Ashley Ch. 06


Ashley turned around to us. "Thanks, ma'am. I'm a little excited to try some of this stuff on. A lot of these will be a first for me."

"Call me Annette, sweetie. I understand how much of a thrill it is to wear sexy clothes, especially for a cute boyfriend. Or a cute girlfriend," the woman added with a wink. "I should be heading outside now to see if anyone else needs help. If you have any questions or just want a second opinion, please feel free to find me and ask." She complimented Ashley once more before heading out.

My barely-dressed dancer restarted her routine, her hue returning to peachy. "Bry, why didn't you warn me we had a guest? I was so embarrassed when I saw her sitting with you."

"You didn't give me much of a chance before you barged out like you owned the place. It looked like you got over it pretty fast, dancing in front of us like that."

"She's probably seen her fair share of women in my heels. I don't have anything she hasn't seen before."

Ashley turned away from me and plopped her ass down onto my lap. "This dancing has me worn out a little. You don't mind if I sit down for a minute, do you?"

Her ass rubbed against my rigid pole. "Not at all. You can sit down for as long as you want. But only if you tell me how you became such an exhibitionist."

"Because I was dancing for you and that big-titted redhead?"

"Don't be mean. That lady seemed really nice."

"It's a compliment. Those puppies must drive men wild. I can feel how much it affects you."

"Trust me, you have a much more profound effect on me than any busty woman."

Ashley leaned back, resting against my chest, her golden hair blinding me beneath the bright lights. "I'm not really an exhibitionist. I'm just not afraid of having fun with you when there are other people around."

"Sounds like an exhibitionist to me. You should be careful with how much fun you have. Restraint isn't your best quality."

She gyrated into my groin, rubbing my cock in all the right ways. "I feel so sexy in these clothes. It'd be a dream come true if I could take everything I wear home."

Her gyrations quickened, her ass pushing down harder onto me. I gulped down what felt like a golf ball stuck in my throat. "Sis, what are you up to?"

"Isn't it obvious? I'm giving you a lap dance."

It's official. This was indeed the greatest day of my life. "Go ahead, Tiger, feel me up. I don't have a no-touching policy."

"Restraint really isn't your best quality," I jokingly repeated.

Nor was it mine. I laid my hands on the small area of skin between her panties and socks, her skin hot to the touch. I kept my hands steady and let her movements rub her thighs against my fingers.

"You feel so big between my ass cheeks. So thick and hard. I remember so well how you filled my ass when you screwed me. It's been awhile since you've fucked my ass, hasn't it? My ass really misses the feel of you fucking it senseless. You miss my ass too, don't you? You want to rip my panties off? Slam your cock into my tight asshole?"

"That and a whole lot of other nasty things."

I was getting riled up fast. Blood and adrenaline zipped through my system, steeling my cock to industrial strength. My eyes saw pink and yellow panties rubbing my lead pipe, but my brain saw my dirty sister naked and impaled by it. One peek at her puckered anus and I'd be balls deep inside her in a heartbeat.

Momentarily freeing me from her seductive allure, Ashley hopped onto her heels. "If you want my ass, you better show me how far you're willing to go for it."

Uninhibited, untamed, she danced with more style, more energy. Her legs, arms, and hips swayed suggestively, teasingly, but never exhaustingly. Her butt cheeks, bare except for the miniscule cotton patch in her crevice, attracted most of my attention. I looked up to see a lewd smile lighting up her face as she glanced at me over her shoulder.

"This is what you want, isn't it? My nice, round ass?" Ashley reached behind and slapped her left cheek. My dick throbbed at the harsh sound. "Answer me, Tiger. You want my ass, don't you?" I excitedly nodded like a toy bobble head. "Show me what you'll do for it. I want to see how bad you want it."

Ashley twirled around. I yearned for a longer glimpse of ass but her breasts and flat tummy made me forget all about it. Her hands settled on my knees and gently pushed them apart. She sunk to a squatting position while massaging my inner thighs. Her fingers lightly scratched my engorged member through my clothes, her lusty hazel eyes transfixed on mine. She nipped my pants with her teeth, slowly advancing to the solid lump.

"Tiger, do you want to stroke your cock right now?"

I groaned deeply, the pleasure too great to keep subdued. "More than anything. Damn, you're so hot."

Leave it to me to state the obvious. Fortunately it had enough fire to get my sister more animated. She rolled her tongue out, licking my cock through my pants, and scratched my abdomen with her long, painted fingernails.

"Stroke your prick for me," Ashley purred. "Let me see you play with yourself."

I felt my skeleton jump out of my skin. "Are you out of your mind? I'm not going to do that here."

"Why not? You said you wanted to stroke it. I'd hate for you to have a bad case of blue balls."

"Ash, it's all this dirty talk and dancing that has me so hard. If you keep this up, my cock is going to tear through my pants."

The devilish hussy climbed onto the sofa, straddling me like she'd done in the first outfit. Her sexy movements persisted with her breasts in my face. "Then why not take your cock out so it doesn't make an embarrassing hole in a perfectly fine pair of pants?"

Her logic made a lot of sense. I did like the pants I had on, and it would have felt awfully nice to stroke my cock while receiving a lap dance. But wait a minute... no, no, no! I had to stay strong, I had to say no. I couldn't do something so absurd as masturbating in a lingerie store. What in the world could have made my sister think I'd say yes to that? Sure, my tented bump was visible from the moon and she had my face smothered between her breasts, but it'd take a lot more than that for my concrete resolve to crumble.

Ashley, nevertheless, had just the trick to demolish my brick wall. She tossed her golden hair to the side and reached behind her neck, a wicked glint shimmering in her eyes. "Since you're afraid of showing me yours, I'll show you mine first." She stretched her hands into the air, holding the strings to her bikini top above her head. My eyes bulged out of their sockets more than my cock ever could from my pants.

I knew I was lost under her spell when, instead of saying something rational like "tie it back on before someone sees you," I wordlessly cupped her tender breasts. Sensibility had taken a backseat to shameless desire. I wanted to see her perky pink nipples, to see how excited she was by acting like a total cocktease.

And oh boy, did Ashley play that role to a tee. Being careful not to let the triangular cups fall forth, she crumpled up the strings and bit down on them, holding the bikini top in place with only her teeth. The indents of her nipples were faintly visible through the cotton.

Leave it to divine intervention—or plain bad luck—to put everything to a standstill. The woman who had been escorted by the redhead came out of her dressing room, her attention cast on the bundle of clothes draped over her arm. She walked by with nary a glance in our direction.

Ashley stayed motionless on my lap until the woman was out of sight and I told her it was okay to move again. Ashley's skin was beyond pink, her eyes having grown to the size of Oreos. She began to retie her bikini top. "Bry, why didn't you tell me someone else was in here?"

"You didn't ask."

She rubbed my skull with her knuckle. Noogies were reserved for the most severe punishments.

"Ow, that wasn't very nice."

Ashley stuck her tongue out as she climbed off me and vanished into her dressing room.

What a bummer. That was the end of my fashion show, I presumed. The reality that we weren't alone had knocked some sense into us. There was no way Ashley would dare continue her indecent proposal after being almost caught topless. It was a shame I didn't get to see everything we had selected for her to wear. There were still a good three or four outfits she could have put together.

The minutes on my cell phone slowly ticked away as I waited for Ashley to come out. Though I had never worn a skirt and blouse before, I didn't think it should have taken ten minutes to get dressed. Lo' and behold, I was in for a drool-inducing surprise when she finally shed the curtains.

Some of the items I had snagged for my sister were hand-picked by me; others were tossed into the growing pile of lingerie at her whim. The ensemble she was showing off was one of her own creations. Baby blue fishnet stockings led to silky white panties, partially covered by a blue skirt. The skirt couldn't really be called one since its purpose wasn't to hide but to tantalize; it was just over two inches from the waistband to the hem and could have easily been mistaken for a loose belt. Past her naked midriff was a baby blue fishnet top and a white lacy bra. To complete the astonishing look, she had a black choker with metal spikes clasped around her neck.

No asking how she looked this time. Ashley catwalked right up to me and jumped onto my lap like I was old man Santa. It was her turn to state to obvious. "You're still hard."

"How can I not be with you looking like a pornstar."

"Hmm, a pornstar, huh? Between that and modeling, I must have a pretty bright future. But don't you worry. I promise to always remember the man that led me to stardom."

"The only time you're going to be either of those is around me," I defensively remarked.

"Oh, possessive and needy. I like that. You know you're the only one who can handle this."

Ashley hopped off my lap and spun her back to me. Bending forward, she reached down to her ankles spread past shoulder-width. Her skirt completely rose up from her ass and the pencil-width string between her cheeks looked ready to snap with the slightest tug. She swayed her proudest asset. "You can handle this, can't you?"

So much for sensibility being knocked back into us. "You just don't quit."

Ashley giggled with her head upside-down between her legs. "Mom and dad taught me to never give up if there's something I really want."

My mouth watered profusely. This wasn't the first time her ass called to me to grab it. The same opportunity arose the previous Friday when I went shopping with Ashley and her friends for bikinis, though that scenario wasn't anywhere as arousing as my current one. Any semblance of self-control I had against my sister's wild antics were diminishing by the second. Her insanity was replacing all logical reasoning.

I curved my fingers to fit the curvature of her bubble butt and planted my hands on her smooth skin. It was like trying to palm a basketball. "We're going to get in so much trouble."

She straightened up, flinging her hair back with my hands still glued to her. "We haven't gotten in trouble yet."

Keyword: yet. A very important word that Ashley cared little for. Just because it hasn't happened yet doesn't mean it never will. But try explaining that to her. Ignore the fact that someone had already found us in a very compromising situation.

Ashley batted my hands off her rear and shoved me back against the seat. She stepped onto the sofa, her heels piercing the velvet cushions on either side of me.

"What's the status on your panty fetish?"

Holding onto her slender calves for her support and my own self-satisfaction, I stared up at her flower-printed underwear as she performed a pole dancer shimmy right above me. "Are you trying to cure it or make it worse?"

She placed her right hand on the wall behind us for additional balance as she rotated her hips in a captivating slow-dance. "Depends on how you look at it. If by cure, you mean giving you a daily dose of panty shots, then yes, I'm trying to cure you. If by worse, you mean making you more obsessed than ever with them, then yes, I'm trying to make it worse. Pick whatever turns you on the most."

I was as hard as I'd ever get, so I couldn't tell which had the greater effect on me. Both involved a plethora of sexy underwear modeled by none other than the love of my life. Either way it was a win-win situation.

The minutes slowly passed as Ashley continued her sensual performance. It could have been hours for all I cared. None of her single movements were ever exactly the same, and no matter how many times she bumped and grinded her crotch into my face, I would have watched with the intensity during the tenth hour as I did the second I laid eyes on her.

Stepping in place to the tune of Michael Jackson's "Pretty Young Thing", the firm muscles in her calves tightened as I ran my hands over her fishnet stockings. Not only was it the first time I had seen Ashley in fishnets, it was the first I had seen her in stockings of any kind. Normally the highlight of my summers would've been catching Ashley in a cute one-piece bikini, the most revealing outfit I would ever get to see of her in. But now? Anything that wasn't suitable for an X-rated movie was sacrilegious.

Around the fifth minute of staring straight up at the perfect culmination of every man's wet dream, my neck started to cramp. I was human after all and the weight of my over-inflated ego was too heavy to support. There couldn't be many guys in the world who could share a similar experience.

Ashley carefully turned around, presenting an up-close and personal look at the ass I love so much. Any discomfort I was feeling was suddenly nonexistent.

"You don't mind if I sit again, do you?" she asked, her voice omnipotent in an ass-filled paradise.

"Only as long as I get to—" keep my hands on those sexy, smooth legs of hers. That's what I wanted to say before her ass came down on my face like a solar eclipse.

I could barely open my mouth, barely breathe with so much flesh smothering me. Ashley had my head tilted all the way back on top of the backrest, sitting on me like I was an extension of the sofa. She rotated her ass in circles, forcing my head in the same motion. I tried to fight her off so I could breathe again but she just laughed at my muzzled cries for air.

How could my little sister be so sadistic? She wouldn't hurt a fly, and yet now she was giggling like an evil villain while she asphyxiated me with her bountiful mound of ass. It was unheard of for a girl more delicate than a rose.

The lack of oxygen to my head made me snap. An ass of this magnitude and letting my salacious sister prance around half-naked for so long had taken its toll on me and my granite cock. Since she didn't mind showing off her goodies in the back of a clothing store, then neither would I. I was determined to get some action before someone inevitably caught us.

Shoving the pair of buns away from my face, I slipped out from beneath my sister like a greased pig. She lost some of her balance and fell forward, right onto my shoulder as I stood in front of her. Possessed by a desire to get my rocks off, I carried her off the couch, across the waiting room, and past the curtains to her dressing room. I kicked the inner door and locked it shut while she feverishly raked my neck and spine with her fingernails.

Once our privacy was secured, Ashley pushed herself off my shoulder and dropped to her knees. As if my pants were on fire, she hacked away the bronze zipper to save my penis from perilous doom. The burning red crown, poking through the front of my underwear, was leaking precum. Ashley enveloped the tip in her wet mouth, thirsty for something thick and creamy. She moaned at the feel and taste of a hard dick on her tongue.

In less than twenty seconds I went from being smothered by ass to being surrounded by lips. Talk about instant results. My cock-gobbling sister stared up at me as she bobbed her head and sucked my tube. There was a magnificent twinkle in her eyes.

I withdrew my penis from her mouth. No, I wasn't out of my mind or having second thoughts. I just felt like showing my sister how much I love her. I pulled Ashley to her feet and kissed her soft lips fiercely. As her tongue entered and explored my mouth, her fingers closed around my shaft and rubbed the oozing tip onto the front of her panties. I kissed her lips with increasing fervor as she jacked my rod.

"I love you," I muttered, attempting to light a spark of romance in a very non-romantic situation.

Ashley lowered to her knees, panting deliriously, her eyes dead-set on the pole in her hand. Forgoing the lovey-dovey stuff was all right with my penis. It was more interested in being sucked on by her expert mouth.

I held onto the sides of her head. "Open up, babe. You want my cock, you got it."

Even though Ashley was expecting me to slide my member through her lips, she wasn't expecting me to do it so forcefully. She squealed as my cock crashed into the back of her throat, disrupting her breathing pattern. I pulled out, keeping the head on her tongue. She needed only a second to regain her composure. Her squeal turned to mewls as she instinctively started sucking.

Sighing at the wet softness of her mouth, I pushed in until she swallowed half my length. I felt her gag slightly, a rare occurrence considering how effortlessly she had normally taken me. Her face contorted and her head jerked back. I kept my dick in her mouth and pumped with short, shallow plunges. Her lips became wetter and wetter with each sampling of cock.

Ashley stared down at the column of flesh penetrating her mouth, moaning and slurping on my meat. She was as turned on as I was, and I had no doubt this had been her plan all along. She got off on public exposure, having done so in the proximity of total strangers more than once already. As long as the chance of being caught by someone I knew was slim, public exposure fired me up too.

"God damn, sis, you look so fucking sexy. Use your tongue, babe. Fuck yeah, don't stop. You're going to make me cum so hard."

Ashley's eyes darted up to mine excitedly. She kept sucking, pulling in her cheeks, caressing my cock with her lips and tongue. My veiny shaft slid back and forth through her mouth as she bobbed her head, increasing the intensity and pleasure of another world-class blowjob.

Oh man, Ashley looked so sexy, and so very slutty. Her face had a cuteness that made her innocently young, but the dick in her hot mouth and the provocative lingerie barely covering her nubile body turned my baby sister into a gorgeous cock-sucking lolita. She didn't just look the part, she acted it by swallowing my constant flow of precum. Her hazel eyes glowed as she worked her jaw around my cock, making soft little moans that made me ooze more of the delicious juice she loved to drink.

The pleasure consumed me. I was tremendously aroused from viewing her skimpy underwear and sensual lap dance, but her lack of inhibitions and the incredible feeling of her moist mouth pushed me over the edge.

I held onto the back of her head, keeping her mouth still as I blew my load. "Fuck," I gasped, "suck it, babe. Drink every last drop of my cum. Taste it all."

Ashley growled ferociously, hungry for the sperm shooting toward the back of her throat. Her tongue massaged the underside of my cock head, tasting my salty cum for only a millisecond before she had to swallow, lest my load overfill her mouth and drip out. She tried to go deeper on me to ease the gulping process, but I held her tighter between my hands, wanting her to taste every spurt I gave her. Unfortunately I overestimated her cum-guzzling ability. Thick, milky strands began to seep from the corners of her lips.

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