tagNonHumanAshley's Centaur Escapades Ch. 02

Ashley's Centaur Escapades Ch. 02


This continues directly from Ch. 01. A little bit of cum inflation in this one. As always, feedback is appreciated!


I don't think anything can top being embarrassed in front of the entire human race on TV.

My new centaur boytoy and I raced through the woods, distancing ourselves from the news crew that had just unknowingly caught me giving him a blowjob. I'm sure they caught a few great shots of my pale ass as it bounced into the trees.

After an entire minute of frantic sprinting, I had to stop. "Ok... I'm not a runner..." I panted, struggling to keep up with a man that was literally half a horse.

"Ah! Luckily I am. Would you care to ride?"

Would I ever!?

I hopped onboard, the warm horsehair below me feeling wonderful on my nude legs and booty. This was my first time riding anything horse-like, and the positioning confused me. He led my arms to his torso and gave warning to hold on tight.

He was fast. I could see why people took up horseback riding as a hobby; the rush of speed as he went from trot to gallop was amazing and we were speeding through the woods in seconds. His hooves found their footing with ease, confirming he made this trek many times before. I held tight, my hands finding a lovely spot on his abs as I wrapped my arms around him, hair flowing in the wind that rushed past us.

After a few miles, he let me down. We were far enough from the reporters at this point, and I was still soaking in his cum. While he loved looking at me like that, he wasn't fond about getting it all over his glorious hair. I couldn't blame him.

"Did you enjoy the ride?" He smirked, slowing his pace so we could walk together. "I am called Alin, by the by. We don't have last names like humans. I imagine it is because there has never been a lot of us to begin with."

"Well, it would make sense why we've never met much before now." I said. "Is there like a spring or lake nearby that I can, uh, wash some of this off? It was a little fun at first, but it's getting a bit icky in the sun..."

He laughed. "But you look wonderful in my seed! Yes, there is a spring up ahead. It is on our way to the city."

We found a small trail, hooves having beat the ground in plenty of times before. The pond was small, but the water was clear and it was deep enough to walk in and dip your head beneath the surface. Alin assured me there were no dangerous creatures in here, saying many centaurs washed off before heading towards human settlements.

I lay my dress to the side and took off my sandals, nude in front of my centaur friend. I'd lost my hat some ways back and I prayed Alin could find a new one for me, less my poor skin burn to a crisp. "You visit human settlements? Seems odd we're all just finding out about you."

He stomped his way into the water, letting it come up to his abdomen before resting and sighing with relief. "We were careful before on who we trusted with knowledge of our civilization. Humans helped develop medicine for us with their technology, and in return we helped build of their cities and carry them great distances. It was only recently that the wrong person found out and wanted his moment of fame for being the one to tell all the humans of our existence."

"What a shame." The water was the perfect temperature, cool enough to help relieve the heat that had been pounding on me all day. I walked into the deep end, dipping my head below to soak out at least some of the cum. I resurfaced and walked back to shallower waters, rubbing my skin and rinsing off.

Alin was loving the view. "You are very beautiful. The way water drips from your body is something I would like to record and watch. What do you humans call them? Movings?"

I laughed. "Movies, is what I think you're trying to say." His compliments made me blush. Hitting on me already? I guess I did give him a blowjob. We were hardly strangers. "What's the history like for, uh, human/centaur relations? Is this a thing that's happened before?"

He shrugged. "I've heard of it. In the distant past, there was a tribe of humans and centaurs that lived together in harmony. Nowadays, our love interests have remained with just centaurs."

"Huh. Must be difficult not having anything to... you know. Stick your pole into."

Alin gave her a baffled look, then laughed. "You are funny, Ashley! But yes, it has been disappointing. We mate for life like humans do, no sharing. The women dwindle in numbers, and they only give birth to men."

"That's so odd." I walked to shore and sat down, sprawling out in the short grass and gazing up into the trees. It was the only sunny spot in the clearing, and I figured drying off naturally would be nice. My hair flowed out around me, the brilliant red in contrast with the dark green grass. "I wonder if having a child with a human is the solution. You guys are half-human half-horse afterall. Or maybe having a child with a horse? Is that something you do?"

He nodded. "Yes, that's what some of the men without wives do. There are herds of wild horses that roam and they mate with the females when they look interested. Unfortunately, when they bear children, they are normal horses."

"Huh. I have no idea how this works then. Relations between races are confusing."

Laughter. "On that, I agree."

I heard him trot out of the water, shake off what drops clung to his body, and make his way to my side. His feet folded beneath him as he sat down, pressing his warm horse hair against my skin.

There was something almost therapeutic about how soft and satin-like the short hair felt. I brushed my hands across his side, digging my fingers in deep as if I was scratching an animal. He smiled down at me, eyes tracing over my body.

"You are a very sexual woman."

"What do you mean?"

He chuckled. "We've discussed this in the few encounters we've had with your kind so far. Our senses are more acute, and we can sense when a woman, or man, has heightened sexual feelings. Their body heat, the way they smell, the way they walk and move. We can tell when someone is aroused and needs to be satisfied."

I had never thought of that before. Animals did seem to have better instincts about these things. The half-horse in centaurs appeared to be strong. "What do I feel like to you?"

"Very warm." He said. "Very sweet. And very wet. You have an air about you that radiates sexual energy."

I laughed. "Thanks, I guess?"

My stroking his fur had brought about a new sensation it seemed. He tilted a little to the side, exposing his long member down below that had once more grown out of its sheath, the pink glistening in the sunlight. "I rarely get like this anymore, and already after emptying my seed I am like this again. Your energy does this to me."

"Yes, well, I've done it to many men before." I smiled and reached down, just using one hand for now to stroke the pink top half of his erection. "Do you have sex with the mares on the plains?"

He blushed. Was this embarrassing? "Once and awhile, I admit. It's not as satisfying as other kinds of sex. They are animals, with no intelligence, nothing to converse with or discuss. It is to relieve myself, then we are both on our way."

"A man who likes a conversation!"

He smirked. "That's the idea."

Our conversation ended when we heard a new set of hoofs pounding the dirt. Alin heard it before me, head perked up and eyes narrowing into the distant trees.

"Who is it?" I asked.

The answer burst out into the small clearing and trotted to the water. It was a centaur of Alin's height and color, longer dark hair touching his shoulders, skin a bit darker and scarred from what I would assume to be battle. And of course he was ripped and toned, his upper body a model of human male perfection. His blue eyes found us, a smile forming on his lips.

"Dragos! Brother!" Alin said. "It didn't take you long to find my human companion and I."

"Oh, I can smell beauty like that from many kilometers away."

Jesus Christ, maybe I should have brought some deodorant on this trip.

"Let me introduce you to my new friend Ashley. She speaks English, if you are curious why we're speaking this way."

Alin didn't make much attempt to sheath his manhood. It gave the impression that centaurs were open about their sexual adventures.

Regardless, I still felt a bit uncomfortable at first. My hands flew to my chest and my legs crossed, as if that was going to do much good at this point. At least I wasn't coated in cum anymore.

Dragos laughed as his eyes danced over me. "You humans and your strange insistence to cover yourselves. Why hide from the beauty of nature?"

"Well, it burns me to a crisp for one." I say, removing my hands. "Are you related to Alin?"

Alin chuckled. "We are not blood brothers, but brothers in arms. We are both of the patrol teams that help hide our secret city."

"Oh. Well you sort of failed on that one, recent events considered."

Was that too bold? I thought so briefly, as two pairs of centaur eyes narrowed on me. Thankfully, it resulted in laughter and agreement.

Dragos sat down on the other side of me, and I noticed he had something akin to a leather backpack on his shoulders. He reached back and plucked a fruit from one of the pockets, offering it to me.

"I imagine you're hungry. Please accept one of the delicacies of our people."

"Thanks!" I was hungry, I'll give him that. I accepted the fruit and took a bite out of it's soft red surface. Tasted like an apple and a grape all at once. Strange, but delicious.

Alin was eyeing the fruit with suspicion. "Dragos, where did you find a Kina fruit? I have not seen one in ages."

Dragos laughed. "We've always kept growing them in a small patch in the west fields."

"Uhhh." I finished swallowing my third bite (I was hungry!) and looked down at my fruit with concern. "What exactly am I eating here?"

Alin sighed. "We've called it Kina in the past. You remember the human/centaur tribe I described from long ago? Well... the human women had trouble taking the centaur's 'cocks'-"

Laughter from Dragos. Did this word really entertain them that much? Just wait till I caught them up with the rest of American slang.

"-and so they took the Kina fruit to help. I suppose you could say it has properties that loosen up your body."

"Loosen up... my body?" I stared at them for a moment before it dawned on me. "Oh Christ. It loosens up my vagina to fit your ridiculous cocks inside." I glared at Dragos. "I want to be mad at you, but that was actually pretty clever on your part."

"Thank you! I thought of it on the run here."

Alin sighed again from his friend's antics. "Ashley, I apologize for his foolish behavior. I understand if you don't want to do anything like that just yet. You have much to learn about our culture and-"

"Nah, I think I'm good."

"... what?"

Was it the fact that I had just been embarrassed in front of anyone who was about to watch the evening news? Or that I was in a whole new world where rules didn't seem to apply? Or perhaps that I had two strong, very attractive centaurs vying for my sex? Whatever the reason, I was suddenly very open about my sexuality, and more adventure seemed in order.

"We can try it. I'm naked, wet, and surrounded by two hot guys. Sounds like some sexual fun in the sun." I realized I sounded like a poorly written character in an erotic fiction story, but my mind was racing.

I don't know if it's a normal sight to watch a horse-like creature leap to it's feet like that, but it was an exciting one to watch. "Of course! I would be honored, I mean."

I laughed. Already best friends, and we had just met! I started scarfing down the rest of the fruit, aware that the thing wasn't magic and I would need every last bit to help stem the incoming pain from this insane experience.

Dragos seemed to be happy watching for the moment. I got up on all fours and hiked my white booty as high as I could.

"Go easy on me, please." I said. "I'd rather not have to return to human civilization bleeding out from my privates."

"It is a lovely sight. Why would you keep it private?"

"Please don't make me choke on my fruit. You're so cute it's hilarious."

He had no clue what that meant, but he agreed to treat me with care. The hoofs trotted closer and soon I felt his presence looming over me, his torso just over my lower back.

Then I felt it press against my ass. Ok, buddy, I'm definitely not ready for that entrance. I reached back and guided him lower to my waiting lips, letting him thrust a bit to start sliding inside.

I was already wet, to say the least. I had been lying nude next to a man with a giant cock, alongside a beautiful spring in the middle of the woods. If someone were to paint a scene of my favorite fantasy, it would look a lot like this.

So that part wasn't what made this rough. It was how far it spread me apart as just the head entered, my eyes bulging, and my hands gripping the grass. "Ohhhh God..." I muttered to myself.

More. He was careful at first, sliding inch after inch inside and watching my reactions from above. While the Kina had indeed worked some sort of reaction to make my body more accommodating for this, there was still pain. My poor cunt ached as it spread around the long shaft sliding inside, definitely not designed to accommodate this in a normal setting.

I bit my lip, and couldn't hold back the moan that slipped out. Was I now a fetishist for pain? It was definitely going to help in the moments ahead, so I might as well embrace it.

"You feel perfect..." came that soothing voice from above, after a low grunt. "How are you, Ashley?"

"It's big. To say the least." I managed, gripping the grass tighter. "Just be careful before you- OH!"

There it was. The moment that I had been waiting for this whole trip. The head hit bottom, probably half of his cock buried inside me. I am a woman who's been deprived of this sensation from anything other than toys, and feeling his warm cock strike the core of my being brought me to an orgasm right then and there.

"Ohhhhh God!" I cried, the top half of my body slumping down, breasts pressed to the grass, while my lower body did it's best to keep my ass hiked in the air. I shook, I trembled, and I came hard on this man's cock, a trigger of pleasure having been set off in my body. Spasming and spasming, juices running out of my tight cunny and to the forest floor.

Alin worried he'd done something wrong at first, then acknowledged the shudder of a woman that has experienced the height of sexual desire. "Oh! What a sight to behold. You came after just insertion of half of my cock."

"Mmmmhm..." I bit my lip. Oh, it still hurt alright. But I wanted more. "Fuck me."

And he did as requested.

He was still careful of my limit, but he bucked his hips and began to fuck in earnest. The schlick sound of my cunny lubing his cock was lovely, knowing I even could lubricate something so large and powerful. Striking me at the base over and over, pounding away, he grunted as he got to work, thrusting his horse-like power into me.

I got up on my arms and looked down between my dangling tits. I could feel the sensation earlier, but was curious if my body was portraying what I thought I was feeling. Sure enough, there was a cock-sized bulge moving up and down my stomach. The Kina fruit was powerful indeed, to even allow such a thing to distort my body without breaking me in two. It was subtle when it entered, then more accentuated as it hit the base. I could even make out the shape of the cockhead above my belly button. Back and forth, I watched him use me like a sleeve for his cock.

And I could feel every inch of it, the throbbing veins, as they all slid back and forth with care. It was amazing to spread my body so wide, to feel filled in a way I had never been before.

Dragos was enjoying the view as well. He had trotted in front of me, his cock extended to it's fullest. Ok, he was definitely longer and thicker than Alin. It pulsed and throbbed in my face, and he not so subtly brought it closer.

"Brother, I forgot, I have some documents to deliver to you." Dragos said, and I could hear him reaching into his pack.

"Can we discuss this another time... oh."

Alin understood the excuse to get closer to him. Dragos lowered himself, and the second centaur cock was right next to my face, inches away, dripping warm thick precum from the tip.

"Ashley, just ignore this trickster." Alin said between grunts.

But I came here to fuck centaurs, and I was going to fuck them to the fullest. I leaned forward and slid as much cock into my mouth as I was able.

Did the Kina fruit affect my mouth? Maybe I was just getting better at this; I managed to fit the entire head inside, my lips swallowing it and gracing it with my warm saliva. He tasted saltier than Alin, and I was eager for more. My tongue began the process that worked with my first blowjob, sliding into the slit on top and rubbing those muscle-y inside walls. Back and forth, deeper and deeper, I massaged him from the inside out, suckling and drenching his cock with drool.

"Oh! She is a wonderful catch, brother. Were you to horde her all to yourself?" Dragos asked.

"That would have been nice..." Alin grumbled.

Shlick! Shlick! Shlick! The cock pounding my pussy continued to thrust and strike where I wanted it the most, and more orgasms erupted inside of me. I had grown so accustomed to it now that I found myself nearing a pure state of ecstasy, shivering and shaking to hold myself together.

My moans transferred into Dragos' cock, and he was thankful for the little bit my lips could move to accommodate his own shaft. The precum flowed like a dripping faucet, and I struggled to keep up with swallowing it all.

I was enjoying the sounds from above. They groaned and grunted as they fucked their new human slut, misshaping my body with their giant cocks, Alin being louder and more audible. "Yes! Oh, Ashley, this is amazing. I will fill you with so much seed!."

Dragos was as well, and I was wondering if I should have gone into this with some birth control. I honestly never thought I would ACTUALLY be getting spitroasted by centaurs, but here we are.

"Oh YES!"

Alin was the first to explode inside of me. He pushed his cock so deep that something new inside of me opened. I wasn't aware of it at the time, but the Kina fruit made me a bit stretchy in the womb-entrance zone. That was new. It was hardly gaping open, but was wide enough for the slit of Alin's cock to unload all of his cum directly inside.

Being cum in, with that volume, and at that depth, was unreal. I shook violently around his cock, body pulsing with electricity of arousal unknownst before this encounter. I could feel my skin bulge like it had earlier, but this time created by the weight of the cum pouring inside, stuffing me like the cum slut I had become.

Dragos was seemingly as desperate as his brother in arms, and was already finished as well. In gushed the wave of centaur cum that I couldn't possibly hope to keep up with, swallowing load after load before he pulled out for fear of choking me to death. The rest shot over my head and along my back in an arc, covering my hair and painting my entire face white.

"Oh brother... my gods..." Dragos panted, his cock still shooting a few loads onto my already-cum-covered body. "I have not felt like that in many moons."

"Ahhh... ahhh..." Alin was capable of less words, still buried deep inside me and finishing the last few spurts he could. Then with one long grunt, he pulled out. My cunt dribbled a big glob of cum after it, and I soon fell onto the ground which, as you're going to predict, was also covered in centaur cum.

"Ack!" I coughed, getting my breath back. I rolled over onto my back to get some air, wishing I could just laugh from the sheer amount of this stuff I was covered in. My belly made me look a few months pregnant, from the cum stuffed so deep inside me that my cunt was still slowly trying to push some out.

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