tagMatureAshley's Revenge Ch. 13

Ashley's Revenge Ch. 13


I was having a wonderful dream about Ashley, Lindsey and me on a nice secluded beach when all of a sudden I was awoken to the sound of my wife's voice screaming bloody murder. I sat up in bed and squinted as my eyes tried to adjust to the light and saw my wife standing in the doorway of our bedroom going absolutely ape shit.

"What the FUCK is going on here?" she screamed, flailing her arms. Her face was red with anger as the decibels penetrated my ears.

I looked next to me on the big king sized bed and saw a very worried looking Lindsey. She seemed to be trying to get her bearings as her beautiful blue eyes darted around the room. My eyes gave the room a quick once over as well and I realized that there was no sign of Ashley anywhere to be found.

"Fuck," I muttered under my breath as Lindsey moved behind me on the bed as my wife started walking towards us, pointing her finger in our direction as she continued to fume. Lindsey was still in the sexy white lace lingerie from last night's fuck session and I could feel her hot breath on my neck as she used me for cover.

"Who the hell is this little slut?" my wife snarled. "I can't believe you would do this to me in our fucking bed!"

"Oh, don't play so innocent with me," I shot back. "I know you've been having an affair for a while now, so why do you fucking care?"

"An affair? What the hell are you talking about? I have never had an affair," my wife stuttered as she stopped in her tracks. Her face turned an even more crimson as she stood there waiting for my answer.

"So then explain to me why your SUV has been spending hours at the Sybaris when you were supposed to be at work," I shouted. "I put a fucking tracker on your car so don't even try to deny it."

"Holy shit, you are a fucking idiot!" my wife yelled, pointing her finger in my face and then making a fist as if she was going to strike me but thought better of it as she twirled around and took a step back.

"I'm an idiot?" I groaned.

"Yes, the fucking Sybaris is fucking remodeling their fucking hotels and my company is providing the mother-fucking furniture," she said, breathing heavily and flailing her arms around.

"Shit," I said, my mind reeling. I glanced at the clock on the nightstand and saw it was 3:15AM. Why the hell was my wife home in the middle of the night? Where the hell was Ashley? I knew the two things had to be connected and didn't like the implications.

"Yeah, shit, you fucking idiot!" my wife fumed.

"What about the ticket to the Monet exhibit that I found in your bag? It was from the night a few weeks ago where you were supposedly staying with Caroline," I asked, realizing my house of cards was falling down around me.

"I didn't go to the Monet exhibit," my wife said, confused.

"I think I can shed some light on that," Lindsey said quietly. "I went to the exhibit and Ashley asked me for my ticket stub."

"Fuck me," I muttered in despair.

"You've got that right," my wife shot back. "You're telling me that you let that little cunt Ashley convince you that I was cheating on you? I fucking told you that I did not trust that girl!"

I just looked up at my wife, unable to speak. I knew that I was fucking Ashley long before the idea of my wife cheating came up. I played all of the scenarios in my brain, trying to figure out what I could say at this point that would minimize the damage but came up with absolutely nothing. I did the crime and it was time to pay the piper.

"Ashley can be quite convincing, and she'll do whatever she has to in order to get what she wants," Lindsey said as she moved to the edge of the bed, her long slender legs crossed as she looked up at my wife.

"And she wanted you to sleep with my husband?" Katherine asked as I swore I saw her take a quick inventory of Lindsey's sexy body in the sexy white lace lingerie.

"No," Lindsey said. "I was just the girl she could blackmail to join in on a threesome."

"So, Ashley was here last night?" my wife asked as she glared at me.

"Yes," I said, knowing there was no reason to deny the truth.

"Mrs. Jones, do you mind if I ask why you came home in the middle of the night?" Lindsey asked as she stood up next to the bed. I was glad she asked the question, because I didn't have the guts to do so.

"I got a text from an anonymous number saying if I came home I'd find my husband in a very compromising position," my wife answered.

"The fucking bitch set us up," Lindsey snarled, looked at me.

"Maybe you need new friends," my wife said with a bit more calm in her voice. "First she blackmails you, then she sets you up to get caught in bed with a married man. Doesn't sound like such a good friend to me."

"Look, Katherine," I said before she cut me off.

"Shut up, I don't want to hear it," my wife shot back. "How could you do this to me?"

"I don't know, I just couldn't resist Ashley," I said feeling a bit ashamed of the truth. Everything about Ashley had me under her spell and I knew it.

"To be fair, Mrs. Jones, Ashley has been after your husband for years. She's been pretty obsessed with him," Lindsey said as she moved closer to my wife.

"She what?" my wife asked shocked.

"I mean, I can't really blame her, your husband is pretty damn hot. I certainly didn't need to be blackmailed in order to fuck him," Lindsey grinned. "But Ashley, she has never been interested in guys our age or even any other older guy that I know of. For her, it's always been about Brian. "

"That is just fucking crazy," my wife gasped.

"That's Ashley," Lindsey giggled. "But, you could see why your husband wanted to take advantage of that, couldn't you?"

"I don't know," my wife groaned.

"What about the role-playing that we did on the couch?" I asked Katherine, referring to when she made me call her by Ashley's name as she fucked and sucked me wildly.

"That was just a fantasy," Katherine blurted out in a way that made it sound more like a question.

"What is your fantasy?" Lindsey asked as she moved right in front of my wife. Her long red hair falling down wildly around her face as she looked my wife directly in the eye.

"What do you mean?" my wife asked, looking into Lindsey's blue eyes.

"Well, we are all here right now because Ashley's fantasy was to fuck your husband. You pissed her off by turning her in when we were out back smoking weed and drinking beer so she decided to live out her fantasy if she could. I mean, fuck, you did cost the bitch a new car," Lindsey smiled.

"That's what started this?" my wife asked.

"Yeah, it is," Lindsey said matter-of-factly. "It turns out your husband also had a fantasy of fucking the hot blonde girl from next door. It's not like it's a rare fantasy or anything, I think it's one that most men have. Of course, most men will never act on it because they know that if the girl isn't into it then they'll be up a fucking creek. But, if the hot young girl comes after the married man he's going to live our his fantasy, even if he knows he's probably going to get caught, right Brian?" Lindsey asked as she turned to me.

I nodded my head and said, "Yes, pretty much."

"So," Lindsey said as she turned her attention back to my wife. "You could leave your husband because of what he did, nobody would blame you for that. He's broken your trust and all that bullshit. If you do, though, Ashley will be right there to take your place. She is young, she's hot as fuck and will do anything your hubby wants her to do."

"If that's the case," Katherine said. "It may not be my choice to make."

"True," Lindsey said as she turned to me. "Who do you want, Brian? Your wife or Ashley?"

It was a question that I had been more or less struggling with since the first time I gave into Ashley's charms. Once I realized that Ashley wanted me for more than just a fling I was so flattered, so into the fantasy that I could never see giving her up. But as I sat on the bed, looking at my wife and Lindsey looking down at me I just simply was not sure what I wanted.

Before Ashley, my wife and I had settled into a boring rut, but somehow after the affair began things between my wife and I started getting hot and steamy in a good way again. There was no way for me to ignore that fact that Ashley was pretty much obsessed with me and as Lindsey said would do anything I wanted her to do. Even though I knew that was not a healthy state of things there was no doubt that I still craved Ashley's hot, young body and her dirty, twisted mind.

"Well?" my wife finally blurted out, breaking the silence.

"I want you," I finally said, doing my best to sell it. To be honest I didn't feel like I was lying, even though I knew I was far from over Ashley.

"Now what?" Katherine asked, looking at Lindsey for guidance. "Your friend Ashley needs to be taught a lesson."

"I have an idea," Lindsey said with a grin.

"What's that?" my wife asked.

"We make the bitch pay," Lindsey purred and the familiar words echoed in my mind.

"Fuck yes, princess Ashley needs to be brought down a peg," my wife smiled.

"Of course, you have to make hubby pay too," Lindsey said to my wife. "It won't be healthy if you don't get even or something. Are there any guys you want to fuck?"

"Lindsey!" I shouted.

"Shh!" Lindsey scowled, "Let her answer."

"To be honest, no," Katherine said. "Brian has always satisfied those needs, as you may be aware."

"Yeah," Lindsey giggled. "Have you ever had a girl?" she asked as she closed the gap between herself and my wife. Lindsey put her left hand on my wife's hip and let her right hand move up behind my wife's neck. She pulled her close, leaned in and kissed her.

I watched with amazement as my wife's trepidation disappeared almost immediately and soon she was kissing Lindsey back, their tongues darting in and out of each other's mouths. Lindsey looked stunning in the white lingerie as she unbuttoned my wife's blue jeans as they continued to kiss.

My wife was truly enjoying the attention she was getting from Lindsey, her hands started to explore Lindsey's body as I watched her chest rising and falling with each deep breath. My cock sprung to life as I watched the show unfolding in front of me.

Lindsey dropped to her knees as she slid my wife's jeans down her slender legs. She smiled up at my wife as she looked up at her. "No panties, Mrs. Jones?" Lindsey giggled as she buried her face in my wife's sweet sex.

"Call me Katherine," my wife said with a squeal as Lindsey moved my wife's right leg up over her shoulder and buried her tongue in my wife's shaved pussy. My wife's knees buckled and she fell on the bed next to me.

"Get off the bed," Lindsey looked at me sternly.

"But," I countered.

"Now!" my wife yelled.

I stumbled off the bed as the lingerie-clad teenage slut kissed and nibbled on my wife's flesh as she finished undressing her. She gave me a smile when she threw my wife's blouse and bra at me as I sat on the chair in the corner of the room watching their every move.

My wife was on her back on the bed. She was totally naked and Lindsey was straddling her body, hovering over her in the sexy white lace lingerie. She started kissing my wife again, slow sensual kisses that melted into each other. I couldn't believe what I was watching, my cock was so hard that it was starting to hurt so I slowly started stroking it.

Lindsey moved her slim body down my wife's torso, kissing and nibbling on my wife's ample C cups.

"I love your fucking tits," Lindsey cooed as her soft pink tongue made slow, teasing circles around my wife's hard nipples.

"Fuck, that feels good," my wife moaned as Lindsey playfully nibbled on my wife's flesh.

Lindsey worked her way down slowly. Kissing and nibbling as she moved past my wife's stomach back down to her waiting pussy. She spread my wife's legs and then teased her slit with a few flicks of her tongue. Lindsey looked over at me as she kissed my wife's clit then slipped her tongue into my wife's dripping pussy.

I stroked my raging meat as I watched. I knew I was going to owe Lindsey big time for defusing what could have been a disastrous situation. I was pretty sure that Ashley did not figure this into the possibilities for the night's events and I wondered just how to deal with Ashley for sending my wife in to catch Lindsey and me in bed together.

I loved the sight of my wife's body writhing on the bed as Lindsey ate her pussy. Katherine reached down, grabbed Lindsey's sexy red hair and pushed her down deeper as my wife's hips moved up in rhythm to meet Lindsey's tongue fucking.

"Oh, fuck!" my wife screamed as she thrust her hips up and pulled Lindsey's pretty face down hard. "I'm cumming!"

Lindsey's hands moved up to my wife's tits and her fingers squeezed and twisted my wife's hard nipples as her tongue kept sliding in and out of my wife's pussy until her orgasm finally subsided. My wife's body went limp on the bed as Lindsey moved back on the bed, straddled my wife and kissed her deeply.

"You are one sexy bitch," Lindsey beamed as she put both of her hands on my wife's face and kissed her again.

"So are you," my wife giggled.

"It looks like someone enjoyed the show," Lindsey grinned as she looked over at me. I was still slowly stroking my cock as my wife looked over and smiled.

"Too bad that he's not getting anything until, as you said, we make the bitch pay," my wife said staring into Lindsey's eyes.

"We are going to need him to help," Lindsey replied. "Like I said, Ashley will do anything he tells her to do."

"That could come in handy," my wife giggled like a schoolgirl.

"Mmhmm," Lindsey said as she leaned in and kissed my wife's neck softly. "Just what should we do to her?"

"Aren't you supposed to be her friend?" my wife moaned as Lindsey traced her earlobe with her tongue.

"Yes, but she deserves payback. Sending you to catch me with her husband could have landed me in the ER or dead if you were a psycho bitch," Lindsey smiled.

"So, what does Ashley deserve?" my wife asked.

"I don't know," Lindsey said. "That's mostly up to you, Mrs. Jones, I mean, Katherine."

"What do you think?" my wife asked, looking over at me in the chair. My hardon now almost completely gone.

"I don't know, this has all gone too far already," I sighed.

"Whose fault is that?" my wife shot back.

"You need to get your wedding rings back from her," Lindsey said to my wife whose face immediately turned a bright red with anger.

"She has my fucking wedding rings?" she shouted at me as she got up off the bed and started in my direction.

"We'll get them back," I said.

"You two really were playing house, huh? If the little cunt thinks she can replace me she's in for a rude awakening," my wife yelled, waving her finger in front of my face. "She thought me fucking up her getting a car was bad, she hasn't seen anything yet!"

"This is getting crazy," I said, feeling like I was in a bad Lifetime movie.

"It's your fault for thinking with your dick," my wife shot back. "Are you going to help us get back at the little slut or should I just call my lawyer and change the locks?"

"Whatever you want me to do, I'll do it," I said. "I would prefer we just shut this whole thing down before someone goes too far, but if you really need to fuck with Ashley to feel better about me being a cheating asshole than tell me what you want me to do and I will do it."

"Good," my wife said. "And don't think you're not going to pay for your sins at some point too." She got up and put her clothes back on as Lindsey sat in her sexy white lingerie on the bed, her long red hair falling down around her face.

"Ashley must be sitting in her room wondering what's going on over here," Lindsey grinned. "Maybe you should text her that your wife and I got into a fight and one of us is hurt. See if she'll come back over."

"Why just hurt?" my wife, Katherine, asked. "Maybe someone's dead and you're freaking out."

"That's even better!" Lindsey giggled.

"To what end?" I asked, wishing I had more time to think.

"I could taser the bitch," my wife smiled. "It's not like she doesn't deserve it. We can make her think we're going to end her and see if she doesn't shit herself."

"Oh, I bet she would!" Lindsey laughed. "It would be even better if you had a gun, she knows a taser won't do much more than make her twitch on the ground."

"A gun can be arranged," my wife smiled and looked at me. "Is yours still in that stupid book on your bookshelf?"

"Yes, it is," I nodded. "But are you sure this is a good idea?"

"Don't worry, I'm not going to shoot your little slut. I just want to scare her shitless. I'll make sure the gun isn't loaded," my wife said as she walked into the other room. She mentioned nothing about the pair of Ashley's panties that were in with the gun which worried me a bit but I didn't say anything. "Text her," my wife said as she walked back into the bedroom with the 9mm handgun in her hand and a wicked grin on her face.

Lindsey got up, walked to the nightstand and picked up my phone. "What's your password?" she asked as she looked over at me.

"What are you doing? I asked.

"Give her the fucking password," my wife groaned as she tossed me my robe, "and cover up already."

"It's 9512," I said and Lindsey keyed the digits into the phone and accessed the texting app that Ashley and I had been using.

"Let's see, how to word this," Lindsey smiled, contemplating her choice of words. "How about, 'big mess, wife pushed Lindsey and she hit her head on the nightstand, I think she's dead'?"

"You don't think that's too over the top?" my wife asked.

"Maybe, but I'd love to see what she does," Lindsey grinned. "You think she'll feel bad that I'm dead?"

"Send it and find out," my wife said.

"Done," Lindsey giggled.

Immediately my phone buzzed and Lindsey narrated.

"OMG!" Lindsey smiled as she read the message. Soon the phone buzzed again, "Your wifey-pooh is going to end up in jail!!!"

"That fucking little bitch," my wife grunted.

"Yeah," Lindsey replied, "I'll text her, 'now we can be together, but come over before I call 911 so you can corroborate my story with the police that Katherine killed her.'"

"You are evil, I like you!" Katherine said to Lindsey. "Go get some ketchup and put it over your head and lay on the floor by the nightstand."

The scene was set, my wife was hiding out of site and Lindsey was playing dead on the floor. The ketchup doing a fairly impressive job of making her look truly injured if Ashley did not look too closely. My heart was racing, unsure of how this scene was going to play out. To be honest, I still wasn't 100% sure I wanted Ashley to be the loser in whatever game we were playing.

I heard the back door in the kitchen open then slam shut and then I heard footsteps running up the stairs and down the hall. I was sitting on the bed, looking down at Lindsey when Ashley appeared in the doorway. She was wearing short jean shorts, a black hoodie, a black Taylor Swift t-shirt and a pair of Red Keds.

"Holy Hell!" Ashley said as she surveyed the scene.

"I know," I said as I looked over at her. She had a little grin on her face and her blue eyes were sparkling as much as they always did.

"Your wife did that?" Ashley asked, looking briefly at Lindsey. "I'd have bet on Lindsey in any fight with that bitch wife of yours."

"Yes, she did," I groaned. "How could you set Lindsey and me up like that?"

"You broke my rule and came in the little red-headed slut," Ashley said matter of factly. "Besides, it will all work itself out." Ashley kneeled on the bed next to me and leaned in for a kiss. I backed away, shocked that Ashley seemed to be taking things so nonchalantly.

"Ash," I stammered.

"What, husband? Don't you love me?" she asked in her little girl voice.

"Ashley, this is serious," I said as she leaned in to kiss my neck. I knew I should push her away but I didn't, her soft lips felt way too good on my skin.

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