tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersAsh's Humiliating Punishment

Ash's Humiliating Punishment


It was Friday afternoon I was getting home from work. I had been living as a female for about a year and was married to a loving woman who was also my mistress. As was normal on Friday night our fetish group was having a meeting, which is more a party then a meeting where we all get together and socialize and every week a different member hosts. Well this week was our turn, so as mistress had instructed I stripped down to my pastel purple bra and thong and proceeded to put on my black satin maids uniform, since I would be serving tonight, and my clear 7-inch stiletto heels. It was three thirty and mistress would be home at five thirty and expected everything to be ready for our guests.

I strolled down to the kitchen and leisurely began to prepare the snacks. Then I put some stuff in the oven then walked out to the living room and started dusting, and vacuuming. By the time I was done I walked back into the kitchen and took the food out of the oven. When I looked at the clock it was five twenty five and I knew mistress would come walking through the door any minute and I wasn't near finished. I scrambled to at least finish the party snacks and stopped cold in my tracks as I heard the front door slam and knew I was in trouble.

A second later mistress was standing in the kitchen door way and the first thing I heard was "You lazy little slut! You're not anywhere close to ready for our guests! I am going to call Deb and have her bring her slave because you are in deep trouble. You aren't going to be the server tonight you're going to be punished in front of all my friends and they're pets."

I dropped to my knees and begged for forgiveness and promised to try harder. But she held out her hand and turned her head saying she didn't want to hear it. Then when I stopped my pleading she said "you have exactly 30 minutes to wash those dishes in the sink, sweep and mop the floor in the entry way and be in my room on your knees waiting for my next order. If you are a minute late your punishment will be doubled, understand?"

I looked up at her from my knees and said, "Yes mistress"

Instantly I jumped up and went to the sink and started the dishes and washed them as fast as I could as mistress left the room, I heard her stomping up the stairs. As soon as I was done with the dishes I rushed to the entryway and swept and mopped it as quickly and as nicely as possible.

I was on my knees in mistresses room with five minutes to spare I waited patiently as she finished on the phone. When she was finished without saying a word to me she walked over to the dresser and started going through my clothes. As she found different articles she was looking for she threw them on the bed. When she was finished she told me to stand up and start getting dressed. I slowly did as I was told a little shocked by what she had picked out. The outfit consisted of a blue tube top, an orange stretch mini skirt I knew barely came down to the bottom of my ass, a pair of white ankle lace socks, black 7" platform high heels, and finally a pair of panties made for a little girl with Barbie on them.

I slowly stripped off my clothes and once I was naked mistress said, "oh that reminds me, that cock cage of yours stays on another 2 weeks now."

I begged her not to but she wouldn't hear it. I picked up the panties and stepped into them pulling them up my legs they hugged me tightly. Then came the tube top fallowed by the skirt, then the socks and heels. Mistress looked me over saying, "aw don't you look like a cute little tart."

She had me walk over to the vanity where she sat me down. She styled my long blonde hair into pigtails before applying makeup. She put my make up on very heavy, dark blue eye shadow and dark red lipstick making me look like a total slut. She looked over her handy work and said tonight was going to be very interesting.

Next thing I knew we heard the doorbell and she ordered me to go answer it while she got dressed. I went down stairs and was very shy about opening the door I cracked it to see it was mistress Deb and her pet Jessica. I slowly opened the door for them hiding myself behind it as I did, but mistress Deb wasn't having that, she ordered me to step out where she could see me. Reluctantly I did as I was told and her and Jessica both laughed as they saw my attire. I hung my head and stared at the floor embarrassed as mistress Deb said, "you deserve to be punished for making poor Jessica pick up your slack tonight. Me and Michelle are going to enjoy tonight."

With that said they walked through the entry to the kitchen where she put Jessica to work finishing what I had started, I fallowed helping Jessica where I could. A few minutes after we got started I heard mistress come down stairs and heard her and Deb talking in the living room. Jessica and I were finishing up the preparations as there was a knock on the door. I heard mistress call for me to get it from the other room and I did as I was told being very shy once again and trying to hide behind the door.

It was the beginning of the arrivals to the party. I welcomed them in and showed them to the living room, one of the men grabbing my ass on his way into the room making me jump. Over the next hour I was the designated door girl and welcomed in all the guests and was groped by anyone that saw fit. At about 7:15 the last of our guests arrived bring the count to around 15 people and mistress called for everyone's attention.

She said, "as you see it is lovely Jessica serving tonight instead of my lazy slave. She decided to be slow and sluggish in preparing tonight so I decided she would be punished instead. We will start with me paddling her she gets 25 strokes with the paddle, then each of you will have your choice between five and ten strokes with the paddle or your hand. She will ask each of you nicely and sincerely to please spank her to teach her a lesson. Everyone agree and understand?"

Everyone shook their heads and said yes a few even clapping at this announcement. I stood there shaking with pleading eyes as I looked at mistress as she continued, "Good in that case, Ashley go get the oak paddle with the holes in it. When we are done with you tonight you wont be able to sit for a week."

Trembling I left the room and walked up stairs to the bedroom and pulled the paddle out of the drawer it was kept in. I walked back down stairs as slowly as I could and as I entered the room it fell silent and the look on mistress's face told me I took too long. She was sitting in a chair in the middle of the room with everyone standing around in a circle waiting for the show. She said in a stern voice, "it took you long enough, for making us wait so long I will administer an extra 5 now get over here and lay across my lap."

Not wanting to waist anymore time and add any more swats, I jumped and was laying across her lap in less then a second. She took the paddle from me and gripped it tightly and without any warning or any hesitation administered 5 quick swats to each cheek making me cry out with each one. Then she stopped and said "ok you naughty little girl I'm going to pull up your little skirt and show everyone your cute little panties."

I cried out begging her not to pull up my skirt and she said, "Ok then you pull it up."

I hesitated a minute and all of a sudden I felt five more swats connect with my ass and as I heard those didn't count I jumped and reached back and pulled my skirt up for her exposing my Barbie panties for all to see. The room filled with laughter as they came into view and I heard jokes being made which humiliated me even more and then my spanking continued. Once she got to 20 she stopped again, my butt was really stinging now and unlike with the skirt she gave no warning as I felt my panties get pulled down exposing my naked butt for all to see.

Tears began forming in my eyes as the humiliation set in and the fallowing 10 swats only made me tear up more. When she was finished she said, "now you naughty little girl you will approach everyone in this room and ask them to please spank you in order to correct your bad behavior in the future. Remember your pleases and your thanks."

With that she pushed me off her lap as I made my way around the room with the paddle in hand each person I approached I said "please will you spank me to correct my bad behavior, I'm sorry I was a bad girl."

Most of the guest administered ten, which was the max, and laughing as they did. After I had gone through everyone except Jessica, who was busy serving drinks and trays of food to the watching guests, I stood by my mistress with tears rolling down my face, my skirt pulled up and my panties around my ankles so my dark red ass was fully visible as was my chastised little clitty. Mistress said, "now that everyone has had a turn except Jessica, I think it is only fare since the responsibility was placed on her to pick up the bimbos slack she get to have a hand in the punishment. Come over here Jessica and have a seat, you can administer as man as you see fit."

With that said Jessica sat down in the chair mistress had previously occupied and grabbed my wrist pulling me over her lap. She said "since I had to pick up your slack for your laziness I am going to give you 40 swats just to make sure you don't do this to your poor sweet mistress again."

With that she began at a slow speed making each swat hurt more alternating between my cheeks making me cry out even more each time the wood connected with my ass. As she reached twenty I was begging her to stop promising never to do it again but she continued now even paying attention to my pleas. When she finally finished she pushed me to my knees and asked, "now what do you say to everyone?"

And I sniffled trying to make it so my voice would be understood and said, "thank you all for your corrective punishment and I will try my hardest in the future to accomplish what is expected of me."

Mistress smiled at hearing me say this and the room cheered at my verbal submission. Then mistress said, "now that you've received your spanking you can spend the rest of the evening till bed time where naughty little girls belong, with their nose in the corner. Oh and don't even thinking about touching your skirt or panties, they are to remain around your waist and ankles if you know what's good for you."

With that I slowly pulled myself to my feet my knees almost falling out from under me and made my way to the corner. The rest of the evening I stood there as I heard the guests laughing and making jokes about my dark red ass. I just stood there wondering why I had let myself get into this predicament in the first place but also enjoying the burn of my bottom and the humiliation I was receiving.

As about ten o'clock after standing in the corner about forty five minutes mistress said, "ok ash time for you to get ready for bed come here and lets put your nighty on."

I stepped out of the corner and walked over to where she stood holding a pink ruffle nighty. She had me strip down to my bra and had me pull up my panties and she helped me into the nighty and said, "Now go up to bed in the guest bedroom. I'm not letting a little girl sleep in my bed."

With that I hung my head as I made my way up the stairs to the guest bedroom and crawled in the bed and cried myself to sleep as I listened to the party downstairs.

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