tagInterracial LoveAshley's Sacrifice Ch. 02

Ashley's Sacrifice Ch. 02


Ashley's head is on a plush pillow and her eyes are fixated on the large mirror on a dresser facing the bed. She stared with her mouth wide open at the reflection of a her ever-wetter pussy being fucked senseless by a somewhat chubby and short and dark Asian man with thick gold-rim glasses and straight black hair. His thin legs are obviously strained while his face was contorted by his raging lust and the sexual gratification the beautiful pale American executive's well-lubed love hole is providing to his stiff little rod.

Ashley still cannot believe how aroused she is and wondered how her body betrayed her modesty. She is taken by an overwhelming sense of shame at the thought of cheating on her husband with a man who is dark and short with a fat tool that left her panting for a more satisfying cock. Just then Wang's dick is engorged with blood one last time and climaxed inside her while grunting noisily like a tennis pro at about to serve a 100+ mph ball across the court to his opponent. He then slowly withdrew his rapidly deflating dark meat from well-used pussy of the pretty American's vagina taking her cute pink lips with it as he went. For a moment, he admired his cum mixed with her gooey juice slopped on his cock and then laughed at the trail of this same mixture dripping out of her love hole and down her perineum. That's when Ashley noticed Johnny had left the video camera running on auto and had approached her with a huge erection in his pants and he was barely able to contain his glee as Wang summoned him closer. Johnny looked at her in a way that clearly showed that he now will have the pleasuring of ravishing Ashley's young alabaster Caucasian flesh for as long as he desires.

"She is tight as a virgin, I tell you!" Wang whispered in Johnny's ear as he gave his subordinate the go-ahead to do what he wants with the pretty American and he is going to pleasure himself again by watching the whole thing from a few feet away.

Up to this point, sex has always been a private part of Ashley's life. Her conservative upbringing ensured that much sexual tension would build up before she sought release, via a quick and explosive orgasm, either through the efforts of her deft fingers or that coupled with vaginal intercourse with her husband in the privacy of her bedroom. Yet the savage fucking she got from Wang's small tool has left enormously aroused and eager to be satisfied despite her trepidation of committing adultery with yet another Asian man and sense of shame of feeling like a whore trading sex for a business deal.

Unlike Wang, Johnny was much younger and more handsome and gentler as well. He began by quickly kissing her forehead as if to reassure her what is about to happen will be enjoyable for them both. He then nibbled her ears for a moment while leaving a trail of kisses from her cheek down to her porcelain-colored 36C tits. Ashley's arousal is apparent for all to see with her dainty pink areolas sticking straight into the air and he wasted no time to begin fondling and then began to suck and lightly bite her left nipple which drove her insane with what seemed light bolts of lightning channeling through every part of her body.

Johnny then shifted his attention to her taut and pale legs and started to kiss and lick the exquisitely sensitive areas on the insides of her thighs. He then pushed her legs apart at the knees which opened up Ashley's dripping pussy to his view and his tongue began to slowly trace a circle around her pussy lips. He started to slowly pick up the pace and flicked his tongue around her pink fleshy lips

"Oh my goodness," Ashley moaned out loud, "that feels so good. Keep going!"

Johnny slowly picked up the pace and then he delicately pulled her lips aside to reveal her inner labia and love hole still plastered with Wang's cum mixed with her own secretions. He then briefly paused and then showered slow and tender kisses all around her clit and Ashley began to squirm in pleasure which grew more and more violent as waves of orgasm radiated from her private parts to the rest of her body from head to toe. While she was caught in her own dream world, Johnny surreptitiously removed his slacks and boxes and left his 6-inch Asian penis sticking straight into the air in search of its target.

Then Johnny surprised her by getting up and leaving her all alone in bed and leaned forward and whispered in her ear, "Let's get do a 69!"

Johnny instinctively placed his cock over Ashley's mouth and went right back to prodding her pussy with his tongue. At first the green-eyed beauty simply stared at his uncircumcised charcoal-black cock only an inch or two from her face and then quickly stuck out the pink, wet tip of her tongue and started to lick the dark foreskin backwards to reveal a pink head. Then Ashley slid it effortlessly into her mouth and tried swallow the shaft as far as she could. Wang got very excited at the sight of this exquisite prim American executive's creamy face next to Johnny's swarthy cock with its bright pink glans shorn of its foreskin being revealed by the back-and-forth movement of her mouth. She slurped and moistened his dick with her saliva and repeatedly licked up from the bottom of his shaft to the glans and back again. Soon she began to engulf it as much as she could and sucked it so that her cheeks became quite sunken in while her beautiful pink, thin lips caressed Johnny's hanging balls.

It is by now clear that Ashley is no longer a reluctant participant in these erotic games and was eagerly reciprocating sexual favors with the Asian man who is giving her the most sensual pleasure in her life. Not that is saying much for the prudish Ashley who has only given a handful of her lovers the privilege of doing what Johnny is doing now. Wang can see that Johnny's cock stiffened and began to drip with pre-cum and a milky thread of it began to run down her chin. He knows that if she keeps this up Johnny would have to spurt his Asian seed in her throat soon. Incredibly, she also spread her trim and alabaster thighs and parted the folds of her sticky lips and exposed the wet pink of her pussy to Johnny's tongue. This is all too much for Wang and he masturbated while watching all the goings-on between his subordinate and this incredibly hot white woman now thoroughly at their mercy.

However, Ashley was pleasantly surprised when Johnny began to rub the tip of his index finger against her opening and then her clit. Johnny soon slid one and then two fingers into her and made them glisten with her pussy juice mixed with Wang's semen all the while treating him to an obscured view of a beautiful Caucasian woman's feminine treasures up close. The fleshy pink labia and clit were remarkably an effective aphrodisiac since they are always varying shades brown in Asian women and few of them having swollen lips and clit that protrude as much as Ashley's. Better yet, they are in plain sight unlike Asian women who tend to keep them covered with bushy pubic hair. His nostrils are also assaulted by the unmistakable musky scent of a woman in heat as well as lingering traces of her expensive perfume. As Johnny skillfully masturbated the beautiful brunette, her taut abdomen clenched and her body shook as pulses of electricity from her clit coursed through her body and she let out a low animal groan of ecstasy.

With remarkable self-control, Johnny refrained from climaxing in Ashley's mouth and pulled his dark pole out of her mouth though her pink lips were reluctant to let it go. Ashley began to writhe in pleasure and moaned "Mmmmmm" and then unexpected shouted "Uhhhh.... Ohhhh Goddddd....FUCK ME PLEASE!" even as she trained her green eyes at Johnny finger-fucking her. Her arousal was palplable as her breathing became ever more tortured and erratic. Johnny could scarcely believe how the conservative and proper businesswoman from Nebraska has been transformed into a lust-filled slut driven solely by her biological needs in a matter of minutes.

Johnny thought he was in heaven and smiled since Ashley is the first white woman for him. As a bonus, she looks very much like the actress of his dreams, Anna Kendrick. And white females are indeed more sexually liberated and responsive like what he has seen online. For none of dozens of Chinese women he's fucked has never reacted the way Ashley just did as a result of the prevailing repressive attitude about sex, a remnant of the puritanical mores of earlier Confucian times. Even Japanese AV (for adult video) actresses grimace and wail throughout their performance unlike western pornstars who actually seem to get into what they are doing and enjoy themselves while they are at it. He then suddenly withdrew his fingers and left a void in Ashley's swollen soft inner lips. Her face had the look of an animal in heat and was practically begging him to take her then and there. Her hands were grasping onto the edge of the bed to brace herself against the violent tremors running through the length of her porcelain-colored body. It is clear he has pushed this stunningly beautiful white woman to the edge of insanity with sexual desire and satisfaction and is badly in need of release.

Johnny now leaned over her and positioned himself between her splayed legs and rained kisses all over her face, neck, creamy breasts with each erect pink nipple getting plenty of attention and then to her alabaster pubic area. Ashley is body is now flushed all over and her chest is heaving with deep breaths. As Johnny wandered down to her pubic area which is covered by a very sparse light brown that is bikini-thong waxed, he began to explore her swollen clit and perfectly shaven slit just like that of a young girl in puberty and slipped two of his tanned fingers into her wet vagina again. He soon encountered an obstruction that shocked him but he soon figured out its significance. It is remnants of Ashley's hymen left mostly intact by her husband's pencil-wide 4-inch pecker and somehow survived Wang's shallow assault. He thoughtfully withdrew his fingers for he was reluctant to destroy what's left of her maidenhood with anything but his dark penis.

And he began to position himself accordingly which afforded Ashley a nice view of his circumcised cock which curved a bit leftward like a banana. She was amazed by both the length and girth of his tool and she never thought Asian men could have such awesome packages which was just as well since she never really thought they were all that manly or attractive. But now she now feasted her green eyes on Johnny's pitch-black cock tinged with purple veins in anticipation of the triple taboo act that she is craving: she is happily married, he is going to fuck her without any protection and most disturbingly, he is Asian and she has been taught and believed that interracial sex, especially between a white woman and a darker man is wrong if not outright sinful! Yet she is now too aroused to resist and she doubts whether it is even possible that she might be a willing victim of all this sexual perversion. The thought of having a penis almost twice as wide and two inches or so longer than husband's both excited and frightened her.

"Take it easy and be gentle with me since I have never had anyone this huge!" Ashley pleaded as the pretty, innocent, young white executive prepared herself for Johnny's entry as he poised his 6-inch cock at the entry of her hot tight white pussy. He slide his fingers out of her snatch and sniffed them for the exhilarating scent of her arousal and teased her by sliding his pink cockhead along her slit and then around her clit. After seemingly like an eternity for Ashley, he eased the delicate head of his fat dark cock against her dainty pink lips. He grabbed her by her waist with both hands and forcefully pushed his glans quickly into her soaking pussy.

"Ohhhhhh myyyy Goddd!" screamed Ashley as her head leaned forward involuntarily to watch the invasion of the massive mushroom head of Johnny's dark cock into her most private parts but her face was flush with pure lust while her jaws dropped and gasped in awe. Johnny winced slightly since her pussy was far tighter than he believed it ought to be after the savage fucking she got from Wang and all the foreplay designed to get her ready. Then Ashley's face quickly changed from one of pain into one of pleasure as her young white pussy began to loosen and meet him stroke for stroke as she arched her back upward and sucked in the entire length of his dark dick. In the heat of it all and with one thrust, Johnny pierced her hymen permanently and took the most precious gift Ashley can offer to any man.

Ashley's eyes began to roll and she lost all sense of propriety and control as she fucked Johnny for all she is worth. She then began to yell "Oh that feels good! Don't stop fucking me with your DARK cock!" in her high-pitched voice over and over again as she watched his dark one-eyed monster slither in and out of her with abandon. She could not believe the words coming out her mouth. All the while, she is moaning in the most erotic fashion that he has ever heard. Johnny pushed his cockhead hard and deep and repeated made contact with her cervix and g-spot which made gave her face both a pained and ecstatic look as she pushed down to meet his dark rod of steel. He seemed to reach places her husband can never reach and he held his cock there momentarily so his cock twitched deep inside next to her g-spot of this gorgeous young white woman with impeccable fair skin and she came again.

Ashley totally lost it as her head shifted from side to side and she screamed, "Right there.....that's it.... I'm cumming all over your Asian cock! Ahhh.....oh my God....fuck!"

Johnny began to pump her in nice long slow strokes and all the while checking out the beautiful earrings, expensive diamond on her platinum wedding band, beautiful French manicured fingernails and chiseled nose so unlike the squat noses of Asians that he detests. The wedding band gave him a rush because he knows he's cuckolding the husband of this hot white girl. Wang did him a favor by leaving her lacy bra in place (above her heaving breasts) and her black stocking held up by a white garter belt and suspenders which turned him on enormously ever since his teenage days when he was first exposed to western soft-core pornography. So did the stark contrast between his olive skin and her pale skin as Asians have a fetish for white women with their pale skin that is so prized in all Asian cultures. This is truly a once-in-a-life time opportunity and his mind began to spin as he realized how few Chinese men will ever get a chance to do what he is enjoying right now.

Johnny decided he needed to fuck her even deeper and raised her legs over his shoulders so her knees wrapped around his neck so he could reach parts of her never accessed by any man before, including her husband or Wang. That's when Ashley shouted, "Ahhhhh, that's the spot. Harder and faster!" at the top of her lungs before he covered her mouth with his tanned hand.

Johnny could sense her vaginal muscles tighten and squeeze his cock as she came once again. Her delirious screams and a peek at her beautifully painted pink toenails afforded by her sheer black thigh-highs and her "slut" heels (so unlike the open-toed sandals with heels much preferred by Asian women that he's accustomed to) sent another surge of adrenaline through his body and more blood into his engorged cock. Then suddenly he balls tightened and shook as he approached his own climax.

Perhaps sensing it, Ashley begged, "Please don't cum in me! Pull out now! I'm not on the pill and I might get pregnant!" The thought of possibly impregnating this fiendishly desirable white exotic creature sent him over the edge and even more determined to ignore her wishes as he pushed his dark manhood into this sex-crazed white slut one last time and spilled what seemed like gallons of his gooey, warm, salty and pungent Asian spunk deep inside and all over the fertile crevices of Ashley's nearly-virgin white pussy and screamed, "Ohhhhhh yeah.....I'm going to cum deep in you!"

Johnny then pulled back from his conquest and slid his cock from Ashley's well-used pussy and his eyes gleamed as he saw a trickle of his cum mixed with her love juice running down her perineum. His ego got an enormous boost when he watched her stretched out in exhaustion with a sheen of perspiration all over her body for Ashley is an amazingly beautiful woman and was no less than after being so savagely raped. This is all the sweeter since he knew that she has never shared her feminine treasures so intimately with anyone besides her husband and until about an hour ago.

Johnny then commanded her to turn and get on all fours which she duly did because the preceding half-hour has turned her mad with hunger for more cock. This left her slightly puzzled since she only allows her husband the missionary and cowgirl-on-top positions. But doing so left her delectable creamy rear fully exposed and she arched her back and offered herself to him yet again as she figured he wanted to do her doggy-style. Johnny traced circles around her pussy with his still-stiff cock while admiring her thigh-high stockings and her dangling pumps and without any warning grabbed her hips firmly and pushed inside her again, this time not where she expected it but a little higher into her pink pucker hole just above her spent and sopping pussy!

Ashley let out a loud scream and her face was a mixture of pain, shock and pleasure when Johnny pushed himself inside her again and her head drooped forward as her face became covered by her hair. He wormed his cockhead into her slowly and then began to thrust his cock into her with vigorous strokes as her boobs swayed and buttocks wobbled in response to the pounding she was receiving. He slapped her butt when she pleaded for her to stop and wrapped his hands around her boobs and pulled her body back towards him as if he owned her and a small dribble of Johnny's seed leaked deep up her anus within a couple of minutes and thus completed the deflowering of her virginal anus. Just then Ashley came again and screamed "Oh Gawdddd!" again and spasmodically squeezed out last drops of Johnny's jizm from his over-extended balls as his cock deflated.

Then they both lay in bed exhausted and recuperating when Wang approached and said, "Bravo! But for you to get the contract, you must bring that pretty blonde interpreter of yours, Nicole, tomorrow. You hear me?" That is when Ashley realized her nightmare has only gotten started and she began to agonize about whether to sacrifice yet another innocent young white girl to these lecherous Asian men on the altar of profits in pursuit of this all-important contract.

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