tagGroup SexAshley's Bold Move

Ashley's Bold Move



Ashley Wilson stepped out of the Roman style bath and checked herself out in the mirror as she dried her voluptuous body with a soft fluffy towel. She liked what she saw on her 36 year old body. There was no sag in her 36 C breasts above her flat belly. Her legs were toned and as shapely as ever. Her firm buttocks were perfect completing her luscious 36-27-36 figure. At 5'6" and 130 pounds she looked like a blonde goddess. Ashley was a trophy wife who was admired wherever she went.

Ten years ago Ashley married Brandon Wilson a wealthy investment banker 12 years her senior. The first seven years of their marriage were perfect by Ashley's standards with their sex life being more than adequate. The last three years however left something to be desired. Their sex life had waned and Ashley had to press it with her husband. She had to force him to satisfy her with his tongue when he couldn't sustain an erection. Ashley didn't understand why her husband didn't make love to her the way he always had before.

The first seven years it seemed that Brandon could not get enough of his trophy wife and she did everything to please him. Ashley had willingly given up her ass to her husband and she was fantastic in bed. She gave great head and she was the best sex partner one could ever hope for. Three years ago things began to change as Brandon began to lose interest in the bedroom. In spite of his decreased appetite for her, Ashley had remained faithful to him. She liked her lifestyle and enjoyed her husband's wealth.

She suggested counseling but Brandon refused. She was successful getting him to use EDS pills which kept him hard long enough for her to satisfy herself. Ashley would ride his erect cock until she orgasmed and sometimes more than once. Brandon traveled more now for business than he used to and in the early years Ashley would often accompany him. She got to see many places in Europe and Asia but recently she did not travel with him to those places.

What Ashley did not know was that Brandon had a case of yellow fever. Ever since he began traveling to Hong Kong on business he became enamored with Asian women. He found them alluring and mysterious and he could not stay away. He had even gone so far as to hire an Asian assistant and he was having an affair with her. The long black silky hair and the petite bodies drove him wild. He liked them naked with their dark nipples and black patches of pubic hair. The women had an innocence about them that made them seem very vulnerable and he loved their put on shyness.

Ashley and Brandon were still part of high society and they traveled in the circles of the wealthy. There were many parties and black tie affairs that Brandon showed off his wife. Many an evening Ashley was hit on by other men and many a hand had caressed her shapely bottom. She ignored all the offers and the wondering hands but that day she thought about them. It would be so easy to have an affair and she decided to test the water. Ashley was smart enough not to sleep with any of her husband's colleagues even though at this point Brandon probably wouldn't care.

This was the day she thought to herself as she dried off. She had soaked in the fragrant bubble bath and her body smelled divine. Ashley styled her long flowing blonde hair and then dressed in a very sexy outfit. She wore thigh high hose and a thong panty. She could have gone without a bra but she elected to wear a shear one that encased her firm breasts. Her mini skirt just covered the elastic tops of her hose and hugged her shapely bottom. She selected a blouse that was snug but not too tight and showed ample cleavage. She checked herself in the mirror before she left the house and she was thrilled with the way she looked. There were no panty lines and the mini skirt showed off her curvy buttocks.

Ashley had decided to go to an upscale lounge in the city. She had heard that celebrities and professionals often frequented the place. At least that's what her close friend Beth had told her. She left the stately house and drove her sports car to the lounge. The valet opened the car door and stared at her shapely legs as she swung them outward to step out. He could not help look up her short skirt as her panty covered crotch was exposed to him. She smiled at the handsome young parking attendant as he fumbled with the parking ticket and handed it to her.


Ashley walked gracefully into the lounge and both men and women took notice. She was seated at a small table for two and ordered a white wine. It took a few minutes for her eyes to adjust to the dimly lit lounge and then she scanned the place with her roving eyes. She appeared confident on the outside but inside she was as nervous as could be. She was already second guessing herself and having second thoughts about going through with her plan. The wine helped but her mind was still racing. Thinking that she was not ready for this she decided to leave after she finished the wine.

The waitress, a pretty leggy brunette, appeared at her table and set down another glass of wine. "This is from the blonde haired gentleman over there,' she said.

Ashley looked in the direction that the waitress pointed and saw a very handsome blonde haired man seated with an equally handsome black man and a beautiful brown haired woman. Ashley smiled and the blonde lifted his glass to her. Ashley sipped her wine and stared at the second glass. "Now what?" she thought to herself.

Minutes later Ashley saw the beautiful shapely brunette walking toward her. Ashley studied the woman who looked younger then her. She was slender but very shapely with gorgeous legs. She was wearing a mini skirt that was as short as the one Ashley had selected for herself. The woman approached the table and spoke in a sexy voice. "Hello, I'm Nichole. We would like to have you join us at our table."

"I was just going to have a glass of wine and be on my way," Ashley lied.

As if Nichole saw right through her she smiled and repeated her invitation. "Please join us and when you finish your wine you can leave if you like. What's your name?"

Ashley felt foolish that she was so nervous, "Ashley, Ashley Wilson," she answered.

"Well Ashley, bring your wine with you to our table," Nichole directed and then walked with Ashley to the table where the two handsome men were seated.

"Ashley this is Todd Farrington," Nichole said introducing the handsome young blonde stud. "And this is Terrence Jennings," she introduced the black hunk.

Ashley was overcome with nerves or she would have immediately recognized the names. When it dawned on her she was embarrassed. "Oh I'm sorry that I didn't recognize you both at first," she stammered.

"Not a problem, not everyone is a football fan," Todd told her.

Ashley sat between Nichole and Todd Farrington, the quarterback of the local professional team. She smiled across the table at Terrence Jennings, Todd's favorite go to wide receiver. "So Ashley what brings you to Sweetwater's?" Todd asked her.

"Oh my husband is traveling this week and I just wanted to get out of the house for a while," Ashley managed a weak explanation.

"You certainly dressed up for that," Todd acknowledged.

"Oh, I wasn't sure where I would go or if I would dine out tonight," she replied unconvincingly.

"Well, you look great. You are very beautiful," Todd told her.

Ashley blushed and thanked him. She turned to look at Nichole who smiled at Ashley but she was also breathing deeply. Ashley could not help but see that Terrence had his hand under Nichole's short skirt and he was rubbing her panty covered pussy. Ashley snapped her head away as if she didn't see them but then her gaze returned to the couple. She watched as Terrence pulled the panty to the side baring Nichole's neatly trimmed pussy. He then inserted one of his long thick fingers into Nichole causing her to gasp aloud. Ashley noticed that his hands were huge.

Nichole tilted her head back and closed her eyes as the black football player fingered her pussy. Ashley was caught up in the moment when she felt Todd's hand move along her thigh. She froze as his hand moved over her hose to the bare skin above the elastic tops. He gently stroked her naked thigh and she instinctively clenched her legs together. He was the first man other than her husband to touch her bare thigh since she was married ten years ago. Ashley felt her pussy tingle and she knew she was getting wet. Todd managed to pry her thighs apart and slide his hand between them.

Ashley struggled with her feelings. Wasn't this what she hoped for, to be picked up by a handsome young stud? She allowed her thighs to part and she gasped audibly when his hand covered her mound. He found her thong sopping wet and he pushed it to the side. Ashley moaned when Todd's thick long finger entered her vagina. His finger felt as big as her husband's cock. Ashley moaned softly as he fingered her pussy and she was sure that she would cum at any moment. Then Nichole spoke, "Let's take this to my house," she whispered urgently.

It was decision time for Ashley. "I really shouldn't. I'm married," she said.

"Yes, we know that. You said your husband was out of town, so is mine," Nichole told her.

"Come on, I'll drive your car," Todd told her.

Todd left cash on the table to pay for the drinks with a generous tip for the waitress. The four of them walked out and the valet brought the two cars around. Nichole had a Mercedes sedan and Terrence got behind the wheel. Ashley's sports car was brought around and Todd tipped the valet. He got behind the wheel of the Boxer and said, "Nice ride," to Ashley. She got in the passenger side and sat with her skirt above the tops of her hose. There was no turning back now and she was resolved at this point to let it happen. Todd pulled out behind the Mercedes and followed it to Nichole's home. The drive was only about 20 minutes but to Ashley it seemed like an eternity. Todd fingered her pussy during the ride and she was ready for anything by the time they pulled into Nichole's driveway.

The four of them entered the impressive house and Ashley noticed that Terrence had his hand on Nichol's ass as she opened the front door. Once they were inside they moved to the family room and paired off. There were two sections of the large sofa to accommodate them. Todd pushed Ashley's skirt up and pulled the panty to the side. Then he got on his knees in front of her and began to kiss her inner thighs driving her wild. Todd moved his face to her quim and started to lick her vulva. Ashley looked over at the other sofa and saw Nichole in a similar position with Terrence eating her pussy.

Ashley and Nichole both orgasmed and then things moved very quickly. Within minutes they were all naked and Ashley gasped when she saw the size of the cocks in their erect state. Both men were well endowed with large thick cocks. Todd was thrilled with Ashley's shapely firm body and he was anxious to explore every bit of it. He was also ready for action and he eased his impressive cock into her receptive pussy. Ashley groaned loudly as she was filled like never before. Todd moved slowly at first but once his cock was sliding in and out easily he picked up the pace and drilled Ashley. She was being fucked just as she wanted and she loved every second of it.

Todd pounded her pussy and she went wild. She had two more orgasms before he ejaculated into her womb. Ashley felt his thick cock pulsate as he shot streams of man seed into her, flooding her pussy. She had never been with a man who could cum so much. She was sexually sated and lay beneath Todd with her pussy full. Todd kept his weight off of her but he remained hard and kept his cock in her pussy. Ashley felt him begin to move again and she felt his cock slosh around in her cum filled pussy. Todd was a great lover and he kept his cock in constant contact with her clit. Ashley had another orgasm and she went limp under Todd who kept at her until she begged him to let her rest.

Todd pulled out of her womb and then he rolled her over on her belly. Todd lifted her to her knees and then he entered her from behind. Todd loved the shape of her curvy ass and he fondled it as he fucked her doggy style. In this position, Ashley could watch Nichole as she sat on Terrence and rode his big black dick. Ashley had never seen a black man naked and she was intrigued with the muscular stud. She watched the big black cock disappear and re-appear as Nichole rode it. Nichole then screamed and fell forward into Terrence's arms. His huge hands cupped Nichole's shapely ass and one finger toyed with her anus. Ashley watched as Terrence began to finger Nichole's nether hole.

Terrence scooped up Nichole's pussy juice and lubricated her anus with it. Ashley watched as he began to finger Nichole's anus and soon the finger wormed its way into her rectum. Ashley then felt Todd's finger enter her asshole as he continued to fuck her from behind. Only her husband had ever been in her ass but now she welcomed the thick digit and she relished the double penetration. Ashley was caught up in the sex act and she had lost any sense of reason. It had happened just as she had hoped and she had found a good lover.

Nichole moved off of Terrence's cock and Ashley stared at the big black shaft that glistened with Nicole's juices. Nichole sank down on the floor and took the cock in her hand. She lovingly stroked it and then took it in her mouth. Ashley had never seen anything so erotic. Ashley was staring at Nichole and Terrence and Nichole looked over at her and smiled. Nichole with her finger beckoned Ashley to move closer to them. Todd spotting Nichole's signal eased his cock out of Ashley and removed his finger from her ass.

As if under a spell Ashley slid off the other sofa and knelt on the opposite side of Terrence. She watched as Nichole took the black cock back in her mouth and then she offered it to Ashley. Nichole held the huge cock in her tiny hand and coaxed Ashley to suck it. "Come on Ashley, suck it. You know you want to," Nichole said sexily.

Ashley struggled with her inner feelings but her hand as if it had a mind of its own moved toward the big black shaft. She took the thick meat in her hand and stared at it. Her petite hand was unable to wrap completely around the shaft. It was the first black cock she had ever held or been close to. "Give it a taste baby. You know you want to," Terrence coaxed her.

As if she was under a spell she found her head moving toward the black cock and then she took the head in her mouth. Ashley sucked on the head for a few moments and then she took more and more in her mouth. There was no possible way she could get more than half of the cock in her mouth and even then her jaw stretched to accommodate it. Nicole moved away and out of Ashley's sight. Unbeknown to Ashley, Nicole had whispered in Todd's ear that she wanted him to fuck Ashley in the ass.

Nichole retrieved a tube of lubricant and then she greased up Todd's cock. Terrence seeing what was taking place moved Ashley around so that she was on all fours in front of him sucking his cock. Todd moved over behind Ashley and he used the lube to grease her anus. Ashley liked the anal penetration as she sucked on the big dick but she almost gagged when Todd placed his cock in her anus. Her eyes widened and she tried to get away but Terrence held her firmly in place with his cock in her mouth. Todd's cock spread her anus and the head of his cock opened her up.

Ashley would have screamed if her mouth wasn't so full of cock. Her cries were muffled by the big dick and she realized it was useless to struggle. Todd methodically eased his cock into her ass little by little. He would stop every so often and allow Ashley to adjust to his size. She felt pain, then cramping and bloating each time he went a little deeper. Her eyes filled with tears as the pain was almost unbearable. It seemed like hours before Todd was in far enough that he could begin fucking her and by then Ashley's anus was numb.

Suddenly the pain and discomfort were gone and Todd was moving easily in and out of her ass. Ashley then returned to sucking the black cock as she was caught up in the debauchery of it all. Ashley felt a tender touch on her pussy and then a silky tongue danced along her clit. It had to be Nichole. Who else could it be? Ashley had never had a woman lick her pussy before but it felt wonderful. Ashley then thought briefly about her husband and if he could see her now sucking a big black cock with an equally big dick in her ass while a beautiful woman licked her pussy.

Ashley was in a euphoric state and she was so involved in the act that she never sensed that Terrence was close to cumming. She was taking him deep in her mouth testing her gag line when he released a huge load that flooded her mouth catching her totally by surprise. The first jet fired into her mouth and hit the back of her throat. She swallowed quickly as more cum entered her mouth as she had no choice in order to keep from gagging. She had swallowed her husband's cum before so it was not her first time but there was so much of it. She had never swallowed so much from one ejaculation.

Todd was holding onto her hips as he drove his cock in and out of her ass. Suddenly he stopped moving, made one final thrust and fired a massive load into her rectum. Todd remained still in Ashley's ass as stream after stream jetted into her. Ashley felt the surge and once again was surprised by the size of the load. She was clenching and releasing her sphincter around Todd's cock when her orgasm snuck up on her thanks to the expert cunt lapping of Nichole. Ashley's body rocked and shivered as she had a massive orgasm and drenched Nichole's face. Nichole licked up every drop of Ashley's sweet nectar.

Ashley felt Todd's cock slip form her ass and as it did a rush of male seed was expelled from her rectum. To her surprise, Nichole was there to gobble up Todd's cum as it ran out of Ashley's bottom. Ashley was overcome with the lust of the moment as she had never suspected she would have behaved as she did. As she recovered she wondered if she would now be expected to reciprocate and eat Nichole's pussy.

"Come on everyone, let's use the Jacuzzi," Nichole announced.

Ashley was lifted to her feet and the four of them went to the three season room where the Jacuzzi was located. They soaked in the Jacuzzi for nearly a half hour sipping the drinks that Todd had brought in from the kitchen. Ashley was feeling rejuvenated but she wasn't sure how much more sex she could handle. When they got out of the Jacuzzi they all dried off and Nicole said it was time to give Ashley a massage.

They all went to another room and Nichole had Ashley get on the massage table. Ashley instinctively rolled over on her belly but they rolled her onto her back. For the next 15 minutes Ashley was massaged with three sets of hands. They rubbed her thighs, breasts and played with her pussy. The three of them seemed to enjoy playing with Ashley and her firm body. Finally she was rolled onto her belly and they worked her legs and buttocks driving her wild.

Ashley felt massage oil enter her anus and a thick finger lubricate her entrance. She was pulled up so that her ass was in the air and then she felt someone join her on the table. Ashley felt the big dick worm its way into her rectum and then begin the in and out motion. She handled the big cock easier this time but she was surprised when Todd walked around in front of her. That meant that Terrence was in her ass. Todd offered Ashley his cock to suck on and she didn't hesitate.

Todd fondled her ample tits as she sucked his cock and then she felt her pussy penetrated by another cock. Was that possible? She released Todd's cock, dropped her head and looked between her legs. Ashley saw Nichole fucking her with a dildo that was nearly as big as the real cocks. She lifted her head back up and resumed sucking Todd's cock. Ashley didn't know how much longer she would be able to perform but she was intent on enjoying every second of her debauchery. She liked the feel of the fake cock in her pussy and she really got into the triple penetration.

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