tagInterracial LoveAshley and Jabari

Ashley and Jabari


Hey my name is Ashley. I am about 5'3, with shoulder length brown hair and dark brown eyes. My boobs are rather average, but I have got it where it counts. I have an ass that could make even black girls jealous. I am about 160lbs and wear a size 13 jeans (It sounds a lot worse then it is!). Just because my pants size is so big doesn't mean I'm fat I am not fat, I do try exercising a lot, and work hard to keep my sexy small waste. Having a nice bubble butt does me no good if I have a big flabby waste.

Anyway this is a story following that of my friend Sarah's who got fucked by a big group of black guys. It was about 4 months after her story and we were back home. I was becoming more distant from my best friend Sarah who was now spending all of her time with her new boyfriend Brain. I was still going out trying to live our old life but it was boring without Sarah. Sarah had come out and was openly with her black boyfriend. I on the other hand was still very reluctant to let my friends, and especially my family, know.

I hadn't been with one of the black studs since back at the beach house. Most of them lived in the city, while I lived out in the suburbs so I didn't really run into them by chance or anything. My life without Sarah or my black studs just was becoming to dull. They life of a fat-butted white girl isn't a easy one. I have the attention of every suburban wigger there was, and aside from trying to act and talk black, the similarities ended there. Discouraged and basically bored out of my mind I called my friend Sarah, who as usual was busy with her boyfriend Brian. However I did get her to give me the Jabari's phone number.

Friday night rolled around and my parents were away for the weekend. I looked at my cell phone kind of debating whether or not I should really call the number. Flashing back to my previous experiences with my black studs, as well as my "lovers" from the past few months, it didn't take me love to come to a conclusion.

When I called Jabari he said he was taking care of some business but he could be over in like an hour. It felt good hearing from him again, and the hour of waiting felt like the longest of my life. I made sure to go no panties, and I wore a striped lime green top and a pair of white booty shorts. I made sure I put on a smaller pair to show off my ass.

I got a call from Jabari after about an hour telling me he was lost, so I gave him some directions and helped him find my house. When I finally saw him pull up in the driveway I walked outside to meet him.

Jabari opened up his door and checked me out "Damn girl you lookin' as fine as ever."

I walked up to him and gave him a hug "How have you been doing Jabari I haven't seen you n awhile."

Jabari started to rub on my ass cheeks through my shorts "Just fine baby, I've been missing this ass of yours girl."

I could feel the bulge starting to form in his pants while I hugged him. I broke the hug and start to rub on the bulge in his jeans. "And I've been missing this monster cock of yours as well."

Jabari gripped my ass cheeks and gave me a slap on the ass and smiled at me. "Alright girl well I don't know where anything is around here, but I gotta run over to the liquor store before anything. Why don't we take a ride before we get down to business."

I agreed with him and hopped up into his SUV. As we started down the road I told him directions to the liquor store. I noticed the bulge in his pants still and I could feel that my pussy was absolutely soaked. Jabari looked over at me checking out his bulge. "Come on now girl you know the rules of the road."

I smiled at him leaning over towards his lap. "You read my mind daddy." I undid the top of his jeans allowing his monster cock to spring out from its confines. As I put my hand around the base the 9-inch cock looked beautiful and dark, such a contrast to my light skin. And best of all it was big. Not the kind of cock you could find around this part of town.

I couldn't wait any longer as I lowered my head onto his meat monster. Jabari responded with a light moan, then placing a hand on the back of my head. "That's right girl, its about time you did something useful with that mouth of yours. God it feels good to sink my dick into some stupid white bitch's mouth again."

With my other free hand I could help but slip it into my shorts and start rubbing my clit. His encouraging words, as well as his thick cock filling my mouth, was the highlight of the past 4 months of my life. I was enjoying every moment of it. As I kept on rubbing my clit I gleefully bobbed my head up and down with the help of Jabari's hand to ensure I kept up the proper pace.

The taste of his cock was positively blissful to me. I could feel his big cock with all the veins throbbing in my mouth setting my entire body on fire. I felt the car stop and Jabri put the car into park. Then rather unexpectedly he put his other hand onto my head and began to forcefully pull my head back and forth on his dick in a extremely violent manner.

Jabari screamed out "Aw fuck yeah baby, this is how we do girl, throat fucking a a stupid white girl with a fat ass."

I kept gagging as Jabari's big dick kept sliding way down my throat causing me to hack and gag. The more I gagged the harder he seemed to try and fuck my face. After a few moments he pushed my head back off his dick, leaving big strands of saliva from his dick all the way up to my face.

Jabari looked over at me "Sorry babe gotta run in and get some things from the liquor store, I'll be right back to finish up."

While I was waiting in the car another car pulled up next to ours. Out hopped two girls I knew with their boyfriends. The one girl tapped on the window and startled me. I quickly rubbed on my face to make sure there was no spit still on there and rolled down the window.

"Hi Ashley, you getting ready to go to that party tonight too?" the girl asked.

I smiled and looked back in the store watching Jabari checking out. "Ummm nahh, not tonight I am kinda busy."

She replied back "Aww come on Ash, there'll be a lot of guys there, I bet we can get you fucked real good tonight." The girls started to giggle.

I started to responded "well I ughhh-"

I was interrupted by my head getting pulled down into Jabari's lap. He undid his pants and pulled my head back onto his dick. Jabari looked out the window to the startled girls "Sorry babes but this stupid bitch hasn't finished sucking my dick."

As we pulled away I could here the girls faintly remarking about how big that guy's dick was, causing a smile across my face as I gladly went back to work on sucking on Jabari's fat and juicy masterpiece of a cock. Jabri's hand firmly gripped my head and once again he aided me head up and down making sure my cocksucking was up to what he expected.

It wasn't long, or at least long enough for me, before we were home once again. Jabari pulled my head up off his cock and we went inside. I saw Jabari taking a few drinks from whatever bottle he had just bought from the liquor store and then I led him into my room.

I was slightly embarrassed to let Jabari see my room. My room was still similar to how it was when I was a little girl. I had pink wallpaper and pink sheets, and I had a big collection of stuffed animals I had been collecting ever since I was small. I was really embarrassed by this, I hadn't even thought about possibly cleaning this up or something before Jabari came over.

Fortunately for me Jabari broke the silence "Damn, you're a big time mommy's and daddy's girl ain't you?"

I shyly replied "Umm...well yeah this stuff is all kind of old I just never got around to getting rid of this stuff." I knew that my story sounded lame and unbelievable.

Fortunately Jabari seemed much more interested in me then my room. He came up behind me and slid his hand into the front of my pants his fingers slipped their way into my still soaked pussy. Jabari started whispering in my ear "Damn girl your cunt is soaking. You better let me plug that shit up for you."

I felt encouraged by his words and stepped away from him. I slid my shorts down to reveal my big ass and soaking pussy to him. I layed bent over the bed arching my ass out towards Jabari. I turned my head and saw him stripping down completely.

He walked up behind me and put both hands on my ass. I could feel his cock head right at the entrance of my drooling cunt. Jabari told me "Girl I am gonna fuck your stupid white cunt nice and proper."

I looked back at him "Do it to me daddy, stretch that pussy out!"

He didn't need anymore convincing then that. He slid his thick dick up into my pussy. He wasted no time fucking me senseless. He pounded in and out of me with great force. My pussy hadn't been fucked like this in 4 months. I could feel all the old sensations coming back to me. As he continued to pound in and out of my pussy I felt the warn tingles and shooting excitement that I had missed so dearly.

I heard Jabari screaming out "Fuck yeah. I love fucking you with your big ol' fat ass jiggling all over the place. I'm fucking you, you stupid daddy's girl getting fucked by a big black guy all over your little pink sheets."

I was loving it, his words sounded so distant to me. All I could do was feel the pleasure as my pussy started to contract around his big dick. A real orgasm, yet another thing I had been missing out on for too long. The only orgasm I could get around here was from all the pussyeaters. The pleasure coursing through my body was almost unexplainable. My body was completely numb, my pussy was contracting hard around Jabari's dick. I couldn't helpt but moaning and whimpering loudly. Everything seemed like it was happening in slow motion.

Jabari continued to fuck me into the night. He turned me over and fucked me with my legs spread. In his words he told me it would be a better position to stretch my pussy out. Later He had me sit on his dick. It was amazing feeling the entire length of his giant rod inside me.

Jabari held me close "You like getting your fat ass fucked by black men don't you. You like being my cum sucking whore."

I grunted out "Yes daddy, I NEED your dick, and I NEED your cum. No one can give it to me the way you do."

Jabari asked sliding his dick back and forth inside of me "You need that that cum stupid slut? You need that called filling your fucking throat?"


Jabari pulled me up off of him. I slid onto my knees on the floor. Jabari grabbed my hair and pulled my face into his dick. I took the length in my mouh and began bobbing as fast as I could trying to get him to spew his delicious load into my mouth.

I felt his entire dick begin to tense up into my mouth. He began to shout to me "Take my load in your stupid fucking white girl mouth. Drink my nut you fat assed bitch. Fucking drink my fat load slut since its all you know how to do is drink cum you stupid fucking bitch!"

His cock head swelled in my mouth and exploded huge gushes of his load into my mouth. It had to be the thickest load of cum I've ever had. His thick hot cum was rapidly filling up my mouth. As I was getting ready to swallow Jabari told me "Don't you even think about swallowing that bitch, fucking take the whole thing in your mouth. You're a stupid fucking cocksucking whore all your good for is emptying my nuts into your mouth. Don't you dare fucking swallow that till I think you deserve to swallow it."

As he was saying that he continued to drain his extremely large load into my mouth. It wasn't just thick but there was a lot of it. As he continued to let spurt after spurt of his thick cum in my mouth I felt like my mouth was filled to the brim and it was about to leak out. I think Jabari sensed this too because he pulled his cock head out of my mouth and began to cum on my face. I hurry up and closed my eyes tight.

Jabari laughed "Yeah girl, take it in your fucking face, it suits you a fat assed white girl with a black guys cum in your mouth and all over your face."

Jabari's cum splattered all over my forehead and my cheeks, and even into my hair. My face felt like it was completely covered in thick cum. It was very sticky and warm and it really clung to my skin. It was so thick it didn't even run down my face.

I opened my eyes and smiled up at Jabari. He smiled down at me and walked over to his pants he pulled out a digital camera and told me to open my mouth up. I smiled a little and opened out my mouth showing off all of the thick nut in my mouth.

Jabari snapped a few more pictures and put his camera away. He looked over at me as he started to put his clothes back on. "Why don't you go ahead and swallow that cum, you know your fucking stupid fat white ass needs it."

I gulped down Jabari's thick load happily. I felt so warm sliding down my throat and it left a wonderful taste in my mouth. I looked over at Jabari who was now completely dressed "Thanks for the load daddy, it really hit the spot, you really know how to give a girl a fat load."

Jabari laughed "You know it bitch!" He started to walk out the door of my room.

I called to him "Hey Jabari wait where are you going?"

Jabari poked his head back in "Fuck you bitch I just needed a quick nut you stupid slut, I ain't gonna hang around here with you."

Jabari then walked out and down the hall I could hear the front door open and shut. I was motionless on my knees still. I was covered in cum, was and bodily fluids all over my room, and Jabari's cum hardening on my face. I was in heaven.

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