Shane could feel his cock start to harden as she skillfully alternated between licking its underside and kissing the tip, all while pumping her fist up and down his length.

"I could get used to this," Shane stated breathily.

"If Shannon doesn't mind sharing, I think you'll have to get used to it." Shane's cock jumped in her mouth. He pulled out of her mouth and turned her to face the sink and mirror. He bent her over while pulling her skirt up over her bare ass. "No panties?" Shane asked.

"I took them off in the booth," replied Roma.

"You saucy minx!" exclaimed Shane. He rubbed the tip of his length against her pussy. She tried to push back and impale herself on his length, but he wouldn't allow it. When he could tell she was in painful need for it, he thrust forward. She bit her lip as she stifled what would have been a loud moan. Shane began to pump in and out of her as Roma gripped the sink in order to steady herself against his relentless assault on her womanhood. She pulled her head up and looked in the mirror and she saw the absolute onslaught she was taking as she watch his cock work its way in and out of her cunt, which only turned her on even more.

"Do you like this cock?" asked Shane.

"Yes!" replied Roma.

"Do you need this cock?" he asked.

"Yes!" shouted Roma.

"Will you worship this cock?" he asked.

"Yes!" Roma shouted even louder.

"Do you accept me as your god?" Shane finally asked.

"YES!" screamed Roma, and as she did, Shane's cock erupted with torrents of scalding liquid. Roma felt it invade her body but not like anything she had felt before. To her, it felt like it was invading her whole body and mind, corrupting it, changing it. She began to feel a need and desire for Shane's cock stronger than even before. She began to feel more confident and sexy; everything she had hated about herself melted away as she was becoming the woman that she always wanted to be. She felt her chest grow heavy, and as she looked up into the mirror, she saw her shirt begin to tighten and her breasts began to grow underneath it.

"Yes! Grow!" she mumbled as they continued. "Grow" she said a little louder as they passed a C cup. "Grow" she cheered as they passed DD. "GROW!" she screamed as they passed F's. Shane noticed the strain the shirt was putting on her. He reached down and tore halfway down the middle of her shirt, allowing Roma to breathe easier once again.

Soon his cock stopped erupting and Roma breasts stopped growing, as they both breathed heavily. Shane withdrew his cock from Roma, and as she turned around, Shane saw just how much her breasts did indeed grow. Few porn stars ventured as far as Roma's breasts had gone; maybe as big as large cantaloupes. They were very large, and on her small frame of 5' 5", they were just below absurd, but still sexy as hell. Roma looked down and began to feel her new tits.

"I love them!" she exclaimed. "I hated my tiny tits. Men would never come onto me because they weren't big. Now they're amazing, but I don't want them anymore; I only want you, my master."

Shane smiled and said to her, "Let's get ourselves situated again, find Asherah, and get back to your flat for a little more fun." Shane didn't need to explain who Asherah was, Roma's conversation made her understand. When they opened the bathroom door, they saw Asherah standing immediately on the other side. "Damn, I may have to have some of you myself, Roma," exclaimed Asherah, and with that they headed back to the flat for some more fun between "friends".


Deep in the jungle on the island of Cozumel of the coast of Mexico, Dr. Laura Wayah struggled to climb through the Mayan ruins of the island. Dr. Laura was a unheralded journeywoman in the field of Mesoamerican archaeology, and while she was in her early 60's, she still had the spunk and energy to get out in the open and search for more truths of the past. The Mayan ruins on Cozumel were home to the Temple of Ixchel, the Mayan goddess of fertility. In their days, fertile Mayan women would paddle the 20 miles between the island and the mainland in order to have the goddess bless their pregnancy and birth; Dr. Laura figured if they could paddle 20 miles, she could walk through jungle.

As she did walk however, she stumbled a ruin that she did not remember existing, yet it was in a clearing covered only from above by the treetop canopy of the jungle. Using the few streaks of daylight that shown through the canopy, she observed the hieroglyphics. The temple looked small, but the writing seemed to announce that this place was of great importance. She climbed further into the temple, when the floor beneath her gave way.

She fell about 20 feet into what seemed to be a large chamber that she eerily absent of the jungle sounds above. She gathered herself up and noticed a light blue haze around her feet. She dismissed it and cried out for help, only to realize she was a fool for taking a stroll through the jungle alone and without telling anyone where she was. She looked around for a way out, but only saw the blue haze get thicker. She began frantically searching for a rope or a vine; no longer curious as to what this chamber was, she only wished to escape it.

As the blue haze grew higher still, it enveloped her. With this she heard a voice, "I am the goddess Ixchel. You will be my vessel, and together we will enslave the world in lust and servitude." With that, the blue haze seemed to energize, making Dr. Laura's skin tingle erotically. The haze seemed to move almost with sentience as it collected into a ball and flew into her cunt. The doctor dropped to the floor in exquisite pleasure. She writhed as orgasmic convulsion after convulsion hid the pain of her body healing, reshaping, and growing. She clawed at the clothes on her body, ripping them off as if she were on fire. A few moments later, she stood up; no longer the little old, white-haired, pale-skinned woman she was before, but now a tall, young, bronze Mayan goddess with a body that would make any man succumb to her every wish and desire. She ran her hands along her smooth skin and cupped her enormous breasts with joy.

"Now is the time."

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