Ashley Ch. 03


"I love you so much, Ashley."

"I love you, Brian." She hopped up and wrapped her arms behind my neck, pulling me down for another soul-draining kiss.

We twirled dizzily around the room. The back of my legs crashed into the bed. Ashley shoved me in the chest, sending me flailing onto the mattress. She pounced on top of me with rugged ferocity. I puffed as she landed on my stomach, her thighs straddling my midriff.

The vision of wanton desire gazing down on me was a sight to behold. Ashley's vest and blouse hung from her arms. A frilly black nylon bra stretched across her petite breasts. The hem of her skirt rode up her thighs, exposing the curves of her swelling vagina.

She ran her hands over my body, inciting my arousal. Leaning down until our faces were inches apart, she penetrated my lips with her ravenous tongue.

I cupped my hands beneath Ashley's bare ass and lifted her higher up my chest. My shirt scrunched above my midriff. Her pussy dripped her wetness onto my skin. I slid my right finger between the thin lining of her butt cheeks, probing the outer rim of her rosebud.

My sister half-gasped, half-moaned. "God, that feels so good."

I probed her opening a while longer, never once inserting my finger. My other hand, in the meanwhile, was busy kneading the marvelous piece of flesh beneath her hiked-up skirt.

She looked over her shoulder at where my hands were. "Stop teasing me. I can't take it anymore."

If I wasn't so horny, I would've burst out laughing. Ashley has always been the one teasing me. Even at that moment it felt as if I was the one being toyed with. My cock was rock hard and still crammed beneath my tight jeans. At least her pussy was free to leak at will.

Ashley turned to me. "Oh my, where are my manners. Maybe I should be helping you first."

Was my tormented expression that easy to read? Reaching between us, she grabbed my shaft through my pants. I roughly squeezed her ass in response.

"Mmm, you really like that, don't you, Tiger? Let's take it out."

Giggling, she pushed down on my shoulders as she raised her fevered body off me. My hands, unable to get enough of her ass, stuck to her like glue. Sitting on her knees, she returned her mouth to mine, her fingers prodding the humongous tent between my legs.

Ashley had no trouble unzipping my pants while being fondled and kissed. I slipped my hand from her delicate crack and brought it to the front of her mound. I had no trouble sinking two of my digits inside her pussy.

My sister shrieked as she ripped her lips away. "Oooh, stick your fingers in me. I never want to be empty again."

As I delved into my sister's warmth, my cock was being mauled in her tiny hand. The head jammed against the sturdy fabric of my pants. Try as she might, she couldn't pull it through the front zipper. I was simply too hard.

Ashley lifted her leg over me and settled her knees on either side of my waist. With her ass in the air, she lowered her face to me. I promptly planted kisses on her chin. The full weight of her upper body bore down onto my lips as she fumbled with the confine of my jeans.

Ashley unsnapped the button restraining my erection. She rolled off me onto her hip, resting her head on my chest. I couldn't look over her golden tresses, but when I felt her fingers surround my cock and cool air flowing over the tip, I knew she had it out in the open.

Her hand stroked the length. "It's so stiff. I love holding hard cock."

My heart sped, my voice out of breath. "Don't forget about me."

"Mmm, never. I love you so much." Ashley hovered over my face with her tongue hanging. Pressing it flat under my jaw, she licked upward over my chin, my lips, the tip of my nose, and all the way to my forehead in one long, messy sweep.

It was wild and I went absolutely bonkers. It was like she was idolizing me. Me, her older brother of all people. She could score any guy she wanted by just winking at him, yet the only person she desired was me. Well, maybe my cock, too, but it is attached to me after all.

Ashley's kitten-like behavior didn't end at the base of my nose. She swooped down to my neck, nipped at my skin, and left a trail of her saliva on my cheeks as her tongue traced my face. I was one of those unfortunate kids who never owned a pet, so this was the first time I had my face thoroughly licked. It sure would've been fun having Ashley greet me like this every time I came home from school.

"I hope you don't mind but there's something else I want to lick right now," she rasped.

I muttered, "I don't. Just go for it."

"You're such a great brother, letting your baby sister do whatever she wants with you." With that, she got off me and kneeled between my spread legs.

As one of Ashley's majestic hands caressed my shaft, the other was being spat on. She made the spit job one heck of a showing, shifting her jaw side to side and hocking wads louder than a baseball pitcher. There was so much spit on her hand, it dripped from her palm onto my underwear.

Satisfied with her lubing, Ashley switched hands, her sizzling saliva now lathering my cock. My muscles tightened at the incredible warmth. Precum trickled from my tip and down to her fingers.

"I did all that work getting my hand wet and now you're supplying your own stuff?"

I threw an arm over my eyes. "My cock has a mind of its own."

"I'll say."

Despite her slur to the added lubrication, Ashley used it to great effect. Each upward motion tempted another agonizing dollop of precum. At the rate I was spewing, my whole load would've been gone before she has the chance to taste me.

Ashley noticed how much I was secreting and loosened her grip, her fingers scarcely applying any pressure. "Time for the main course," she grinned, lowering her eyes to observe the goo. Her tongue slithered from between her lips, licking my engorged head.

"Oh god, Ash, you're incredible."

"I know. I already have you squirming before I can do this." Brushing her hair aside, she took the final dive and enveloped my cock in her pert lips.

I winced in ecstasy. My fists clenched the bed sheets; my nails dug into my palms. The wonderful feeling of being consumed by my sister was unlike any other. Her mouth was wet and hot, her tongue delicate and soft. Her tickling suction was gentle, astounding, and better than any phenomenon I've had the joy of experiencing.

Ashley kept still. She relaxed her jaw with half my manhood inside. Drool gleamed from her mouth, dampening my boxers and balls beneath. Reluctantly, she raised herself off me. A rope of clear white connected her lips to my crown.

For a moment, we just stared at each other, my face full of disbelief, hers full of mischief. The strand hanging from her lips gave away and dripped onto me. Ashley grabbed the root of my cock and twisted her hand, wiping away the excess liquid.

"Oh jeez, oh fuck," I grunted. "How many guys have you done this to?"

Her hand went back to jacking me off. "Zero. How many girls have done this to you?"


"Am I doing a good job?"

"An excellent job."

"Then giving blowjobs must be another thing I'm a natural at." With her eyes transfixed on mine, she stuffed me back into her mouth.

Ashley went lower, faster, swallowing more of my cock and precum. When I hit her tonsils, she recoiled off me. She made no attempt at holding back the enormous amount of spit produced by her gag reflex.

"Mmm, watch your baby sis devour your big cock. I'm getting wetter knowing you can't take your eyes off me."

"Damn, I can't believe how good that feels."

As my hungry sister bobbed her head over the top half of my rod, she made soft humming sounds. Her right hand gripped the base tightly. Her agile tongue whirled over the sensitive head, savoring my musk. Her lips, pursed around my girth, glimmered in her saliva.

Ashley popped me out of her mouth. "Phew. So hard and thick. Tastes wonderful." She opened wide and re-enveloped the head.

I threaded my fingers through her lavish locks, each blonde strand pampered to silky smooth perfection. Ashley's hair easily had to be her most desirous feature. That's saying a lot when there's also her lustrous hazel eyes and clear pale skin to fall head over heels over. And her lips, oh sweet god her lips looked stunning with my cock between them. I wished I had a camera to immortalize the moment, but then I assured myself this wouldn't be the last time her lips would grace my greedy cock.

Taking things one blowjob at a time, I bucked my hips off the mattress, desperate for her to go deeper. But with her hand fastened around the base, she was in full control of how deep she wanted to take me.

Sliding me from her mouth, she pursed her lips at the very tip and kissed the head. Her lips trailed lower, smacking the underside of my veiny shaft with gentle pecks. Halfway down, she darted her tongue out and dreamily licked her way up to the oozing slit.

"Mm-mmm, this is what I want to drink all day, every day." Ashley flicked her tongue over the opening, scooping up a dribble of cum. Instead of swallowing it, she let it drip and splatter onto my bulbous crown. It trickled down my cock and to her hand.

Ashley leaned lower until her eyesight was leveled with the bright red cap. She turned her head sideways, enclosed her lips around my pole, and sucked noisily. Air breezed against my hot cock as she inhaled through the corners of her mouth.

"Holy fuck, that's amazing."

Ashley took her mouth off my throbbing rod. "Thank you. I only aim to please." Curling her tongue around my cock, she licked the entire right side, then turned her head to lick the left.

My whole body shuddered at the superb sensation. Although I had never received oral before, there was no doubt in my mind Ashley was giving me a premium blowjob worthy of a king.

Ashley giggled with her tongue against the bottom of my cock head - her devilishly seductive giggle I was quickly growing accustomed to. "Your fuck stick is getting so wet. Almost as wet as my cunt."

Whoa. What fancy dictionary did my demure sister stumble upon to learn all these new words overnight?

Her vulgar talk drove me insane. She could've been fully-clothed in clown shoes and a big red nose. All she needed to do was say her magic words and I'd be sporting an erection that'd make the biggest names in porn jealous.

"You have such a dirty mouth," I murmured.

"It's not dirty enough. I need your cum in it. I need your cum in me. Your baby sister is hungry for your hot cum. I want to feel it burn through my throat and into my tummy." Ashley spoke so obscenely, I felt smutty just listening to her. She was corrupting my squeaky clean mind with her crude slang.

And I loved it.

We were strangers to the world of sex, but Ashley had found a mystical guide in elevating me to the highest peak of orgasmic euphoria. I was more than willing to let her take me there.

But first things first.

I cupped Ashley's chin and raised her face above my cock. Catching my drift, she crawled on top me, smiling wickedly with her hand still around her toy. She dipped her tongue into my mouth. We wrestled each other with our slippery members, competing to see who could give the other the more profound kiss. My sister won easily as all my effort went into repressing my orgasm from her loyal strokes.

Elated with her small victory, she giggled. "You're so cute." She eased off me and returned between my legs.

Ashley's head bobbed faster and faster over my cock. Her hair bounced freely in her crazed appetite for raw meat. Her tongue swished around my shaft. It felt as if my cock was diving inside a pool of my sister's sweltering spit. Every time it hit the top of her mouth, she'd suck it dry, only to have it re-drenched with her salivating tongue.

Clear fluid trickled from the edges of Ashley's mouth. Bubbles oozed from her lips to the base of my pole. She rolled her head side to side, happily gorging on her treat, slurping with sheer devotion. Her low sultry moans would linger in my ears for days. As she munched on my rod, her left hand reached between my thighs and cupped my overflowing ball sacs, giving them a squeeze through my boxers. A stream of cream driveled out of me.

Holding my glazed crown against her tongue, she asked, "Is this where all your cum is hiding? Is it ready for me yet? What more do I need to do to have you blow?"

I groaned. "Put it back in your mouth."

My personal goddess of oral pleasure heeded my command by wrapping her perfect pink lips around the angry red crown. Shameless curls appeared at the ends of her mouth. She stared up at me in anticipation of my eruption. I brought my hand to her forehead, brushing away the loose strands of hair. I wanted to see nothing but her beautiful, salacious face when I blew my load. Her lips pulled at my cock as she sucked, her tight grip coaxing the cream out of me.

I opened my mouth to grunt my approval, but the sensation was so staggering that nothing came out. Plenty came out from my other head as I exploded in Ashley's waiting mouth. She gasped, panted, but the cum hitting the back of her throat clogged her cries. My cock pulsed as if shocked with a thousand watts of electricity. My whole body buzzed in bliss.

The torrent of cum felt tremendous, powerful. Ashley didn't deter in the least. She jerked my cock faster, drawing forth every last ounce of cream from my rapidly depleting sacs. She closed her eyes, cheeks puffing, as her mouth overfilled with my spunk. Her left hand let go of my balls and went to her throat. I became worried she was choking, but there was nothing I could do to stop my release. Once my cock got going, it'd keep going until it finished.

Hot air shot from her nose as she tried to breath. What looked like a tear coursed down her cheek. Now I became really concerned about my sister.

"Ashley, are you okay?" I sat up but was quickly pushed back down when she let go of her throat and set her hand on my chest.

Ashley slid my drained cock from her lips, allowing only a thin white streak to dribble from the corner of her mouth. She opened her eyes. Small sparkles shimmered beneath them. Wiping away the salty tears, she swayed closer to me and fell onto my chest. Her arms hooked below my shoulders.

"That was amazing," I sighed. She didn't say anything back. She merely nodded against me. "Ash, are you okay?"

Grinning, my sensual darling lifted her rosy face to me. She slacked her jaw, exposing her kettle of freshly brewed cum. Her tongue was entirely submerged in the goo. White webs hung from the ceiling of the jizz receptacle. Being inches from her face, I smelled every pungent whiff. She moved closer, mouth agape.

Stopping above my face, Ashley sealed her lips, but not before letting another rivulet of cum dribble down her chin. She caressed my cheek with her wet thumb - her sisterly, caring touch I've melted into puddles under for so many years. I stared into her hazel orbs as she breathed deeply and held her breath. Shutting her eyes, Ashley swallowed my monstrous load. A huge lump traversed her throat. It took three gulps to consume it all.

Her chest heaved as if she had just ran a marathon, her breasts larger with each exhale. "Whew. Your cock is one dangerous weapon. I almost choked on your cream."

"You don't have to do it again if you don't want to."

Please say no, please say no.

Ashley's tongue pushed against the insides of her cheeks. "Mmm, don't worry. I'll be prepared for it next time."

Close enough. I let out another sigh.

She sat up and held my face in her hands. "Hungry for round two, Tiger?"

My smile reflected in her eyes. "I'm always hungry for another round."

Ashley's hands went to the waistband of her skirt. Her thumbs slipped inside, and as she straightened her arms to push them down, I grabbed her hands.

She stopped. "What's wrong? Second thoughts?"

"No, nothing. Keep your skirt on. It's really pretty."

Ashley gave me a funny look. "Okay. If you say so."

I scooped my hands beneath my sister's ass and hoisted her to me. She lifted the front of her skirt, revealing her inflamed lips. As drool trailed from my mouth, so too did the juices from her tiny hole. She leaned forward, holding the bed's backrest with her other hand, and scooted herself closer to my face. Squatting above me, she widened her knees until she sat on my mouth.

"Be good to me. Treat me like your princess."

The need in her voice almost pained me to listen to. I affirmed the only way to satisfy my princess was to make her cum buckets, and I was more than willing to help her achieve that.

I snaked my tongue out, flicking it against her clit. Results were instant as she gasped and dropped onto my mouth, suffocating me with the scent of her heated honey.

Ashley rocked her hips, grazing my mouth with her pussy. I stopped my flicking and tried to keep my tongue steady, allowing her to treat it as a flexible cock. The taste of her cum got stronger, more tantalizing, with each passing stroke.

Lost in the sweetness of my sister, I wagged my tongue side to side, pushing apart her labia to drink in more. She gasped hysterically. Had there been nothing for her to hold onto, she would've collapsed right on top of me.

Ashley drooped forward until her forehead settled on the backrest. She looked frightfully fragile with her body curled in and eyes bolted shut. Her breaths were rapid, sounding as if she was hyperventilating. I thought about slowing down, but when she let go of her skirt to run her hand through my hair, I was convinced that this was what she wanted.

"Eat me faster, baby. Keep going, keep going," she panted.

With her skirt over my face, my view of her nearly-naked torso blackened out. Scarcely any light seeped through the fabric to illuminate her pussy. My face was entirely hidden from her view.

I dragged my tongue up and down her slit. She shoved me roughly into her crotch, fucking my tongue as it entered her gash. I manhandled the plump flesh in my hands, causing Ashley to spout lewd obscenities.

"Fuck, your tongue feels so good in my nasty cunt. Squeeze me hard, make me all yours. Only my man gets a piece of my naughty ass."

Her words, combined with the sensual odor trapped beneath her skirt, triggered a new rush of intensity. I rolled her cheeks in circles, kneading and gnawing into them with my fingers. My tongue went into overdrive, crashing into the inner walls of her pussy. I distorted my tongue any way possible through her narrow canal, curving, twisting, screwing, licking as far as it could reach.

"Ahhh god yes," Ashley screamed. Her body tensed, her pussy tightened. She came violently, showering my face in her hot fluids. She forced me deeper into her loins, blocking my airway.

Waves of heat scorched my tongue. My mouth formed an "o" over her gushing pussy, sucking and swallowing each wave flooding out of her. I opened and closed my mouth repeatedly, smearing my lips against her flesh.

The pressure on my head eased off as Ashley fell to her side. I rolled over, my tongue never leaving her fountain. Her skirt fell away. My eyes struggled to adjust to the dazzling sunlight shining off her skin. Hands latched onto the back of my head, driving me into her pussy. Ashley cried in rapture. "Oh, oh fuck. Lick me all up. Don't waste a single drop."

My tongue was a blur as it pumped in and out of her. She was squirting so much, the only way for her to spasm like this was if my own cum was also squirting out of her. The flavor tasted much stronger than I remembered, so maybe that explanation wasn't too far from the truth.

Eons had passed when Ashley finally stopped quivering. Unyielding pleasure had turned her a plush hue of pink. The satin sheet beneath her pussy glistened with her sex. I lapped it up the best I could, my nose snug in her opening. She flexed her butt and closed her thighs around me. I kissed her slick skin surrounding my head until she relaxed her muscles.

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