Ashley's Misadventures Ch. 03


Bodies convulse and spasm in delightful orgasmic bliss. Their cunts squeeze tightly on the rods buried deep in them. John was unable to move when Ashley clamped down on his cock. The machine fucking the blonde was too strong to be stopped though. With that tight grip, the sensations in her pussy are tripled. The blonde cums again and cums hard. Ashley watches on in delight as John musters enough strength to move his monster cock in her tightly clenched pussy. Ashley experiences the same sensations as the blonde and it drives her absolutely out of her mind when her body convulses again, spasming in throes of orgasmic bliss. Her hips quaking under the intense stimulation and pleasure. She groans satisfyingly and her body relaxes a little. A moment or two later, she is wracked with yet another intense climax as John continues his relentless assault on her well-used pussy. She is so wet know that John moves easily in and out of her. Fast and furiously he pumps her. Unforgiving. Mercilessly using her body like a fuck toy. Her cunt wants more and more of his delicious cock. Her body yearns for yet another fucking orgasm.

John is reveling in fiendish delight as he fucks Ashley hard. He particularly enjoys it when she has multiple orgasms. It drives him, motivates him to fuck her even more and even harder. Ashley knows this and so she never holds back her urges or feelings. She lets herself go completely, knowing she would be able to cum many times just from his fucking her alone. He has a wonderfully thick cock which he knows how to use very well. She closes her eyes, enjoying the sensations and orgasmic rush building up fast inside her. She cums again as John continues his fucking.

Ashley opens her eyes and looks around after that last climax. The blonde is missing. The screen has returned to its original position and the large bed is now hidden from view. An erotic, computer generated 3D movie begins to play. The 3D characters and scenes are so realistic that there would be little need for real human actors soon. Especially in porn where these characters can be made to do almost anything. The scene that comes on screen first is one which feeds her fantasy as well. Her darkest, deepest desires. Her lust for the mystical, magical and dangerous world of demons, werewolves, vampires and other monsters would now be played out in detailed 3D renderings. As she studies the characters on screen, she suddenly realized that they are imitating the motions which she and John is currently going through. Instead of her usual lithe, athletic body with moderately sized yet ample boobs, she is now with the body of a porn star. Curvy, large boobies and long shapely legs. Her ass is round and bubbly but firm. John, her lover now pounding her open pussy from behind has been transformed on screen into a rather large werewolf. The computer is mimicking every single movement they make, rendering it into the 3D characters and images programmed and displaying it on screen.

Ashley stares at herself, her new form, her subjugated and bound position, her pussy being so completely filled by a ferocious werewolf fucking her from behind. John seems to be spurned on by the images on screen and intensifies his efforts, ramming her pussy mercilessly. Ashley's mouth opens in a silent "O", rendering the same thing on screen now. She imagines a real werewolf taking her from behind. John shifts the angle of his thrusts a little, making her pussy feel a little more stretched, a little fuller than before. He fucks her hard. His hips slamming against her ample ass each time he plunges deep into her dripping pussy. Ashley cries out loud, feeling the satisfying sensations rumbling deep within her then bursting out in an intense orgasm. John fucks her harder and faster now, having felt the rumbling in his own balls. With a hard final thrust, he plunges so deep into her, hitting her cervix deliciously and empties his balls deep inside. Ashley could feel his hot jism filling her up. His cock squirting glob after glob of hot thick liquid inside her welcoming pussy. As he deflates, he pulls out and shoots the last few streams onto her curvy ass and then poking his semi-hard cock into her ass, he empties whatever remains of his sperm into her anal cavity. The sudden entry drives her over the edge, causing her to climax again. Her ass clenches down hard on his cock, milking every last drop of sperm from it.

The bonds on her are somewhat magically released and Ashley flops down on the plush seat. John's cock escapes her ass and he moves in to hug her close. Snuggling together, they watch the movie unfolding on screen. It is all 3D renditions of the activities earlier. The blonde, with her group of black studs, has been rendered as a fallen vampire being raped by vicious swamp monsters with large cocks. The computer had even captured her masturbating earlier and rendered her as a slutty elf finger-fucking herself in the woods. Another rather strong scene was when the blonde was taken by those probing machines. That scene had those dildoes rendered as tentacles, mercilessly fucking a girl on a sandy white beach while being witnessed by a group of campers close by. This is a good use of technology, she thought, as she drifts off into yet another erotic dream-filled slumber. John hugs her close and naps with her on the large plush, multi-purpose seat.

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