tagInterracial LoveAshley's Wreck Turns Erotic Ch. 03

Ashley's Wreck Turns Erotic Ch. 03


Note: This is the third installment of a series. Please read the first two chapters to get acquainted with the characters.


Ashley Lane laid in bed a little longer than normal. She absent mindedly rubbed her shaved pussy, which had been stretched and filled like she didn't know was possible the day before. Old Leon Searcy, the 62-year-old man she had met just two days before, had seduced her with his thick, dark 10-inch cock, and she couldn't resist.

Ashley couldn't resist that horsecock despite the fact she was married to Steve and they have two teenage boys. Despite the fact that she loved her husband and her lifestyle. Despite the fact that Leon has 25 years older than her and black, while she was blonde, blue-eyed and incredibly busty – natural 32DD tits on her statuesque figure.

Her husband had already left for the day – he had a meeting in a town two hours drive away – and her teenage boys were getting themselves up. Ashley decided she needed to get out of bed although she didn't want to. She loved the feeling of rubbing her sweet pussy, and it needed it after the beating it took yesterday.

Leon had taken her to his bed and pounded her pussy with his thick cock until she came five times. That was after she had stroked it to climax and then sucked it hard again.

Ashley didn't think she would ever cheat on her husband, but now Leon's thick black cock was all she could think about. She knew she would see him again today, and she had a special treat for him.

She went about her morning routine of fixing the boys breakfast and seeing them off to school, then picking up their rooms – omg, her oldest son had two more stiff, worn towels that she could tell were caked with cum. That boy jacks off all the time, she mused.

But, Ashley's thoughts were on something else – something thick and hard and black as night. She had never seen a cock like Leon's, except in porn, and didn't believe a pole like his existed on "regular" guys. But wow, did it ever exist ... and it worked. She could still see it in her hands as she jacked it off, gushing cum on her sexy white tits, she imagined how she must have looked when Leon fucker her – her legs in the air, her lipstick smeared, her big tits shaking, her mouth open as she came over and over.

Ashley was drawn out of her sordid reflection by a text on her phone.

"Made it here safe. See you this evening," her husband's text read. So, she knew he would be out of town all day.

That was the beginning of her treat for Leon.

"OK baby. Love you," she texted back.

Then, Ashley immediately texted Leon. "Hey, I will come by in a little while to take you to get your car."

Leon, who was already up and dressed, saw the text and thought to himself, "Damn, this may be the last day I get to see this beautiful slut." He didn't know how wrong he would be.

"OK. See you soon."

Ashley then picked out what she would wear to see the 62-year-old black man. She chose a red thong and skimpy bra. She didn't need a push-up bra, her tits were big enough, topped with big brown nipples that got extremely hard when she was horny, and they were extremely hard now.

She then picked out a pair of tight jeans that fit like leggings, 4 inch heels and a red tank that showed way too much cleavage. A long gold necklace tucked into her cleavage and earrings matched her necklace. Ashley looked how she felt – classy and slutty at the same time.

She opened the garage and left her gated community in her black Mercedes. Black, she mused, is getting to be my color of choice.

In 15 minutes, she was at Leon's house. She walked to the back door and let herself in, like she had the day before.

"Hey stud, I'm here," she announced, and Leon emerged from the bedroom.

"Hot dammmmmm," he said as he drew in his breath. Ashley looked sexier than he had ever seen her. Her tits sat up high, bulging out of the bra and flimsy tank. She twirled around, looking over her shoulder as her ass seemed to defy gravity with its firmness.

"Do you approve?" she asked, already knowing the answer as her blue eyes flashed with wickedness.

"Hell yeah, I approve," Leon said, then grabbing his thick cock through his pants, he added, "and so does he."

Ashley giggled as Leon approached her. He put his big black hands around her waist, letting them come to rest on her flat stomach. She could feel his growing member hard against her ass. Leon moved his hands up to cup her enormous tits. Ashley sighed and felt herself already starting to get wet. But, this wasn't her plan.

She grabbed his hands and twirled back around facing him. She kissed him on the lips, pushing her tongue into his mouth. His hands then went to her ass, drawing her closer to him. Ashley felt his big cock against her pussy and knew she had to do something or they would end up fucking in his house, which was not what she wanted today.

"No touching right now," she said as she broke the kiss. "We have to get your car." With that, she grabbed his hand, her white fingers interlocking with his black fingers and led him out of the house. Leon watched her ass bounce as she walked in those 4-inch heels. His snake was still hard.

They both got in her black Mercedes and headed to the mall where Leon had left his car after their fender bender. He was disappointed she didn't want to fuck him again. He knew she had never had a cock the size of his and had never been so satisfied in her life. Leon couldn't take his eyes off her as they drove. Her tits were amazing and he could see the nipples poking against her bra. Her face, with her full red lips and big eyes, was the kind you see in magazines.

As they approached the mall, Ashley went to the other side of the parking lot and parked in front of a pharmacy. "Enough teasing," she thought.

"My car is way over there," Leon said.

"It's OK," Ashley replied. "Just come inside with me for a moment."

As they walked to the pharmacy, Leon hung back just a little so he could watch her ass move in her tight jeans. Her cheeks shifted with each step as her heels went clip-clip-clip on the pavement. Leon wasn't sure why she wanted him to go inside, but if it meant he got to spend more time with this golden goddess, he was up for it.

Ashley waited from him at the entrance to the pharmacy and Leon opened the door. They both walked in and Ashley paused for a minute. This was not her usual pharmacy – that was why she stopped here. Finding the aisle she needed, she took Leon by the hand and led him to the condoms. She smiled at him and asked, "Magnum, I would guess?"

"Holy fuck," Leon whispered under his breath. This was a spin he didn't anticipate. "Y-yeah, probably."

Ashley grabbed a pack of Magnums and walked to the counter, where the man there looked at them both – the classy, young, blonde sexpot with a huge diamond wedding ring, and the neat, well-kept, tall black man who was obviously with her.

"Lucky fucker," the old man at the counter thought.

Ashley knew exactly what he was thinking. She loved the naughtiness of it, the depravity of her desires. That's why she wanted Leon to come into the pharmacy with her, so that her naughtiness would be on display. A married bombshell buying condoms is one thing, but having a black man with her who was old enough to be her father ... well that was too hot for words.

As they walked to the car, Leon couldn't help but smile. Hell, this hot blooded married blonde slut had a thing for his old black cock after all.

Ashley turned to him and pitched him the keys to the Mercedes. "Why don't you drive?" she asked as he opened the car door for her.

"Sure," Leon replied. As he lowered his 6-3 frame into the driver's seat, he looked at the most desirable woman he had ever met and asked, "Where are we going?"

Ashley put her phone on the console and said, "Just follow the GPS directions."

Leon pulled the Mercedes out of the parking lot and onto the street. Ashley, meanwhile, reached over and undid his belt, unsnapped and unzipped his pants and reached in for his big black shaft. Leon gasped as her hand grabbed its girth.

"Pull your pants down," Ashley whispered as she held onto his thick cock. Leon quickly lowered his pants and his 10 inch black cock bobbed up and down between them. Ashley, knowing they only had about 10 minutes to their destination, quickly lowered her head.

The Mercedes' windows were tinted so dark that she knew others couldn't really see in, so she wasn't concerned that her head didn't go below the sight line of the window.

Ashley opened her mouth and felt the bulbous head of Leon's thick cock against her lips. She opened wider and felt it enter her married mouth. She licked the head with her tongue as Leon kept driving, following the GPS directions. Her white hand reached almost around the base of his ebony shaft, but her fingers couldn't touch.

She thought she loved sucking cock before she met Leon, but she didn't know the real pleasure behind sucking such a massive piece of manhood. It was so powerful, so sexy, so veiny and thick that she wanted to please it, make him gasp and moan and make it shoot cum. She loved watching that big snake unload. She couldn't help herself.

Leon ran his hand under her tank and bra to feel her hard nipples. He could hardly watch the road for looking at her big jugs.

Ashley slowly started jerking the shaft as she continued to milk the head with her tongue.

"Fuck, Ash, suck my big cock," Leon moaned. "You love sucking it don't you."

"Ummm mmmm," Ashley gurgled around his cock, trying to say yes, but it was impossible with 10 inches of cock in her mouth. She pumped with her hand and bobbed with her mouth. She took more of his veiny shaft between her lipsticked lips, going as deep as she could, but only taking about 6 inches of his 10 inch cock. It was too thick to go deeper.

"You're such a good cock-sucking slut," Leon said. He had fucked enough white women to know they loved to be talked dirty to. "Suck it, Ash. Suck it like you love it."

Gawd, she did love it. She loved making love to his giant cock. She kissed the tip, making a smacking sound, then ran her lips down the shaft, kissing it as she went. Her tongue was no match for that thick piece of meat, but she tried to lick it as much as she could, tasting his muskiness.

Jerking and sucking, she was turned on even more to see her blonde hair in his black lap.

Ashley then heard the GPS say to turn onto her street. She raised her head out of Leon's lap and wiped her mouth with a tissue. Her saliva was running down her chin. As the black Mercedes approached the gate to the neighborhood, Ashley mashed the button and it opened. She turned off the GPS and directed Leon to her five-bedroom home on a hill. As they went up the driveway, she pressed the garage door opener and Leon pulled the luxury sedan into its hiding place. The garage door went down, then Ashley told Leon to come inside.

Leon knew there was no way he could stuff his hard cock back into his pants and looked down helplessly.

"Don't bother putting him away," Ashley said, leaning over. "Just come in like that."

Holding his pants up, Leon followed her tight sexy ass into the expensive house. They walked to the back of the home and Ashley motioned outside. "Want to get in the hot tub?" she asked. Leon saw the hot tub and wanted to get her naked quickly.

"Where's your husband?" Leon asked, still clutching his open pants with his huge cock exposed.

"Out of town. Won't be back until this evening," Ashley replied as she walked to the bedroom. "Follow me."

"Are you sure about this?" Leon asked. He didn't want to get shot, even over a hot piece of ass like Ashley.

Ashley glanced over her shoulder, her tight ass looking so delicious, "Are you cumming?" She disappeared into the bedroom.

Leon followed her into the spacious bedroom suite, where she had a tiny black bikini laying out on the bed.

"Turn around while I change clothes, silly," she said, knowing how she was teasing him. She also knew that when he turned around, he would have a perfect view in the mirror of her undressing and putting on the skimpy two-piece.

Ashley slowly pulled the tank up from her waist, purposefully letting it hang momentarily on her huge tits, encased in the tiny red bra. She then pulled the tank up over them, letting them bounce slightly. The bra barely covered her large brown nipples. Leon moaned slightly as he watched it in the mirror. Their eyes met and Ashley smirked.

Next, she bent over to undo her heels. Leon had the perfect view of her perfect cleavage. He dropped his pants to the floor and put his hand on his old black cock, feeling the monster filling with blood.

Ashley stepped out of her heels. Her eyes were glued to his cock as she wiggled out of the tight jeans, her red thong sliding halfway down her hips. She then looked Leon in the eye as she slipped the thong all the way down her legs and stepped out of it, her shaved pussy on display. She bit her lip as she reached for the tiny black thong bikini. She only wore it when she was sunbathing, and she knew she wouldn't have it on for long today. With Leon jerking his 10-inch black cock, Ashley reached behind her and undid her bra. She held it in front of her 32DD tits until she let it drop to the floor.

Leon then turned around to see the blonde beauty in front of him. "Turn around, baby," she said softly. "I'm almost done."

Leon turned back around to the mirror as Ashley put on the tiny black bikini top and adjusted it so her massive tits would stay in place.

With his back to her, she walked to Leon and put her arms around his waist, both hands reaching for the black snake that has her mesmerized. She took it in both hands and slid them up and down, feeling how hard it was. She could feel the veins sticking out and looked around him to watch her white hands jack off his monster cock. She felt powerful with it in her hands.

"Do you like my bikini? Black is my new favorite color."

"Fuck yeah," Leon replied as he watched her white hands jack his black cock. They stayed that way for several minutes – Ashley jacking the cock of the old black man as he stood in front of the mirror. She finally took her hands off his cock, unbuttoned his shirt and let it drop off his shoulders. Leon kicked his pants and underwear to the side.

"Let's go to the hot tub," she said softly. Leon – now totally naked—cupped her ass as they walked down the hallway to the back door. He could feel her tight ass shift with every step. His cock bobbed up and down as he walked, leading the way to the hot tub.

At the back door, Ashley turned to Leon and pulled his mouth down to hers. He slipped his hand under the thong as his fingers found her ass crack. Their tongue met in a torrid kiss. She could feel the precum of his black cock on her white skin. Her hand went to his ass, feeling it flex as he hunched his cock between her sexy tits.

They broke the kiss and Ashley walked outside and stepped over into the hot tub. Leon sat on the edge of the tub, watching as her tits rode the waves. His massive cock stood at attention, needing the kind of white married mom loving that Ashley was going to give it.

For her part, Ashley was happy that her specially-planned "treat" worked out. She knew she had teased the 62-year-old black man enough for today. It was time to give them both some satisfaction.

She grabbed his thick cock by the base and once again lowered her mouth onto it. She couldn't get enough of his sexy cock and loved the look of her white hand on the black shaft and how it felt to have a negro cock in her married mouth, the same one she will kiss her husband with tonight when he gets home from work. Ashley mouth fucked it – that's the only way to put it. She couldn't hold back anymore. Her mouth bobbed up and down on it, her tongue lapping at it as it went in and out.

That married white slut was mouth fucking Leon's black cock with all she had, saliva running down the shaft and down her chin. Her wet bathing suit clinging to her smoking hot body, her nipples hard against the fabric, her pussy creamy with desire. She took her finger and tucked her hair behind her right ear.

She was working her hand and her mouth on his full 10 inches. Leon leaned back on his hands and watched that beautiful young white wife gobble his member with pent-up desire. He could see the saliva and precum mix on his cock and it made him even harder.

Up and down Ashley's mouth went until she finally had to come up for air. She kissed the head, then ran her tongue down to his balls. Leon rocked back so she could suck his black balls between her red lips. She could barely get one in her mouth, but Ashley kept sucking and licking, feeling nastier than she has ever felt in her life.

Leon grabbed her by the hair and said sternly, "Let's go."

He pulled Ashley from the hot tub and pitched her a towel. They both dried off, then Leon led her back to the bedroom.

"Oh, Leon, I wasn't planning on fucking you in my bed," Ashley said as he pulled the blankets and sheet back. "That's between me and Steve."

Leon approached her, undid her bikini top so that her tits spilled out, then he grabbed her by the waist and tossed her on the bed. Ashley moaned and gasped at the same time. Her legs instinctively opened up and her hand went to her bikini bottom.

"Leave it on for now," Leon said as he grabbed her huge melons in his black hands and forced them together with his black cock between them. His long shaft disappeared into her tit flesh, but the head and several inches poked out the top, bumping Ashley's chin every time Leon would thrust his cock forward in a frenzied tit fuck.

Ashley loved to have her big titties fucked, but she couldn't believe it was happening in her marital bed, with a 10 inch black cock forcing its way between her tit flesh. She planned on fucking Leon in the hot tub, not in the bed where she makes love to her husband, but she knew now that Leon was going to give her his thick block cock in her bed and there was nothing she could do to stop it, not that she wanted to now. She was too lost in her own lust as the horsecock fucked her huge tits to even care now.

Finally, Leon pulled his cock from between her valley and laid on his back on the bed.

"Get on, ride me baby," he said, helping Ashley to her knees.

She slipped her black bikini bottoms off and straddled him, her big tits dangling as she positioned that huge cock at the entrance to her married pussy. One hand on his cock, the other on his chest, she settled down onto that massive organ, feeling the head stretch her pussy lips, the shaft disappearing inside her.

"Ooohhhhhh," Ashley groaned. "Ugggggghhhhhh.:

Even after taking him yesterday, she still couldn't believe his size. The head was massive, the shaft was thick and his black body against hers was intoxicating.

Leon loved the look of a woman, especially a white woman, impaling herself on his cock. His black hands on her waist, pulling her down slightly but trying to allow for her body to accommodate his girth and length. Ashley started rocking up and down, her perfect tits bouncing slightly, her flat tummy inhaling and exhaling.

She remembered she had some questions for him. She wanted to be the one in command of the fucking.

"Am I the best pussy you've had?" she asked, hoping the answer was yes.

"Yes, baby," Leon answered.

"Am I the best white married pussy? Do you love it?"

"Fuck yes baby, you're the best," Leon answered.

He reached up and grabbed her incredible bouncing tits, squeezing them and holding her as her pussy tried to take more and more of his big cock. Rocking, pumping, shifting, twisting – Ashley felt that big dick touch every part of her pussy.

OMG, she thought, the condoms! I forgot all about the condoms!

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