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Asian Sissy Humiliated


My name is Anand, and I have been working at a financial services firm in Texas for a couple of years. I am one of the few in the IT department. Most of the other people at the firm are financial analysts and investment bankers and the like; most are white men in business suits, with only a few women around. Being Indian, I am one of the few Asians who work here. I am normally quite shy and keep to myself, so I never met many people at work except the few techies I work with.

Life has been good for me here, if uneventful. Little did I know that today there's going to be a life-changing event for me!

First I should mention that there's this sexy Indian woman named Padma who was transferred to my division a month ago. She's in the marketing department, unlike me. Normally I do not try to socialize with career women like her. However, since she has an office close to my cubicle, I can't help but notice that she's very flirty with the guys who come to her office. She has straight black hair down to her shoulder, and always dresses in sexy clothing such as short business skirts above her knees. A couple of times I even saw her brushing against the guys while talking. The guys seemed to like her a lot. I saw one of them put his hands around her waist, and even slide it down her backside — and she did not seem to mind at all!

Today I happen to be fixing a problem with Padma's computer while she was sitting at her desk. I'm lucky enough to catch a glimpse of her golden-brown, succulent upper thighs as she's wearing a skirt with a slit on the side. I can see the top of her thigh-high stockings under her skirt as I sit beside her. I make the fatal mistake of crawling under her desk pretending to check the connections on her computer so that I can sneak a peek under her skirt. I don't know what got over me. I guess I thought she wouldn't mind as she seemed kind of "slutty" with other co-workers. Bad move!

She yells at me angrily and tells me to get out, saying she's going to report me. I found out later that she only likes to flirt with white men and completely ignores Asian guys like me. I return to my desk worried sick. Sure enough, 15 minutes later my supervisor, Mr. Derek Johnson, phones me to come to his office.

When I get to his door, Kelly, his blond secretary smirks at me with a "you're in such big trouble" look. That makes me even more worried. I knock on the door and enter.

"This is a very bad day for me, Anand," states Derek in a stern tone. He is a tall and handsome white man in his thirties. He is normally a pretty nice boss. However, he can be strict and no-nonsense when he needs to, and unfortunately today is one of those days.

"Anand, you have some explaining to do. In case you didn't know, Padma's boyfriend Brian is one of the partners of the firm! She is not going to put up with anyone harassing her at work. She has asked that I take immediate disciplinary action against you."

"Besides, you are a married guy; you should be ashamed of making a pass at a woman like Padma. Did you ever think she was going to give you the time of day?"

He pauses and looks at me standing with wobbly legs in front of his shiny mahogany desk. "I'm seriously considering firing you."

"Oh no, please don't!" I plead in earnest. "I need this job to support my family, please don't fire me, Mr. Johnson." I beg almost in tears.

Derek thinks for a moment before making his decision. "OK, if you really want to remain employed here you have to agree to a punishment today."

"What... what kind of punishment?" I ask with my voice trembling.

"Well, it has to be something you won't forget easily, and one that will be acceptable to Padma." I dreaded the thought of Padma knowing about my punishment.

Derek decides that it'd serve me right to have my humiliating punishment witnessed by the party I offended. He picks up the phone and sends for Padma, ignoring my urgent pleads and protests.

When Padma comes in, I am ashamed to even look at her snotty face. She seems pretty content with my fate, however. Derek explains to Padma what he is going to do with me. "I believe some humiliation and corporal punishment is in order here to drive home a lesson." Padma nods in agreement.

"First, Anand I want you to bend over my desk, undress to your waist, and lower your pants." My body tenses stiffly from Derek's order. I suddenly remembered that I was wearing panties under my pants that day, like I often do. I'd die of shame if anyone found out, let alone my boss and coworkers.

"Please sir, I will come to your office tomorrow to receive the punishment. Can I leave now and come back later?" I asked hopefully.

"No way! I want to get this over with as soon as possible. Now, get over there and take off your pants!" He yelled.

I know I have no choice now, so I obey submissively. I face away from them, and nervously take off my shirt and vest. I unbuckle my belt and lower my pants down to my thighs, revealing a sexy pair of silky red panties hugging my bottom tightly. I feel very humiliated having to expose my upper body to them —- not to mention showing them the pair of frilly panties I'm wearing right now!

As soon as she realizes what I have on, Padma breaks out in an uncontrolled giggle at the sight. Derek is very amused as well when he realizes what a sissy I am.

"So is this your wife's panties that you're wearing behind her back?" Asks the boss in his usual authoritative tone, but with a little labored breathing which, as I realized later, came from his increasing sexual excitement.

I answer his question meekly, "Yes sir, it's my wife's, but she doesn't know."

"What?!" thunders Derek, "Well, well, we'll have to tell her about it then. But we'll worry about it later, cause we'll be quite busy for a while here, ha ha ha!"

Then my mean boss announces that I'm going to receive a very sound spanking for my most improper act earlier today. And it's going to be on my bare bottom! "Oh no please don't Mr. Johnson, I'd die of shame if a woman sees my naked ass in such a vulnerable position," I think to myself . But I realize that I have no choice in the matter.

Padma looks at me haughtily as if to say "you deserve it". She takes a seat on the chair next to me to watch the "action". Meanwhile Derek pushes me down on the table, twists my arm behind my back and pins it to the small of my back, while his other hand effortlessly lowers my pants further down to my knees and makes me step out of them. He then rolls down my bikini-style panties to my knees too, fully exposing my naked buttocks to both of them!

Before he spanks me he places his palm flat on my quivering flesh to feel my smooth silky skin, and rubs my feminine buns and upper thighs all over. I feel so ashamed to be "molested" by another man like that!

"Look at his girly buns!" Padma giggles and points out to Derek in a most debasing tone, "he looks so girly, doesn't he? Heehee."

Derek apparently agrees with her, as he comments also on how soft and velvety my bare skin feels to his caressing hand! Then he raises his strong right arm and begins to give me a long and painful spanking.


"Ouch! Owww!! Noo.... Please!" I squirm and yelp like a little girl during this stinging and most undignified chastisement, to the bemused giggling and taunting from that sexy but snooty Indian woman. I can also hear the repeated slapping of my bouncy behind by Derek's manly hand and a couple of times I sneak a peek over my shoulder to see my slender nude body getting a much-deserved bare-bottom hand-spanking.

As the pain builds up I squeal more and more like a girl and promise never to misbehave again to get him to stop. Then finally he thinks I've gotten the point and stops my spanking. He allows me to stand and orders me to face them, revealing my privates plainly to both of them.

Padma grins and giggles upon seeing how tiny my penis is, which is now all shriveled up into a little nut due to the overwhelming amount of humiliation I've been suffering today. She remarks to Derek, "Ooh look at that cute little peanut he has! He really is a sissy boy, isn't he?"

This degrading comment brings tears of shame to my eye but I know I only have myself to blame for daring to spy on this woman who is clearly out of my league. Now she has gotten her rightful revenge. Derek orders me to go stand in the corner to face the wall. He allows me to pull up my panties to cover my bottom. Imagine such a shameful sight — a girly Asian male clad in panties standing facing the wall after being punished by a masculine white man.

I think that my humiliating ordeal is finally over. Little did I know about what was in store for me next.

Derek and Padma discuss what to do with me next. Padma states that she intends to inform her boyfriend of my "transgression" against her and let him decide what next step would be a fitting retribution for me. Derek agrees wholeheartedly. Oh no!

Padma calls her boyfriend, Brian Jones, who is a partner at the firm. While I can't hear their conversation over the phone, I can sense that he's livid upon learning of my indiscretion against his sexy Indian girlfriend and that he's storming over to Derek's office as soon as he hangs up the phone.

I'm inwardly quivering with fear because I've seen Brian a couple of times before with Padma and he's an imposing, muscular all-American man who's not going to like anyone daring to mess with his girl.

The door busts open shortly and my worst fear materializes in front of me. Before he has a chance to lay his hands on me Derek pulls him aside to calm him down and offers him a way to punish me that's most suitable for my "crime". Quickly they decide on the details and Derek simply informs me that I'm going to be released to Brian's and Padma's "custody" at the end of the day to be punished as they see fit. I'm very fearful of what that might entail but I'm not exactly at a bargaining position right now — standing there with only a pair of panties to cover my warmed-up ass cheeks!


Padma and Brian then leave, leaving me alone with Derek. As soon as they leave, Derek walks to the door and locks it from inside. It seems Derek is very turned on as he walks behind me to closely examine my feminine underwear.

"Pretty panties..." muses Derek, "for a sissy boy like you!" I feel my face burning red hot in shame from his insulting remark. But what's worse, suddenly I feel a pair of rough hands touching the bare skin of my silky hairless thighs. I feel him starting to sensuously explore my sensitive leg flesh with his eager palms.

"Mmmmmm... your body feels very soft and smooth, just like a girl's!" Derek observes as he start to shamelessly molest my slightly trembling body. Then he gets bolder and wraps his strong manly arms around my slender body, pressing his lower torso into my plump backside at the same time. To my shocking realization, I feel a raging hard-on rubbing eagerly against my vulnerable buttocks covered only by a pair of thin panties. I'm shocked to feel myself starting to get hard from this humiliating treatment!

I'm starting to wonder what he has in mind for me right now. And I don't have long to wait. Next I feel Derek hooking his fingers around my panties and lowering it down my shaking legs. Derek rubs his hands over my now naked ass-cheeks, cupping and kneading to his heart's content. Oh, the shame!

"Nice sweet ass... feels just like a girl's behind!" He comments after feeling me up. Then he goes to the couch and sits down. "Come here, Anand, and kneel in front of me," he instructs me. With eyes cast downward in shame, I obey his order and kneel down in front of him. At this position my face is at the same level as his crotch. To my shock, Derek reaches for his zipper and unzip his pants, releasing a big cock that's now completely hardened from his earlier fondling of my feminine body. It appears to be a whopping 7 or 8 inches long, and extremely thick. I've never seen a cock this big, especially compared to my own much smaller one, which is also now fully stiff despite my fear and shame at my current humiliation.

"Anand, your next punishment today, which will be off the record, is to suck me off —- that should teach you a lesson not to wear panties to the office like the sissy boy that you are!"

I've never touched another man's cock before, let along suck one! That's such a demeaning act for a male to have to submit to especially for a conservative Indian guy like me. But for some reason I also feel oddly excited at the prospect of orally servicing a huge white cock that's now staring me squarely in the face. I lean forward tentatively and touch the tip of his large white member with my trembling lips. It feels hard and warm. I can't help myself but open my lips and slowly begin to put this throbbing shaft into my mouth. This is so degrading!

Now I have my very first taste of cock. And, much to my surprise, it doesn't seem so bad at all! It's feels very full in my mouth. It's so long that I'm not able to put the whole length in my mouth. Sensing that Derek is delighted by my attentions on his engorged cock, I close my lips around the thick shaft and start to slide up and down to repeat my stimulation of this large dick inside my mouth. Then I also use my tongue to touch and lick his cock head, and also around the base of his cock and his hairy balls. Derek is smiling and enjoying my blowjob and he's getting more excited each minute.

Soon he reaches out and grabs both sides of my head and then he starts to force his huge rod in and out of my mouth quickly. Now he's really face-fucking me! I feel so ashamed to be providing oral sex to another man like this. It feels very degrading and unmanly to submit sexually to another man, and I feel I'd just die of shame if my wife ever finds out that a white man is fucking my mouth right now. But deep down I also cannot deny a strange pleasure at servicing a stronger, more masculine man sexually.

As Derek is getting close to coming he's fucking my mouth more roughly, almost gagging me a few times as he forces his hard dick down my throat. Then he quickly pulls out and shoots a large load of cum all over my face. Very satisfied, he then zips his dick back inside his pants and orders me to stand back up. "Very well done. You will be my cocksucker from now on!"

The word "cocksucker" really humiliates me but that is what I am now —- a fact I cannot deny! He lets me wipe the cum off my face and pull up my panties but then I have to "face the corner" again with no other clothing on.


To my dismay, Brian and Padma come by then to take me to their home for further "education". They burst out laughing when they see me still facing the corner with just my panties on, just as when they left. They allow me to get dressed and then I follow them reluctantly to their car, feeling sick to my stomach thinking about what they have in store for me.

As Brian drives their car, I sit in the backseat of their car, listening to them talk about me, as if I'm not even there. They discuss the best way to put me in my place and teach me a lesson I won't forget anytime soon. Finally Brian whispers an idea in Padma's ear and she giggles approvingly. Little do I know what they had decided for me.

They live in a fashionable condo in the city. Once we get to their home, I'm stripped completely naked. "This will teach you not to peek at my lovely girlfriend's body again!" Brian tells me menacingly. Then he grabs my bare upper arm and leads me to their dining room where I'm forcibly bent face-down over their dining table. They leave me in this vulnerable position for seemingly an endless time while they get comfortable.

Padma then comes over and smirks at me, obviously delighted by my predicament. I notice that she's dressed to tease me even as I'm being humiliated like never before. She is wearing short shorts and a skimpy top. Her nipples are quite visible through her sheer silk top with no bra underneath. Finally I hear the pronouncement of my fate. She almost whispers in my ear, "Brian and I have decided teach you a lesson that you won't soon forget. And that is, you are going to be fucked like a girl by him tonight! Hahahaha..."

I am absolutely horrified to hear that! "Nooo, you can't!!!" I try to get up from my bent-over position but I suddenly feel Brian's strong hand on my back. He effortlessly keeps me pinned onto their dining table. Being a strapping white Texan male he is of course far stronger than my slim Asian form and I stand no chance trying to struggle or escape. I know deep down that I have no choice but to accept my fate, however humiliating it's going to be.

Being Indian herself, Padma certainly understands the same cultural taboo as me against men who submit sexually to other men, who "receive" another man's cock into their body like a female. For a Indian male, becoming a sissy boy like that would be the utmost degradation — and that's what I'm about to become tonight.

Their dining room has a mirror on one wall, which happens to be the side I'm facing from my position. Oh great, not only am I going to be "deflowered" tonight, but I'll be watching the whole "show" vividly in the mirror! Behind me Brian has unbuckled his belt and lowered his suit pants and briefs. That's when I find out that he has a huge dick pointing straight at my direction. I involuntarily clench my buttocks in fear of the impending violation of my virgin asshole, thinking there's no way my tight back-passage could possibly fit such a thick pole that's going to rape me anally.

And as if my humiliation is not overwhelming enough, I soon realize that my rear end is to be "prepared" for her boyfriend's penetration by Padma herself. She retrieves some K-Y jelly and begins to apply the cool lube to my tensed anal opening. She places both palms on my ass cheeks to spread them wide open and then slides her middle finger up my asshole. Never having been "entered" like this before, I feel a very alien sensation being invaded by another person. I can see my own face flushes red in deep shame in the mirror at having my most private bodily opening exposed to—and lubricated by —- a woman!

"Now who's the one being sexually harassed, hmm?!" taunts Padma with a finger inside my anus. She withdraws her middle finger for a moment but then she adds more lube and inserts two fingers into my asshole this time. It feels fuller this time but still not too bad. However she's not done yet as she slides one more finger into me to fully coat my insides with the K-Y jelly —- now I am ready to be taken.

Brian walks up right behind me and starts to position his large cockhead at my wrinkled anus. In the meantime Padma has come around to the front and sits down at a chair facing me. "Look into my eyes, Anand," she whispers to me. "I want to see the shame on your face as Brian takes you like a girl." I feel increasing pressure at my backdoor and I try to squeeze my buns tightly together to prevent my sodomy. How naive I am! My sphincter muscles are no match for Brian's rock-hard prick and within a minute I am opened.

"OOOOWWWWWW!" I scream in agony, with my lips forming a perfect O-shape, at the sharp pain of initial entry. My anal opening is stretched wide open —- much wider than I've ever experienced before —- by his throbbing horse dick as he steadily pushes inside my previously unexplored territory without mercy. Knowing that I've failed to stop the inevitable violation of my virginity I try to relax my rectum as much as possible to ease the pain but it doesn't subside at all. Through my tear-streaked vision I can see a tremendous satisfaction on Padma's pretty face. She is not only smiling but also puts on a sultry look, clearly showing off her cleavage and sexy legs to heighten my frustration.

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