Asian Wife Cuckolds Husband


She then said loudly, "Keep fucking, don't stop baby!! Don't Stop! Keep going!" She grabbed his back and she started to shake. My wife usually starts to shake right before she has an orgasm.

She said out load, "Oh my god!! I'm cumming baby!! I cumming!!"

I could see he was getting turned on and he let out a large groan. She grabbed his ass and wouldn't let him pull out. I didn't realize until he pulled out, that the rest of his cum was dripping out from his dick as he already unloaded most of it inside her pussy.

He said with a surprise in his voice, "Oh fuck! You didn't let me pull out in time."

She replied with a smirk on her face, "It's okay, It feels really good to feel your warmth. I am not ovulating so don't worry about it!"

He had a relieved look on his face from her re-assurance. My cock really ached and I was slightly jealous that I wasn't the one that was able to bust a nut inside of her.

They rested for a bit and she said, "Let's get cleaned up and take a shower together."

I crept back down stairs and sat back on the couch. I heard the shower running and laughter coming from my wife and Scott. She and Scott were having the time of their life. About thirty minutes later, they both came down. She was in her robe but he was fully dressed.

Scott looked at the both of us and said "I have to run out to the car for a little bit, I will be back."

My wife joined me on the couch and she started to rub my cock, she said, "Thank you for giving me alone time with him. I asked him to spend the night. Is that okay?"

I nodded my head in agreement and she continued, "You can come up and watch us when we have sex again. I want to give you a show!"

I asked her, "Can I join in??"

She replied, "You can watch, and I will suck your dick. I really want you to watch and not join in. You have me all the time; Scott on the other hand does not. Is this okay?" I agreed with her proposition.

Scott came back in and said "Man, I am so tired. This has been a long but fun night."

My wife smiled while looking at me; then she looked at him and said, "We can go to bed. How about all 3 of us go to bed now?"

He agreed and she took his hand and guided him back upstairs. I followed them. Scott was lying down on one end of the bed, with my wife in the middle and me at the other end. She nestled up more to him than to me. I can't believe there is another guy in our bed sleeping with us. I could barely fall asleep as my mind was racing on the thought of what just happened earlier. My cock was still aching because I have not reached an orgasm. I turned away from them and was facing the night stand. The clock on my night stand read 4am. I finally drifted asleep. I awoke an hour later from the sound of sucking noises. I turned over acting like I am repositioning and my wife was under the covers sucking Scott's dick. I was acting like I was still asleep and oblivious in my pretend slumber. They were trying to be quiet because they did not want to wake me. He whispered to her, "Here, get on top of me."

The bed slightly creaked as she positioned herself on top of him. I couldn't see if he entered her but I can tell he did as she softly moaned. I had my eyes cracked open enough to make out what they were doing. They would look at me from time to time but then turned their attention towards each other. She was riding his dick softly and slowly as they didn't want to disturb me. I can tell she wanted to go wild but she was holding back. She would try to fuck him hard but the bed would creak and she was forced to slow down to keep the silence. I finally opened my eyes all the way and I started to watch them. She finally looked over at me and said, "Oh, you are awake! Do you want to watch our show??"

I replied, "Yes, I would like to watch." That is when she started to ride him harder as she was no longer concerned about waking me. She moaned at her normal tone and volume.

Soon after, she gave me a sexy but dirty look and said, "Scott, I think it is time for me to suck the both of you off!"

Scott had no objections. She got under the covers and started to suck me off first. I had so much cum built up from watching them earlier that It didn't take me long to reach a climax. As soon as I was ready to get off, she stopped and started to suck Scott off.

He looked at me and said, "Man, your wife can suck a dick. You are lucky to have her." I replied by saying thank you.

She would go back and forth between our cocks. Finally I couldn't handle it anymore, and I busted a nut inside of her mouth. She swallowed every last drop of my cum. She knew I was finished for the time being. She got back on top of Scott. She was riding him hard and I can tell by the look on his face that he wanted to bust a load.

As he was ready to cum she stopped him and she put her finger on his lips, "Not yet, I want you to fuck me now!"

They switched positions and she spread her legs as far as she could. She asked me hold her leg and to suck on her toes while Scott was entering her. I was being submissive at this point and complied. I was sucking her toes and watching the sight of Scott's large cock entering in and out of my wife. Again, he still had no condom on. His dick was thick and long. I can tell my wife was enjoying him more than she enjoyed me.

Then she screamed, "I am cumming!! I am cumming!!"

I couldn't believe it! She was only able to cum with her legs together but now she is able to cum with her legs spread apart!? His dick must be thick and long enough to hit her spot without her legs closed. The chemistry between them was phenomenal, as this was his second time cumming with her. He pulled out but I can tell some of his load went inside my wife but this time most of it was released on her abdomen. I couldn't believe the amount of cum he had, considering he came earlier with her. He collapsed on the bed and went back to sleep. My wife spooned him and I spooned her.

I woke up and both of them were not in the bed. It was early morning and I got dressed to go down stairs. My wife was in the kitchen and she was drinking coffee.

I sat with her at the table and she said, "Scott left, but he said he had a really good time last night."

I said, "Oh yeah? Did you have fun?"

Me already knowing the answer, she said, "Yes, I had a lot of fun. I want to make him a regular. Would that be fine with you?"

I answered, "Yes that is fine. I think all of us would have a good time together!"

She continued contact with Scott. She would spend every other Friday and Saturday with Scott. On Sundays, she would always spend with me. However, we agreed that the weekdays would be every other day. Monday would be her night with Scott while Tuesday and Thursdays would be with me. She explained to me that she wanted to try and keep us both equally satisfied. I can tell she wanted to be shared equally and that she liked the fact of being shared between two men. We agreed that they could only have sex in our house but in exchange I couldn't join them or enter the bedroom when they had sex. He wanted her to himself.

My wife told me, "I will leave the door open slightly so you can watch from the outside. It will be our little secret."

On her nights with Scott, I can tell that she grew used to him and I would always hear the bed creaking 2-3 times a night. Most times I would sneak and watch them. They had sex more on their nights than her and I did on our nights. I slept in the guest room when it was his night with her. I know he always went bare back as I never found a condom in our bedroom trash can. I never confronted them about it. Scott and I became friends as time passed. We both knew we were lucky to have such a gorgeous Asian woman that was willing to please. I had a lot of work and I had to use a lot of our money for our home and up keeping. Scott lived cheaply on base and he would use his money to take her out shopping. It was a good exchange. I kept a good home and gave her security while he got a chance to contribute by spoiling her.

During my nights with me wife; we would still have our conversations and I asked her "Do you like our arrangement?"

She answered with a grin "Yes, not every woman has the opportunity of being shared by two willing men. I want to continue this as long as I can." Since then, she has been fucking me and Scott for 4 years now.

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