tagBDSMÆgir's Wife Ch. 04

Ægir's Wife Ch. 04


Kirsty floated on billowing clouds of bliss ensconced in the warm, comforting embrace of her husbands. She tried to remember a time when she was this content and happy. But she could not.

Bjorn was gently nibbling, sucking and licking her nipples, re-igniting flames which after that massive orgasm should have been dormant or at least dulled. Sven too was flaming those embers as he kissed along her shoulders, neck and ears. His breath was incredibly hot as he whispered things in her ear that were beyond her comprehension. Perhaps if her mind was more clear she could glean enough to get the gist of it, but the feel of rough denim and his hard cock throbbing between the cheeks of her ass gave a pretty decent translation in its own right.

Mikael chuckled as he entered her bedroom carrying a tray with water, juice and her favorite...Bjorn's homemade chocolate chip cookies. Even Petrine admitted that her youngest son was a better cook than even she was. Cordon blu chef, Oxford scholar, sexy as hell male model and a damned good lover, the man was the total package.

"You out for the count already, elskling?" Mikael teased.

She chuckled, well maybe not. Her sweet Master worried way too much about hurting her. Something that for a masochist, which she was finally coming to accept was part of her nature, pain was as necessary as air, food and water. No, for her almost daily dose of that she must turn to Mikael. The man had no compunction about hurting her and was more than happy to test the depths of that need too.

Her fingers ran along the callouses on Sven's fingers. So what need did he fulfil? Because after the distance of the past three months, there could be no doubt that she needed him every bit as much as she did his younger brothers.

A secretive smile formed at the corner of her lips, control. Mister Cool, her Atlas, brought her mind calm and the perfect balance, even in the whirlwind of lust and need every single time they were together. Just hours before, she had hungered for the man so deeply that she had been willing to risk the sting of rejection on the hope of reconciliation. She was glad she had too.

She laughed as she rubbed her bottom against Sven and thrust her breasts even more into Bjorn's face. All three of them moaned in pleasure and need. "I don't know...I might be able to stay awake...just long enough for cookies and milk, of course."

Mikael laughed at Sven's solid slap in her outer thigh, "Oh, I think that is big brother's way of telling you to be good my precious brat."

Kirsty was tempted to give another smart mouthed response just for the sweet taste of pain, but then she felt Bjorn's hard cock brush against her bare cunt. No, she had tasted pain, though she could always find room for another serving of her favorite dessert. But she had only sampled pleasure briefly this night.

How many nights had she lain in this bed alone while they were at sea imagining this very thing? All three of her husbands. For a time, it had seemed an impossible dream. Even when Bjorn and Mikael had finally put their differences aside enough to see to her needs first, it had never seemed complete. Not without him. But even Sven was here this night...and she would not waste another moment of it on silly games. Only adult ones.

Thanks to Raquel Graffen's naughty novels, she knew just which one too. She shoved at Bjorn's shoulders until he grumbled but eventually the genius got the idea and rolled onto his back. That was all it took too as she sank down fully onto his cock.

Mikael roared with laughter, "Seems it only took Sven one barehanded slap to get your ass moving. Why does it take the tawse with me, lilla gumman?"

She stuck out her tongue, "Because you like brats."

All of them chuckled deeply as she began to move sensually on Bjorn. Mikael held out a bottle of water, "Here, drink this. I think after that explosion earlier you need to replenish your liquids."

But she was in too playful a mood to be distracted by Mister Caring Sadist as she reached out and jerked at the top button of his jeans. It gave way with little trouble as she ripped at the zip, but he shook his head and pushed her hand aside firmly, "I'll feel safer if you let me do that. You may be a masochist but I am not, especially when it comes to certain sensitive places, my sweet wife."

"Then hurry damn it," she looked over her shoulder at Sven, "You too. Both of you are overdressed."

Sven chuckled, "I see the toffelhjälten have allowed you to forget your place, young lady." His fingers laced through her hair as he came up on his knees next to her. Icy blue eyes met her, "No more. I will teach you to respect your husbands."

She smiled, "I respect them. But if you don't like my smart mouth might I suggest a way of putting it to better uses, Sir." To emphasis her point, her fingers danced across the front of his jeans until his hand cover hers.

"Do not think I have forgotten your impertinence, Kirsten. I will not, but your suggestion has certain merits to it," he smiled as he unfastened his jeans and pushed them down his legs, kicking them to floor next to the bed.

Kirsten ground her pelvis in slow circles on Bjorn's cock, taking him as deeply as she could as her fingers wrapped around the heated steel of Sven's erection. She stroked him slowly and sensuously to prolong this moment for as long as she possibly could, just as she knew her erotic dance on Bjorn's cock did more to torture him than to give relief. No, relief was not what she had in mind at that moment.

"What, Mikael, did you miss your invite to this party? I am sure it did not get lost in the post because I prefer to hand deliver them," her fingers trailed down Sven's cock then gently caressed his balls until he moaned and thrust into her touch.

Mikael finished pushing his jeans off and stepped from them, leaving them to lay on the floor at the foot of her bed. "As much as I like your hand jobs, sweetheart, I seem to remember that someone needs her mouth put to better uses."

Sven smiled as his finger laced through her hair turned her head and he drank from her lips, "You heard my brother. Show us why we should not punish you for that big mouth of yours, Kirsten."

Kirsty took up the challenge with a saucy smile as Mikael joined them on the other side of the bed, "Because, Sirs, big mouths can do things like this," she ground her pubic bone against Bjorn's rock hard cock and softly tugged Sven's balls as she bent forward and swallowed most of Mikael's.

"Fuck, woman, where the hell did you learn that?" he cursed as his hips thrust forward burying another inch in her throat until she began to gag.

Bjorn shook his head as his hands on her hips began to increase the pace just a bit. Sven chuckled, "It most definitely was not me."

Her lips let go of Mikael's cock long enough to smile innocently as she replied, "You would be surprised what you can find if you type 'how to deep throat' into a search engine."

Bjorn laughed and it drove his cock deeper inside her, making her gag once more on Mikael's cock as her hand continued to stroke Sven. "Oh, I know. Why do you think I fell in love with the World Wide Web the moment my father gave me a computer? Bless him, the man had no idea how to set the security for teens. You can learn just about anything on the damned thing. Anything except how incredibly hot, wet and tight your cunt feels wrapped around my cock, baby girl."

She smiled around Mikael's cock in her mouth, so that explained how the hell the man had been such an amazing lover even though he was a virgin when he came to her bed. Not that she had that much more experience than he did at that point.

And not that she could say much about the internet, most of what she learned had come from her raunchy e-books...porn for women. Soldiers, cowboys, aliens and of course her all-time favorite...Vikings, she had devoured them all. Never believing that she would have the opportunity to actually practice all those things she had learned in books. Certainly not on three hot husbands.

But damn, Graffen made it sound so much easier than it was...pleasuring three men at once. She had to constantly remind herself to stroke Sven's cock while she sucked Mikael's. Thankfully, Bjorn seemed to have taken the lead with his hands on her hips guiding her movements at the perfect pace to keep them both on the edge without going over.

It felt good, damned good, amazing in fact. Bjorn's cock buried deep in her pussy, tasting Mikael's and feeling Sven's. She knew this was an experience of a lifetime, one that most women would never have. So why did it feel incomplete somehow? As if there were more...something was missing.

Sven bent forward his tongue licked and swirled around her ear for a moment before his fingers pinched her nipple hard just as the other hand slipped between her ass cheeks. "Something is not quite right, Kirsten," he whispered as he slipped a finger inside her ass. She fought back the orgasm as her pussy got even tighter.

"Please," she whispered, "yes, please, Sir."


Sven worked his fingers deeper inside her ass, adding a second one now. His mind battled. It had been the fantasy they shared. How many times had he teased her with the image of Bjorn's cock in her cunt, Mikael face fucking her, while he slipped his cock deep in her ass? He wanted that so fucking badly.

But did he deserve it...after how he lost control that first time. How he had abused her trust and humiliated her that night. How he had abandoned her for months rather than finding the courage to face the feelings that this woman evoked in him.

What's more, did he trust himself? Not to lose control again. He was certain that his brothers would not allow him to hurt her. It was not that. But if it came to that, he would spoil her special night. Why the hell did this woman have his guts in knots? She was the only person to ever make him feel...this strongly any way.

What was he going to do? He looked up at Mikael to discover his brother watching him. He withdrew his fingers reluctantly which caused their wife to whimper as she rode his little brother's cock even harder. "Please...please!"

He swallowed at the tightness in his throat before speaking to Mikael, "I think our wife needs a cock in her ass too."

Mikael shook his head, "Then what you waiting for, Old Man. I'm enjoying the blow job of the century. Lube is at the foot of bed."

Sven sighed, was he really going to pass up this opportunity? He had wanted this very thing for so long. When he considered sharing her like this, as they all knew they must eventually, it was always like this. Anal had always been among his favorite fetishes but never once had he tried double penetration.

Sven reached for the lube. He would just play a bit while his mind worked it over. Give her pleasure and he knew it did, even as rough as that first time had been she had been so fucking responsive. It was as if her tight, virgin ass had been milking his cock then. Gods be damned, he wanted to feel that again, he thought as he poured the warmed oil down the crack of her ass.

Kirsty arched her back and moaned as he went back to gently stretching her with first one then two fingers as she rode Bjorn. He massaged her shoulders with the other hand and whispered every dark need he had in her ear. So low his brothers could not hear, in his language so she could not know his depth of need for her.

This time he did not rush, just enjoying playing with her, watching and listening to her reactions. Her whimpers told him that they held her incredibly close to the edge. Of course, three little words from any of them would send her over.

Orgasm control and conditioning had never been something he would have considered with his subs. All that he believed warned him of the depths of commitment and responsibility that it required of the Dom and its dangers to the sub. There were stories of women, who were unable to orgasm again after their relationship with the Dom, who trained them. Of course, that did not happen all the time, but he had heard enough of those cases to be leery...especially with women who had been temporary at best.

But she was different. She always had been from the first time he sat down and messaged her on that damned computer. She was such a fucking elixir of innocence and wanton responsiveness. And such a willing pupil, he had never trained anyone as open and teachable as she had been from that first challenge. Had he ever stood a chance of keeping this one at arm's length?

Had any of them? They owed her so fucking much for the changes in Mikael and Monika alone. But it did not stop there. She had awaken their mother from her decades long trance, brought the woman back to life, pulled her from the depths of her grief and depression as nothing any of them had done ever could.

The simple, hard truth hit him then. They needed her. He needed her. It was the strangest sensation. Utterly frightening as hell that he who had never really needed anyone for as long as he could remember anyway...he needed this woman. Her smiles. Her laughter. Her moans.

His fingers worked deeper inside her tight ass eliciting another of them as she ground back against his hand. Her whimper was so fucking sweet as she turned her head and looked up at him with those big blue eyes that were deeper than the oceans he fished...and just as full of life. "Please, Sir. Please, Sven."

His fingers laced through her hair pulling her head back, angling it perfectly as he studied her face for any sign of fear, of reservation. "Are you sure, Kirsten?"

"Damn it, what do I have to do or say? Fuck my ass, Sven. Fuck it like you promised all those times you teased me. Quit playing and fucking do it," she demanded.

His lips captured hers in a brutal kiss. She would pay for this. Later. She had broken so many protocols. The cursing. Using his name instead of Sir...something no other sub ever dared. But none of that fucking mattered at this moment. All that mattered was her, her need, and fucking yes, his own.

He withdrew his fingers, but only for a moment. He poured more of the oil on his hard cock as his hand on her back pushed her forward onto his baby brother's chest. He lined his cock up and was about to enter her when Bjorn shifted, pulling her away. Before he could say a word, it was Mikael, who spoke.


Mikael was on instant alert even before Bjorn could move. He recognized that angry, crazed look in his baby brother's eyes the instant that he had become truly aware of the conversation between Sven and their wife. Some part of him even agreed with his brother, but he bit that concern back.

This was their big chance. Not just with her, but for her. If they could for a couple of hours put all their differences aside and think only of what she wanted...what she fucking needed, then they could begin to form the deeper bonds that would hold their unusual family together...come what may.

And he could not allow his worries or Bjorn's to destroy this opportunity. He placed a restraining hand on the man's shoulder as he struggled to lift himself and her body weight. Mikael was glad that his brother had been laying on his back, otherwise he might never have been able to stop him. As it was, his baby brother turned those flaming green eyes towards him with the same vitriol that he had with Sven.

"It is her choice to make," was all he said.

Bjorn shook his head and made to rise up again Mikael pushed harder against Bjorn's shoulder. "She damn well knows that we have her back if or when she needs us, but this has to be her decision."

He could see that even that was not really registering with Bjorn and Mikael knew that they were on the very edge of disaster. "Don't spoil this for her," he whispered in a low voice so that Sven and Kirsty, who were otherwise occupied at that moment, could not hear. He saw his baby brother hesitate and knew that he had broken through to him.

Mikael smiled and pushed Kirsty forward just a bit further on Bjorn's chest, lifting her ass enough that Sven could easily slip his cock inside it. He gloried in his role as the director of this little scene, especially as he watched the ecstasy on all three of their faces.

He could almost read their minds. Though with Sven he did not really have to use much imagination, he knew personally exactly how tight Kirsty's sweet ass was with their baby brother's cock buried in her cunt. Bjorn usually preferred to be the anchor. Mikael smiled as he reminded himself to switch things up a bit. Let baby brother fuck her ass or mouth next time. He certainly would not mind a chance to fuck her pussy while one of his brother's took that ass.

But it was her face that he cued upon. He had never seen her more beautiful. Her face radiated sheer joy...and contentment. He knew then that she was theirs...totally and completely. Theirs to have...and to protect.

He loved her with a depth he had never imagined then. He bent down and kissed her lips as he whispered, "Jeg elsker deg." The look in her eyes and smile on her face told him that she knew exactly what he had said. That there was no need to translate those words.

She opened her mouth perhaps to return his words of love, but he would never know as Sven surged forward and her eyes closed, her back arched and the only sound escaping her sweet mouth was an incredibly loud moan.

Mikael shook his head and smiled. He was not going to miss the fun as he instead slid his hard cock between those open lips and enjoyed the feel of the vibrations at the back of her throat as his older brother began thrust deeper in her tight ass.

He tried to concentrate, to savor each and every moment of this once in a lifetime experience, a first, but that was not possible with those sweet moans scattering along every nerve ending in his cock to a befuddled brain that begged to plunge even deeper into her throat. He was not sure if it was minutes or hours, only that it was heaven itself and over too fucking quickly.

Mikael laced his fingers through those flames of glory and tilted her head just perfectly as he watched his baby brother's face tighten in what he had learned was the final throes of his ecstasy. He was determined that Bjorn would not be alone in his pleasure, "Come for us, our sweet Freya," he commanded.

Those intense blue eyes widened and her moans turned to screams. His cock would have popped from her mouth if not for him thrusting his hips forward and burying another inch in her throat. He felt her explosion along his spine as his own began to boil up from deep within his soul as much as his balls.

He fought back his own pleasure to enjoy theirs as Sven buried his cock fully inside their wife and threw back his head with a loud groan at the same time his baby brother joined the symphony of pleasure. But it was her that held his interest. Words could not come close describing her then.

Only one seemed to fit this moment...complete. Somehow this felt so incredibly right. Together, they had put their differences and own needs aside to give her what none of them could alone. And it felt perfect, the way it should be.

Mikael fought the lump in his throat at all the years he had fought this very thing. Not that he would have wanted this with Greta. His ex-wife was much too selfish for intimacy, especially this level of intensity. But with her, with Kirsty, it was like really living and loving for the first time in his time. She had given that to him. To them, he realized as he looked at his brothers' faces, which mirrored his own sense of completion and love.

For perhaps the first time since he stepped abroad Ægir's Captive as a little boy, he felt like he belonged. Belonged to her, with her. Just as she did with them. Them. That was not the bad thing he had imagined it would be. In this place and moment, there was no room for insecurity, doubts or jealousy...only love. Her love that made them all whole and complete.

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