tagFetishAshley's Confessions Ch. 02

Ashley's Confessions Ch. 02


I kept all my money that I earned in my bra, close to my nipples. It was a small town and I wondered whose cocks I had sucked, whose cum was in my stomach, and whose grunts had filled my ears. The mystery made me hum inside, made me feel alive and slutty and so very good.

It was everything that I wanted from the experience. But the only problem was that it wasn't enough. I wanted to explore more and even though I wanted to and I knew that nothing really was stopping me...I was paralyzed by the fear of going back and bumping into someone that I knew. For all that I knew that hairy, chubby cock that I had sucked was my neighbors...or my fourth grade teacher's husband.

The next night I told myself I wouldn't go. That I couldn't go...it was just too risky. I would go to college and find another magical bookstore or a theater or a club and that would be where I explored my feelings...my urges. But instead of driving to my best friend Gina's house I found myself driving towards the bookstore near the high way. I wasn't wearing anything fancy. I was supposed to be going to a sleepover. I barely had any make-up on and my shirt was loose and plaid.

As soon as I parked in the back parking lot I took a moment to take off my bra and tied my shirt at my waist, unbuttoning my top buttons so my cleavage showed a little. I shimmied out of my jeans and pulled on a denim skirt I was going to wear the next day without my panties on. It was the best I could do and I realized that if my experience was anything like the glory hole...I would want easy access to my breasts and pussy.

I cautiously walked into the movie theater section of the mysteriously, glorious black building. The woman from the day before wasn't there but a bald man with round muscles and a black t-shirt was. He winked at me.

"You must be Ashley?" He said with a smirk. "I've been told to show you to Theater B and to make sure that you feel comfortable. Donnah likes to take care of the new girls."

I blushed and felt my face heat up but I liked the way it felt as he walked me to the theater B. Inside it was dark, just like she had showed me before but darker and there was a movie playing. My guide motioned me in and closed the door behind me. I stumbled a little, my nipples hardening as my ears filled with the sound of porn and low moans of a the viewers. On the screen a woman was being hog-tied and whipped by a man in a suit. She was gagged with a ball and her tits looked like they would fall off, they were bound so tight. I nervously found a seat and took notice of the others in the theater. For a fleeting moment I wondered if I should just go back to the glory hole...but my pussy was hungry and my skin alive with the excitement.

Going back to the glory hole wasn't an option tonight. At least not yet.

A couple of seats next to me was a grey haired man who was jacking off slowly, his jeans plain shucked off, and his legs spread wide. There were several men around me and a couple of couples who were...to my fascination....already very busy. I watched as a middle-aged woman I didn't recognize in the dim light sucked off a young man's cock while another man nailed her from behind and yet another jacked off in front of her cock-sucking face. I was so enraptured with their scene, my hands drifting instinctively over my body and into my panties that I didn't notice at first that the grey-haired man had moved to the next to me. The sound of his hand jacking off his cock startled me.

As the cries and whimpers of the viewers around me and the sound of whipping and sex on the screen penetrated my ears I knelt down. My knees scraping the movie theater floor as I scurried to his legs and dove for his cock. He gave it to me willingly, wrapping his hand around the back of my neck after a soft, fervent beat. There was nothing soft about his cock in my mouth.

"Got us a whore, boys." I heard him say. "A real pretty young thing."

Heat and arousal burned into my vagina as I sucked his cock. It was hard and long and a good size to suck. He let me do most of the work, his hands gripping my hair every once in a while and yanking me into the right position. In ten minutes his cum was bursting into the back of my mouth and I was drinking it up as it dribbled down my chin and onto my shirt. I gasped for air, the cum smeared down my face as he let me go and patted my head. He leaned back and nodded to someone or something behind me. His face grinned down at me and his cock lay softened on his lap as he leaned back with satisfaction.

Strange hands gripped me from behind and began to nudge me to turn around. I looked up to a thick cock with pre-cum dripping. I bit my lip and looked up further...

I knew this face.

Looking down at me with a mischievous grin was my Dad's golfing buddy Joe. He was more than just a golfing buddy - his ex-wife was good friends with my Mom. His kids were some of my regulars to babysit. He always tipped extra when he came into the diner.

"H...Hi...Mr. Joe." I squeaked out, looking up at him on my knees with a stranger's cum on my face. He was a peppered haired man with a chubby cock and as he looked down at me his chubby cock stiffened and pointed itself to my face.

"Why don't you suck my cock like a good little girl." He rumbled as he pushed it to my lips. Without thinking I wrapped my mouth on my Daddy's friends cock and began to suck. I felt heat rush into my face and my body hummed with the rush of adrenaline that coursed through my veins. He grunted as he slowly enjoyed my mouth. "Suck that cock, Ashley...that's a good slut...good girl."

His hand found his way to my head and he gripped tight, pulling my hair as he pushed down deeper. His chubby cock filling my mouth and his grunts pushing away any other sound. Joe pulled away and my mouth dove for his cock again but his hand had such a tight grip on my hair that I didn't budge. He pulled me up and turned me around so I could see the rest of the theater. Four men were lined up with their cocks ready and hard. He pushed me over to a couch on the wall and told them to glove up. Each one found a condom and pulled it onto their cock while he fondled my breasts. He squeezed them and teased them making me whimper.

"I knew you were a whore. I've seen you bouncing around and teasing me since you were sixteen." He growled softly into my ear. His body overpowered mine and the thick scent of cologne wafted into my nose. "Say it."

"Say what?" I whispered, my skin trembling.

"Say you're a whore."

"I'm a whore."

He tweaked my nipples with a wink and let me go. "Lay there, Ashley. Spread your legs and close your eyes. Open them and I'll blindfold you."

A sudden fear wrapped around me and I stiffened. He put a comforting hand on my belly and rubbed. "I won't let anything happen to you. Trust old Uncle Joe, alright honey?"

Despite the fact that he had just fucked my mouth with his cock and that were in the center of depravity and he was lining up men to have sex with his best friend's teenage daughter....I knew that he wouldn't let anyone hurt me. So I closed my eyes but asked for a blindfold just the same. I didn't want to spoil the experience by accident.

He tied a bandana around my eyes and instructed me to lay down. I did and within moments hands were roaming my skin. Rough hands, curious and demanding hands...appreciative hands. Pinching and probing and using and taking and feeling hands. My mouth was pried open by a pair of cum-tasting fingers with callouses and a thick, salty cock was shoved at me. I felt the sweat of a man's body trickle down onto my face as his heat smothered my face. My legs were pried open and my clothes pulled off. Fingers probed my vagina and a strange hand curled around my ass and smacked. I whimpered, no sight in my abilities, and opened wide as the cock fucked my mouth.

Fingers were replaced with cock and cheers and whistles were loud around the sounds of the movies and the men fucking me. I lost all track of time and of cum. More men used my mouth. More cocks probed and stroked and invaded my wet, cumming pussy. I felt cocks on my breasts and the heated sperm of strangers sprayed across my nipples. A couple of times they used my name and I could almost recognize their voices. It sounded like men I knew growing up and I realized that they could know me but I didn't know them.

One man whispered that he would tip me extra at the diner this week and a little extra if I met him in the bathroom and sucked his cock after. He told me he'd mark his bill with a star and if I was a good girl I could get more if I wanted. The thought filled my mind with dirty, delicious hope and I felt empowered and vulnerable and used and sexual at the same time and it was so much that my vagina began to clench around the cock stroking it's inside and the cock began to jerk with excitement.

"Ashley liked what she said...whatdya say to her, Harold?"

"Told her I'd give her money for sex if she was up for it." He chuckled.

A low whistle and a butt-pinching startled me.

"Well then...I guess we got ourselves a town hooker." Joe chuckled, his familiar low voice familiar against the sea of strangers. The strangers slowed their use of my body and as my body lay spent on the couch with it's skin feeling raw and my heart pounding against my trembling, cum-covered chest I began to feel like I was flying. I had had two orgasms and countless almost and mini-orgasms. My vagina wouldn't stop. And they wouldn't either. My head spun and I felt like I was dancing and twirling around. Heat flushed through me and I felt my body being lifted and positioned once more.

This time on my stomach and the bandana was untied but I kept my eyes clothes. A body covered mine and pressed me to the couch. Grunts filled my ear as a mouth shoved it's tongue onto my neck and sucked hard. I was pushed deeper into the couch, perfectly trapped, as the body and the cock filled my vagina from behind. I thought it was Joe. But when I lifted my eyes I saw him watching from ahead of us with a focused look as he beat his cock slowly.

"Do you know who I am?" The voice said in my ear. I shook my head no. "I'm the owner of this store. This is my house you're playing in. I like to test all my merchandise and since apparently you're for sale...I have to test you out."

He punctuated this with his cock pushing deeper into me.

"I can set you up nice and proper." He grunted, his voice dark and tempting as his cock dominated me. My eyes drifted shut as my mind flew to places that I have never thought existed. I felt light as a feather and as dirty as a rock. And it was a intoxicating mixture. His voice melted into my ears as he described in what ways he could make me a whore. In what ways I could earn money. "The last girl like you pays for college with the work I set up for her. I'm gonna do the same for you. Don't you worry, you stick with me...and..." He jerked inside of me, plowing me with intensity, shoving my body into the couch with the intensity. "And I'll...make sure you're set up good."

His cum shot into my pussy and he smacked my ass several times before he rolled off of me with a grunt. "That was good. You got a sweet pussy."

As soon as he rolled off of me I rolled over panting. My eyes drifted shut and I laid there unwilling to move. I didn't need to because Joe climbed on top of me. His cock raging hard and his body tensed with expectation. I wrapped my legs around his waist and arched into him like a cat in heat. Because I was in heat. And he had helped push me there.

Joe dove right into me and began to pummel my pussy in a rapid pace. My vagina and it's very wet, very sensitive insides began to erupt in orgasm the moment he rubbed his finger against my clit. A scream ripped out of my voice and into the air and he paused for a moment before grabbing my hair and forcing another scream out of me by resuming his relentless fucking of my body.

"Whore, slut." He accused grunting as he fucked me. "I'm gonna cum inside of you. You're gonna fuck Uncle Joe anytime he wants. When the kids in bed and I come home you're gonna bend over backwards to make me cum. I'm gonna bend you over my daughter's fucking place mat and fuck your ass and pussy. Then I'm gonna pay you and call your Daddy to pick you up."

"U-uncle Joe...Uncle Joe!" I wailed as he finished inside of me. My orgasm rocketed through my exhausted, raw body and burned into my brain. I gasped, and sucked air from the sex-filled theater room as he finished on top of me. His weight collapsed on top of me and Joe's sweaty body marked mine. Joe rolled off of me a few minutes later and abandoned me in the dark, now-empty theater.

Another film flickered on an through my drooping, trembling eyelids I watched it with a detached expression filtering through my mind. I don't know how long I laid there with cum of strangers and the sweat of my Dad's best friend on my body. But it was through an entire other movie. A man in a pair of jeans and a black-shirt came striding in and shook his head when he saw me.

"Still here." He commented. His voice very familiar....the owner of the store. He shook his head and picked up my clothes and pulled me to my feet. "You're in no shape to go anywhere. I'm going to take you to a room I have upstairs. It's usually rented out but it's free now. Are you okay with that?"

I wondered why he asked when he took such liberties inside of me just a couple of hours before. He escorted me - naked me - through the building and up a flight of stairs to a hallway of rooms. Sounds of sex filled the air and to my utter shock I saw...the preacher leave one room. He didn't even blush or avert his eyes in shame when he saw me. I figured he figured that we were both in trouble if we said anything.

The owner of the magical black building of sex and erotic adventure showed me into a clean, dark room with satin red sheets and sleek antique bathroom.

"It used to be a boarding house," He explained gruffly. "It was my Grandma's...she was a Madame and converted it for her girls. Somehow the rooms still kept their use." He winked at me.

"What happened to her?" I asked absently sinking onto the bed with no shame as to my naked body.

"She's in Florida. The Chief of Police was her favorite customer." He shrugged. "The towns around here look the other way for this place. You figure it'd be the opposite but most of my customers come in from all around and work together to keep this place running. Cock is a great motivator. but pussy motivates more. And so does cum."

He left me with those words and the door drifted shut. I slowly made my way to the shower and washed up using a stranger's strawberry shampoo and conditioner. Then after I was dry I laid down on the bed and fell asleep to the sounds of cries and fucking in the next room.

In the morning I woke up and felt the sun on my face. I fumbled around for my clothes and pulled them on hastily. A note was slid under the door and told me to go to the office as soon as I was awake. I fumbled out the door and ran into a strange man and a woman coming out of another room. We apologized and I tried not to notice that he had a ring on his finger but she didn't.

The office was according to the note on the same floor and I found it without much trouble. The owner of the store...a man I learned was named Elijah...sat reading the newspaper. A file was laid out next to a tray of coffee and donuts. A row of screens were lined on the wall and several of them were showing the hallway and the room I had just left. I felt nervous, my stomach flipping around, as he set down his newspaper.

"Good morning, new girl." He said. "I hoped you enjoy the donuts. You're Grandmother made them herself."

I nibbled on them dutifully after thanking him and pouring myself a cup of coffee. He tapped the file and told me to take a look.

"Potential clients. All in town and all confidential. I know girls like you Ashley. Girls like you need to feel wanted and being used and being paid for sex is how you get that. It's your talent. Not sayin' it's your only talent. But it's special enough that you can get by with it if you want..."

He actually meant what he had said the night before. He wanted to help me sell myself to the men in town. There were at least five men who were on the list. All very anonymous but the rates weren't anonymous. I looked up at him and then down at myself. I looked the same. I checked in the mirror a few minutes before. But I wasn't the same. I was never going to be the same and I wanted to be this file very, very much.

"I think...I think we could work something out." I replied softly.

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