Ashton Hill Naked Sundays


"So, you're the Stella he sings about?" Darren asked conversationally. "I've never heard anyone call you Stella," he said curiously.

"Don't read too much into it. That song was not the way I remember it," she said. She was happy to have something to anchor her warring emotions and get angry about. If she was angry at Jason, he couldn't affect her with his voice and touch and make her remember the good times which were far outweighed by the bad.

"We should talk about that and your vanishing act," Jason said in a low tone that sounded less than pleased.

Estelle turned to look at him, but said nothing as her emotions warred within her. She had no intention of talking to him or any of the band members. She would sit quietly while her friends had a good time, and then leave with them and never have to see Jason again, or at least for another five years.

"It's late; we'll let Chris and Tarlee do their fanboy and girl thing, then we'll take off," Darren said, pulling Estelle's attention back to him. "We won't stay long," he reassured her, feeling the tension of being so close to Jason Jones radiate from her body.

"We better talk now then," Jason grumbled. His hand circled her wrist and began to pull her toward a closed door in the large room they entered.

"Let go of me!" Estelle raised her voice as panic threatened to overwhelm her. She didn't know how she felt with her emotions warring at his touch and commanding presence, but she knew she didn't want to be alone with him.

"Dude! Not cool!" Darren said as he skipped ahead to stand in Jason's way. "She asked you to let her go, so let her go!"

"It's none of your concern!" Jason growled.

"She came here with me, and I fully intend to ensure she gets home safely," Darren didn't budge, crowding close to Jason, prepared to hit him if he had to.

"Jase, let her go," Eric came to stand with the trio. "You want to talk to her, then just talk to her." He turned to look at Estelle. "Just put him out of his misery and tell him why you left the way you did and broke his heart."

"You know why I left, and he was hardly heartbroken," Estelle spoke to Eric disparagingly. "You saw me come into The Water Hole. You know I heard what you were talking about after the last gig I went to."

"Nope, you're going to have to tell me, because I've never had any idea why you just vanished without a trace," Eric said with a shrug.

"After that last concert, Jason and I..." she blushed and glanced at Darren. "Well, we did what we normally did, and he went upstairs ahead of me, like normal. Then, when I came in, you were standing with him at the pool table," she prompted. Recognition sparked in Eric's eyes, and she looked at Jason. "You were deciding who to take to the festival with you, I didn't make the list."

"We were young and dumb, it wasn't like it sounded," Jason protested, flinching as he realised just how awful that conversation must have sounded. She had put what they were talking about that day in the politest of terms, but it hadn't been what she thought, not completely. Taking her had always been his plan; he was trying to convince Eric to leave his groupies at home, or most of them.

"It was exactly as it sounded, and I am pretty sure you wanted me to hear it!" she reefed her wrist out of Jason's grip. "I let you use and abuse me for years with nothing in return! It was my fault, I let you do it! I asked for it, even begged for any scrap of attention you gave me! How stupid did I feel when I realised just how disposable I was to you!" She took a deep breath, realising that everyone in the room had turned to look at them as she became louder and more animated. "I'm sorry, I can't be here, I'll meet you down at the car, Darren. Take your time."

"Wait," Jason said, reaching out to grab her arm again. "We had a great thing; you didn't hear the whole conversation. You misunderstood!" he pulled her forcefully against his body and clamped his mouth down over hers, wanting, even needing the contact after dreaming about her for so long.

Estelle's mind buckled. What was he doing? He held her tightly as the seconds ticked by in slow motion. She felt his power, his inner force, the heat of his body and the softness of his mouth as his tongue traced along her lips, urging them to open. She began to kiss him back for half a second before they were torn apart violently. Estelle stared at him breathlessly as he lay on his back with Darren standing over him.

"It's been five years, Jason, I heard enough renditions of Cold Hard Bitch to know exactly what you thought of me!" she hissed as her brain started to work again. She was feeling the hurt and betrayal welling up inside her again and didn't want to show it. "Can I have the keys, please, Darren? I need to be anywhere but here right now."

"I'll come with you, and so will they if they want a lift home!" Darren said gruffly, looking at Chris and Tarlee who stared at Estelle in amazement.

"I'll send you tickets to the next gig if you want to leave me your number," Bruce said to Chris and Tarlee.

"Sounds good," Chris said, and dug a business card out of his wallet. "I can pass on her details when you call." He said, sceptical about whether they would call at all after Darren had just manhandled Jason away from Estelle.

"Don't go," Jason said, having gotten to his feet and ignored the bristling Darren. "Let me explain."

"No. You have built up a fantasy in your mind," Estelle shook her head, "That song was not the way it was at all," she said sadly. "You never wanted me, Jason, not then; and if you really think about it, you don't want me now. You just don't like the fact that I left you before you could leave me," Estelle turned and walked out of the room with Darren close behind her.

Tarlee and Chris went after them reluctantly and hurried down the stairs to catch up to Estelle, who had broken into a slow wobbling jog toward the exit. Jason stood, still in shock, and watched them go. How could she think that? What had he said exactly in that conversation that she had heard?

"Come and have a beer," Eric said, moving toward where the rest of the band sat watching them.

"You knew this whole time?" Jason turned hard eyes on Eric. "You knew, and you never said anything?"

"I don't even remember that conversation. I was high most of the time back then. You were always the responsible one. We were just along for the ride," Eric laughed. "We were just getting big, I hated to see you hurt, but, man, you wrote some good stuff after she left, and pushed all of us to get sober and work for the bigger gigs to make the most of the publicity we were getting on social media."

"Maybe you should just be grateful she did leave us and made all that happen. You were whipped when she was around, and you wouldn't have pushed so hard if she'd stayed," Red spoke into the silence as Jason regarded Eric coldly.

"Nah, he was always a pushy bastard, even back then," Greg weighed into the conversation. "She was right; you didn't want her around all the time back then. She hung out with me more than she hung out with you at The Water Hole. Not that it did me any good, she was never easy, like your other cast offs."

"Maybe she did become a bit of a fantasy, and now you know she's alive and nothing bad happened to her. She didn't get amnesia after an accident, or anything like that. She ran away because you treated her like shit once too often," Bruce added to the conversation.

"Anyone else want to point out what an asshole I was? You've had five years to tell me this! You never thought to mention it when she left?" he growled.

"You were hurt and angry enough. If I'm honest, I was a little scared to talk to you at all after she left," Red admitted, with the others nodding in agreement. "She obviously thought so too if she came to see you during your Cold Hard Bitch phase."

"Fuck!" Jason swore and threw his empty bottle at the wall. He spun on his heel and left then, determined to catch up to her before she left. Bruce trotted after him, signalling to the other men that he would handle it.


Chapter 3

"It was a long time ago, I don't want to talk about it, Tarlee. If I had known that Midnight Blue was Crossfire, wild horses couldn't have dragged me there," Estelle sighed as she sat in the front seat beside Darren and brooded. Once again she was humiliated and hurting at the hands of Jason Jones. The thing that had shocked her the most was the feeling she still got seeing him, and, when he took her wrist in his hand, it was like an electric current ran through her arm and body. The kiss... she didn't want to think about what she had almost done with that kiss. The fact that he still had the power to affect her physically after so long apart shocked and dismayed her.

"Leave her alone, she said no!" Darren cut off Tarlee's next question, unsure of what to make of the scene between Estelle and Jason.

"Fine, for now!" Tarlee huffed. "But I'm not opposed to being your plus one if you get free tickets to their concerts in the future. Just saying."

"If I get tickets to future concerts, which I highly doubt, you are welcome to them!" Estelle snapped and was grateful that Tarlee seemed to have no comeback for her abrupt words.

The ride was thankfully quick at that time of the morning, and she had her door half open before the car had come to a complete stop.

"Thanks for the ride, Darren. See you at work on Monday," she forced a polite smile and stepped back as Chris came to take her seat in the front of the car.

"Anytime, I mean that. Call, even if you just want to chat over the weekend. Anytime," Darren reiterated.

"Thanks," she said, and farewelled the other two friends and walked up the path to her front door before turning to wave. Stepping inside, she closed the door and leaned against it. She took a deep shuddering breath and let go of it in a slow, measured way through pursed lips, releasing the tight hold she had held on her emotions. Tears sprang to her eyes. She was back there again, the rebellious poor little rich girl so desperate for attention, especially the attention of Jason Jones; she had been the perfect slutty groupie. His wish had been her command so that he didn't need anyone else. She had tried to be his everything so the other girls wouldn't matter. But they did, time and time again. She had ignored it, convincing herself that he cared about her, until that final, fateful day.

Walking into the bathroom she scrubbed her face clean, leaving it red and slightly sore as she tried to wash away the remnant feelings of the girl she had once been and Jason's power over that girl. She stripped and stepped into the shower, determined to scrub the touch and scent of him from her body as well. It had barely been seconds that he had held her and kissed her, but the feel and taste of him lingered, and she hated how familiar and ultimately good he felt pressed against her body.

Estelle stood naked before the full-length mirror and stared at the body that had betrayed her so easily tonight. Betrayed her so easily around any of the men she cared for. She was hot and needy; her hands caressed the rounded curves of her body. Her waist was small and her tummy flat, but she had always thought that her breasts and ass looked oddly too big for her smaller frame. She was a strange shape, and she found it hard to buy clothes off the rack, relying on her mother's contacts and careful eye for decent clothes, unlike her regular clothes where she mixed and matched bottoms and tops of different sizes. She and her mother had a very similar figure, and the woman was a genius at highlighting their best assets.

Not bothering to dress again, Estelle turned out the lights and fell into bed. She was beyond exhausted, but her mind twisted and turned with dark thoughts of Jason and how hard it had been to leave him, how hard it had been to find her old self again. She got up again and checked the time. She was at a loss, and she knew of only one person who could help her move past this disturbing storm of conflicting emotions that raged inside her. She was reluctant to call him at this time of the morning, however.

She picked up her phone and sent a text. "Are you awake? Can I call?" Then she sat and stared at the phone in her hand until it buzzed to life, singing a familiar ringtone. A lump immediately formed in her throat, and when she answered her voice wavered on the edge of tears. "Ethan?"

"Stay where you are, I'm on my way," the deep male voice said and hung up. Estelle stared at her phone and wrapped herself in the warm throw, flicking on the television as she waited for rescuing from herself. She felt like all the work she had put into becoming a sane, reasonable woman with a career and life of her own over the last five years had been a colossal waste of time if one kiss, one touch from Jason Jones could make her feel this way again.

"Jason Jones," she sighed out loud. Giving in and letting her mind fill with images of him and scenes of their three years together made her hotter and hornier than she had been in a long time.

As the scenes played out in her mind's eye, she leaned back, stretching out on the couch with her legs spread wide, eyes closed, and slipped her fingers down to her rapidly swelling clit. She traced the small nub of flesh, teasing little circles around it, never quite touching, never quite giving in to the feelings that had been assaulting her since Jason had pulled her against his body. Guilt at allowing herself to slip back into old patterns washed over her, and she pulled her hand away and in an unconscious movement lifted it to her lips. The taste of herself only added the feelings and images in her head, and giving in to the feelings, she dropped the hand back down, her other hand moving to her breast.

Estelle pinched and rolled her nipples while the fingers of her other hand rolled around her clit. She arched her body, tensing her muscles as she felt the familiar tingle and trembling need for this release. Her fingers moved lower, pushing into her tight wet pussy. She twisted her hand so that her thumb could continue to rub her clit as she fucked herself to higher and higher sensations. Her breath came quicker, and she twisted one nipple until she whimpered, grimacing and edging closer to the orgasm she so desperately needed. She cried out as she came and slumped back into the cushions of her couch, letting the orgasm wash over her and feed the exhaustion she felt. Sleep finally took her.

Ethan walked into the little house having used his own key. He saw her almost naked form partially wrapped in the fluffy throw blanket with a hand still wedged between her legs. Silently he walked to her and scooped her up into his arms, carrying her to the bedroom where he lay down beside her and pulled her close. She whimpered softly as if crying in her sleep. He wanted to talk about why she had called so distressed in the middle of the night, but, instead, he held her tenderly and let her sleep.

There was nothing sexual in the contact between them, just the deep affection they had always held for each other. They had survived their parent's tumultuous marriage together. The second marriage for his father and her mother, both too strong-willed and self-absorbed to be any good for each other or their children. Their home had quickly become a war zone where their children were used as both weapons and shields. Still, Ethan and Estelle had survived because they had each other.

When she woke, she was sleeping with her head on Ethan's chest and his arms around her. His eyes were closed and his breathing was deep and regular, telling her that he, too, had fallen asleep. Estelle dosed again, feeling safe and loved, grateful beyond reasoning for Ethan and his willingness to drop everything in his life for her. Of course, she would do the same for him if he had asked, but he never had, not since they had both left home. Just having him close was such a calming influence that all of her anxiety and panic of the night before seemed to diminish as she remembered everything he had taught her five years ago when he had found her broken and had slowly gone about the task of putting her back together. He stirred, and she moved to look up at him with hooded eyes.

"Coffee," he rasped.

"Sure," she smiled and swung from the bed, pulling on a robe and padding into the kitchen.

Ethan rubbed his face and got up, going into her bathroom. He used her toothbrush and washed his face after relieving himself, knowing she would cater to his needs before looking after her own. It was her nature, and he hated that people took advantage of her willingness to put another person's happiness before her own, despite doing it himself regularly. He wondered at what arsehole she had been involved with this time. He had believed she hadn't done more than date casually since she arrived in this town. He wandered into the kitchen and leaned against the bench, watching her as she finished making the coffee and passed a mug to him.

"You've got two minutes to go pee, then I want the whole sordid story!" he grumbled, sipping at the steaming brew and watching her move away.

"You're so bossy in the morning," she grumbled good-naturedly.

"That's one of the reasons you love me. Don't pretend you don't," Ethan chuckled and went to take a seat in the living room. "By the way, it's almost afternoon."

Estelle quickly cleaned up and brushed her hair and teeth before returning to the living room to tell Ethan about seeing Jason again and the effect he had on her. When she was done, she sat back and stared at him. He had said nothing during the whole story. He just sat carefully considering her.

"This Darren, dude, sounds like a good guy. When did you start fucking him?" Ethan asked bluntly.

"No! I'm not fucking him," Estelle denied the accusation.

"Why not? He sounds like he would be into it if you wanted to," Ethan shrugged. "He defended you last night. Or tried to."

"I don't fuck everyone who is nice to me anymore, Ethan," she grimaced. "Besides, he hits on every new teacher who arrives at that school. I thought we established I was better than just being another notch in a long bedpost."

"I didn't ask if he was a lover, just if you were fucking him occasionally. There is nothing wrong with seeking out some endorphins now and then, as long as you do it on your own terms," Ethan lectured her, then caught a look she tried to hide. "So, you did fuck him once, but not anymore?"

"Years ago; and we managed to salvage a friendship, sort of. I don't want to go down that road with anyone I work with. It just gets too weird afterwards. It's better that I do that sort of thing when I go home to see mother and husband number three," she sighed. "Not that there has been any great success there either," Estelle sighed.

"I noticed when I arrived last night. I guess doing yourself is better than not being done at all," he teased. "Besides, you're obviously still hung up on Jase," Ethan made the statement in such a casual way that it shocked her, and she gaped at him. "You want my advice? Here it is..." He stopped talking at a loud banging on the door and a female voice calling out.

"Estelle, let me in, you have to tell me what the hell happened last night!" Tarlee yelled and pounded on the door again. "Estelle!"

Ethan gave a sly smile and elegantly uncoiled from the couch before striding toward the door. He waited a heartbeat before opening it, and then stood there passively as the young woman gaped at him. He knew the effect he had on women. His was a pretty face, and it had helped him in his career, but not as much as the carefully sculpted body he spent so much time honing. Shirtless, and with his dark jeans hugging low on his hips, he knew the picture he presented to this girl. It was his job to schmooze people and get them to agree to whatever the client wanted. He was good at it, and a public relations dream for the company he worked for.

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