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Asian Girl For Black Gentleman


My name is Leona Luong. A young woman of Vietnamese descent living in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. I currently attend Algonquin College, where I'm taking up Police Foundations. In 2012 I will transfer to Carleton University. It's where my fiancé Derrick Jean-Renald is currently studying Criminology. In fact, we met while I was visiting my cousin Ashley Luong at Carleton University. Derrick is one of Ashley's friends. A big and tall Black man of Haitian descent who became her protector and play-big-brother after she was nearly assaulted by a White guy named Hank O'Malley at Carleton University. I guess White guys don't take rejection very well when Asian chicks dare say no to them.

I've been living in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario, ever since I moved there from my hometown of Ha Noi in North Vietnam. That was three and a half years ago. Since then I've become a Permanent Resident of the Confederation of Canada, and I like my life here. The Canadian Capital City is a quiet place for the most part. Of course, bad things can and do happen anywhere. Take my cousin Ashley for example. She's a nice and easygoing Canadian gal of Vietnamese descent. Friendly and without a care in the world. Definitely not the type to attract trouble. And yet one night, she and her Jamaican boyfriend Leonard Johnson were attacked by this White guy named Hank O'Malley and his Irish buddies. Ashley dated Hank before dumping him for Leonard two months and I guess macho Irishman Hank couldn't stand to lose his Asian girlfriend and trophy to a Haitian guy of all people.

For some reason, even though interracial dating is pretty common across North America, people always stare when they see a Black man with a woman who isn't Black. Hank and his buddies did more than stare at Ashley and Leonard. They attacked them right on campus. The police got involved and Hank got arrested and thrown out of Carleton University. I don't know why White guys feel that Asian girls are their private property. We're free to date men of any race. Just because a lot of Asian girls date White men doesn't mean every Asian lady is genetically designed to worship men of European descent. Sorry, White guys. This Asian diva prefers Black men. I met the handsome Derrick through Ashley and Leonard. Derrick is Haitian and I wasn't sure he'd be into me. Most Haitian guys I met in the City of Ottawa are either dating Black women or they're chasing chubby White women like their lives depend on it.

Well, I guess I should have known better than to believe in a stereotype. The same way that not all Asian women worship European men, not all Black guys in North America chase Black women or White women. Some Black men happen to like Asian ladies. I still didn't think Derrick would be into me, though. I stand five feet six inches tall, and I'm skinny as hell. I don't have a big butt or large breasts. My roommate Shawna Walrond sometimes teases me by saying I am built like a trapeze artist. I wish I were a trapeze artist, because then being short and skinny would come in handy. Instead I'm a short Asian chick with a flat chest and a flat butt. Sometimes I envy Shawna Walrond. She's around five-foot-eleven, with dark brown skin, long Black hair and pale brown eyes. Shawna attracts all kinds of guys. She's currently dating this Venezuelan guy named Enrique Lopez.

Shawna Walrond, my roommate and bully, finds my attraction to Black men ludicrous. She constantly tells me that there is no way in hell that a self-respecting Black man would date a short, skinny Asian chick with no chest and no butt. If I were built like Shawna I'd definitely attract the Black men that I adore. I noticed that even when Black men dated White women and Hispanic women, they went for the ones who were built like Black women. As in chicks with big boobs and big round butts. Sometimes I seriously wish I could shut Shawna up. Then one day, fate provided that opportunity for me. Derrick, my cousin Ashley's best friend, asked me out on a date. He took me to the Silver City Movie Theater in Ottawa and we watched the movie Thor. Truth be told, I only liked the parts where Black American actor Idris Elba was shown. The rest of the movie sucked. Still, I really enjoyed sitting so close to a sexy Black stud like Derrick. Even though Thor isn't a scary movie, I acted really scared during the fight scenes so Derrick would put his arm around me. He did!

After the movie, Derrick took me to the Saint Laurent Mall where we dined on some delicious food from Manchu Wok. Yes, Asian chicks eat Chinese food, even though what Americans and Canadians call Chinese food isn't what folks in the Republic of China eat. Not by a long shot. While Derrick and I sat and ate, a fat White guy walked past us with his tall and skinny Asian girlfriend. The Asian chick, who looked Japanese, shot me a look. I looked at her defiantly. People who aren't of Asian descent often confuse Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Korean folks. The truth is that we look nothing alike except maybe to supremely dull Western eyes, and we have a history of conflict with each other. Japanese folks consider themselves superior to other Asians, and we can't stand their uptight asses. I flipped the Japanese chick the bird, and she huffed and puffed before walking away with the fat White guy. She can have him. I'm having dinner with a big and tall Black stud who looks like an NFL player!

Derrick and I talked about school, and life in general. I was starting to consider Ottawa home since most of my family members lived there. My older brother Jacob Luong is engaged to this Belgian chick named Madeline Des-Pres. He likes blonde-haired and blue-eyed women from the heart of Europe. Jacob recently graduated from the University of Toronto with his MBA. Madeline is an immigrant working at a fast food joint. I told him she's a gold digger but he doesn't listen to me. My bet is that White chick is only interested in marrying him because he's got money-making potential and because she wants to get her papers in order to stay in the Confederation of Canada. Guys can be so dumb when it comes to manipulative women!

Anyhow, all those thoughts went out of my head when Derrick gently touched my hand and looked into my eyes. Oh, my God. This young Black man is so handsome. With his curly Black hair, dark brown skin and full lips, he looked good enough to eat. I could tell he was about to ask me something meaningful. My heart fluttered. Derrick is going to ask me out and I am definitely going to say yes. Sexy and intelligent young Black men like him don't stay single for long in a City like Ottawa where most of the guys of all colours are dull and ugly. All they do is eat fast food and watch hockey. Derrick is from the City of Montreal, Quebec. A place teeming with good-looking, educated Black men. As Derrick opened his mouth to speak, a voice interrupted us during my magic moment. The voice of my roommate Shawna. The big-booty Black slut I despised walked by us and stopped, flanked by Enrique, the skinny Hispanic guy she was dating. Upon seeing my skinny Asian self with a good-looking Black man, the Black bitch must have done a double take.

Derrick looked at Shawna then at me. Shawna smiled through greeted teeth and introduced herself as my roommate. As I fumbled for words, Derrick took my hand in his and formally introduced himself as my guy. I stared at him, stunned. I don't know who was more surprised, Shawna or me. An uncomfortable silence fell on the table. Shawna's Hispanic boyfriend looked more uncomfortable than all of us put together. I've noticed that White guys, Asian guys, Arab guys and Hispanic guys get nervous in the presence of big and tall, hyper-masculine Black men like my guy Derrick. I guess they can see that Black men are Alpha Males for the most part while men of other races are chumps who lack in testosterone and swagger. Clearly Shawna wasn't happy to see me, an Asian chick, with a Black guy. Even though she always tells me that she's not into Black men anymore. I squeezed Derrick hand in mine and smiled at Shawna and her Hispanic dude. With a huff, Shawna and the Venezuelan guy walked away. Derrick and I smiled at each other. Then I kissed him.

It was my first time kissing a guy, to tell you the truth. I'm not very pretty nor am I usually forward with men. I guess that's why I'm still a virgin at twenty one. Derrick kissed me back passionately, then we smiled at each other. My sexy Black stud told me that he found me beautiful. Just the way I am. I smiled and kissed him again. We finished dinner, then walked out of Saint Laurent Mall hand in hand. He drove me home, and thanked me for a wonderful afternoon by kissing me on the lips. When I saw my sexy Black stud turn to leave, something in me snapped. I realized that I didn't want the magic to end. So I playfully grabbed his butt, another uncharacteristically bold move. Derrick yelped in surprise. I laughed, and invited him inside for some tea. Smiling nervously, he came in with me.

Derrick and I sat in the living room of my tiny apartment near Donald Street in the Vanier neighbourhood. Half a mile from Saint Laurent, where we shared our first kiss. My heart kept beating really fast. Derrick and I watched Charlie's Angels on DVD. He seemed more absorbed by Lucy Liu than me. I felt both nervous and slightly disappointed. My boldness was gone. What do I do now? fortunately, my sexy Haitian stud took the hints I'd been throwing his way. He took his eyes off the damn TV. Derrick took my hand in his and told me that he cared for me. I smiled and told him I cared for him too. Then we kissed again. This time, we went much further. Derrick and I began undressing each other gently. He laughed as I unbuttoned his shirt. Then abruptly he stopped my hands. He looked into my eyes and asked me if I was ready for him. I smiled and nodded. And just like that, we began making love.

Derrick kissed my lips, then licked a path from my neck to my breasts. He began sucking on my nipples. Naked in his arms, I let myself go. Surrendering to his masculine embrace. Derrick's hand went between my legs. I gasped. He asked me if I was okay. I nodded. He slipped his fingers into my pussy and began fingering me. I moaned as he sent little shockwaves of pleasure inside of me. When he pulled me down and got between my legs, I was so damn ready for him. Instead he delayed my pleasure and intensified it at the same time. He began licking my pussy while probing it with his fingers. Soon I was squealing in pleasure as the sexy Black stud worked his magic on my pussy. When all was said and done, Derrick brought me my first orgasm. I had tears in my eyes as my stud rocked my world.

After the feelings subsided, I told Derrick I wanted him inside of me. Only then did he remove his boxers. I looked at his manhood. His dick was a good size. Long and thick. Not ridiculously huge like a porn star but definitely bigger than most of the other dicks I'd seen. Tentatively I took Derrick's cock in my hands. He smiled as I pulled back the foreskin and ran my hand up and down his dick. I'd never given a blowjob before but I was dying to try. Derrick told me I didn't have to but I told him I wanted to. With that being said, I gently took him into my mouth. Like I said, I didn't know Jack about sucking dick. However, I was determined to pleasure Derrick. I sucked his dick head gently, like a lollipop. I was all tongue and no teeth. Hey, this was my first blowjob but I've got common sense, thank you! I sucked Derrick like this and gently stroked his balls. Soon he was moaning, which I took as a sign that he liked what I did. When he warned me that he was about to cum, I ignored him. I wanted to taste him. And I did. He shot his load, blasting my face. I didn't mind the blast but his cum hit me in the eye and it kind of hurt. Derrick asked me if I was okay as I wiped my eye. Yeah, I was okay. Chuck it up to a learning experience. I tasted Derrick's cum at last. He tasted salty. I liked the taste of him, though I had nothing to compare it to.

Derrick pulled me on top of him and kissed me passionately. I wrapped my arms around him and begged him to fuck me. He reminded me that safe sex was a must. I slapped my forehead. I tend to forget important stuff when I'm excited. Derrick laughed and pulled a condom out of his backpack. I watched him roll it on. Then he asked me if I was ready. Instead of answering him, I took his dick and, while looking him in the eyes, I inserted it within myself. And just like that, I'm not a virgin anymore. Derrick's dick penetrated me, and I'd be lying if I said it didn't hurt. He was gentle with me as we began making love. Inch by inch he worked his dick into my pussy, asking me if I was okay every time. I held tightly onto him as he fucked me. After a while, the initial pain I felt faded, replaced by a feeling of fullness. Derrick's dick felt good in my pussy. I heard myself cry out with pleasure as I got fucked for the first time. It was good.

Much later, Derrick and I lay on my living room couch. Completely naked, and uncaring. I looked into my Haitian stud's eyes. And I told him that I loved him. It's the truth, folks. I'm in love with Derrick Jean-Renald. Had loved him ever since the first time I laid eyes on him at Carleton University, watching him gazing protectively at my cousin and vowing to defend her from bigots. My hero. Derrick smiled at me and kissed me. Then he told me that he loved me too. I smiled and hugged him tightly. Gosh, what a pair we make. A Haitian guy from the City of Montreal, Quebec, and a woman from the City of Ha Noi, North Vietnam. It's amazing how love can bring people together. My beautiful man Derrick fell asleep shortly after.

I ran my hands through his curly Black hair as I watched him sleep. That's about when Shawna Walrond walked in. The big-booty Black chick from Jamaica was carrying shopping bags and her Hispanic bozo was nowhere in sight. She gasped when she saw me in the living room naked, pressed against a sleeping Derrick. I cocked an eyebrow and smiled wickedly at her. That's right, my uptight and cocky Jamaican bitch. Your eyes are definitely not deceiving you. The short, skinny Asian chick with no butt and flat tits got herself a well-endowed and beautiful, University-educated Haitian man. One who is going places. And you've got a Venezuelan bozo who won't even help you carry your shopping bags to your house. I won. Shawna sighed and walked to her room with her head down. I smiled. Game over.

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