tagSci-Fi & FantasyAshley's Tale - Demon's World 06

Ashley's Tale - Demon's World 06


Chapter 21

The President said in shock, "The missiles are gone! And what is that your showing me, where is that? We still had seven minutes."

I sighed and said, "I destroyed four of them, the fifth was the response you ordered. Through that portal is the capitol city in the Elven dimension."

I started to wonder if I broke myself. I was expecting the numbness I had felt at killing a handful. I had potentially just killed millions, yet all I felt was that towering rage. Fucking Elves.

When the President was silent for a minute or two I looked over, he was looking at me in shock. I closed the portal, figuring I had enough footage.

I said softly, "Sorry sir, we haven't been too forward on how much power Witches actually have. Actually what I did wasn't that hard, it was the ability to speed up our perception of events that allowed me to move so quickly, or in another perspective, slow down the missiles enough to destroy them. You know we can control gravity, I just crushed the charges out of alignment to cause a normal explosion."

I sighed, "The last one was simply a matter of opening a portal right in front of it."

He nodded soberly. "I need to step down our readiness and call some world leaders. I assume you got that footage for the news?"

I slowly nodded, "We are probably their only intelligence source, if we don't show them what they caused by not following our demands, they might not find out."

He cleared his throat meaningfully. I guess I lost my right to a thank you by nuking a city, even if the man had given the order. He was probably just a little to freaked out, I know I was.

I sent the video to Karen as I opened a portal to the condo and stepped through. I had no interest in making threats, or answering questions, I would let the video it speak for itself. The message couldn't be any clearer.

I couldn't look anyone in the face, so I jumped in the shower. It's not every day you both save your world, and commit an atrocity, in a string bikini full of sand...

When I came out I grabbed a beer, I wasn't going to get drunk again, I just needed one to relax a little. Was I even allowed to say I was a Witch that loved life after what I did? The fact I had saved many millions of lives didn't seem nearly as important at the moment. Once again, the ball was in their court. I just had to hope I wouldn't be forced to do anything like that again.

I stayed in the background the best I could for the rest of the day. I didn't want to mess up everyone else's day. It was around nine at night when I took Harmon home, I gave him a wistful kiss on the cheek, some first date this turned out to be.

He said as I moved to leave, "It is never easy making a decision like that. All you can do is save as many lives as you can, sometimes that makes you make hard choices. Don't let it make you a hard person, you are a wonderful woman Ash, it would sadden me if that were to change."

I nodded. I knew he meant well, but his words angered me. I didn't want to be responsible for the whole damn world, and make decisions to attack others. With my new enchantment active, I opened a double portal to the condo and stepped through, turning off the enchantment with a thought collapsed the portal.

We talked briefly about Harmon, they all liked him as I thought, as I hoped, they would. But this news brought me no joy at the moment. I decided I needed to meditate on everything tomorrow, the one fear I had above all, was that with my full power I would become a monster, misuse it. I couldn't help but wonder if that's exactly what happened.

I knew it was all mixed up, without that power millions would have died on my world. If I hadn't done it, then next time they would have no reason not to launch a lot more, or do something worse.

That night was one of the few in my life I didn't want sex at all, Bonnie and Tom held me as I fell asleep, as I wondered why I couldn't cry...

It was Sunday, so I slept in and had a late breakfast and drank a cup of coffee. The anger had slipped away while I rested, now I just felt depressed. Logically I had to do what I did. This wasn't like in the Demon dimension where I could easily overpower and banish the people challenging me. I didn't feel guilty for not finding a peaceful solution, there didn't appear to be one.

I started meditating on it, but didn't come up with much outside of what I already knew. It was both horrific and necessary. I regretted it, but I wouldn't change it even if I could. They had tried to kill millions with five nuclear missiles, we had responded by sending just one of them to their world. I wasn't by any means happy with it, but I knew I would eventually come to terms with it, and continue living my life.

If only there was some way to track them down, we could have done things differently. But there was almost no point in playing the what if game. What was, was.


I sent, "Hi Harmon, what's up?"

"I wanted to ask you to dinner tonight, for our date. Also, could you let the others know I want to see them too for our dates? Tom told me about it yesterday, but I have no way to contact them."

I frowned, "That won't work well long term, I'll make necklaces for the other three and they can contact you. That way I will only have to play taxi and not messenger."

His sent sounding amused, "Good idea. So I will see you tonight?"

I pondered that, I was a little worried about leaving the dimension, but I could make the necklaces now and have them contact me if the crap hit the fan.

I sent, "Sounds good, I'll see you tonight then."

He told me to take care, and I got started on three more necklaces. I felt Bonnie's presence as I was finishing them up and opened my eyes and looked up at her. She had a shy smile on her face.

"Want to go shopping with me?"

I smiled back, wondering why she was feeling shy and nervous, but said, "Sure, take this necklace, you'll be able to chat with Harmon on it, not to mention the rest of us, if you ever need us quickly."

I convinced her to stop by the healing center on the way, and gave the other two to Tom and Gloria with some instructions on how to use them. Then I followed Bonnie to the store. I had expected clothing, or shoes, and understood her feelings as we walked into the sex toy shop. I already had a lot of toys, and was confused for a moment until I saw the things she picked out.

I really didn't have anything in my toy box for bondage or spanking. I could guess by her feelings I was here to object if there was anything I was unwilling to do. We left with an assortment of things, nothing that would cause too much pain, I think the thrill for her was mostly the idea of control, and I was more than happy to play pet to her mistress anytime.

We stopped for lunch on the way back, I wasn't that hungry from my late breakfast, but I got a salad and soda. Bonnie was a wonder, we didn't talk about the nuke, or the Elves, she just drew me out and drowned me in the everyday. We left the restaurant and headed back home, when I went up the stairs I started feeling emotions, and the flavor was familiar to me, I knew them well. Too well in my opinion.

"Ma'am, would you come with us, we need your help."

I sighed, kissed Bonnie briefly on the cheek and then followed my two favorite homeland security agents down the stairs. When we got in the car they briefed me on the way over to the building.

"Those Elves have been showing up at our building since four am, one of them told us all that were coming were there now, so we came to get you. I can't say it hasn't been tense, but as far as we can tell they haven't done anything, they appear to be clear of any devices or weapons as well, but I can't know if our searches were effective. Damn nightmare these Elves are."

A ball of anger grew in my stomach, but I did the best I could to push it down. Yes, they made me a mass murderer... killer really, since they declared war on us of a sorts, but still. I managed to keep a hold of my emotions however since this is what we wanted, what we were hoping for.

They led me down to a room that looked like it belonged in a college, it was more of a lecture hall. As I walked in one of the Elves approached me. I didn't bother with pleasantries.

"Is this all of you?"

He said in an inflection without emotion, "In America yes, the agents have coordinates for you for Russia, China, Africa, and South America. There are also... hold outs."

"Hold outs?" What the hell?

He almost looked embarrassed, "When you first aired that broadcast, many of us wanted to leave but were overruled; they thought it was a bluff. There are still twenty three Elves that think you are bluffing about the bomb in our dimension, despite the fact you have accurate pictures of it. There are over five hundred of us at the sites, but still, you will need to hunt down the last twenty three."

Oh right, he says that like it will be easy. This one was four feet away and I still couldn't feel him with my extra senses or magic. Oh, I could feel his life force with my Witch magic, but unless touching I couldn't feel his DNA, just life.

He asked, "Where will you send us?"

I sighed. I didn't really see a reason not to let them go home, we were shielded now. So were they once upon a time though.

"I can either send you back home, or send you where we banished the three tribes, which is a world filled with life, but nothing intelligent. Except maybe eight very angry ex Rulers or wanna be Demon Rulers. But I'm sure you can handle them."

He asked politely, "If you would, we prefer the banishment planet? We would be executed at home for failing so badly in our mission. We felt the only way to redeem ourselves was to give in to your demands in the hopes you keep your word and that our people will be safe."

I raised an eyebrow and asked, "You would trust us to keep our word? Why did you not seek peace then?"

His lip curled, "Witches we have found to be trustworthy, and respectful of life. It is you we trust. The humans we would never trust, not that some individuals are not worth trusting, but as a group your governments can be ruthless, plus things change over time. As far as seeking out peace, it was not our orders."

I nodded and couldn't really think of anything else to ask. Except where the twenty three were, but I didn't think they would be willing to betray them in that way, just a feeling.

Oh, there was one more thing, "Is what you did to those Angels and Demons permanent, will they always be crazy arsonists now?"

He shook his head, "Their normal thought patterns should reestablish themselves over a few weeks time. I'd suggest you hold them until then."

Right, that shouldn't be an issue. It would be harder to get them released than anything else.

I turned on my enchantment and opened a double portal to the banishment world and the Elves started going through...

Chapter 22

The two goons... homeland security agents, gave me the coordinates for the other four places. It took a good chunk of the afternoon to get it finished up. I went to send what I just did and learned, to Cat and my mom, but I couldn't connect. They must have been hopping dimensions. I wondered what the twenty three Elves left were getting up to, but right now we were in a purely reactive stance.

I jumped in the shower and started getting ready for my date. I chose my slinky little black dress, and accessorized with bright red pumps and ruby earrings. I put my hair up in style and made my nails a nice red tone. As for my lingerie, I passed on them all together.

I kissed Bonnie and Tom goodbye, and then opened a double portal to the field, then a portal directly to his dining room. He smiled and got up. His eyes caressed over the length of my body slowly until he met my eyes.

"You look amazing Ash."

I said, "Thanks," as he kissed my cheek then led me to the table. I was getting the full treatment tonight, he even pushed my chair in. It was not a Demon or Angel thing, and I wondered just how good his spies were before we closed off the worlds to travel. Well, except for us anyway.

Either way, I was flattered by the effort.

Business as a subject was almost unavoidable, I let him in on my progress and what was going on, and he went over how the Demons were reacting to being jailed. Not that badly according to him, there were a few more challenges lately, but the most affected by the lockdown were the ones craving power and their own demesne. Most of the other Demons didn't really care, as it didn't change their lives one bit.

After a while we transitioned into more personal things. As the night went on, my need of him grew. He was older, but still quite handsome. His strength and power as a Demon-Angel offset by his personality, and the obvious affection he had for me made me quiver inside. He had his affairs over the millennia of course, but I didn't think any of them appealed to his Angel side like the Witch in me did.

By the time we finished our multiple course dinner I was more than ready to say yes when he asked if I would join him in his room. Hell, I'd have said yes if he invited me to lie on the dinner table. He took my hand as we walked through the halls of his palace, I squeezed his hand gently and caressed his palm slowly with my thumb. I had a ball of anticipation in my stomach. When we got to his room he pulled me to him and wrapped me in his strong arms.

I sighed in pleasure as our lips met, this time with no inclination to push him away. I melded my body against his as he deepened our kiss, his tongue licking along my lips, darting into my mouth as I parted them slightly. I could feel his large bulge growing against my stomach and I ground my body against his, rubbing my hands on his powerful chest. I moaned into his mouth as his hands left my back and grabbed my ass tightly, pulling me against him.

He whispered, "You are the most amazing and beautiful creature," before he started to kiss and suck on my neck while he unzipped my dress.

I stepped backward slightly and the dress slowly slipped off my body into a pile on the floor. He lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around him. He was still kissing my neck and I mewled in pleasure as he carried me to the bed. He sat me down on it, then ran his hands around my hips and down either side of one of my legs, before slipping off my high heeled shoe and bringing my foot to his mouth, he kissed my toes.

My core tightened as he did the same for my second leg. He stared hungrily down at my now naked body, then slowly brought his gaze back to my eyes as he started taking off his clothes. I was beyond ready and would have done anything he asked of me at that moment.

I couldn't help but glance down as he freed his tool, he was large. Not grotesquely so, but he gave Tom's nine inches a run for its money. When he finished undressing, he lifted my foot again and kissed it once before putting it on his shoulder, he did the same with the second, then pulled me to the edge of the bed as he stepped forward.

I gasped in pleasure as he slowly fed his length into my willing and welcoming body. He started to rock in and out slowly, all I could really do was rock my hips slightly up, otherwise I couldn't move much. He held my legs tightly with his arms, but teasingly ran soft circles with his fingertips down my inner thighs. I was almost frustrated that I could not touch him with my hands, but my body surrendered to his invasion and touch.

When his hands finally made it to my middle he separated my hood and started fingering my swollen clit lightly. I exploded in bliss as my center started to milk demandingly on his hard pole, but he just picked up speed slightly, the slap of our flesh growing a little louder as he continued to flick my clit. I could feel his pleasure as he held it back, and I could feel his pleasure and satisfaction at mine.

I gasped loudly, "Oh god, faster, that feels incredible."

He pushed me to ecstasy over and over, finally releasing within me during my fourth trip to heaven.

His voice sounded strained, "I can't hold much longer!"

I wrapped my power around his, and increased his bliss and mine, tying them together as he filled me with his seed. As we came down he pulled out, and then joined me on the bed.

I said sheepishly, "Sorry about that."

He laughed. "Sorry? About what?"

I shrugged, "I felt it, that second of fear when I reached for you with my succubus power. I should have realized that's been a worry for you for a long time."

He shrugged. "It took me by surprise, I never met one that would connect that way except to feed, or kill. Still, feel free to do what you just did as much as you want."

I giggled. "Anytime," and I kissed him hard and passionately, then got softer as the kiss went on, until we were barely brushing lips, "How about now? Unless you're too old, you probably need your rest," I said teasingly.

I sighed in mock disappointment.

He growled. "I'll show you too old."

And he did, multiple times, and very well.

I wanted to curl up against him with my head on his chest and stay the night, but it was our first date and there were rules attached to that. He still had four other dates to get through. Although I had a feeling Tom and his date will be some sporting event involving lots of beer.

I kissed him good night, shimmied into my dress, picked up my high heels and opened a double portal straight to the condo.

I tried to reach mom or Cat again, but no luck. I was starting to get worried and was angry at myself for not teaching them the dimensional communications necklace. What if they were in trouble? I shuddered, trying to think of what could take out both Cat and my mom and failing to think of something, except of course, the element of surprise.

There wasn't much I could do about it, so I went to bed, I had work early in the morning...


I walked over and poked my head in, "Yes captain?"

He said without looking up, "Billy Sanders has a new group of raw trainees, wants you to stop by at nine. Take your partner with you and hit your beat right after, understand?"

I smiled, "Yes sir."

Todd and I headed for the training facility. I hadn't seen Billy since the last time he called me to kick his class's butt. It was a good training tool, make sure they wouldn't do anything stupid in the field. We headed inside and went to the martial arts training room. I waved to Billy and he smiled back and nodded.

Billy then went through his usual speech, don't try hand to hand with non-human races under any circumstance, and pointed me out as the one to prove it. It went predictably, and I didn't mess around this time, just took them down fast and hard. The point was to prove it was a bad idea, not make them think they could just learn more to compensate. That's what stunners and the Demon and Angel partners were for.

Then something happened, a small slip of a girl blocked my attack, then another. She was about an inch taller than me, jet black hair and gray eyes. She even almost got a hit on me, she slipped under my guard with a jab but I moved out of the way. I had to embrace my Witch magic to slow things down, then I took her down hard. Still, just my Demon speed should have done it, it wasn't that she was fast, she just moved to block before I had even started my swing.

I read her quickly and my mouth dropped open in shock. She was an unrealized Witch. It happened sometimes, if a Witch was raised in child care for some reason, like the mother dying, which is rare, but it happens of course. No one was there to release her power when it was ready.

She was like my mother had been, her power hadn't been released but she was bursting with it at the seams, she had kept up for a moment because of that. Probably a little time slowing and perhaps reading the immediate future. I put a hook in her so I could find her later, now certainly wasn't the time to tell her any of that. I finished with the rest of the class, and was getting glared at now by all of them. They would get over it, and maybe I even saved one of their lives.

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