tagInterracial LoveAsian Girl Studying in the West

Asian Girl Studying in the West


I'd like to share a confession in a form of a story about what happened.

I'm a simple girl from Vietnam and come from an average family. I've been raised as a proper girl by strict parents.

I'm about 165cm (5.4") with a slim body and a big round peachy booty which I'm proud of. My boobs are just a handful and I wish they were a bit bigger.

My current boyfriend is the only boyfriend I ever had in my life and we've been together for almost 5 years although we basically grew up together as his parents are the best friends of my parents. Still, I'm not allowed to hang out until late or sharing an apartment with him.

It all started when I was lucky enough to get an opportunity to study abroad as I got a last minute approval of my loan to study.

My boyfriend and I started looking for apartments for me that are not too expensive and available in a short time. There were 2 matches that didn't require a face to face meeting in person prior to an agreement.

The first apartment was about 1 hour away from the city center and the university while the second apartment was located in the city center and just a 10 minutes bike trip to the university.

The tradeoff of the second apartment meant that I had to share it with two guys. The choice was hard as I'd rather share an apartment with girls because I like a clean living space and my boyfriend is kinda jealous.

I didn't mind the traveling time as I was already happy that I got the opportunity to study abroad!

Against my expectations my boyfriend says:

"I feel more comfortable if you live in the apartment in the city because traveling at night can be dangerous."

He is right. According to Google, the neighborhood of the first apartment is a bit shady.

Before I can answer he says:

"Don't worry about living with 2 men. I rather have you living somewhere safe and you can always find another apartment if needed."

I was glad my boyfriend was that considerate so I called the number of the second apartment. As soon as the phone was picked up I heard:

"Stop fucking calling with your Microsoft bullshit!!"

"Ehm, sorry... I'm calling about the apartment.. I think I might have the wrong number." I said with a doubting voice as I was flabbergasted.

"OH, I'm sooo sorry!! I saw a strange number and assumed it was spam. We're looking for someone who is staying at least 6 months."

"I'm going to study over there so I'm staying for at least 2 years! Hope that's ok haha!"

"If you're decent that shouldn't be a problem! Just send me a mail and I'll reply with a contract."

"Okay! Is it that easy?"

"Yes, sounds easy huh! The apartment is really big and we'd like to have someone babysit it as my friend and I are often at work. Plus you have a really cute voice... haha just joking!"

"Okay, I will send you a mail straightaway. Thank you so much!!" I said while blushing from his comment.

"No worries, see you soon."

I ended the conversation with a big smile and told my boyfriend I got the apartment!

Two weeks later I was at the airport and very nervous as I never flew before and about to live in a foreign country for 2 years. I said goodbye to all my friends, family and boyfriend and walked to the gate with tears flowing down my cheeks.

When I was on the plane I've got a message from my boyfriend jokingly saying:

"Don't cry, your dream is coming true! It's not fair though. Your parents forbid us a lot but now you're about to live with two strangers! haha!"

Just as I wanted to reply I received a second message:

"Don't worry too much about the apartment. You will be fine and you can always find another one as time is not an issue anymore. I'm gonna check up on you every day tho!"

"Thanks, babe! I miss you already!! I love you so much!! The flight attendant just told me to turn off the phone. I'll message you when I arrive at the apartment! Bye! Love you!!"

I've slept almost the whole flight as the two nights before I couldn't really close my eyes as I was too nervous! When I got out the plane and out of the gate I was greeted by a tall handsome black and especially muscular guy who introduced himself as Marcelus.

I thought to myself wow that's a really masculine guy.

Marcelus is one of my roomies and was kind enough to pick me up at this strange airport in a country I never been before.

He offers his phone and said:

"Wanna call your boyfriend and parents to tell you arrived safely?"

"Yes, thank you!" I said while blushing. I'm kinda shy around strangers.

My boyfriend said it was really thoughtful of Marcelus and it made him feel at ease that my roomies are respectful.

While I was talking with my boyfriend I noticed Marcelus checking out my butt which made me giggle in myself. I thought in myself boys will be boys.

When we arrived at the apartment a white guy who is just a bit taller than Marcelus walked up to me and introduced himself.

You could clearly see they are friends as they dress the same and he is also muscular.

Justin and Marcelus go way back and are best friends who grew up together.

"Broo, you're lucky she is really cute and that face is pretty as fuck. Are you mixed, baby?" Justin said when I caught him looking at my hips.

"No, I'm fully Asian" I said while blushing.

"Told ya to trust me boy.. I could tell by hearing her voice that she ain't no stuck up rich kid. Wanna see the rest of the apartment?" Marcelus said while looking at me.

I have to admit the apartment is very stylish and really clean. The first impression was really good!

"May I take a shower? I need a fresh up from the long flight!"

"You don't have to ask for permission. The bathroom is also yours!" Marcelus said.

On my way to the bathroom, I heard them whispering and could feel their eyes staring at my back.

Fast forward 4 months later they became good friends with me and even know my boyfriend pretty well.

I FaceTime with my boyfriend almost every day which might be the reason they know him that well haha.

Even though Marcelus is dating a girl for 2 months while Justin has a girl he is seeing for years they still flirt with me and throwing playful comments.

I became like "one of the guys" and we do everything together. I even joined them to the gym!

It was weekend but I woke up very early and wanted to take a shower. On my way to the bathroom, I was dumbstruck when I saw Marcelus in front of me with just a towel around his waist and I couldn't help but stare at his big abs until I heard him giggle.

When I looked up I saw a smile on his face and his eyes staring deeply into mine.

"Hey! good morning.." I said while blushing.

I quickly continued my way to the bathroom as I hear him say:

"Good morning to you too little one".

As I'm under the shower I can't stop thinking about those big abs and the contours of his bulge which looked HUGE!

Even though I don't want it I feel myself getting turned on and start to rub my vagina softly while slowly sliding a finger inside.

Suddenly I hear somebody abruptly banging on the door.

"Your boyfriend is FaceTiming you."

I was done talking to my boyfriend and about to leave my room when I overheard the guys talking about me.

"For real, she was eyeing me brooo. I know she a loyal girl but damn that face, lips and booty are made for more. I wonder how her face looks like when she is taking some real good deep dicking doggy style, you know what I'm saying? haha!" Marcelus said.

Normally I would feel offended but I have to admit, now I'm blushing and taking it as a compliment.

I don't know how to react so I just opened my door loudly to make some noise to make them aware I'm about to come to the living room and avoid awkwardness.

When I entered the living room I greeted them and felt them staring at my whole body, my face, my mouth and I didn't know how to behave.

"So you know Justin and I are going to a birthday party tonight right? Wanna join us?"

"Hmm, I don't know.. I don't think I can my boyfriend won't approve anyways and I don't want him to worry."

"Fuck that, you deserve some time to chill. You study like a beast." Justin said.

"Yup, and it's gonna be the craziest house party you've been to!! Nobody is going tell on ya. Your boyfriend won't know. Trust me!" Marcelus said.

"Ehm.. okay! But I have to go shopping for a dress then! It's been 4 months since I got a new dress haha!!"

"Tell you what. We will help you find a dress!" Marcelus said.

I agreed and we spend the day shopping for an outfit. While I'm trying on some dresses I hear Marcelus saying:

"Hey, try this one!" as he handover a tight and short but classy red dress.

I'm checking out the dress in the mirror and think it looks really beautiful on me but I know my boyfriend won't approve if I wear a dress like this and go out without him.

The dress doesn't leave much for imagination my booty is clearly popping out and even my boobs look a bit bigger than they are.

"I'm not sure. It's a bit too revealing I think."

"Show us" Justin said.

I'm removing the curtain and with a blush on my face I say:


"Spin around baby."

"No matter what you wear that big booty of yours will pop out anyways! haha! You should be proud and show it off more often. Don't worry about it we won't tell your boyfriend." Marcelus said.

"Tell you what M and I will split the bill" Justin says while winking

When the night came we prepared for the party. I took a shower and put on my favorite lingerie and some makeup. While I'm looking in the mirror I have to admit, I look pretty hot!

"How do I look?" I asked.

"You look sexy as fuck, little one. Your boyfriend is a lucky man." Marcelus said.

"You guys look handsome too!"

"My boyfriend is not that muscular and masculine like you guys."

Shocked by what I heard myself saying I covered my mouth with both hands.

"OHHH shiiit hahah!" said Marcelus.

"Damnnnn!!... don't worry... we also won't tell your boyfriend what you just said haha! Let's go!" Justin said while winking.

When we arrived at their friend's place they introduced me to some people and told them I was their roomie and a good friend so behave.

During the night some guys that looked like gang bangers to me, hit me up.

"Hey how you doing girl."

"I'm fine, thank you!"

"You certainly are fine with that latina booty of yours!"

"Thanks, I guess... But I'm Asian not latina!"

"I know I know.. but your booty is fine as fuck! haha! sorry!"

Although they made some explicit comments about my curves they were pretty nice. I guess that's the way those guys give compliments.

"Hey fam!! she with me and J don't mess with our roomie!" Marcelus said.

I feel like a little girl that is getting protected and it feels good!

It turns out they were friends of Marcelus from his old neighborhood.

The later it got the more people showed up and people were getting loose by the alcohol. Everybody was dancing and having a good time.

I feel a bit tipsy while replying to a text from my boyfriend.

"Hey babe! I'm having a late dinner with the guys. Why aren't you asleep yet?"

Suddenly I hear a voice behind me.

"Put that phone away and show me some weird moves!".

Marcelus pulled me into the crowd and was showing some funny moves to make me laugh and I did the same. It was like a challenge who can do the weirdest and craziest dance moves.

I was actually having a lot of fun and we were laughing a lot. When a slow r&b jam came on he pulled me close to him and we started dancing.

I feel his big and strong hands on my waist and I can smell his fragrance which smells really good.

While thinking of his fragrance and looking at his muscular chest I suddenly feel his hands moving down my hips towards my booty. Before I can react I hear him whispering in my ears.

"Are you having a good time baby girl?"

"Yes! Thanks for inviting me!"

I ignored his hands which were on my butt now. The longer we danced the more I was comfortable and enjoying the night.

Suddenly I feel his hands softly squeezing my booty. Surprised by myself I gasped and let it all happen.

Still thinking of what just happened I feel him put his hands on my waist, turning me around and pull my body against his.

We were dancing like this and he made my hips and booty moving along the song with his hands.

I can clearly feel the shaft of his penis against and between my buttocks. It feels HUGEEEE and it isn't even hard yet!!

"Bend over and twerk for me baby" He whispers in my ears.

Even though I never did it before I started moving my booty up and down on the beat.

I feel his big member scrubbing against me as I'm moving my booty up and down his shaft. I feel myself getting aroused by all of it.

Suddenly I feel a faint buzz which must be a message from my boyfriend.

Just as I wanted to stop, Marcelus put a hand on my neck and slowly stroking and moving it down along my back all the way down to my booty.

Then I feel him groping my buttocks followed by a playful but firm smack on it.

Unwillingly I gasped and a moan slipped past my lips: "mmmm".

I quickly look around but luckily the music is loud so probably nobody heard that.

I look up and see Justin dancing with Sarah, the girl he's been seeing for years. He notices me looking and smiles while giving me a thumbs up. I smile back and keep on dancing with Marcelus.

Marcelus pulls me up and whispers in my ears:

"You smell so good..."

And then gives me a soft kiss in my neck. His comment makes me feel proud and sexy at the same time. Honestly, I'm already dripping wet at this point. While still thinking about it I feel him bending me over again.

I feel his left hand on my waist and his right hand squeezing my booty and then slowly moving down to the edge of my dress before going underneath it.

Then he moves his hand back up again from the inside.

I feel him groping my bare ass and moving to the middle and resting between my buttcheeks with his fingers facing down. I'm thinking why do I let this all happen??

His hand proceeds to slowly move down towards my vagina at which point I look back over my shoulder to indicate that's going too far!

However, it was already too late. As I'm looking over my shoulder our eyes locked and with a bad boy smile on his face I feel his left hand grabbing my waist a bit tighter.

At the same time, I feel his right hand reaching my vagina and a finger going pass my thong and slowly sliding deeper and deeper inside my pussy. I'm biting on my lower lip to prevent myself from moaning.

As this was going on I still keep on moving with the music and bouncing my booty up and down like nothing is happening.

He then pulls me back up and I lay the back of my head on his chest. He whispers in my ears:

"Damn baby girl you're wet as fuck. I never felt somebody as wet as you before"

I didn't respond and let it all happen with my eyes closed while resting my head resting on his chest.

He keeps on fingering me and I almost came but the music suddenly stops which made him let me go.

I turn around and look into his eyes. I probably have a big blush on my face because Sarah walked up and asked:

"Are you warm? Let's grab some water."

"Let's bounce. I'll grab a bottle of water." Justin said.

I look on my phone and see 6 new messages while 3 hours has been passed!

On our way back biking Justin took a round trip to take Sarah home.

When we arrive at the apartment Marcelus opens the door and goes inside. I follow him and close the door behind me.

Just as I turn around I feel his hands on my shoulders gently pushing me down on my knees.

I look up and locked eyes with him. With his manly voice he says:

"You need a real dick and tonight you're going to get it."

"Tonight you're mine to take so start by sucking this big black cock with that innocent mouth and juicy lips aight?"

I didn't say a word but his words make me feel so wanted. Unwillingly I listened to his command and innocently bite on my lower lip while nodding my head.

To be continued...

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/08/18


Your storytelling is very entertaining and is getting me nervous! This is what erotica is all about. If English is really your second language you are doing exceptionally well!

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by Anonymous12/08/18

Can't wait for the next chapter

loving this story.. looking forward to reading the upcoming chapters

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by Anonymous12/06/18

Interesting story

Quite a few Asian girls have desire to see and experience BBC. It is surprising it took 4 months for it to happen. What boyfriend doesn't know won't hurt him.

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by Anonymous12/06/18


This story was amazing, got me hard with the anticipation of what happens next

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by Anonymous12/06/18

Totally hot story!

This is a great first story and I cannot wait to read where this is next headed!

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