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I'm Anand, a 21-year-old foreign student from India, studying in a college in California. I live in an apartment with three other guys who are all foreign students from Asia -- a Chinese guy, a Korean guy, and a Japanese guy. We got along well together and quickly became friends a few weeks after we started living together.

One day while eating lunch in the cafeteria with my Chinese roommate Ling, two tall well-built Caucasian guys came over to our table and asked if they could sit down. They introduced themselves as Frank and Rick. They explained that they were recruiting for one of the fraternities on campus and asked if we were interested. This turned out to be the pledge drive week, where many brothers from various fraternities were recruiting new pledges. It sounded quite interesting and Ling and I both started to consider the prospect, but we were a bit unsure since the fraternities on campus normally didn't recruit foreign students. Then much to our surprise, Rick added in a low voice, "We especially like to recruit a few cute-looking Asian guys like you two every year, with smooth silky skin that's soft to the touch." As he was saying this he placed his large manly hand on my bare thigh. I was wearing a T-shirt and shorts that day. He rubbed the inside of my thigh a little to get a feel of my smooth brown skin. I felt goosebumps all over my sensitive bare skin, as I was not used to be touched like that by another man. I am only 5'6", and have a small build with slender arms and legs with very little hair on them.

"Yep, we really love you sweet looking Asians and we'll turn you both into our 'private sorority girls'," Frank whispered as he reached out and rubbed Ling's smooth bare upper arm. Ling winced a little at having his naked skin caressed by another man like that. But we were both very curious about what they meant so they explained that they normally accept only masculine white or black guys in their fraternity, but they liked to have a few feminine Asian boys around for "entertainment". They added that that during initiation all Asian pledges will be dressed in maid uniforms, make-up, wigs (if necessary), stockings, garters and high-heels.

"And of course," Rick continued as he slid his hand sensuously up my soft feminine thigh, "any Asian 'girl' who's naughty will be soundly spanked over a big brother's knee." Ling and I both reached back unconsciously to rub our soft buttocks upon hearing that. Rick's hand brushed across my sensitive inner-thigh flesh, causing more goosebumps.

"BARE-bottomed, that is!" Frank emphasized as he rubbed Ling's smooth bare shoulders. Ling was wearing a tank top and shorts that day exposing his soft oriental skin. The two studly fraternity guys left us with a copy of the videotape from last year's initiation event for us to look over and decide whether we want to join. They also told us to each make up a female name if we decide to sign up.

"I'm dying to get you NAKED across my lap, and I promise I'll redden your cute girly buns," Rick whispered in my ear just before they got up and left. My face blushed profusely at his embarrassing suggestion.

We couldn't wait to get home and tell our other two Asian roommates about this fraternity. We gathered around the living room TV to watch last year's pledge tape with heightened curiosity.

The tape began in some kind of a dressing room where eight stunningly pretty Asian girls were preparing themselves as if for some "Miss Asia" pageant. Some were putting on sexy mini-dresses while others were applying eyeshadow, make-up, or helping each other finish up their hairstyles. It looked like the girls were of different nationalities, such as Filipino, Vietnamese, and Thai girls in additional to Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Korean girls.

"Don't tell me they're not actual girls!" Ling exclaimed.

"No way, I can't believe they're boys. They look so pretty!" our Korean friend agreed.

Pretty soon they all finished dolling up and were ready to step out on-stage. The camera man, who was hidden from view but sounded like a mature white guy, said, "Why don't we take a group picture of your gorgeous Asian buns before you all get them all blistered by your big brothers?"

The Asian girls giggled nervously in embarrassment, but they decided to let him take their picture, so they lined up together facing away from the camcorder. Then they raised their mini-skirts up over their slim waist and bent forward. Pairs of lascivious Asian buns, encased in nothing but skimpy thong and G-string panties were thus delightfully revealed to the camera.

"Great, girls! Now off to your initiation!" The cameraman said after taking close-up shots of each pair of delicious buttocks. The girls walked out on stage with fearful expressions on their pretty faces.

There was quite a large audience of fraternity brothers in the assembly hall, all watching this exciting fraternity tradition eagerly. After each of them introduced herself in turn, the bare-bottom paddling began. They were lined up against a mirrored wall facing away from the cheering audience. They had to bend forward at waist and push their hands firmly against the mirror to steady themselves. Eight strapping, muscular guys stood, one by the side of each Asian pledge with a large wooden fraternity paddle in one hand.

Frilly skirts were soon raised up and sexy panties were pulled down to mid-thigh. The brothers began to paddle those deliciously jiggling buttocks before them.

WHACK! SMACK! CRACK! The assembly hall was soon filled with loud slapping sound of hardwood surface against bare flesh, the agonized screams of punished Asian pledges, and the roaring laughter of the amused audience.

After quite a long period of intense paddling, the initiation was over and each of those pretty Asian girls was allowed to reach behind and rub their well-blistered buttocks furiously.

"I do not want be spanked by a man!" Our Japanese roommate was the first one to speak, in his usual cutie-pie way, after this obscene tape ended.

"It would be so painful and humiliating!" Ling added while rubbing his behind absentmindedly.

Our Korean roommate then surprised us. "But, uh, it seems soo exciting, no? I'm willing to give it a try if you guys will join me. I have a female name in Korean that I like, Song Yee," he said.

"Why not? These other Asian girls in the tape all went through with it, right?" I added tentatively.

"I like the name Anu. My mom used to call me that when I was little," I said.

"Well, if you all agree to join I guess I too have to go along." Ling said reluctantly. He decided to use Su Ling, a pretty chinese name, as his name.

"Okay, in that case I'll use Miko, my sister's name." Our cute Japanese roommate finally gave in.

The next day all four of us nervously went to the campus fraternity office to sign up. Rick and Frank were both there and they were very glad to see us make up our minds to join, and even happier to find that we had brought our roommates. They asked us our girl names.

"I'd love to be your big brother, Anu!" Rick said giving me a loud swat to my soft rounded behind. I blushed furiously in embarrassment, but deep down I realized that it's only a matter of time before I'd have to endure the humiliation of lying bare-assed over his lap getting a truly painful spanking from his large manly hand.

We were told that some of the guys will interview us next week before we can be accepted. Four sorority 'girls' were assigned to help us get prepared for our interviews. Turned out they were all featured on the tape we watched last night. They told us they had stayed with the fraternity for the whole year and really enjoyed the fun, aside from the occasional butt-warming, that is. Pretty soon we all got to know each other very well and became good friends.

"You are all so pretty, girls, you think we all can be like you?" Miko asked doubtfully.

"Of course, I guarantee you won't believe how beautiful you all turn out after we're finished with you.," a foxy Filipina girl with tanned skin told us confidently.

"Many of us Asian boys are naturally smooth and feminine already, just like you four," Tran the Vietnamese girl giggled, "It'd just be a piece of cake to turn you into sexy Asian chicks." Miko nodded in agreement as she gingerly touched Tran's silky soft thighs to feel the smoothness of her sweet oriental flesh.

So for the next week we went to beauty salons, lingerie stores, and learned to apply make-up, walk in high-heels, talk in girly voices, etc. We learned to cross and uncross our legs, and to sit down to pee, like proper girls. After a week of constant practice living full-time as female college students, and with invaluable help from our four beautiful big 'sisters', we could hardly believe the transformation ourselves. Nobody could tell we weren't real Asian females when we went out all dressed up.

We ran into Rick and some of his fraternity friends in the cafeteria once. Rick was so impressed with our sweet feminine looks. "You're SOOO cute, Anu, I'd LOVE to make you my girl," Rick whispered in my ear once while sitting next to me. I lowered my face in embarrassed delight from his compliment.

I kept my smooth bare legs crossed demurely like a sweet submissive Indian girl but I suddenly felt his rough hand placed on my lower thigh. He inched his hand slowly and sensuously up my legs causing an odd sexual excitement to build in my small cock. He pretended to be eating lunch while teasing me mercilessly under the table, but I noticed that my roommates had caught on to what was happening and winked at me with sly smiles. I was so embarrassed and horny at the same time!

"I think Rick likes you, Anu." Su Ling teased me after we got home that evening, and our other friends giggled in agreement.

"Don't be silly, Su! He's just trying to be nice to us to encourage us on our practice." I babbled on trying to convince them otherwise, although quite obviously they didn't buy it a bit. But deep down inside I could feel Rick's lust for me too.

"No lying Anu, I seen you 'hot and bothered' at lunchtime!" Miko chipped in, further shaming me. She looked so darling and precious with those big innocent eyes of hers, but she could be such a tease at times.

"You just too shy to admit it, Anu," Song Yee said with a smirk on her pretty Korean face, "but I bet Rick would love to take you and turn you into his private Indian girl-doll!"

"I'm NOT talking to you girls anymore," I said quickly turning to leave my embarrassment behind, "I'm taking a bath now!"

However, that night, I lay face-down in my bed with two pillows stuffed under my feminine hips while vivid images of Rick touching me, caressing me and man-handling me were whirling through my stimulated mind. I came squirming into the soft pillow underneath my little brown cock.

"Tonight you'll receive your very first visit from your big brothers," Tran told us over lunch on Friday. "They'll check to make sure each of you has been sufficiently feminized and therefore is qualified to take part in the initiation."

"Which, I'm sure you all are!" Sanra, our Thai sister told us, "Then they'll also tell you the rest of the fraternity's rules and duties, as well as punishment procedures for when one of us 'naughty' girls break the rules or fail to fulfill our duties as their private sorority girls."

"You'll all be on you own now, girls, good luck!" Our gorgeous big sisters gave us each an affectionate hug and a sweet kiss before they left for their classes. We glanced at each other thoughtfully, knowing that we better be on our best girly behavior in order to qualify.

Right after classes we rushed home and prepared ourselves for the big 'inspection'. After taking a group bubble bath (which was such fun!) to soften our already silky-smooth skin further, we dried each other up and then sat down at vanity tables to apply make-up. Miko and Song Yee already had long girlish hair, so they didn't need any wigs. Su Ling and I had medium-length hair that we wanted to let grow to shoulder-length, but in the meantime we each wore a long, straight, black Asian wig.

Being Indian, I had more hair on my body than the oriental girls, so I had to spend extra time applying depilatory creams and waxing, till I was as smooth as the rest. We put on light foundation, blush, eyeshadow and red-hot lipstick. With our pretty faces made up we then put on our feminine underwear consisting of garter-belts, thigh-high fishnet stockings, frilly push-up bras with gel stuffing, and lacy thong panties. Finally we clipped on our dangling silver earrings and put on matching pearl necklaces and bracelets.

I found a little red dress with spaghetti straps that I loved. The red color really contrasted with my light brown skin complexion well, enhancing my slender feminine frame. Miko said I looked hot, like an Indian sex goddess. Su Ling chose a little black cheerleader outfit with a cute little pleated miniskirt. Miko wore a schoolgirl outfit with a white short-sleeve shirt and short pleated skirt that came down to mid-thigh. She looked so adorable just like a sweet Japanese schoolgirl. Song Yee decided to wear a green miniskirt with a short silk top. This left her slim waist and belly button exposed to view.

After we all dolled up, we sat down in the living room nervously waiting for the big brothers to arrive. When the four fraternity guys walked in, as soon as they saw us they let out loud wolf-whistles followed by some lewd suggestive comments. We girls giggled shyly knowing that we pleased the boys with our looks. Rick hugged me tightly and I felt his large hands wander under my red dress, cupping my buttocks eagerly, rubbing all over my satiny skin and touching my intimate places where no man had ever touched before.

"I just LOVE your sexy ass cheeks, Anu," Rick's low hoarse voice came from behind my quivering body, "You don't know how much I've wanted to see your naked buns for this past week!" When I heard the lust in his void, I felt my little cock harden inside the thong panties I was wearing.

"Oh yeah, Su Ling! I DO love your cute rear end! I so wish I could just take you like this right here, right now." Frank grunted in an equally excited voice as he shamelessly felt up Su Ling's exposed Chinese-girl flesh. I heard Miko moan submissively to my side, and I was sure some other guy was exploring her sweet feminine body in unabated sexual lust. Song Yee was quiet but she took in deep breaths as a virile man behind her, too, was fondling her soft creamy body.

Rick's eager hands slid all over my smooth ass-cheeks and bare legs. Then he grabbed hold of either side of my feminine hips in his strong hands and pressed his lower torso hard against my crotch. Even through his jeans I could feel a huge hard-on building up inside. My little cock erected naughtily as he ground roughly into me pinning my lower body against the sofa back. I suspected eventually I'd get used to it, but right now I felt really embarrassed to be so exposed and fondled like a helpless girl.

Finally after the guys had their fun fondling each of us, they got us to line up in front of them while they sat comfortably on the sofa. Rick introduced us to brothers Jerome, a muscular black male, and Dick, a huge 250lb white football player, who, besides Rick and Frank, were the designated judges that day to decide if we were girly enough for them. They had us walk around and turn in high-heels, and model in various feminine poses. Rick and Frank grabbed and prodded our smooth bodies every chance they got.

When it came to Jerome's turn, he asked me to give him a lap dance to see if I was "slutty enough" for him. He lifted my dress and made me sit on his lap with my back to him. I gasped as I felt his large cock inside his shorts throbbing against my panty-clad bottom. The other guys cheered me on and the girls giggled as I shamelessly started grinding my ass against his very big and erect cock like a cheap Asian slut.

When he was satisfied with me, Jerome had each of the other girls do the same. Su Ling, Miko and Song Yee each squealed in delight as they felt Jerome's big black cock against their round behinds.

Dick then asked each of us to lift our skirts/dresses and drop our panties because he wanted to inspect and measure our little Asian cocks to make sure that we were 'girly' enough. Each of us blushed furiously as we willingly lowered our panties to our knees and lifted up our skirts and dresses for the 'inspection'. The sweet humiliation of baring our little members to these four strapping guys was intense.

The guys howled with laughter when they saw our cute hairless cocks, each sporting a full erection, but still shorter and thinner than their thumbs. Dick snickered as he measured each of our small Asian "clitties" as he called them with a tape measure. It turned out that Su Ling and I were less than 4 inches. Song Yee and Miko were barely 3 inches. Su Ling and I had fully shaved our pubes. Song Yee and Miko too were shaved except for a neat triangle of hair above their little clitties like proper Asian girls.

After examining each of us closely as we squirmed with embarrassment, Frank announced that we've all passed the inspection with flying colors and we're now accepted into the initiation. We looked at each other happy but also slightly nervous, because it was no longer a little game anymore. We knew we would be soundly paddled in front of a large audience on our bare bottoms.

Rick added that as the in-house 'sorority girls' we had the duty to keep the boys happy. "We want you to be like our sweet little Asian girlfriends, always ready to help out any of the brothers with all their needs". We were to dress and act like girls when we were in the fraternity house. We even would have our own 'girl's quarters' all painted in pink, with private rooms for 'entertaining' the boys. We were allowed to wear boy clothes when we attended college classes, except for panties, which we were to wear always. If we were naughty, we would be punished in front of the entire house.

"Why don't we show you right now what the punishment would be like?" asked Frank.

"Noo.., " we all cried in unison, knowing that we will experience it soon enough during our initiation. But the boys had their mind made up already.

We held each other fearfully as we watched Rick and Frank each place a straight-backed chair from our kitchen into the middle of the living room. They sat down and patted their laps indicating for Su Ling and I to drape us over them. It was so humiliating for us two girls to be placed in such a submissive position. Song Yee was bent over the table with Jerome behind her, while Dick laid Miko face down across the arm of the couch. Seconds later our skirts and dresses were again lifted up and panties pulled down by our spankers. The living room was soon filled with loud meaty sounds of bare-hands slapping bare ass-cheeks, and the squeals and groans of us naughty Asian girls.

Stinging smacks landed down steadily on my bouncing buttocks, and my light brown bottom was jiggling under the blows. Su Ling's previously unblemished skin on her soft round ass had been turned red just like Song Yee's and Miko's. Frank would pause periodically stop and massage Su Ling's rounded posterior, then insert his middle finger tenderly up her tight asian asshole! It sent shudders down my spine fearing Rick would do the same humiliating thing to me. Fortunately he didn't.

Throughout our prolonged naughty-girl punishment session, I could feel Rick's raging hard-on pressing up firmly against my soft belly, as I squirmed helplessly on his strong lap. These masculine white men were enjoying smacking us feminine Asian girls tremendously!

"You're a very very naughty girl, Anu! I just love turning your hot ass bright red!" Rick said in hoarse excited voice as he landed another barrage of resounding smacks on my unprotected behind. After twenty minutes of continuous bare-bottom spanking intermixed with occasional rubbing and fondling of my inflamed butt cheeks, I was sobbing uncontrollably from the agonizing pain on my rear end.

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