tagTransgender & CrossdressersAsh's New Life Ch. 03

Ash's New Life Ch. 03


Thank you all for your feed back I enjoyed reading your comments now for chapter 3

The next morning it was daddy that came in and woke me up by kissing me deeply on the mouth. When my eyes opened he broke the kiss and said "good morning sleeping beauty sorry to wake you but I wanted to ask you to ride with me to the airport so I don't have to call a cab."

I agreed and climbed out of bed in my T-shirt and panties, he told me I looked adorable, he grabbed my ass as I walked by him heading for my dresser. I pulled out a white bra and pink thong and since it was chilly outside a pair of tan pantyhose. He left the room as I was putting on my bra and came back in with his hands behind his back. He told me to pick one, so I picked the right one and he showed me a pack of little girl panties all different colors then he showed me the other hand and it as the same but a package of white one. He said, "I picked these up on the way home from work last night I thought they would look adorable on you. Put a pair on so we can be sure they fit."

I opened the colored package and pulled out some pink ones with butterflies on them. I put them on and they fit perfectly. He smiled as I modeled them a little for him then I picked up my pantyhose and put them on. I walked over to my closet and pulled out a white spaghetti strap mini dress and a white button up sweater and a pair of white heels to finish it off. I finished getting dressed and then did my make-up while daddy loaded up his car and we were ready to go.

We leave him driving me in the passenger seat. Once we got on the interstate he looked over at me putting his hand on my thigh said, "you know what would be great?" I shook my head no, "one of your fantastic blowjobs before I go on this trip."

I didn't need to be told twice I reached over and undid his pants giggling as his hard cock sprang out. I smiled as I leaned over taking his cock in my mouth sliding my tongue over the head then moving my mouth down. He put his hand on the back of my head pushing my mouth farther down his cock till his dick was all the way down my throat. Then holding my hair he pulled my mouth back off then pushed it back down. He used my mouth to jack himself off till we got to the airport.

When we got there he parked and ordered me to get in the back floorboard of his big suv on my hands and knees. He zipped up his pants got out and got in the back like nothing was going on. He got on his knees behind me unzipping his pants again. He then pulled up my dress exposing my panties and pantyhose he looked for a second and rubbed my ass then he pulled my pantyhose down to mid thigh.

He rubbed his dick against my panty-covered ass for a second, then pulled them to the side he pushed his dick inside me, I moaned loudly. He grabbed me by the hair fucking me hard and said "I know you love this you little slut. Having your little girl panties pulled to the side getting fucked like a whore in the back of my suv. Tell me you love it tell me what a slutty ass little whore you are."

I moaned and said "yes daddy I'm your little whore. I love having my little girl panties pulled to the side and getting fucked like the little slut I am in the back of your vehicle."

He then groaned and pushed his dick as far into me as it would go. I felt it twitch and deposit his seed deep in my hole he then pulled out and fixed my panties. Then he had me turn around and lick his cock clean and put it away for him. He kissed me on the forehead and said "bye".

He grabbed his bags and was gone. I climbed out of the suv and pulled my pantyhose back up and a couple guys passing looked and one of them whistled as they got a view of my panties. I climbed into the driver's seat and headed home.

When I got there I walked into the living room to find Kris sitting on the couch crying. I said, "good you should be crying."

She replied "I'm sorry ash I didn't mean it I just didn't want to give him any reason not to let me keep you. It was hard enough to convince him to let me in the first place."

She continued to cry I told her "that's the problem with us, you have the best of both worlds and you always run after guys that don't even satisfy you and then you come back to me wanting me back when you get bored with them. The only difference this time is I'm with him too."

She looked up at me tears still in her eyes and says, "this time is different, I've got plans he is sitting on a lot of money, enough that you and I could have everything we want for the rest of our lives. I'm just waiting on the right time to get rid of him and take him for everything. Come sit down"

She pats the cushion next to her, I walk over and sit, she turns to me and continues, "this morning if you noticed I wasn't here when you got up. I felt very bad for what I said last night weather you heard me or not. I had to get you something to prove I love you and didn't mean it I decided on this."

She pulled a box out of her purse on the table wrapped in pink paper and a purple bow and handed it to me. She told me to open it and I did. When I opened it I found a pink diamond studded collar. My eyes got wide and she saw the excitement on my face and said "yes they are real diamonds, let me put it on for you."

She took it and put it around my neck securing the back very tight just how I like them. I got up and walked over to the mirror and looked. She came up behind me and said "so do you like it?"

I said, "I love it, it must have cost a fortune."

She told me "that is a version of a promise ring that tells you that I love you and you are mine forever."

She turned me around holding me in her arms and kissed me deeply then she broke the kiss and said "lets go shopping what I had planned can wait. Then we will come home change and go to dinner as girlfriend and girlfriend."

I reply, "that sounds great but first I have got to take these pantyhose off and put on some thigh highs."

She tells me to just take them off and lets go it's 9:30 and I have a waxing appointment at 10. I nod and walk over to the couch taking off my heels then I stand up and lift my dress to pull them down. She asks me "where did you get those panties?"

I told her "daddy bought them for me do you like them?"

I modeled them a little for her and she said "I love them, I love having a little girl. Now put your heels back on or we will be late."

I did as I was told. We left her driving so we wouldn't be late with her trying to give me directions. When we got there I could tell her and the owner were friends. We were instantly taken back and they talked through the whole process, which didn't hurt as bad as people make it out to be. Then when I was completely hairless we said our good-byes and we were off to mall to partake in our favorite activity, shopping.

We shopped all day long buying clothes we would probably only wear once or twice in our life times. After a long day of it we went home and changed into some sexy cocktail dresses. We went to a romantic restaurant and had a lovely dinner together we were both dyeing to have each other in bed when we got back to the house.

We went straight to my room where she made me trip down to my panties and bra. She pulled a pink nightie with ruffles out of the closet and threw it on the bed and told me to put it on and meet her in her room in five minutes. I did as I was told and stood outside her door till it was exactly five minutes. I know on her door and when she doesn't answer I open the door and walk in. it was completely dark except for some candles lit on the dresser. I walk to the center of the room looking around for her. I hear her voice behind me and she tells me to stop where I am and stay. She walks up behind me and wraps her arms around me and starts kissing my neck. She stops and whispers in my ear "now I'm going to have some fun playing with my little girl."

She grabs my panty-covered butt and giggles telling me not to move. She walks over to the dresser behind me and pulls something out. She walks back over to me she kneels down behind me and puts a leather strap around my right ankle then she spread my left and hooked the other and I realized it was an ankle spreader. Then she told me to bend over and give her my wrist. I do and she secures it to the middle of the bar and the same with the other. I am completely immobile she walks over to the dresser and walks back with a ball gag she stuffs it in my mouth and locks it behind my head.

She walks in front of me and takes hold of my forearms. She gently puts me on my knees and face on the floor, which makes me completely vulnerable. She then walks behind me and I feel my nightie slide up to expose my panties. Then she walks over to the bed and from under it she pulls a wooden paddle with holes drilled in it. She walks back over to me and shows it to me and says. "Daddy bought this for our anniversary one year thinking I was going to let him spank me. I didn't but I kept it thinking it would come in handy one day. And good thing I did because you have been a very bad little girl Ashley."

Then she pulled back and smacked my ass with it and I cried out into the ball gag. Then she gave me five quick smacks and my eyes were full of tears. She said, "I think I should pull your panties down before I continue shake your ass if you disagree. Do nothing if you agree"

I instantly started shaking my butt she said, "ok then I'll just spank you until you agree."

Then she started spanking me again this time 10 smacks and when she stopped I was crying like a baby. She looked at me and said same question. I didn't move and she said "good girl" she gave my butt one more swat with my panties on then pulled them down to mid-thigh. She gave me another ten smacks on my bare bottom and then threw the paddle on the bed. She reached between my legs and grabbed my hard clitty and said, "this is turning you on no matter how much you are crying. I think I am going to have some more fun."

She walked over and went under the bed again this time pulling out a box. She put it on the bed and opened it she pulled out a switch looking thing. The walked back over to me and took the end and rubbed my hole with it I moaned into the gag. Then she said "you won't be enjoying it long this is a birch switch. When the stinging goes away, after I spank you with it, you will feel like your cute little butt is on fire. This spanking will not soon be forgotten."

Then with no warning she snatches it back and slashes my ass. I scream into the gag and she says, "o you must like it."

She continues spanking me with it until she decides I have had enough. I couldn't count how many times she hit me. She throws it on the bed next to the paddle then she grabs my hair in one hand and a chain hanging from the ceiling in the other. She pulls me up so I am on my knees sitting back on my feet. She hooks the chain to my collar she walks over to the nightstand and comes back with a dildo that has a strap on the end. I'm wondering what it is for, and then she straps it onto my face over the ball gag. Then she walks behind me and I hear her at the dresser getting something.

I feel her sliding something cool on my hole then I feel her push something inside me. It is huge she tells me it is a but plug and to just relax I would enjoy it. Then she pulls my panties back up positioning my clitty so the head is in the crotch of the panties and pats my beaten bottom. She then walks in front of me and unzips the crotch of her PVC teddy and unzips it all the way to the top of her butt. Then she turns around and bends over giving me a good look at both her holes.

Then she positions the end of her dildo at her pussy and orders me to push it in as far as I can go. I do and it's about half way due to the chain holding my neck. She backed up till it was all the way inside her and my nose was at her ass. I pulled back and slid it back in and started fucking her with y face. I fucked her till she came 3 times covering my face with her juices.

She pulled off it and walked over and laid on the bed picking a remote of some kind off the nightstand. She said, "do you like the butt plug I got just for you? It does a lot of really cool things."

She pushed a button and I feel it sucking in air through my panties and expanding in my ass. Just when I feel like I am going to be ripped in have it stops and starts lightly vibrating. I close my eyes and moan and then it picks up speed then it started deflating and inflating so I felt like I was getting fucked. I opened my eyes wide my bounds forced me to look right at mommy lying on her bed. She started touching herself between her legs. My hips started bucking and I moaned loudly into the ball gag. I was about to cum when mommy ordered me not to mess my panties, but I couldn't help it and came in my panties making a huge wet spot. She knew as she got off the bed.

She walked over and grabbed my face making me look up at her and says, "you little bitch how dare you disobey me. Now I am going to show you what happens to bad little girls who mess their panties like babies."

She unhooked my wrists one at a time and handcuffed them behind my back. I was crying from humiliation, she leaves the room and comes back with a diaper and pink plastic rumba panties with ruffles on the butt. She unhooks the chain from my collar and takes off the ankle spreader bar and rolls me onto my back. She takes my panties off and then slides the diaper under my butt, pulls it through my legs, and fastens it around my waist. Then puts the plastic panties on over it.

Then she pulls me up and walks me by the arm down to the basement. She puts me on a cot in the middle of a jail cell. Then she ties my ankles together so I couldn't move. Then she walks out of the cell locking the steel bar door behind her. Then I see the remote in her hand and the butt plug starts up again and she laughs as she leaves me and goes upstairs to bed. The butt plug causes me to cum in my diaper at least 3 times and I wet it at least twice before I finally pass out from pure exhaustion.

That's all for this chapter hope you enjoyed.

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