tagIncest/TabooAshley's Big Summer Vacation

Ashley's Big Summer Vacation


Ashley put her book down and looked out the rental car's window at the narrow island they had just gotten on after the long ride over the causeway.

Her younger sister noticed the book being dropped, "So Ash, finally got your head out of that book, huh? You missed all the gorgeous water. I mean look at that pier. Isn't that so cool."

Ashley held up Kate Chopin's Awakening. "Julie, This book is set out here. Chopin lived out here a long time. I am getting just as much local scenery but the book kind first, so I can appreciate the real thing better."

Julie shook her head, "Sometimes you can be such a nerd."

Their Uncle Barry turned around from the driver's seat, "Now Julie, Ashley is learning more about the area in order to get more out of this trip. That is not nerdy at all."

He turned further and smiled at Ashley who couldn't help but stare at the droplets of sweat on his forehead. Both girls sighed quietly when he turned back around to watch the road, partly glad that he was watching the road again and partly that his slightly leering eyes where off of them.

The girls were glad that the trip was almost over as they were tired of sharing a seat with their cousin Joey who lost the rock, paper, scissors duel to his brother James who got to ride shotgun.

Ashley was a little annoyed that as the oldest she didn't get to ride up front in her own seat, but she would never dream of saying anything to her Uncle about that nor did she really want to be that close to her pudgy, gray-haired relation.

"Well kids, and Ashley" Ashley pretended not to notice the leer in the words, "there is our hotel."

"Oh my God, that is so cool," Julie couldn't help but exclaim pointing out the building set up off the ground a good ten feet on stilts.

Ashley looked around at the many such stilted buildings, "If you had read Chopin's book you would see that it was for flood protection. This place gets pounded during hurricanes. It is totally surrounded by water close by everywhere. It gets completely swamped. Some buildings even have holes in the floor to let water drain out quickly when it gets so high it washes in the buildings despite the stilts."

Julie just stuck her tongue out at her older sister.

Ashley shook her head, even though she was twenty and two years older than her sister Julie acted so much younger all the time.

Uncle Barry called out, "Look kids, there they are!" He pointed out to the couple with a young boy running around them standing near the wooden stairs to the hotel.

Soon the two parties joined up excited at the thoughts of how the long awaited summer fun vacation for a week on the island was about to begin.

Frank and Meghan pointed to another identical building twenty yards away. "That is where we are staying. You have this building for the week. You have two bedrooms, a main room for relaxing and your own bathroom.

Ashley and Julie looked at each other. Two bedrooms? Ashley looked at her Uncle and his two boys and then at her little sister. Five of them for two bedrooms. Hopefully the girls in one and the boys in the other. But she knew that she would have to leave it up to her Uncle as he was paying for this vacation and it just wasn't in her to complain to an adult about anything.

Frank clasped his best friend's shoulder, "We'll let you get settled in and then take you around so we can see some of the beach and sights and maybe get our reserved boats and maybe get a chance to still rent some jet skis."

They all trooped up the stairs as the other three walked towards the nearby motel cabin. Soon they all stood together in the large nicely furnished main room. Barry stared at Ashley with a smile that made her look around the room at anything but him.

"Oh I totally forgot," Uncle Barry exclaimed as they looked towards the two doors leading into bedrooms. "When I rented this hotel I thought it was only going to be me and my boys so there are only two bedrooms with one bed in each. We are going to have to share. Actually one of the reasons I was so happy that May, your grandmother, suggested that you came along was so that I would have somebody else who could watch the boys. Since Ashley is the oldest she will share the one room with me while you Julie can stay with my boys."

Ashley spun to look at her smiling Uncle in shock. She couldn't believe that she would be sharing a bed with him for an entire week, just the two of them. She watched as his grin grew wider and more sweat appeared on his forehead. And their grandmother approved of this? She had hard time believing that, but there was no way that she was going to question him as that was not her nature.

That was however not Julie's nature, "Oh come on Uncle Barry. I am eighteen that makes me an adult too. I don't want to share a bed with two little boys. Why can't you share with them; they are your kids after all."

"You barely qualify as an adult but you are old enough for me to trust to watch my boys. I am on vacation. I wouldn't get any relaxation sharing a room with them. No, the decision was already made. Your older sister and I will share a room and you watch the boys and I'll give you some extra spend money as a sort of baby sitting fee.

Oh great thought Ashley, not only do I sleep with the man who it was rumored in the family slept with so many women that his own wife left him in disgust but Julie was actually going to make money on the deal. She watched as Julie beamed and grabbed her bags.

"Come on boys; let's go set up our room first I get dibs on the dressers, let's go." And the three left her and her Uncle alone.

"Come my dear, let's check out our room for the week," and with that same smirk he walked into the other room quickly throwing his bags on the bed.

Ashley watched as he threw himself on the bed his belly rolling with the motion. She was a little nervous that he so quickly got in to this whole idea and jumped right on the bed that she was going to share with him for a whole week. Ashley shook her head causing her long blonde hair in its pony tail to sway in the air. She coloured slightly at the gleam in her Uncle's eyes as he watched her closely. Sighing she took her bags over to the bed.

"We're both mature adults here Ashley, feel free to change in here as it won't bother me in the least." He waved a hand and smiled in such a phony kind smile.

Ashley gulped; there was no way that changing in here was ever going to happen.

"Thanks Uncle Barry, but you being my Uncle and everything that just doesn't seem right, so I will have no problem changing in the bathroom."

Ashley busied herself unpacking her clothes and ignored his frowning face as he continued to lie on the bed and stare at her. She couldn't help but watch as he entwined his fingers in the railing of the headboard, pulling and yanking on the hard wood. She still didn't like that smile of his that grew back on. At least it was a huge bed so she had plenty of room to get away from him.

She stopped and thought positive thoughts as after all he was her own Uncle so he won't do anything and besides it was a summer week in the beautiful Gulf of Mexico, a chance to do things she had only dreamed about doing. It was going to be summer filled with all kind of new experiences.

While thinking these pleasant thoughts Ashley grabbed a pretty summer dress and walked off to the bathroom to change.

Grand Isle was incredible. The beaches were everything that Ashley had hoped they would be and she couldn't wait to explore the State Park. She repressed the urge to tell everybody how it was the only state owned beach on the Louisiana Gulf Coast as she was tired of Julie's constant jabs about her smarts.

This was strictly a summer of fun and new experiences.

Later that evening she was dreading her next new experience as she watched her Uncle pull off his shirt, socks and pants leaving him in tight boxer shorts. She desperately tried not to look at the opening in the middle of them for fear of what might peek out. She grabbed her toiletry bag and her shorts and sleep shirt and headed off to the bathroom, ignoring her uncle's calls of that not being necessary.

She brushed her teeth and hair and washed her face as many times as she could but finally Joey's pounding on the door to use the bathroom made her face the inevitable.

She walked back into her bedroom to see her uncle staring at her, "You are being silly my dear. We are both adults here. I have seen many a naked woman in my time. You would certainly not be the first. Besides I am your Uncle, you can trust me."

Ashley just silently put her things away and carefully climbed under the sheet on the opposite side of the bed from her Uncle.

"Good night Uncle. Thanks for bringing us here for the week."

"What, no kiss good night for your favourite uncle?"

Ashley sighed and rolled over to peck her uncle on the cheek before quickly rolling back over and pulling the sheet tight around her. She got used to his moving around and fell asleep.

Ashley woke to a weight on her shoulder. She shifted to see that the cover had been pulled off of her and her Uncle had his arm on her shoulder. Ugh. She turned and slid out from under the arm and off the bed to stand facing the window.

"Wow, if the front is anything like the back, you have really grown into being quite the good looking woman."

Ashley quickly grabbed the hem of her shirt that had been pulled up to her chest by her slide and pulled it back down into place.

"Good morning Uncle Barry. I hope you slept well." Ashley didn't wait for an answer as she grabbed her bag headed to the bathroom. She peeked into the other room, smirking at the sight of her sister sleeping with both arms out to keep the two sprawled boys over on their side in a tangled heap. Maybe Ashley didn't have it so badly after all.

This time Ashley was excited to get the day going so she did her normal wake up washing.

As she walked into her room she gasped as she wished she had taken some more time after all when she came upon the sight of her Uncle's naked backside as he was leaning over to pull on a clean pair of underwear.

Barry turned his head, his boxers around his knees, "Please come in and shut the door. You are an adult so it is fine for us to see each other like this but Julie is really too young."

Ashley just did as she was told and scurried over to the opposite dresser and busied her self looking for a bikini and wrap to wear for the day.

She jumped slightly when she found her fully dressed uncle at her shoulder leaning over her shoulder to look in to her draw of clothes. He reached down and picked up a rather conservative red bikini.

"This looks like something your grandmother would pick for you. But the colour will show off your good looks as well as can be expected," he said dangling the red top before her off his finger.

"Thanks," she said as she grabbed the top and pulled out the bottoms and a white wrap and headed back off into the bathroom to change ignoring her uncle's mocking laughter.

After a great breakfast of seafood omelets Frank and Ashley headed out to try out the only two jet skis that were left to rent. Ashley was so stoked as she straddled the machine. This is what she had been dreaming about the last couple of weeks. She revved up the motor and took off after the rapidly shrinking back of Frank out into the open water.

The jerking motion of the ski was Ashley's first clue that she had a problem. She looked down to see that the gas tank red arrow was right on the zero.

"Are you kidding me? What kind of place rents skis that are out of gas?" She called out to the open water. As she looked around she felt the ski rock which scared her a lot. What if she fell over way out here? She sat down, held tight and reviewed her options. There were people near the beach and other boats around so somebody should notice that she wasn't moving and come to investigate. She could feel her pulse quicken as she looked down at the deep, bottomless murky water. What was down there anyways, she wondered. Her skin started to tingle. Ashley didn't like this at all. She looked around again carefully with out rocking the now very tiny ski to see if any body was moving towards her. She stopped looking down as she kept seeing long dark bodies glide past her under water only to realize that there really wasn't anything there.

Ashley felt like she was going to cry when she noticed a long white boat just off the shore veer towards her. She quickly raised up waving her hands before just as quickly sitting back down as she felt the rocking of the ski between her legs making her feel very unbalanced. She sat still as she watched the white boat glide up next to her.

She smiled, "Uncle Barry. Oh thank you so much."

"You never take any motorized vehicle out without first checking the gas, silly girl," he scolded her as he tossed her a line. "You will need to stay on the ski as I tow you in so it doesn't get damaged or loose and overturn."

Ashley gulped and held on tight as the boat turned and the slack pulled up and the ski jerked forward threatening to topple her over and into the water.

"Uncle, stop! Slow down!" Ashley screamed to her uncle's back as she bounced on the ski. She didn't like this at all even if it was just a regular motored boat and not a speed boat it was way too fast for her.

She was shaking and tears were streaming down her face as the ski swung into shallow water by the rentals' jetty.

She jumped off into the water and fell on her hands and knees at the loss of balance. She staggered up to the beach her uncle coming upon her.

He wrapped his arms around her, "Oh Ash. I am so sorry; I thought I would make up for the loss of your fun by giving you a ride."

Ashley just leaned down as she was a good five inches taller and hugged back and held on tight still shaking from having such a bad freak out session.

"Tell you what. When you fall off a bike you need to jump right back on. Do want to give it another go with me next to you on the boat." He laughed as he felt her bent head shake violently back and forth in his chest.

"No way am I getting back on that thing." Came her muffled reply.

"Okay well how about just the two of us go back on the boat slowly going around."

Ashley looked out at the water that she had been so looking forward to being out on for the week.

"Yeah, I guess that would be alright. Thanks."

Soon Ashley was back out on the open water feeling much safer with a whole boat under her. She smiled as she started to enjoy her vacation again.

Soon the little boat swung out around the corner of the State Park and headed over by the little island of Bayou Fifi. Soon Ashley was exploring all the interesting creatures in the shallow water as her uncle watched her. Just as she was reaching for a cool looking shell she suddenly saw a huge grey, brown form dart out to her left towards the open water. Even through the murky water she could make out the tall tail and the triangular fin on its back.

"Shit! Uncle Barry," Ashley screamed, "Shark!" She panicked and ran as best she could pushing through the sand and water toward the boat and her Uncle who looking in the direction she had pointed threw a line out to her. As she swung up he grabbed her arm and pulled the shaking girl into the boat and watched as she collapsed against the side.

While the shark was long gone already Barry didn't need to see it to know Ashley had scared up a nurse shark. A harmless, but large shark known to frequent these waters which was why he had come over here and let her play in the water.

"Oh Ashley, don't worry. You are safe now. I have saved you."

"Oh thank you Uncle Barry. That is twice today you have come to my rescue."

Barry just smiled. "No problem my dear but I think we should just stay in the boat and enjoy the water and views from safely inside the boat."

"Sounds good to me."

Barry started up the boat and swung it around toward the open water away from the Bayou and the shark, "I'll just put a little distance between us and that shark. How does that sound."

"Great." Ashley moved over and sat on a bench and watched the water go by.

Soon out far from anyone Barry cut the engine and let the boat coast to a stop in the wide, still water. He spun the seat around and hopped down to sit on the opposite bench from Ashley. He reached into a cooler and tossed the surprised girl a can of beer as he took one for himself as well.

"Now this is a summer vacation. Out alone where you can do anything you want and nobody can tell you no."

Ashley smiled and leaned back, "You are right; it is so cool and peaceful out here."

"Are you in a hurry to head back to the rest of the world my dear?"

"Oh no, I am loving it out here." Ashley just gave her Uncle another smile.

"You really are a very beautiful woman, Ashley. You really should buy your own bikinis as those Grandmother specials really don't do your killer body justice."

Ashley looked down at her self and coloured slightly. She looked at her full breasts filling the cups of her bra and her smooth taut belly and shapely, long legs. She knew she was good looking but it was so weird to hear some one else say it so bluntly.

Barry stood up, "You know we are adults here and there really is no one to tell us no so I say what the hell, let's be adults." And he pulled off his loud Hawaiian swim trunks exposing his stubby, but longish cock and very saggy belly. He kicked them aside and plopped his ass with a smack back on the hard fiberglass bench.

Ashley's mouth dropped open and she quickly looked away. "Uncle Barr, what are you doing? You are my Uncle!"

"Yeah, so? I am a good looking man and there is no one to tell me no. You should try it; it feels great. It is what this summer vacation is all about. Besides you are right I saved you twice you owe me. Come on improve my view tremendously."

Ashley peeked back at her naked Uncle, "This is so weird, Uncle Barry. You really should put your trunks back on."

"Why? Who is it hurting and besides think how exciting it is out here in the wide open, yet safe enough that no one will ever know. You are twenty and a big girl, why not? What are you a chicken or a nerdy, prude like your sister thinks you are?"

Ashley just looked around at the open water with no one around them. She snuck a peek at her Uncle's slowly growing and wagging member. She smirked at the realization that this was the oldest penis that she had ever seen.

Uncle Barry's eyes lit up, "See? Look at that smile. You know I am right. Like I told you last night it wouldn't be anything I haven't seen before. Come on I dare you. Show me you are more of an adult than your little sister."

Ashley looked again at the wide open empty ocean. He really did save her twice now. Maybe it would be fun after all.

Before she could think about it Ashley reached around her back and untied her bikini top and pulled it over her head, exposing her full breasts to the gleaming eyes of her uncle.

She tossed the top onto the middle of the boat between them and reached up to put her hands over her trembling breasts, her nipples hard stones scraping her palms.

"Oh come on. You just let them out why cover them back up. I don't mind. I think you are very beautiful."

Slowly Ashley dropped her hands to her sides, her breasts wobbling slightly at her quickening breaths.

Barry smiled and entwined his hands behind his head and pushed out his rapidly growing member towards the topless girl.

Ashley couldn't help but stare at how large it had become and darker.

"You like it don't you? It really is something isn't it?" Barry reached his hand out from behind his head to bring it down to grab his cock but he stopped when his wrist watch was before his face.

"Shit we have to get back or we will be late." He jumped up and grabbed her top.

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