tagAnalAshley & Alexis Ch. 03

Ashley & Alexis Ch. 03


Exactly one week after Ashley and Alexis had masturbated together, they found themselves walking down the street, leaving Ashley's apartment for a club. Alexis was wearing her new corset top and denim skirt, and Alexis wore a pair of jeans and a tiny tube top. Going for maximum exposure, the girls had opted to leave their jackets at home although it wasn't that warm. It was November after all.

In the previous week, Alexis was surprised by how horny she became and how much it drove her to do things that only a month ago she never would have. Twice that week she gave herself a good pounding with her new dildo, in front of the open window again. Each time she built an audience.

Ashley wasn't exactly innocent either. She hadn't even gone straight home after she fucked herself in front of Alexis - she had paraded her slutty ass around campus until some drunk guy hit on her, and then she went home with him. The sex wasn't that good, but it was better than nothing.

This night, after all other recent events, Alexis had a fairly good idea what was going to happen. The girls had taken a few shots before they left and we're feeling a little buzz, and Alexis knew Ashley was going to try to talk her into something slutty. She just didn't know what it was yet.

They got to the club and went inside. Ashley, barely old enough to drink, ordered a Long Island iced tea, which she quickly passed along to Alexis.

"Ashley! I don't want to get wasted! I'll wind up doing something really stupid!" Alexis said, laughing.

"You mean something really fun?" Ashley teased. "Here, you drink this, and I'll unbutton my jeans and leave them that way the rest of the night."

Alexis couldn't resist seeing her sister act like a slut. She was already a little horny because, in her corset top, she was getting plenty of attention from the guys in the club. Add the fact that a hot, similarly dressed girl was with her, and it only added to the attention she received. Guys were watching them, watching their hips move and their tits jiggle and wondering if they would flash their tits or kiss each other. They didn't know that the girls were sisters, and if they did, they probably just would have watched them more closely.

Alexis took the drink and began to slowly make her way to the bottom. Ashley touched her stomach, teasing herself as she waited for her sister to finish so she could unbutton. She played with her dangly bellybutton ring and imagined a hot guy - or girl - was touching her, ready to dive in. Alexis, for her part, was becoming increasingly aroused by the sexy looks she was getting, left and right and in front of her. Everywhere she looked she felt eyes on her body, and she loved it.

Finally Alexis finished the drink and Ashley unbuttoned her jeans. Alexis was quite tipsy, and had no objection to being led into the dance floor by her sister. She raised her arms in the air as Ashley danced behind her, feeling her exposed stomach, driving the guys wild. Soon they traded places, Ashley's unbuttoned jeans showing a hint of her pink thong panties as she shook her hips. Taking Alexis' hand, she arched her back and ground her ass into Alexis' pelvic area as she led her hand to her own stomach.

Alexis, tipsy and all, was just loving every minute. She loved feeling her sister's flat, smooth stomach and loved looking at the two sluts she saw in the mirror which ran the length of the wall. It aroused her immensely to know that she was one of those girls, and right then and there she knew that she would be having fun that evening.

Only a couple minutes had passed when two guys started dancing with the girls. One danced behind Alexis, who eagerly ground her ass into his cock, feeling it harden slightly under her skirt. The other danced in front of Ashley, the two of them basically humping each other with their clothes on as they danced front to front.

After several minutes of this, the four dancers broke off into couples, Alexis and Ashley separating from one another to enjoy their male companions. Both girls ground their asses into the guys they were dancing with, feeling the guys' chests and stomachs on their backs and leading the guys' hands to their exposed sides and stomachs. Alexis found this intensely arousing, dancing, getting felt up by a complete stranger as she gave him a slight hardon with her moves.

A few minutes more went by, and Alexis noticed that Ashley's jeans had been pulled down to expose the top half of her ass cheeks, her hips, the top of her legs, and almost her panty-covered pussy. They were just folded down to expose more. It was so erotic. Ashley loved doing it, and Alexis clearly loved seeing Ashley like that.

"Lift up her skirt," Ashley said to the guy with Alexis during a slight break in the action. "Trust me, she'll like it." The next song started, and the guy lifted her skirt, exposing her ass cheeks to the onlookers in the club as she danced. Alexis didn't notice for a couple seconds, and when she did, she was so turned on she just ground her ass into him harder, bare skin now contacting the guy's pants. She could really feel him now; she wanted him.

A moment later, the guys quickly went to the bar to get drinks for themselves and the girls. They came back in a matter of seconds, and the four of them, drinks in hand, began to dance again.

"Are you trying to get me drunk?" Said Ashley.

"No, just thought you might want a drink."

"Well, it's working!" Said Ashley, winking, giving him the go-ahead to make a move and letting him know she was game.

"Does he have a shot with her?" He asked, pointing to Alexis.

"Yeah, she's horny and she'll pretty much do anything. She's a little attention whore when she gets tipsy and horny." Ashley looked over and, sure enough, the guy had lifted Alexis' skirt again, driving her wild, causing her to turn around and press her lips against his, his hands up the bottom of her skirt grabbing her ass, which was now in plain view.

Ashley didn't need to make out. She was enough of a slut that she was ready to just leave with her guy. She quickly finished her drink and jumped into his arms, whispering, "I'll do a lot of things too, when I've been drinking." He needed no more encouragement, picking her up and carrying her half-dressed body outside, taking her home.

Alexis noticed that her sister had disappeared again, but this time, she just saw it as a green light to make the most of the time she had with her new companion. They stayed at the club a little longer though, Alexis having one more drink and giving the guy a feel of her tits while they danced before he asked her if she had any plans.

"Not any more," she said.

"Well, do you want to hang out with me?" He asked.

She answered affirmatively, and soon Alexis was headed to her second hookup in about two weeks. They kissed passionately again, his hands exploring her body as they exited the club. Her skirt was still hiked up around her hips, giving him easy access to grab her ass as they kissed. Cars passed, and even though it was dark, she could feel the eyes on her, and she didn't care a bit.

Outside the club, he lifted her top to get a good look at and feel of her tits as they kissed. She was in heaven, making out with a complete stranger, her tits hanging out for the world to see. A couple people took pictures; she didn't mind at all. She just wanted one thing, and that was to get fucked.

He led her to his car, where Alexis promptly removed her skirt and didn't bother adjusting her top. As soon as he stepped inside and started the car, she was leaning over, unzipping his jeans, desperate to taste the cock that had been grinding into her ass all night.

"Mmmmm, I want to taste your cock," she moaned as she pulled it out of his pants.

"Ohhh, yeah, suck it, suck it good," he happily replied. She teased him, licking the head of his penis as he drove out of the parking lot and toward his apartment. He moaned again, just adding to her excitement, and she responded by enveloping her lips around his shaft, stroking him as she sucked. She was in heaven, and all she could manage to do was drive her mouth farther down onto his cock as he began to squeeze her breasts with his free hand.

"Yeah, suck it, girl," he said. She forced her head even farther down, desperate to feel the feelings of wanton sluttiness that had, for the most part, eluded her for the past week. Nothing made her feel like more of a slut than taking a guy's cock as deep as she could, stretching and scraping the back of her throat on it as she forced herself to please him as much as possible, while only getting pleasure from it because of the intense feelings of humiliation she felt at doing it. Alexis took his cock so thoroughly that, although the drive lasted only five minutes, her throat was raw and sore by the end - just how she wanted it to feel.

He lifted her head up off his cock as he parked the car, raising her lips to his for another passionate kiss. After many moments he opened the door, and Alexis tore herself away and exited the car wearing only her shoes, thong panties and top pulled up to expose her perky tits, skirt in her hand.

"Wow, you sexy little show off," he said as he led her to his apartment.

"it makes me really, really wet," she teased, stopping outside his door for a few more moments of passionate kissing, Alexis reveling in her last opportunity to be exposed outside before she went inside to get drilled.

No sooner were they inside than her top was removed, and he carried her into the bedroom, placing her on the bed and removing her panties, leaving only her shoes. He spread her legs wide and placed his tongue between her legs, tasting the pussy that had been waiting for him all night.

"Oohhhhh, fuck yes," she moaned as she felt his tongue tease her wet fuckhole. He continued to lick her pussy, and she continued to moan in pleasure. "I want your cock in my mouth while you eat my pussy," she moaned, and soon his clothes were on the floor and he crawled into bed on top of her, forcing his dick into her mouth as he ate her pussy. She felt his cock at the back of her throat as his tongue danced on her clit, and in that moment, she was beginning to understand how amazing it can feel to be a used slut. She was practically begging for her mouth to be used harder, if for no other reason than to elicit intense feelings of use and sluttiness.

"Mmgmmmgmm!" She moaned as he fucked her throat hard. No matter what she did, she couldn't move his body off of hers or remove his cock from her mouth, not that she wanted to. She began to enjoy struggling ever so slightly under him, feeling forced and taken.

The exposure, the force, the tongue on her clit were all too much as Alexis exploded into orgasm. She bucked her hips and gasped for breath, feeling the cock in her mouth that seemed to make it hard for her to breathe. She moaned some incomprehensible words as she came, almost blacking out from the intensity of the moment before he rolled off of her, changed positions, and readied himself to push his cock into her desperate pussy.

"Ohhhhh, yes, fuck me!" She whispered as he plunged his cock into her pussy, he lifted her legs over his shoulders as he spread her open, impaling her with his cock. "Harder," she whispered, and he began to increase the rhythm as well as the depth of his penetration. She was a writhing, fanatical slut for him now, and in this moment, she wanted nothing more to be treated like one.

"Do you like fucking me?"

"Ohhhh, yes, your pussy feels so good!"

"Am I a dirty, filthy slut?" She asked. Alexis was shocked that those words escaped her lips. Sure, she had been thinking it, but now she was basically begging for it - begging him to tell her that she was a slut. She felt so degraded saying those words, but her arousal had taken over, leading her to voice her previously inhibited desire to hear someone call her a slut.

"Yes, you're a dirty little slut, taking my cock like that!" Alexis closed her eyes, the feelings of humiliation and arousal commanding her every move as her arousal was brought to a new level by his words.

"Ohhhhh, yes!"

"I want to hear you say it."

"Say what?" Alexis asked shyly, not quite ready to admit out loud, herself, that she was a slut.

He pulled his cock out of her, teasing her with it. "Do you want this cock? Do you want to feel it inside you again?"


"Then tell me what you are!"

"I - I - I'm a slut! A filthy nasty horny slut!" She just couldn't take any more. If that was what she had to say to get his cock back in her pussy, she was all too happy to say it. It was so degrading, so humiliating, but so - arousing! And so erotic! She couldn't believe how much it turned her on, being forced to tell him what she was.

"I'm a dirty filthy cocksucking slut! Please give me that cock! I'm a nasty slut and I need more, yessss!" She moaned loudly as he began to fuck her again. She was getting to the point where she loved saying those words. Alexis loved it because it took her arousal to an entirely different level. She couldn't explain it, but she needed to be made to say those words.

He rammed his cock hard into her pussy, and in a few short moments, she was on the brink of cumming again.

"Are you going to cum for me, you little fuckdoll? Tell me how much of a whore you are and cum on my cock!"

"Oh, yes, I'm a dirty - I'm a filthy - I'm a little shown off exhibitionist fuck doll for anyone that wants me! Ohhhhhh!" Alexis rocked the bed as she came hard, the words she had uttered only intensifying her orgasm. She gripped his shoulders and closed her eyes as she moaned, her pussy tightening around his cock. It was even more intense than the first time she came, and now she was nothing more than a pile of putty in his hands. Moments later she had recovered from her shuddering orgasm, and he began to speak again.

"Do you want to make me cum now, slut?"

"Yes, I - I want your cum."

"You know what would really make me cum? Fucking you in the ass."

"Oh, wow, I've never - "

"You're an anal virgin?"

"Yes," she said, blushing.

"You like feeling and acting like a dirty little slut though, right?"

"Yes." She said, embarrassed yet aroused at her admission.

"Well, taking it up the ass will really help you feel that way. It's the sluttiest kind of sex you can have."

"I don't know I - I've thought about it but - "

"I can promise you a big, thick load of cum if you try it for me," he said. "And if you try it and you want me to stop, I'll stop, ok? I just want you to give it a try, I think you'll really like it." Without a word from her, he reached into his nightstand and pulled out a bottle of lube.

The only indication he really got from her that she was willing to go along with it, willing to give it a chance, was that she laid on her back and spread her cheeks with her feet to either side of her face, accepting the lube that he generously squirted into her rear opening. He could tell she was reluctant, even a little nervous about it as he positioned his cock to enter her ass.

"Ok, this might hurt a little at first, especially since it's your first time. But let it happen for a few minutes and I think the pain will subside and you will really like it. Ok?"

"Ok," she replied. She was smiling, but it was more of a nervous smile than a pleased one. It was that sort of smile girls sometimes default to displaying when they are not sure how to react to something. Alexis would have liked more time to consider whether she wanted to try it, or maybe to finger her own ass and try anal play on her own before she gave her ass to a stranger. But if it made her feel the way he suggested it would, she would reluctantly accept it.

He positioned his cock just on the edge of her asshole, then changed his mind. He just left his cock alone, inches from her asshole, as he teased her ass with his finger. He rubbed his finger over that dark patch of skin directly next to the hole itself, eliciting a slight moan from Alexis.

"Does that feel good?" He asked.

"Yeah - yeah, it does." He continued to tease her tight hole with his finger for several long moments, arousing both of them.

"Ok, I'm going to try a finger inside your ass now, ok?" Alexis nodded, still smiling nervously as he slowly inserted a finger into her ass, pushing gently until it was completely inside all the way to the knuckle.

"Mmmmm," moaned Alexis. To her surprise, it was actually somewhat pleasant, in a way she could not explain. It was different from having a finger in her pussy - her hole felt sensitive in a way, almost ticklish. Surprised at the fact that it was actually arousing her, she moaned again. Yes, there was a slight amount of pain, but the generous amount of lube had helped his finger enter her ass without much resistance, and helped her feel mostly pleasure and only a little discomfort.

"Do you like having a finger all the way in your ass?" He asked.

"Oh my god - I can't believe I'm doing this, or saying this but - yes."

"Ok, now I'm going to try two fingers."

"Ohhhh, yes, finger my ass!" Alexis closed her eyes and waited for his second finger. This one felt a little different - she felt a little less ticklish and a little more pressure inside her, as her tight asshole adjusted to accommodate two fingers. "Ohhhhh, yes," she moaned. He started to fuck her ass with his fingers, moving them back and forth inside her asshole, and taking them all the way out and putting them all the way back in, forcing Alexis to feel the pleasure of the moment of insertion all over again.

"Are you turning into a little anal slut?" He asked after a few moments had passed.

"I definitely feel slutty," she said. "But if you want to see if I'm turning into a little anal slut, put your dick in my ass," she said in a voluptuous voice.

He needed no further encouragement. Slipping his fingers out of her ass, he positioned his cock and slowly began stretching her little asshole to accept it, pushing it deeper inside her as he went.

"Ohhhhh, fuck!" She moaned loudly.

"Does it hurt?" He asked.

"It hurts - it hurts some - but keep going," she half spoke and half moaned. Alexis was feeling particularly dirty, letting a stranger take her anal virginity, and she wanted the slutty feelings to continue as it was very arousing to her. If she had to feel some pain, she was willing, especially if it eventually became a more pleasant experience.

"Do you like it when I fuck your ass? Does it make you feel like a filthy little slut?"

"Yes - yes, fuck my ass, I'm a filthy little anal slut," she said, half out of breath. She really meant it, too. She was so aroused by what was happening that she was breathing heavily and struggling to get the words out in anything more than a short, quick, intense burst as she exhaled. Her ass felt extremely full, stretched, and used, and she was absolutely loving it!

He had now forced the entire length of his cock into her ass, and began sliding it in and out of her tight little hole. Increasing his rhythm, he could see in her eyes that the pain was mostly gone and she was feeling pure pleasure - and he wanted to try a different position.

"Let me fuck that ass doggystyle," he said as he quickly pulled his cock from her ass. She quickly complied, rolling over on her stomach and positioning her ass high in the air, her knees bent underneath of her stomach and her face on a pillow at the head of his bed.

Again, he thrust his cock into her ass. This time it felt so heavenly she almost convulsed on the spot, her tight sphincter accepting the full length of the shaft that filled her ass to the brim.

"You like taking it up the ass?"

"Ohhhh, oh yes, I love it up my ass! I'm so fuckikg nasty - filthy - dirty - I'm such a fucking slut! Ohhhhh yes fuck me harder!" He did as he was asked, reaming her ass with force as she bent her body to accept her use as an anal whore.

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