tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAshley gets Lara into Trouble Ch. 01

Ashley gets Lara into Trouble Ch. 01


While this story includes Lara it is definitely an "Ashley" story and should only be read by those looking for the more extreme side of sex.


Lara and Ashley stood in front of the guard charged with the reception of new prisoners. They had only met for the first time a few hours ago when Lara had arrived at the airport on her flight from Spain. Ashley had tried to look cool as she awaited her girlfriend's courier. She had never done anything like this in her life but knew that the one sure way of getting caught was to look nervous. She had a photo of Lara in her purse but had memorised every detail of the Spanish beauty's face and recognised her as soon as she walked through the "Arrivals" gate.

Lara was nervous too. This was her first trip and the bags of drugs lodged deep inside her pussy and arse had been most uncomfortable during the long flight but she was so close now to getting rid of them and paying off her debt to the local gangster. She also knew Ashley's face from a photograph and, as they saw each other, they ran together and hugged as if they were long, lost relatives.

"Follow me to the toilets and we'll get this over with," whispered the young twenty year old to the older woman. Lara had been dreading this part of her nightmare; it was bound to be the worst part but it was also going to be the last part so she steeled herself and followed her young accomplice. They got some strange looks from the other women in the "LADIES" as they both squeezed in to the same cubicle. Ashley had been warned that she would have to watch as the courier "produced" the drugs and Lara knew that she was to have no privacy at this moment.

"This has to be the most humiliating thing I have ever done," she thought as she smiled weakly at the younger woman and reached under her long skirt to pull down her big knickers. Lara would never wear such a garment by choice but she knew she needed something to cover her gorgeous arse and pussy while holding in the bags.

Ashley was aware of the woman's embarrassment but she was even more aware of what her girlfriend would do to her if she messed this up so she forced herself to watch as Lara eased her fingers between her dripping pussy lips and slowly removed the large bag of white powder. Ashley watched in amazement as the long thin bag seemed to go on for ever and wondered how the older woman had managed to get it in.

"I guess her pussy must be slacker than mine," she mused as she could feel an unmistakable tingle between her legs.

Lara breathed a sigh of relief as she handed the juice covered bag to her new friend. Ashley suddenly realised she had not thought this through and looked around the tiny cubicle for something to hold the slimy bag with. The only thing, of course, was the toilet roll so she grabbed a huge chunk of it and wrapped it around her first present from Lara.

The second bag was not so easy, however, and no matter how much the Spanish woman pushed she could not get the bag out of her arse. Looking to Ashley in supplication and complete humiliation, she asked for some help. Ashley didn't understand at first but when Lara turned round and bent over, exposing her naked bottom to the young girl, it suddenly dawned on her what she was going to have to do.

"I'll try to start it off," encouraged Lara and she pushed again with all her might. Ashley couldn't believe she was standing in a cubicle in the public toilets of her local airport, about to put her fingers up the arse of a beautiful woman she had just met. Trying hard not to even look at Lara's naked arse she tentatively poked one finger up the Spanish woman's dirtiest hole and tried to find their bounty.

She could feel nothing like a plastic bag at first but then Lara gave one more push and she felt it touch her finger.

"I've got it," she cried, forgetting where she was and what she was doing.

And that was when the door had burst open, nearly knocking her off her feet. She stared in absolute terror at the two burly women who identified themselves as undercover police women and showed Ashley their badges. They couldn't show them to Lara as she was still bent double and Ashley's finger was still up her arse.

And that is how they came to be standing here now. There were no available temporary cells at the airport so, given the evidence against them, the police had no trouble convincing a judge that they should be remanded overnight in the local jail. Since Lara was the one who had actually been smuggling the drugs she was the first to be searched. The guard simply stood and waited for the mother of two to carry out her order. She couldn't believe she was having to do this; she couldn't believe she was stripping; she couldn't believe she was stripping in front of these two women. And she couldn't believe she still had the bag of drugs stuck up her arse.

The shy woman began to do she was told. She looked around for some area of privacy but, seeing none, she turned and faced the wall. Moving slowly, silently praying that someone would rescue her from this humiliation, she began to open the buttons on her blouse. When she finally reached the bottom of her white blouse, she pulled it out of her linen skirt and slipped it off her trembling shoulders, handing it to the guard.

Not yet ready to reveal her prize assets to the hungry leers of the other two women, she decided to remove her long skirt next. As she reached round and unfastened the button on her waistband, she allowed the skirt to slide down her slender legs and stepped out of it. Folding it neatly, she once again handed it to the guard who, after briefly examining it, simply dropped it on to the dirty floor.

"Keep going," ordered the menacing guard and Lara knew the time had come to lose her underwear. The police at the airport had allowed her to pull her knickers back up when she was arrested but now it was time to pull them back down again, in even more humiliating circumstances. Trying not to look at the guard she took her big knickers by the waist and slid them down her legs. Handing them to the prison guard, Lara's face burned red with embarrassment; not just because she was standing there in front of two practical strangers wearing only her bra for protection but because the guard had taken her knickers with great relish and was now holding them to her face. Lara cringed as she heard the evil woman sniff the damp crotch of her knickers, inhaling deeply. And Lara knew they were damp because she had felt her pussy dripping more and more with each new humiliation.

When the guard was finally satisfied that there were no drugs in her knickers, just wet spots, she told Lara to remove her bra. Taking a deep breath, which only served to lift her breasts, she began to reach round behind her back. Unhooking the clasp, she drew the straps down off her shoulders and hergorgeous tits were revealed to the hungry eyes of the two other women, only one of them her friend. Again, the guard took her white, lacy bra from her and, again, brought it to her face, inhaling the musky body scent of this beautiful woman. Lara tried to hide her breasts and her pussy but, with the size of her breasts, she hid little more than her nipples -- nipples that were sticking out, harder than Lara had ever known them.

The guard seemed in no rush to proceed any further and slowly walked around the frightened woman, drinking in every inch of her luscious body, marvelling at the beauty that was Lara's arse. The poor woman blushed once more, a deep shade of red, as she felt the scrutiny of both the guard and Ashley.

As the guard stood behind Lara, so close she could hear the other woman's breathing and smell her unmistakable body odour, Lara had never been so frightened. The guard was an expert at this. Invading Lara's personal space was one sure way of keeping the terrified woman close to breaking.

At first she felt rather than saw the guard's hand move round from behind her and begin to feel under each of her breasts in turn. The guard had obviously done this before too and moved slowly, enjoying the feel of Lara's heavy tits before moving up and squeezing her throbbing nipples. Lara gasped at the sudden touch but soon realised the other woman was not trying to arouse her when her finger and thumb squeezed even tighter and Lara almost cried at the pain. Begging the guard to release her poor nipples, she was delighted when her pleading was answered but gasped once more when the feeling rushed back to her stretched buds and tortured her once more.

But the guard was far from being finished. She ran the palms of her hands all over Lara's body, slowly; there could be no drugs hidden on the poor woman's smooth skin but the guard was letting her know that she had absolute power over her prisoner and she could do anything she wanted with her.

The hands roamed over Lara's neck, shoulders, stomach, back, arms, pelvis, arse and legs. Kneeling down in front of her, the guard found herself at eye level with the neatly trimmed strip of dark pubic hair above the Spanish woman's pussy. She stroked a finger up and down the thin strip and Lara found this the most embarrassing thing yet. So far.

Staying on her knees, the guard ordered Lara to turn around and, once her orders had been fulfilled, the guard was now only inches from the woman's stunning arse. Once again she ran her hands over Lara's trembling body but this time on one part only. This was the part of every examination that she always loved.

"On the table, bitch; on your hands and knees."

Lara had never been called "bitch" in her life and she sobbed when she heard the word. It seemed to carry every ounce of the trouble she was in and she could no longer hold back the tears. She knew better, however, than to disobey this frightening woman and slowly complied. Climbing on to the table in front of the guard and Ashley, she knew she was giving the two women a very close up view of the pussy lips between her legs, and even of her bum hole, but she had no choice.

Once she was on her hands and knees upon the table, the guard spread her arse cheeks, savouring the sight of Lara's dirtiest hole but standing to the side, giving Ashley an undisturbed view too. Ashley knew there was still a bag of drugs in there and knew that things were about to get even worse for both of them.

She watched as the guard released Lara's cheeks and reached into her trouser pocket. When her hand reappeared Ashley saw she had a large tube of something in it and it didn't take a genius to work out what it was. She unscrewed the lid and squeezed the tube, making sure Ashley could see exactly what was happening because they both knew it was her turn next.

She watched as the guard applied the lube to her right index and middle fingers then used her left hand to pull Lara's right cheek aside, giving her access to the poor woman's tight arsehole. Pushing the tip of her index finger into Lara, she sneered that Lara wasn't as tight as she should be.

At this, she pushed her finger in, all the way to the middle knuckle. In and out she worked it, enjoying her work and enjoying Lara's sobs of humiliation and very real discomfort. After coating the woman's hole with the lube she withdrew her finger and Lara breathed a sigh of relief. Her joy was short-lived, however, as the guard suddenly forced her two fingers up her arsehole with one almighty push.

"What is this?" she asked, her fingers coming into contact with the second bag of drugs on her deep probe. Pulling the bag out between her two fingers, causing Lara to scream with the sudden pain, the guard unceremoniously dropped the bag on to the dirty floor. Looking at Ashley with renewed lust, the guard strolled over to the far wall and hit the emergency buzzer.

Within less than a minute, the door burst open and four other guards surrounded the poor woman still on her hands and knees on the table. Lara's face blushed red as she felt four more pairs of eyes on her stretched arsehole and her naked body. Once the original guard had explained what she had found to the others they immediately grabbed Lara by the arms and legs and dragged her screaming from the examination room.

The guard turned to Ashley, grabbing her by the jaw and pressing her fingers into the girl's beautiful cheeks.

"I guess it's just you and me now, baby girl."

"Fuck you, bitch!" Ashley spat fearlessly but she didn't feel fearless. She had been turned on by what had happened to Lara but now she was left alone with this strong, butch woman and Ashley feared what her body was about to endure.

"Oh, I'm going to fuck, you can be sure of that, but it's not me I'll be fucking. Now strip, slut, and let me see what you've been hiding."

The fight seemed to drain from Ashley as the guard stepped back, preparing to enjoy the show. She knew she was going to have to strip naked and that might turn out to be the least humiliating part of this whole nightmare.

"Why don't you start by unbuttoning your pretty blouse," the guard suggested helpfully. Ashley thought the other woman was jealous of her fine clothes as she stood there in her starchy uniform, probably knowing that she could never afford the style of clothes that Ashley took so much for granted.

Her trembling fingers struggled with the small buttons but eventually she managed to open them all. Holding it open as she was instructed by the other woman, Ashley exposed her large breasts and lacy white bra to the guard. She would have been glad to take Lara back to an hotel room and strip for her if things had gone as planned but doing it in front of this prison guard was another matter.

"Throw your blouse to me and take off your bra."

Ashley tried to gather herself together as she looked the guard in the eye, tossed the expensive blouse to her captor then reached behind herself and unhooked her bra. Not realising what an effect she was having on the guard she slid the straps down her shoulders and pulled it away from her body. She knew the only way she was going to survive this was if she did as she was told and got it over with but the next command shocked her.

"Shake your tits."

Ashley just looked blankly at the guard but, when the other woman asked her if she needed any help, the poor girl reluctantly began to shake her shoulders like a cheap whore.

"Very nice, slut. Now I will have to examine them."

Ashley had always wanted bigger breasts even though they always drew admiring glances from men and women. Her girlfriend had convinced her that she needed a boob job but Ashley was too scared of surgery and had put it off as long as possible. The fact that the guard was obviously delighted with them didn't seem to register with the young girl and, even in this situation, she wanted to fill the guard's hands more.

"Ok, now for your trousers," commanded the older woman, reluctantly letting Ashley's gorgeous breasts fall back into place.

Ashley no sooner opened the button at her waist when she was told to stop and put her hands on her head. The guard knelt down in front of her and grabbed the heavy linen trousers, pulling them down over Ashley's hips with one tug. Just as she had planned, the guard found herself staring at the girl's tiny knickers and breathed in, deeply, inhaling the unmistakable scent of Ashley's arousal.

"Turn around, bend over and take down your knickers," she reluctantly ordered. She didn't want to deprive herself from being so close to Ashley's pussy but, equally, she knew greater treasures were about to be revealed. As Ashley followed her commands, the guard looked on in ecstasy as the girls tiny thong was peeled from her dripping pussy and rolled down her slim legs.

Ashley knew the guard was still kneeling behind her so tried to clench her cheeks to hide her virginal arsehole but the guard wanted a look and a look she was going to have. She slapped the poor girl on each cheek, hard, one after the other, until she got the message. Forcing herself to relax, Ashley felt the guard's rough hands pull apart her cheeks and knew the other woman was staring at her private hole.

"Get up on the table, bitch."

This time the guard didn't want Ashley on her hands and knees but pulled the girl this way and that until she was lying across the table, face down, her head hanging down one side of it, her feet on the floor on the other side. Ashley was ordered to spread her legs wide apart and Ashley knew the guard would be able to see her pussy lips between her legs as well as her upturned arse.

The evil woman ran one finger along Ashley's wet slit then, leaning over the girl, grabbed her long dark hair and pulled her head back. Forcing her finger into Ashley's mouth, the guard smiled at her as she knew Ashley was tasting her own pussy juices.

"Somehow, I don't think we'll need any lube for you, you whore."

She stood behind the captured girl and, putting one hand on Ashley's bum, used her other hand to roughly rub her sensitive pussy, all the way from her clit to her arsehole. Ashley couldn't stop her juices from running and she couldn't stop her body from being more and more turned on. Squirming about the table, she tried to escape the unrelenting hand of the guard.

"If you're not going to behave, bitch, then I'll make you."

And with that the guard produced some leather straps from one of the table's drawers and secured the helpless girl by the wrists and ankles to her wooden captor. Ashley knew she was in deep trouble but didn't know just how bad it was going to get.

"Let's take a look inside this pretty pussy, shall we?"

"Leave me alone, you bastard; I haven't done anything."

"Well, smuggling drugs isn't what I would call not doing anything. So shut up, bitch, and let me get on with my work."

Ashley couldn't control her trembling now as she felt the woman's finger entering her and toying with her. The guard ran her stiff finger all the way round the girl's pussy with no finesse at all. She was brutal and she was enjoying it. This was her job and no one was better at exploring a girl's pussy than her.

Even though Ashley knew she was in a horrendous predicament she could tell that her pussy was enjoying the attention and had to bite her bottom lip to prevent her moans of pleasure escaping. The guard knew the girl was responding but she wanted more. Inserting another finger, she tried to pull her captive's pussy walls apart.

Ashley sobbed in discomfort and humiliation but she knew better than to complain; she knew that would only make things worse. But things were about to get worse for her even if she didn't complain.

"Your cunt is too tight to allow me to do a proper examination. I'm going to have to use my favourite instrument."

Ashley looked up and stared in disbelief and shock as the guard walked round from behind her and showed the poor girl the speculum she had been referring to. Ashley had been examined by her doctor and he had used a speculum then but this monster was at least twice as big and the girl feared what it would do to her pussy.

The guard wasted no time in putting the tip of her tool into Ashley's cunt and took even less time to push it all the way in. Despite her best efforts, Ashley let out an unwilling moan and her hips started to push back involuntarily to meet the metal instrument invading her.

Seeing this, the guard began to open up the speculum. The soft, wet folds of Ashley's pussy looked pink and inviting and, now, stretched. Keeping the speculum open, the guard turned it slowly inside her cunt and began to fuck the poor girl with it. Ashley's whole body stiffened and she held on to the table legs so tightly that her knuckles turned white. Seeing she was about to cum very quickly, the guard decided to punish this young drug smuggler and fucked her hard with the speculum wide open.

Ashley screamed in pain and pleasure as she came over and over again on her metal dildo. The guard watched her and revelled in the sight of the girl thrashing about under her hands and reminded herself that her prize speculum had never failed to let her down.

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