tagFetishAshley's Confessions

Ashley's Confessions


I was nervous. So very, very nervous. But I told myself that I was going to do this. One big hurrah and then I'd be off at college and most likely never back here again.

I had lived in the same town my entire life. And on the outskirts of that town - off the high-way and down a gravel road - was this store with it's windows boarded up. It was a black building with red-letters reading "Adult Bookstore". That was it. It had intrigued me ever since I was a little girl. It was so damn mysterious.

It wasn't until High School when my boyfriend told me what it was. What it really - really meant. We broke up and I wallowed with Ben and Jerry's Rocky Road for a week. While I was wallowing I started to do some online research. I was curious about the Adult Bookstore so I googled it. And that was the beginning of an obsession.

I couldn't get it out of my head. It turned me so much and being turned on so much forced me to explore my sexuality. I wasn't a prude. I lost my virginity to a boy on prom night. I made-out under the bleachers during Homecoming. And I let Ryan Fisher cop a few more feels than was lady-like during Senior Skip Day. But, I wanted more. I craved it.

I read stories about glory holes and bondage and girls being turned into sluts. Of taboos and fetishes that made me queasy at first until I couldn't get enough of reading them. I secretly watched porn videos and made a tumblr full of pornography and detailed posts about masturbation and who I fucked and who and what and how I wanted to be fucked. I knew deep down that something was different about me, that something might even be wrong with me. I had lustful thoughts about people. People I had known my entire life. I thought about their cocks and their pussies and if they would force me on my knees like I secretly dreamed about.

The summer that I was going away to the University was boring to say the least. I worked at my Grandma's diner and I babysat the Preacher's kids. Every day I drove past that gravel road with the big, mysterious bookstore for adults. Each day I got a little wetter thinking about what was going on in there. My boyfriend said there was a theater in there just for porn. And there were other things. He didn't say what. I wanted to go so badly that two weeks before I was going to New York for school I decided I was going to the bookstore. I was eighteen, I was going to a good out-of-state school, I made the top ten in my class, and if I wanted to go explore the big, black mysterious sex store in my hometown...I figured I could.

I didn't want anyone to recognize my car so I drove through the back way and parked away from the sight of the rode. I had prepared for it. I had shaved (everywhere), I had my sexiest underwear on, and I also was sporting some nice mysterious sunglasses and a dark coat. The coat hid me pretty well but underneath all I had on was a mini skirt and a white tank.

When I went inside, I was immediately struck with the overload of sex. Sex. Sex. It was arousing, overwhelming, and completely out of this world. Porn, toys, and everything in between. It was fucking huge. I scampered around the corners, peering over my sunglasses and dodging the glances of the others in the store. Most I didn't recognize. I did recognize however my fourth grade P.E. teacher near the Gay Porn section. That definitely cleared up some questions about him, I chuckled to myself.

After I had fully explored the merchandise I noticed that there was a whole other part of the building. This was where it was, I realized. It was the porn theater. It was set up like most theaters. Two rooms and a stand to sell things. Only they sold condoms and lubricants instead of popcorn and candy. (Although I did see a very nice soda and candy section). The times were for the evening but the ticket lady winked at me. Her bosoms were pressed tight and moved as she spoke.

"Baby, you're new here." She announced with a grin. "Do you want a tour? I'll keep you close."

I nodded, a little more than shy as she took my hand and led me to the first theater room.

"This is the vanilla side. Not that it doesn't get kinky - but it's where we stream the less alternative films. Most straights and curious go in there." She showed me in and I saw a medium size room with vinyl seats and a couple of lounge couches. It was dark and red and looked like it had seen a lot of action. My vagina did a small cartwheel in anticipation. Donna led me to the other side of the theater and showed me a slightly larger room where the kinkier films were played. It had the same things as the other room. "At night this place turns into a real party. You're first time should be on a Wednesday. It's quietest on Wednesdays...and Thursdays."

I remembered that tomorrow was Wednesday.

The rest of the theater side was a hallway full of booths.

"And these are the glory holes, baby. You pay .25 per segment. Each segment is a hundred seconds. And you can pay up for a full hour at a time. Sometimes girls and boy cocksuckers get tips to help pay their fare."

Heat flushed my face as I gazed at them with longing. Donna chuckled and quietly led me to a booth stating that it had just been cleaned and she was sure I'd get what I needed from it. She showed me how to work the machine and then left me with a promise to look out for me on Wednesday night. When the door closed I shakily took off my coat and my sunglasses and picked a film. It was a typical XXX with a busty blonde being fucked by two older men. I slid off my panties and began to rub, trying to get into it. My clit swelled as I took in the clean, small confines of the booth. If anyone wanted to they could pull back my curtain and watch me masturbate. It could be my fourth grade gym teacher. All that was stopping them was a flipped sign saying that it was occupied.

Within moments I saw the light flash up telling me there was a cock on the other side waiting for me. I flushed, my pussy leaking juices from excitement, and knelt down and stuck my finger in the hole and motioned towards my side. As soon as my finger was removed a thick, chubby cock was pushed into the hole. It was slightly hairy and the other man pulled it out and slide a small panel back revealing that the person on the other side could make the whole bigger. Instead of a whole it was a rather nice-fitting rectangular big enough for him to dump his balls and his cock safely onto my side without revealing anything more than he was slightly hairy and kind of fat.

I licked my lips and softly traced my lips over the head. It violently jumped and I felt him groan into my lips. I pulled my hair back with a band and started to lick his shaft. His fat cock shuddered as I licked it thoroughly enjoying the feeling of a cock responding to my tongue. My nipples pebbled and my pussy started to fill the small booth with the smells of my juices.

The stranger thrust his penis into my lips and I gasped. Within a second his chubby cock was filling my mouth and I was struggling to adapt. At first I couldn't breathe and then I slowly exhaled from my nose and tasted the thickness of his cock on my tongue. Salty precum trailed down my throat as I began to slowly impale my mouth onto his cock. I felt him swell inside of my mouth and heard his groans of pleasure rumble through me. He was cursing, he was going to lose it. And he did. The cock in my mouth started to fuck me. It started to fuck my mouth like it was nothing but a vagina.

And I had never felt better.

I opened my mouth and worked with him. Hot saliva trailing over his cock as he fucked my mouth. The anonymous cock was fat and the hair ticked my chin as he slammed my face through the glory hole but it was glorious. I felt alive and used and beautiful and so, so, so very slutty. The thick cock pumped into my mouth, bumping into the back of my throat as it started to twitch. Before I could react he was cumming inside of my mouth. The hot thickness of his cum spurting into my mouth and throat. I choked and coughed as my body lit on fire and my head swam. I shuddered as the cock emptied itself into my mouth and slowly withdrew. My mind was drifting, an almost high, and I didn't know what I was doing. Not until I found myself licking and lapping at his cock cleaning it off cum. After a moment the cock withdrew and in a couple of minutes a five dollar bill was slipped through my hole before it was closed.

I stared at it with wide eyes. With a stillness I picked it up feeling so very small but never so strong and stared at it. I had just been tipped five dollars for the use of my mouth. My mouth. My mouth that was still full of the taste of the stranger's chubby cock's cum. I felt like a slut, like a whore, and it was the most powerful feeling that I had ever experienced.

I paid for extended time and picked another flick. This time an Asian woman being gang banged by numerous men in a nurse outfit. I heard steps outside and a couple of male voices. Within moments the light was on and I was on my knees in anticipation of another cock.

This one was smaller but not tiny. It was just more slender and had a curve to it that made me want to suck it like a lollipop. The head was severely dimpled and was fun to slide my tongue over. I smiled and sucked on it until I felt the precum of the strange slender cock on my tongue. I moaned and took him in but he was so long that he slid down my throat and stayed there. I lifted my palm and rubbed the balls in front of me with desperation for movement. In a couple of moments the cock was fucking my mouth slowly. He was enjoying it.

Sliding in and out, throbbing ever so softly as my mouth wrapped around and sucked. It delightful and I closed my eyes to concentrate. When the cock was in my mouth I wasn't me anymore. I wasn't Ashley from Pleasantville. I was the mouth, the slut in the video booth, the whore on her knees sucking for cum.

I wanted to be a whore, oh god, how I wanted to be a whore.

Maybe I could be one, I thought hopefully as the cock began to fuck my mouth faster. I bobbed in time, intent on sucking and fucking this cock like no tomorrow. I wanted the cum from this slender, shaven cock. I wanted the cum shooting down my throat so I could taste the whore inside of me.

"Mmmm, please...cum..." I managed to mumble against and around the cock fucking my wet, heated mouth. I slobbered down my chin as I slurped and sucked noisily. One moment he was thrusting and the other there was cum exploding into my throat. Salty, tangy, and dirty...all sliding and dripping inside of me. I swallowed hard but some still mixed with my spit and dribbled down my chin and onto my shirt. "Thank you..." I mumbled over again.

The slender cock withdrew and in a couple of moments three dollars was slid over to me along with a note saying that he'd be back tomorrow for movie night and to look for his cock in Theater B if I wanted. I tucked it into my bra along with my other glory hole tips. I barely had time to check my segment money when another cock pressed forward.

A man's voice, muffled and rough, echoed through the booths. "Get to it, slut."

I scrambled, burning my knees on the ground, and drove my mouth around his cock. It was veiny and looked like a monster. It throbbed angrily into my mouth and he wasn't gentle like the slender cock or eager like the chubby cock. He was pure power and he was fucking my mouth. My mouth. He called me slut and whore and my pussy trembled. I pushed my legs apart and slid my fingers over my swollen, wet clit as my mouth was fucked furiously by the angry, stranger's cock.

It did so for over ten minutes. I had to fumble to more time in the machine without letting my mouth falter. He went on another five minutes at the same angry pace. My lips went numb and my voice turned raw as I moaned and groaned through each slam of his vein-y cock. He grunted as he started to swell and tears filled my eyes as he filled my mouth balls deep with pleasure. I couldn't move and I didn't want to move. I wanted the tears. I wanted to hurt for cum.

I trembled in anticipation as the first load erupted into my mouth. He growled obscenities through the wall and came so hard that I was choking around his meat. He gave me three strong spurting loads before he quit.

He gave me a ten dollar tip and rough. "Good cocksucking skills, whore." Through the muffled wall.

I beamed and tucked it away. I waited for a few more minutes but no one came. I silently left the glory hole booths and pulled on my coat and sunglasses with my cum-covered whore's pay tucked safely into my bra.

Within moments Donna was over by me asking me how it went. "I saw who went in, you're one lucky girl." She beamed winking.

I blushed and left without saying another word...except to tell her that I'd be back the next night. I wanted to go to Theater B.

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