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Asian Men Have Big Dicks Too


My name is Adam Wong. A young Chinese man living in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. I moved here from the People's Republic of China in the summer of 2009. I attend Carleton University, where I major in Civil Engineering. As the story starts, I'm walking out of the Police Station in downtown Ottawa where I had to clear my name due to an unfortunate incident. A couple of White guys from the redneck town of Calgary, Alberta, got mad when they saw me with my girlfriend Kristen Hawthorne, who happens to be White. They attacked me, and I royally kicked their butts. White guys in Canada think Chinese women belong to them but they get mad when they see a White lady with a Chinese guy. I'm that rare Chinese man who is fearless. And I'm going to pay for it. Welcome to my life.

I'm used to people making assumptions about me before getting to know me. I'm a Chinese guy living in the Confederation of Canada. I happen to be six feet tall, which people find strange because I'm Asian and we're supposed to be short. I'm also quite assertive. My father James Wong is a Chinese national and my mother Heather Wellington is of British and Scottish descent. She's lived with my father in Hong Kong since the early 1980s. Mom teaches English at the University of Hong Kong. She has dual British and Chinese citizenship. My pops is a General in the Chinese Army. He taught me to be proud of my origins. I guess I'm technically biracial but in the eyes of the Western world, if you look part Asian then you're Asian. I came to the City of Ottawa because I wanted to explore life outside the Republic of China these days. The City of Ottawa is a strange place, man. There are lots of mixed couples out here. Lots of Black men with White women. Lots more White men with Asian women. And people, especially White people, always stare when they see a Chinese guy with a White woman. Or a Black man with a White woman. Yet they never give a second look to a White guy with a non-White woman. What gives?

A lot of the Chinese guys I see around the City of Ottawa kiss up to White folks. Not me. My parents taught me to have self-respect and pride. At Carleton University, I encountered a lot of racism. A lot of the same White students who hang out with Chinese folks call us chopsticks behind our backs. I find the racial hypocrisy of White Canadians to be appalling. I don't have any White friends at Carleton University and I don't need them. Not if they're going to say racist shit behind my back the moment I'm ten steps away. Still, I had to have a few friends though. I befriended Jamal Lewis, this tall Black man I met in my Society And Engineering Class. He's from the City of Boston, Massachusetts. I was puzzled to find an authentic African-American at Carleton University. Canada's Capital University seemed an odd choice for an American student, don't you think?

Why leave the United States of America, the Land of Opportunity, for the dregs of Ottawa, the Capital of Canada, most bigoted land in the Western Hemisphere? Jamal Lewis told me he'd gotten bored of Northeastern University in his hometown of Boston and felt like spending a semester or two abroad. I thought that was cool. I found this Black American guy more polite and friendly than most of the White Canadian guys I met on the Carleton University campus. He surprised me by speaking to me in fluent Mandarin. As it turns out, Jamal Lewis grew up in a Chinese neighbourhood in the City of Boston. He was really into Chinese culture and had lots of Chinese-American friends back home. This goes to show you that stereotypes are absolutely wrong. I pity my fellow Asian students at Carleton University who shun Black folks and play sycophant to the two-faced White students. Seriously.

Jamal Lewis introduced me to his buddies. Starting with his football player cousin Henry Lewis and his girlfriend Lynne Chang, a Chinese gal from the City of Toronto. What a pair they made. A Chinese woman with a Black American boyfriend living in the Capital of Canada. As a Chinese man, it didn't bother me in the least. Jamal Lewis was a good friend and a gentleman. He was always respectful in his dealings with Lynne Chang, and I could tell they loved each other. To be honest, I noticed that White guys on campus gave funny looks to Lynne Chang and Jamal Lewis when they saw them walking around holding hands. Asian men didn't give them dirty looks for the most part but White men did. I found it oddly funny and kind of sad. Here I am, an authentic Asian man born and raised in china, and I don't mind seeing my Black buddy with his Chinese girlfriend. And White guys get mad when they see Black guys with Chinese women because they assume the Chinese women are their exclusive property as White males. The arrogance on these European bozos!

I busied myself with my studies at Carleton University. I noticed quite a few pretty Chinese gals at Carleton University but ninety percent of them were dating White guys. The weird thing is that these Chinese chicks loved showing off their White boyfriends whenever one of us Chinese men walked by. Oh, well. Two can play that game. I decided to stop looking at Chinese women and level my playing field. I met this tall, blonde-haired and blue-eyed young Irishwoman named Kristen Jane Hawthorne. A newcomer to the University of Ottawa from the City of Galway in Ireland. We totally clicked. I was smitten with her and she with me. I asked her out and she said yes. Next thing I knew, we were a couple. How about that? I fell in love with Kristen Hawthorne, folks. They say men always fall for women who remind them of their mothers. I find that seriously creepy. Other than having blonde hair and blue eyes, Kristen didn't have anything in common with my mother. Right?

I loved my Kristen and she loved me. Our sex lives were passionate. We got down and dirty in the bedroom. Kristen loves playing with my nine-inch, uncircumcised Asian dick. Yes, I'm an Asian guy with a big dick. This goes to show you how wrong stereotypes are. Kristen loves kneeling before me and sucking my thick cock while fondling my balls. When I finally cum, she drinks all of my manly juices. Then she climbs on top of me and impales her pussy on my thick Asian cock. Kristen is a really wild woman, folks. My Celtic goddess takes it in every hole. I still shudder with pleasure when I think of that time she begged me to fuck her in the ass. What's guy to do when your woman comes at you with such a request? Oblige her, of course.

I bent Kristen over and gave her big White butt a sweet kiss. Then I spread her ass cheeks wide open and lubricated her asshole. I fingered her asshole and asked her if she was ready for me. She said yes, and I proceeded cautiously. Gently I pressed my dick against her asshole and began fucking her. Inch by inch I worked my dick into her asshole. Kristen was no stranger to anal sex, I could tell. Doesn't bother me. I've fucked all kinds of women up the ass. Chinese women. Indian women. Black women. Arab women. Ass is ass, folks. Pure and simple. This was my first time having anal sex with a White woman, though. I wanted to make it memorable. I held Kristen's hips tightly and began fucking her in the ass. I rammed my dick up her ass when she urged me to go harder and faster. My Irish goddess seemed to crave my Chinese dick in her ass and she wouldn't be denied. I fed her hungry asshole most of my nine inches...and she loved it. We went at it until I came, flooding Kristen's asshole with my cum. Her screams filled my studio apartment. Afterwards I held her in my arms and kissed her. She thanked me for a great time. When I asked her how it felt, Kristen told me it was awesome. Proof that Asian men can and do rock women's worlds in the bedroom. We're good fuckers too, not just food delivery men and technocrats!

Life went on for Kristen and I. We moved in together after we found a nice apartment in the Blair neighbourhood of Ottawa. Things were okay until we went to the movies to see Fast Five. It's one of the best movies ever, and the director is an Asian guy. Even better, one of the main characters is an Asian dude and he gets with a hot White chick. I thought that was cool, and so did Kristen. Well, those racist White guys from Calgary didn't think so. They cornered us outside the theatre, hooting and hollering. They wondered aloud how a hot blonde-haired White woman like Kristen could date a Chinese guy like me. I could have walked away. I could have ignored them. Instead I saw red, man. I kicked their butts. My father is a General in the Chinese Army. You had better believe he taught me how to fight. Those overfed racist rednecks from Calgary didn't know what hit them. They had the nerve to whine to the police. Luckily, all charges against me were dropped. My Kristen testified against them. My buddy Jamal Lewis, his girlfriend Lynne Chang and some of their Black male friends roughed up the Calgary bozos as revenge. Totally what they deserved for being racists.

The summer of 2011 is here. I proposed to Kristen Hawthorne and she said yes. We're getting married after graduation. My good friend Jamal Lewis asked me to the Best Man at his wedding. He's marrying Lynne Chang and moving to the City of Toronto permanently to be with her. They're leaving the City of Ottawa. I don't really blame them. Too many bigots out here, judging by some of the recent attacks by racist White guys on interracial couples. I'm thinking of staying in Ottawa. At least until I get my degree and marry Kristen. Then we could stay in Canada, move to America or even Europe. Kristen wants to see the Republic of China and I'm taking her to Hong Kong after Jamal Lewis and Lynne Chang's wedding. I'm introducing her to my parents. I hope all goes well. Wish us luck. Peace.

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