tagTransgender & CrossdressersAsh's New Life Ch. 04

Ash's New Life Ch. 04


The next morning I woke up untied and the door of the cell open. I get up and walk upstairs to find mommy in the kitchen. She tells me to go upstairs and take a shower and put on what she laid out for me. I go upstairs and walk into the bathroom, I strip naked and the door opens. Mommy walks in and bends me over she gently removes the butt plug. She kisses me on the cheek and I get in the shower.

When I was done I got out dried off and went to my room. I found a note on top of a pile of clothes the not read,

Dearest Ashley,

Put on the uniform and come down to the kitchen. Today you start the job you will do the rest of your life.

Love mommy

The pile of clothes consisted of a normal French maid uniform, black with white lace. White lace hat apron and matching bracelets. A black pre padded bra, white garter belt, white thigh highs, black French cut panties with white lace trim around the waist and leg holes then 4 strips sown onto the butt of them. Then to finish it off black 7 inch platform high heels.

I got dressed and went down to the kitchen she told me I looked very hot. I smiled and thanked her. She handed me her coffee cup and asked me to get her another and get myself one as well. I did as I was told and made her another cup and me a cup. I handed hers to her and she told me to sit down next to her and I did. She asked, "did you enjoy last night?"

I replied, "yes I loved it all except for the diaper."

"Yes I kind of figured that, it didn't do much for me either but it won't be the last one you wear."

She sipped her coffee and started again, "you aren't just wearing that uniform for fun you know, from this day forward you will wake up take a shower put that on and clean the house from top to bottom. Understand?"

I replied "yes ma'am."

She continues, "you will do laundry once a week, and you will start as soon as you finish your coffee."

We sit in silence as I finish my coffee as I start to get up and leave she says "oh and Ashley, I am expecting a visitor so do be a dear and answer the door when he gets here."

I nod and walk into the leaving room and start my day of cleaning. At around 11 o' clock the doorbell rings and I go answer it. When I open it there is a nerdy kind of looking guy standing there in a uniform, He says he is looking for Ms. Kris. I invite him into the living room and leave him to go get mommy. We walk back in me behind her she has a small conversation with the gentlemen. I find out the man is with a home security company. She leads him up stairs and I go back to my cleaning.

About fifteen minutes later she comes to me and says "he is here to install some cameras in your room. When you daddy gets home we are going to set him up. He has some plans involving you his friends and a Christmas party that I am not going to let him put you through."

I ask, "what does he have planned?"

She smiles and says, "don't worry about it, it's not going to happen."

I go back to my cleaning, I finish around 6 o'clock. She has me make us dinner and we eat. After I am done I clear the table and clean the kitchen. When I am finished she takes me by the hand and leads me to her bedroom. She takes me into her arms and we kiss as her hand slides down my back and she grabs my ass. She then breaks the kiss and whispers in my ear, "seeing flashes of those panties all day, I want to see them around your ankles and my rubber cock in your ass. Now turn around and bend over bed as you pull them down."

I do as I am told and as soon as I get my panties to my knees I feel my dress come up and her cock go into my hole. I leave them where they are and thrust my hands forward onto the bed to hold my position. I feel a hard smack lay across my ass and I yell out. She says, I said around your ankles."

I quickly reached back and pulled them the rest of the way down as she continued to fuck me with her fake cock. She fucked me relentlessly making me her own personal, little slut. One hand pulling my hair one hand on my hip. She fucked me hard and fast for a long time, then all of a sudden she stops. She says, "I want to see my whore's face as a fuck her."

She pulls out and has me step out of my panties and lay on my back on the bed. A spread my legs for her and she climbs on top of me telling me if I want it to put it inside of me. I reach down between my legs and grab her cock and put it at my hole. I moan loudly as she pushes it back inside me. I look up into her eyes as she starts moving it in and out of me. She fucks me for what seems like days.

Then all of a sudden she pulls out and takes off the strap on and lies on the bed next to me. She says now it's her turn to get fucked. I roll over on top of her and slide into her she moans as I do. I start out slow pushing all the way in pulling out till just the head is in and pushing it back in. I move in and out in and out till we both are exhausted I collapse on top of her and we drift off to sleep.

This continues for two weeks while he is gone out of town. The next chapter skips ahead to that point. Hope you enjoyed this chapter. Kisses Ash.

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