Ashley's Special Gift


Her long blond hair was down and looked as if she had teased it out and in addition to that as she approached I noticed she was wearing make-up. My eyes lingered on her soft full lips that were painted in the exact shade of deep red as her robe. The color was too old for her and gave her an almost trashy appearance, which immediately had me thinking of all the places that lipstick would look smeared across. Unable to avoid it, I dropped my gaze to her long legs and saw she was barefoot and her toe nails were in the same deep red as her lips. A quick glance at her hands showed her fingernails were also that color.

When she was standing directly in front of us I again looked into her face and staring at her mascara coated eyelashes, wondered if she were going to tell us she was going out and just hadn't put a dress on yet. I did note that the robe was tied properly; showing only a little of her neckline.

"So, uh what's on your mind Ashley?" Brad asked.

I looked over and saw he was struggling to find a place for his eyes and I didn't blame him. Of course now that she knew I found women attractive it occurred to me I would have to be careful of where my eyes rested as well.

"I...well I...I'm leaving for Florida Monday morning so I wanted to give you guys your present tonight."

"It couldn't wait until tomorrow morning?" I asked.

"Nope." She shook her head. "I want to give it to you tonight," she gave us a nervous smile, "I...I really hope you like it."

"I'm sure we will." Brad said and making a show of looking more closely at her asked, "Where is it?"

"Well," she giggled and as she had last night began rocking nervously from one foot to the other. "You're pretty much looking at it."

I looked over at Brad to see he was looking back at me. I shrugged, "Okay, well you got us, what is it?"

"You guys have to close your eyes."

I glanced at Brad quickly again and then putting my head down, closed my eyes.

"No peeking." Ashley said, and then laughed, "Brad your eyes aren't closed all the way."

I elbowed him and he sighed, "Okay."

I sat there with my eyes closed and after a moment, Ashley said, "O...Okay guys, you can open your eyes.

"I put my head up opened my eyes and exclaimed, "Oh my God!"

I heard Brad say the same exact thing next to me, but didn't turn to look; my eyes were glued to the sight before us. Ashley had dropped her robe and was now standing before us in a red lace bra the cups of which were transparent enough to see her pink nipples. My eyes trailed down her soft smooth stomach to take in the matching red thong that barely covered her pussy. The stings of the thong were tied at the sides exposing the entire length of her leg right up to her hip.

Ashley's ensemble was completed by a red ribbon tied around her neck and as we both stared, she raised her arms over her head and said, "Merry Christmas!"

"I...Ashley, what are you doing?" Brad managed to ask.

"I'm giving you guys what you've been wanting!" she exclaimed, giving us a huge smile, "Want to see the rest?"

Without waiting for an answer, Ashley turned around to show us her backside. The thong was nothing more than a string in the back and I swallowed hard at the sight of her firm round ass cheeks. She turned back around and seeing the two of us sitting there speechless, frowned.

" guys don't like me?"

I was too stunned to speak and was desperately trying to tell myself that no matter what, we couldn't do this. Next to me, Brad somehow found it within himself to speak again,

"Ashley, why...why would you think we, that we would want to..." he paused then shook his head, "Fool around with you? We're a married couple, and you're..."

"Well, after Trish told me about your secret and that you guys miss being able to...."

"You told her?" Brad yelled from next to me.

I turned to face him and started stammering, "I...I had to Brad, she heard us fighting and thought you were fooling around on me, I...I didn't want her to think that about you and she was going to move out and..."

"Don't worry, Brad!" she said softly, "I won't tell anyone and it gave me this idea!" she then pushed her lips out in a pout, "But I guess I'm not pretty enough for you."

The sight of her lip trembling caused my pussy to begin to heat up. All I could imagine was how those soft quivering lips would feel beneath mine. Rein it in, Trish! Ashley put her head down and said, I...I'm sorry, I thought you guys would like me."

"Honey, its not that." I blurted, "You're beautiful!"

"Not hot though," she bent over to pick up the robe and I could see down into the cups of her bra. Staring at her pink nipples had my own nipples hardening and I said quickly,

Ashley, you're damn hot, trust me. Right Brad?"

"I...I shouldn't answer that." He said, "Ashley, please put your robe back on."

"Okay I..." she stopped and stared at Brad, I followed her gaze and saw she was staring down into his lap. My eyes widened when I saw he was hard, his cock causing his pants to rise around his crotch. " look like you want to open your gift Brad!"

She giggled and the sound sent a wave of heat through my pussy. If she didn't get dressed and leave soon, I was going to un-wrap that precious little gift with or without Brad.

"'re a very sexy girl Ashley." Brad whispered, "But its not about your looks, we...we're supposed to watch out for you and care for you, we shouldn't..."

"And I care for you guys, that's why I want to make you happy!"

"We can't." Brad said sternly.

As much as I wanted to smack him, I knew he was right, we couldn't do this. She was our best friend's daughter and she really didn't know what she was getting into, hell the girl had barely gotten laid. That last thought wasn't helping my pussy and neither was knowing that Brad's cock was at attention from staring at Ashley's perfect little body.

"Ashley, we...appreciate you wanting to do this, but it's just because of what Trish told you and that's not a good reason to, well, you know." Brad put his hands out, "So..."

"It's not just what Trish said," Ashley walked up closer to us and I clasped my hands in my lap to stop from reaching out to her. "I...I have something to tell you guys."

"Can you please put your robe on while you tell us?" Brad implored.

Ignoring him, Ashley stood in front of us and began speaking softly.

"I have to confess something to you guys."

"W...what's that?" I managed to ask as my eyes were level with those adorable little tits.

"I lied to you last night. I was on the stairs watching while you guys were playing around."

"You were?" Brad asked, trying to feign surprise.

I noticed he had put his hands in his lap, but I had no doubt he was still hard. There was no way he couldn't be with this gorgeous little thing a foot away from us.

"I was, I was coming down to get a cup of coffee and I saw you. At first I thought Trish was just sitting in your lap, but then I saw your hand and...and Trish took her blouse off."

She began to turn as red as her lingerie and that sweet blush began to work me up more than her scantily clad body. This was our sweet little Ashley, but dressed to kill and ready to...

"I...crouched down and watched really turned me on."

She'd said that last part in a barely audible whisper and it was an act of will not to lean forward and kiss her.

"It, it turned you on?" Brad asked.

His tone made me turn to look at him and I saw he was sweating and he was no longer trying to look away. His eyes, as mine had been, were fixed on her chest.

" did. It reminded me of the porns I watch sometimes. I...Brad you're a really good looking guy and Trish is so beautiful! And you guys were having so much fun! I....went into my room and..." she looked away and whispered, "You know..."

"Tell us." Brad said softly, sending a shiver through me; his eyes were wide and he was beginning to get that look of lust on his face I remembered so well.

"Well I...I played with myself. Then I went to come back downstairs and heard you fighting and then Trish told me your secret." She let out a soft sigh that caused me to begin to breathe through my mouth. "I went back to bed and just kept thinking."

"What were you thinking," I prodded.

Ashley looked nervously from my face to Brad's before speaking, "I kept seeing you guys having sex, it was so hot! I...I was always nervous and it was never that fun! Then I was thinking of Trish saying how you'd have other women play with you and started picturing another girl with you."

She paused and giving us a shy little smile, that belied her racy ensemble, said, "Then I thought about me with you and it hit me that I wanted to do something really special for you guys. Trish said you were afraid to do it because you could get in trouble, but you know you can trust me."

"But you're our best friends..." Brad began.

"No," reaching out she placed her finger on Brad's lips, "Not tonight I'm not. Tonight, I'm a pretty young girl who really wants to be as good to you guys as you have been to me and," she giggled again, "Have some fun too."

" really think it will be fun?" I asked.

"It doesn't...." Brad started, but stopped when I reached over and sliding my hand under his grabbed his hard cock and squeezed it. "Oh." He gasped.

"I really want too!" Ashley said, "I want to be the best gift you guys ever get!" she looked at us expectantly then began to pout again, " think I'm stupid don't you? I...I'm not someone you'd..."

Ashley stopped, when making up my mind; I reached out and grabbed her hips. I pulled her towards and placing my lips on her stomach gave it a soft kiss.

"Oooh, That feels...nice." Ashley whispered as I began sliding my tongue up and down her stomach.

I could see Brad staring out of the corner of my eye, but didn't care. I hoped he'd join in, but at this point I was ready to enjoy her alone if I had to. Still pressing my lips to Ashley's soft flesh, I slid my hands behind her and groaned as I grabbed her firm ass and squeezed it. Ashley gave a cute little yelp, and to my delight, put her arms around my shoulders. I stood up in front of her and running my hands up her back, slid them through her long blonde hair.

I held her head gently in my hands and after looking into her wide blue eyes for a moment, leaned forward. Closing my eyes, I parted my lip, but didn't move forward. I wanted to see if she would come to me. I stayed there for a moment, wishing I could see the look on Brad's face, but all thoughts of my husband vanished, when I felt Ashley's soft lips graze mine. I resisted the urge to kiss her back and instead remained still, letting her kiss me a second time.

This kiss was a little firmer and she didn't pull back as quickly. I sighed softly, letting her know I was enjoying it and it paid off immediately. With a nervous little giggle, Ashley pressed her lips harder into mine and this time I did kiss her back. I still held back, but was now sliding my lips lightly across hers. Her mouth was working against mine, and I could feel her gaining confidence as I let her lead our kiss. What I could also feel was her hands on my back, rubbing me through the robe.

I let her face go and dropping my hands, slipped my arms around her slim waist and pulled her into my embrace. She gasped and her lips parted from mine. Using that to my advantage, I turned my head to see Brad sitting there staring wide eyed at the two of us. He looked both nervous and excited, but between his legs the only reaction was excitement. His cock was straining against his pants and I knew that soon that cock would be out and in not just my warm mouth, but Ashley's as well.

Spurred on by that thought, I leaned forward and captured those precious lips. This time I was more aggressive and as soon as she started to kiss me back, I opened my mouth and pressed my tongue against her lips. I felt her tense up in my arms, but her lips parted and I eagerly darted my tongue into her mouth. Ashley made a noise that was between a gasp and a moan as my tongue slid across hers. I moaned myself, as her tongue swirled over mine and I felt her start to relax against me. As she did, I could feel her small tits pressing into me through the robe and decided it was time to lose it so I could feel that firm young flesh against mine.

Bringing one hand up through her hair and keeping her face pressed to mine, I drew my other hand back between us and pulled the tie of my robe. When I felt it open, I broke the kiss and stepping back, quickly slipped it from my shoulders.

"Oh, wow." Ashley said, her blue eyes growing even wider. "Trish, wow, you're...beautiful."

"You think so, honey," as she had done, I raised my arms over my head. "Maybe I can be your gift too?"

I looked down to see Brad now staring at me, his eyes fixed between my legs. His eyes rose to my face and as I brought my arms down, I turned my head. Letting my arm cover my face, I mouthed, "Yes?" He nodded and gave me a smile that sent a wave of excitement through me. I whispered, "Wait." And again he nodded. Turning back to Ashley, I opened my arms and said softly, "Come here, honey."

Ashley hesitated, then looking down at my tits, stepped forward. To my surprise, she brought her hands up and placing them on my tits, leaned in and kissed me. Her kiss was firm and her tongue almost immediately probed my lips. I opened my mouth to accept it and moaned into the kiss as her small hands slid up and down my tits. I reached around her waist and sliding my hands up, found the clasp to her bra and slowly undid it. Again I felt her tense up, but her hands were now squeezing my tits and I had no doubt that she was going to continue.

Her bra unhooked, I caressed her back, before moving my hands up to her shoulders. Grabbing the straps I eased them down her arms and again surprising me, she raised her arms over her head. Still kissing her, I slid the bra over her arms and tossed it away. I then pulled her hard against me and moaned at the sensation of her hard nipples pressing into my own tits. Ashley groaned in her throat and I started rocking side to side, sliding my tits across hers. I slipped my hands between us and capturing her small tits gave them a gentle squeeze.

I sighed at how firm they were and cupping them slid my thumbs across her nipples. Ashley released a whimper that caused me to lose my patience and I bent my head to her perfect little tit quickly taking her hard pink nipple into my mouth.

"Oh Trish!" Ashley exclaimed.

I'd expected her to pull away, but instead, her hand found the back of my head and she arched her back, pressing her tit further into my mouth. I began rolling her other nipple between my fingers and became aware of Ashley's hips beginning to rock into me. Was she really just letting herself go here, or was she maybe not as sweet as she had lead us to believe? At this point I could care less! All I knew was that I was sucking and fondling the cutest pair of tits I'd ever seen and she was enjoying it.

I switched off and started sucking her other nipple. Ashley began to moan softly and grabbing her hand I brought it to my right tit. Imitating me, she started rubbing my aching nipple between her fingers and I moaned around her nipple. I jerked back when I felt something brush against my chin and looking up saw that Brad had gotten up. He was standing behind Ashley and had slipped his arms around her. He had cupped her tits and I heard her moaning as he held them up for me and squeezed them.

Brad had nuzzled his face into her hair and was kissing her neck and my pussy began to drip as Ashley let her head fall back, giving him better access to her soft flesh. Straightening, I turned her face to mine and gave her a soft kiss. She kissed me back and her tongue instantly found my mouth. I sighed at the feeling of Brad stroking one of my nipples and broke the kiss to look down and see he was fondling one of Ashley's tits, while playing with mine. Taking his hand, I placed it on hers and went back to kissing her. She was moaning softly and her hips rocking harder than before.

I removed my lips from hers and leaning over kissed Brad's cheek. He lifted his face from her neck and I kissed him hard. He was ready for it, and now it was his tongue in my mouth. I could feel the backs of his hands pressed against my tits as he fondled hers. I took Ashley's hands in mine and brought them to my breasts. She immediately started fondling them and I sighed into Brad's kiss. I turned my head and once again found Ashley's perfect lips. After a brief kiss, I placed my hand on her cheek and turned her head to the side.

It was Brad's turn to find her lips and I leaned back to watch my husband make out with a girl half his age, while he played with her tits. Her fingers felt damn good on mine and as with the kiss, she was definitely growing bolder, squeezing my nipples harder. I was getting so worked up I became aware of the fact my own hips were moving. Opening my legs, I took Ashley's hand and quickly shoved it between my legs. She gasped as I started rubbing her hand across my hot wet flesh, and after a moment, I let her hand go.

Ashley continued to be more aggressive than I would have thought and I moaned when her hand continued to move without my urging. Her fingers slid through the wet folds of my pussy and I could feel them trembling against my moist flesh. The look on her face was one of nervous desire and it caused me to seek out those soft lips as Brad went back to her neck. After a long slow kiss, during which her fingers continued to caress me, I slid my lips to her ear and whispered, "Put your fingers inside me."

Ashley paused and I added, "Please?"

She giggled and I released a loud moan as I felt her slowly push her fingers up inside me. I clamped my thighs shut and began to grind my hips. Ashley smiled and began to move her fingers gently back and forth. Reaching out, I placed my hand on the back of her head and guided her down to my tits. I watched as she tentatively flicked her tongue across my swollen nipple. I moaned louder than I needed to and inspired by the reaction, Ashley began licking my nipple. As she pressed her tongue against me, Brad came around so that he was now next to us and slid his arms around both our shoulders.

I gave him a wonk and leaning over kissed him, as Ashley continued to finger me while teasing her soft tongue across my other nipple. Reaching down I grabbed Brad's cock through his pants and squeezed. He groaned softly and I began slowly stroking him. he was so hard I could feel him throbbing in my hand and my mouth began to water at the thought of having him in it very shortly. My attention was brought back to Ashley's mouth as she sucked my nipple into her mouth. I sighed at the feeling of her wet tongue swirling around it and unable to resist playing with her, I reached down and eased her hand from between my legs.

Ashley looked up from my tits as I lifted her hand up between us and after a quick look at Brad, placed her fingers against her lips. She swallowed nervously, and then closing her eyes, parted her lips. I slipped my fingers into her mouth and moaned as she started to suck on them. Brad's eyes were wide and he asked, "How does she taste?"

Ashley blushed furiously and easing my fingers from her mouth, smiled at him, "Speaking of tasting," I grabbed the back of his head and roughly shoved it down to Ashley's tits. Brad didn't need any encouraging and she moaned as he began to eagerly devour her pink nipples. I watched him work his mouth from one perfect tit to the next before slowly dropping down to my knees. Leaning forward, I gave her stomach a soft kiss, then grabbing the sides of Brad's pants, yanked them down hard.

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